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  2. Eriksen's goal was a fucking belter.
  3. I think we've done the "titles dont mean anything in wrestling" debate to absolute death on here, I maintain that to be deemed worthy of winning titles in pro wrestling is an achievement in itself, I will never buy the "titles are meaningless props" argument some espouse.
  4. Dier with that strikers finish. Trapp had a complete nightmare. If it was FM I'd make him train with the tea ladies.
  5. Is that a budget Dave Bautista?
  6. It's Steppenwolf, Darkseid's son.
  7. I'm officially on vacation which means soon I will be holding tournaments to crown my World champion, Junior World Champion, World Tag champions, and Junior World Tag champions. Im particularly looking forward to the first round match up in the Jr World tag tournament where the Young Bucks are taking on the mid-80's Midnight Rockers.
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  9. Kentucky has gotten a lot of talent during the Stoops regime. I don't think it's that far of a stretch, especially considering Tennessee likes to choke away a game or two a year where they should win.
  10. Definitely this. Which non-comic book fan knew who the hell the Guardians Of The Galaxy were? Or the Ant-Man? They took a risk in dedicating these movies to relatively "unknown" superheroes and it payed off.
  11. Yeah we went to see it yesterday on a whim and I loved it. Can see the horror comparison on that one, once they've done the set up of the three plots the tension barely lets up and you're always waiting for the next assault. Adding to the horror element Would definitely recommend it.
  12. Why do all the DC movie trailers remind me of Hardee's/Carl's Jr ads? Wait, who's the villain here? The design says Ares but the Parademons point to Darkseid.
  13. LEGO Batman movie said it's all canon, ALL of it and as far as I'm concerned that's the definitive version.
  14. Sorry.
  15. "Exploding wind-up penguins"...Wait, is Batman Returns cannon in the DCEU now?
  16. I'd say out of all the new characters in the past few years the only major ones I don't like are Riri and Lady Thor. Even then I've not read a ton of lady Thor, I've just seen the worst bits on Reddit, don't like them using Thor as a mantle and have a interest in old Thor/Odinson. Edit:Oh and teen Jean most of the time. She's the dirt worst outside of her solo book.
  17. I think one thing they might do for Avengers 4 is just change things in such a way that provides a sort of 'clean slate' for new audiences to hop on. I also don't think Marvel would reboot anything, since it would royally piss off the fanbase who are partly watching the MCU because they don't deal in (giant) retcons or reboots whenever they run out of ideas. Characters will die, that's what I expect. And the world is going to be set in such a way that massive changes will happen, and Marvel will slot in new characters to lead. Like Tristy said, Marvel is clearly committed to building a lasting universe without cheap tactics to put a new face on an old character. But I also feel that Downey Jr. as a whole is still their biggest name in terms of drawing power. I know multiple older people who watch the films for his presence and acting, and show little to no interest in the deeper intricacies of other characters. I think when he leaves, he will cause a chunk of more casual watches to hop off too. It won't kill the MCU in the slightest, but replacing such a name is going to be very hard because their 'homegrown talent' aren't really known to a casual crowd. Wrestling analogies apply very well. Casual watchers aren't really wowed by names such as Sebastian Stan, Anthony Mackie, or Tom Holland.
  18. They wouldn't "reboot" until at least 2020, and even then, that's only a year removed from Avengers 4. I don't see them doing a complete reboot of the MCU - maybe a character like Captain America, giving the mantle to Bucky or Falcon, but not an Iron Man type character that's defined more by the person behind the identity. And I don't imagine they'll reboot the MCU that quickly either, given it's taken them almost ten years just to build up to one story arc (Infinity War). You're more likely to see them continue the MCU over the years with the new "faces" of Marvel Studios (Cumberbatch, Larson, Holland, Rudd, Pratt, etc). Are Evans and RDJ draws for these movies? Absolutely. Are they the only draw of these movies? Nope. Like wrestling, the brand itself sells equally (or more) than the individual parts most of the time. The next few years without Evans and RDJ are going to be important for Marvel, as they'll have to build these characters (and their actors) up to an important role like Cap and Iron Man have, and they'll also always be looking for "proven" names within cinema, and also the up and comers, and also the big stars that are currently hot. Basically, this shit ain't going to die down anytime soon, and I fully expect Infinity War to break box office records and will only solidify Marvel's commitment to making movies. The only way they give a thought to scaling back or a major reboot is if one of their "big" projects like IW flops or under performs.
  19. Not to forget the fact the Stewart Haas NASCAR team also use Ford. And yeah, Haas Stewart has been around since 2002, he knows how to keep a racing team afloat (and succesful, with 2 NASCAR championships)
  20. Niner is one of the good ones. The bad ones know who they are
  21. We beat PSG 4-2 overnight. Granted, Trapp got himself sent off, but pleasing nonetheless, with some great goals.
  22. New Random Scenario added. Game is set up for a July 2027 start. 10 years in the future. All ages etc correct as of the base data (July 2017) A lot of names have retired and a lot have come up through the ranks. I've slightly altered the landscape.
  23. They probably will do a reboot of the whole thing to be fair. Batman, Superman, fantastic four and spiderman have all had relatively quick reboots.
  24. ignore. already addressed
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