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  1. Today
  2. Both? Depends on the day, really.
  3. Have you tried turning EWB off and then on again?

  4. Daytona tomorrow afternoon! I'm definitely in the minority here that is pumped for it but damn it, I'm PUMPED! As much as I want Martin to win, I know he's not great at restrictor plate racing so I'll probably be cheering Chase Elliott. There have been a lot of changes in who drivers are currently driving for, and even the car designs have changed which makes things a bit more unpredictable.
  5. Can we get Gordon and LaVine back in the dunk contest? EDIT: Hamidou Diallo
  6. I'm getting Error code: EX2006 every time I try to go into a sub forum. 😕

  7. Chris2K

    Formula E

    Try and watch the last two laps of the Mexico City E-Prix from today, just absolute madness.
  8. Sushi Party Go is good. Codenames is a killer as well.
  9. haven't played through yet. Hopefully tomorrow. Looks like good fun from the instructions.
  10. Yesterday
  11. I went with Sushi Party Go, not that anyone cares 😒
  12. Can I get The Pillars on KyKy PLZZZZZ? ❤️❤️ PAUL TITAN HUNTER GRAY
  13. 504 Error sure seems to be popular today.

    1. The Fork Horsemen

      The Fork Horsemen

      It's getting very annoying!

    2. Tyrone


      Finally working for me. Hope I don't jinx it

    3. Bartholomew


      504 Error is almost popular enough to challenge for the I-3 Title. 

  14. Is it me or is the site running slow? Also, where has the "New Topics" gone?

  15. Joking aside, he's backed Neal Ardley in the transfer window, despite putting the club up for sale. He's been happy to let Ardley bring in the types of players that suit his tactical style and who'll battle hard in a relegation fight. He's incapable of using Twitter responsibly and clearly has some issues in his personal life, but he's got the interests of the club at heart.
  16. And all it took was the owner getting his cock out. No coincidence that the form has picked up since then!
  17. Remove Joe Hendry from Impact Wrestling, he's announced his contract hasn't been renewed and he is now a free agent.
  18. Ahh, got ya, thanks. I am sure there's gonna be some of that with this whole thing, yeah.
  19. the action or practice of disingenuously expressing concern about an issue in order to undermine or derail genuine discussion. I don't believe the people talking about being disappointed in him for "selling out" genuinely care about the actual issue. They just want to say "See what a hypocrite he is!" Or act like the case not being settled would have changed anything or led to actual change in the NFL. It's not even really about the NFL beyond the collusion which they basically admitted by settling.
  20. Yeah I saw Sarah Spain and around the horn, not sure what concern trolling is though. I get that for Kaep, the lawsuit may have simply been about recouping money and not about anything else and that's fine but I'm just saying he had the chance to expose the systemic issues in the NFL while still winning back that potential money that he lost. I am disappointed that it came to a settlement because the nfl has a surplus of money, they basically print it off, that won't hurt them like taking the L in a big lawsuit. The end result is the NFL loses some dollars but doesn't have to change the way that it does things. He may go on to do a lot of good social justice work, that's good, but felt like he had a platform to get some change enacted. The talk of sellout maybe is a bit too far, i cant say i wouldnt do the same in his spot, but I think people being disappointed in this outcome are justified feeling that way.
  21. The feature length Williams documentary is on BBC Two tonight.
  22. Anyone who actually thinks Kapernick "sold out" loses credibility with me because it's clear they had no grasp of what the lawsuit was about in the first place.
  23. It’s more of the fact that Rice was born and lived in England pretty much forever. The playing for your country through a grandparent’s nationality has always seemed odd to me, and honestly it’s usually players that aren’t good enough for their country of origin. IE, Andy Townsend
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