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  2. General Gaming Thread

    Not by me it isn't. I remember restarting multiple times to race to Ordinary Boys. Sad bastard.
  3. Ewr 4.2 - FLI features

    Lutte Internationale 2000 did exist. It still kinda exist to this day as Jacques Rougeau still does tour shows during the Holidays every year. He plans to have one final big show next year with Hulk Hogan as his special guest. As for its roster in itself, it's mostly comprised of his students plus many special guests. Troy's link will give you a few of those.
  4. NBA 2017-2018 Season

    New York's got Kristaps and Hornicek. It's going to be a bumpy ride this year, but next year and onward could be very interesting in the Big Apple. If OKC manages to figure out how to balance Westbrook/Anthony/George's shots, they're #2 in the West with a bullet. Really looking forwards to OKC/GSW in the West and Cavs/Celts in the East. This is the beauty of the off-season: both conferences look good!
  5. The England thread

    "Should always have been the case, how is it political?" says everyone until a home nation plays Ireland. There's something in there that says the respective nations have to agree, could be interesting...
  6. Ewr 4.2 - FLI features

    Anyway, I would like to see roster & everything, if someone can do me this favour. Either screens could fit! Thank you!
  7. Ewr 4.2 - FLI features

    I didn't make them up, someone else did and claimed that they were a genuine promotion local to them. I wouldn't have included them if I'd known it was a fake.
  8. FIFA 18

    https://www.easports.com/fifa/ultimate-team/web-app/?showoffId=fXTCP3xbnMNWM:FFA18PS4 Here's my bang average Bundesliga team.
  9. Today
  10. Ewr 4.2 - FLI features

    I mean, according to wiki, Lutte Internationale was a thing from the 80's that was revived briefly from '99 to '03. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lutte_Internationale#Lutte_Internationale_2000
  11. Ewr 4.2 - FLI features

    I believe it was fictional.
  12. Ewr 4.2 - FLI features

    They didn't exist, Ryland made them up.
  13. Hi everyone, I'm building up a new scenario on the 2000's one, as a base. Can someone write me down the roster/owner/staff and promotion's stats of the Federatione de Lutte Internationale in EWR 4.2? I can't find anywhere on the Internet, and I can't overwrite savings, because of the different scenario! Thank you!
  14. Star Trek Discovery

    The first episode was on CBS last night but the Football game went long so my DVR only got half of it
  15. EWB PL 17/18: Prediction League

    Bournemouth 1-1 Leicester (Sat 3pm)Stoke 0-0 Southampton (Sat 3pm)Chelsea 2-4 Man City (Sat 5.30pm)Everton 2-0 Burnley (Sun 2.15pm)Newcastle 1-3 Liverpool (Sun 4.30pm)
  16. The N7 Dragons - FIFA 18 Xbox One Pro Club

    Shut up, you. Playstation controllers are too diddy for my mands.
  17. The N7 Dragons - FIFA 18 Xbox One Pro Club

    Wrong console Myke. >_>
  18. What Did You Watch Today?

    Accidentally watched What Happened to Monday. Netflix kept pushing it on me, I thought it was a series, turned out it was a movie. Anyway it's good. One actress plays seven sisters and a mystery happens. I liked it.
  19. The N7 Dragons - FIFA 18 Xbox One Pro Club

    Add them all to your basket together. Initial sub total of £330.97, knocks off a saving of £95.99 for Destiny or Overwatch and a controller (either black or white), another saving of £14.99 for the XBL sub.
  20. The N7 Dragons - FIFA 18 Xbox One Pro Club

    Am I being sausage because I cant see how to get the Destiny, the extra controller AND xbox live together Oh wait, I see
  21. The N7 Dragons - FIFA 18 Xbox One Pro Club

    Tesco 500gb Xbox One S w/FH3 (Plus DLC) Add: Destiny 2 or Overwatch GotY Extra controller 3 months Xbox Live £219.99
  22. The 2016+1 EWB Baseball League Thread

    GO BEARS! USA! USA! USA! MICHAEL JORDAN IS THE GOAT! I think it's obvious where Srar's loyalties should lie ...
  23. The N7 Dragons - FIFA 18 Xbox One Pro Club

    I caved and got Access. No idea how long FIFA is going to take to download or if I'll even be able to play online with my connection but worth a shot.
  24. Star Trek Discovery

    I've seen people wondering if which would be a cool reference.
  25. The 2016+1 EWB Baseball League Thread

    Now can you root for me?
  26. The N7 Dragons - FIFA 18 Xbox One Pro Club

    Prices have all gone up >:(
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