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  2. But what about their human rights record, eh?
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  4. I think I added everyone, but if not: 3178 4985 7376
  5. That's the one. He was heavily linked with Arsenal in January too, iirc. Sky sources: Midfielder Jack Rodwell is on trial with Watford, and is currently in Austria at their pre-season training camp
  6. Fulham are now supposedly eyeing up Malcolm from Bordeaux. Isn't he the one Spurs have been watching for a year or so?
  7. Jorge Sampaoli has stepped down as Argentina head coach.
  8. A China World Cup would be the biggest ever - and for not much outlay. They already have 25 stadiums with a capacity of 50,000 or more, have the infrastructure to host it and the kind of enthusiastic home crowd found at USA 94 or South Korea/Japan 2002. China World Cup would be amazing.
  9. Joshua vs. Povetkin confirmed for September 22nd at Wembley.
  10. It's probably the way I've presented it, but correct scores are correct results too of course, so you've actually predicted 21 correct results. Joint lowest...
  11. I mean... Qatar will at the next one...
  12. I rage at them until they fix it. Always seems to happen though, a bad run two thirds of the way through the season.
  13. I'm shit at writing topic things (Refer to title.) In this thread, I will be looking to giveaway games at random intervals. Currently, I'm thinking every couple of weeks. I will put up a new poll for every giveaway where you can select your preferred prize. The winner will be randomly selected and notified in this thread initially. After you have acknowledged your win (I hope I won't have to put a time limit on it), I will PM you with the details or ask for details needed for you to redeem your prize. The prizes will be sent out either by a Steam Key (I will only buy from legitimate resellers; Humble, Razer, Fanatical etc.) Steam gift (Less likely as I tend to just remove friends within a week) or Steam gift via email. The prizes will vary from poll to poll but don't be surprised if you see returning prizes (Humble monthly/bundles/Gift Cards etc). The prizes will likely be games that I can get for a decent price or an Indie game I believe is well worth the money paid for it. The first giveaway will consist of the following. CLICK ON IMAGES FOR MORE INFORMATION. The poll will run for approximately a week and the winner will be drawn sometime during the following week. This hasn't been completely thought through and I am yet to decide on the best way to randomly select the winner. If you have any game suggestions or other prizes I could do for future giveaways, feel free to post them here. If others agree, they can like your comment increasing the probability of me throwing it up as an option. And also any help on better displaying this opening thread/title would also be lovely. Good luck to everyone who enters. N.B. There will only be one prize given away per draw. Not a winner drawn for every option. I am located in Australia, so due to timezone differences, there may be some delay in me responding to queries. Thanks
  14. Just two superstars from the PC/NXT that weren't included in the above post! Thanks a million.
  15. Joint second most results right. Finish 2nd to last
  16. While funny, that was also utterley terrifying. There is an accompanying website for the show which lists a whole heap of crackpot stuff that I have already seen actual right wing people link to in arguments as if it was all true.
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