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  2. Don't be getting any ideas, stay away from Steve Bruce!
  3. Honestly think we’re going to be in the bottom three by January 1st.
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  5. Steven Strasburg is staying with the Nationals. 7 years, $245M.
  6. A new Bioshock has been announced, although 2K says it's still "several years" away, which makes revealing it a little pointless. There's also no good creative reason to do it either, but money trumps artistic value any day of the week. Look out for the vending machines requiring real world currency or something ridiculous like that.
  7. The trailer was fine but it's pretty much "What if Stranger Things but it's actually Ghostbusters," isn't it? Starring the lead kid from Stranger Things, who dressed up as a Ghostbuster on that show.
  8. Definitely not what I was expecting but I kind of love the vibe so far. But in reality, they had me at Paul Rudd.
  9. Wilder is an enigma in that he has legit one punch knockout power. He was behind on points against Ortiz in the last fight. I think Fury wins in the rematch (thought he won the last fight despite the knockdown) and I think if AJ fights the perfect fight tactically he would beat Wilder too but I don't think he would get up if Wilder catches him Fury is the top dog at Heavyweight. He's such a good boxer and a very awkward one to fight. I echo the thoughts on Usyk. I wouldn't be surprised if he excels at Heavyweight at the expense of any of the three mentioned, he's such a well rounded fighter. I'm sure he's mandatory challenger for one of the belts and i think Pulev is another. There's also Whyte who may be another option for AJ
  10. I miss 2017/18 when I won the league. Ever since then I've finished 9th and more than likely gonna be in a similar position again. The Shitfuckbitchasses have well and truly shit the bed. Should have been a sign when Andrew Luck retired after I drafted him
  11. Yeah, I’ve got high hopes for this.
  12. It’s got great potential. Hopefully they can nail the comedy too though. That’s critical.
  13. That Silicon Valley finale
  14. I was in the US on THE.DAY GEORGE MICHAEL DIED and didn’t hear it once. Callous.
  15. I was worried that yesterday was going to be the day because I was in a Denny's for like two hours, but they only got around to Christmas music just as I was ready to leave. I think maybe it's different in the States anyway, I legitimately don't think I'd ever really heard it other than in passing until I went to Norway for Christmas when I was 17. (now that I said that I'm definitely gonna be out within the next two days, maybe when I go to a mall)
  16. My work colleague/friend has just opened an Etsy store selling glittery resin meeples. After plenty of discussions with me she decided she wanted to use her resin modelling skills for the geekier among us and add some glitter and bright colours. We used some of my Carcassonne meeples to make the moulds and since then she's been perfecting the process and is offering sets for people. All the photos on that page were badly taken by me and are of meeples she's made which I now have. It's a well good gift for a family member or friend, choose their favourite colour, choose how sparkly you want them and they (or you) then have a personal set of 8 meeples to use in games in the future. Her Etsy is below, it's £9.99 per set of 8. https://www.etsy.com/uk/listing/745992144/magical-meeples-you-choose-the-colour?ga_order=most_relevant&ga_search_type=all&ga_view_type=gallery&ga_search_query=meeples&ref=sr_gallery-1-9
  17. A couple of years ago someone played it down the phone to me about 10 minutes before midnight on Xmas Eve, that was an annoying one. Should be fine this year, unless anyone I work with is feeling particularly malicious before next Thursday or it plays at the WAW Xmas Party the following day. If I make it to the 21st then I should be safe.
  18. Hugh Laurie and Armando Iannucci? Count me in!
  19. And Marina Sirtis' husband
  20. I know that's why I bought it at release! Same with MGS:V & TW:W.
  21. Wow. Someone better jump on XCOM 2. It is fucking amazing.
  22. That's an awesome idea! I'll get on this too: Running with Rifles Moon Hunters Crazy Machines 3 Panzer Corps+Panzer Corps Allied Corps DLC Tannenberg Insurgency Steel Rats She Remembered Caterpillars MINIT Dandara A Short Hike Wandersong The Journey Down: Chapter Three I'm not a Monster Finding Paradise Do Not Feed the Monkeys
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