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  2. Great result to keep the clean sheet. Should expect to get past Valencia but either way, it's good we've gotten to (at least) the semis for a second year running.
  3. 4-3 the final score. Well that was all much more of a hardship than it had any right to be... But we advance, in spite of ourselves. How many years has in been since we've had as many as four English teams in the 'last eight' (i.e. 2x last four) of European competitions? EDIT: After a bit of research I have come to the conclusion that it has never happened.
  4. Just continuing our recent trend of coming out for the second half with zero concentration or mental strength about us. It's shocking how many games we just get worse and worse as the clock ticks on.
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  6. Suddenly Slavia Prague have scored twice from 20 yards and it's 4-3 (5-3 agg). Hmm.
  7. Only because Glaz is UP. 😕
  8. Looked like a hammy to me. When he’s involved, that’s usually a month minimum. Calling it now, Arsenal/Chelsea final and Oliver Giroud buries us.
  9. Lacazette gives us the away goal with a lovely free kick. Is it that bad?
  10. Well that’s Aaron Ramsey’s Arsenal career over.
  11. Oh, holy ballsacks! I mentioned XIII in this thread and it's now being remade for the PS4, Xbox One, PC and Switch. That's legitimately my favourite bit of games news of the year so far.
  12. RPS

    The 2019 Music Thread

    The new Chemical Brothers album is fucking amazing.
  13. Lovely passing goal to put Chelsea a goal up after 5 minutes (2-0 agg). And Pedro somehow contrives to miss an easy chance but gets a silly own-goal off the rebound.
  14. Yes mama. That is fucking awful.
  15. That's what I have been doing! It's great finding the one person walking by themselves and then just blasting them without anyone knowing any better. Until you miss your 75% shot and they alert their friends.
  16. *haven't reached Proland yet
  17. Stealth your way past some of the battles as there are easier ones past. Upgrade your stealth guns. If you kill someone in one turn and they are not in another enemy's circle, you remain undisturbed. Find enemies that walk around the map and ice them in one turn.
  18. It’s not flawed, you’re just mad that we never reached Proland.
  19. I remember having the original one on PC many moons ago. It was really good... jump forwards many years and it is just your regular online multi shooter.
  20. Screwing Vlad on his service time, eh? Awful.
  21. I play the last game of each series and any Critical Moments otherwise (other than hitting streak ones or trying to hit a guy's third home run). I'm about 3 weeks into a Jays franchise. Just called up Vlad. He is hitless so far. Had a fun moment where I was down by 3 runs and got the bases loaded. Teoscar Hernandez hit a grand slam and did this epic bat flip, only for the defender to nearly make a leaping catch. He just missed it.
  22. I've thought about it. I mean the mode itself is pretty basic but I enjoy creating storylines on my own. I think if I were going to do a diary, I'd be more inclined to start as a completely brand new promotion, and I'd do what the game recommends and only have each starting promotion begin with 10-12 workers so there's a decent free agent pool. Or I can go on an edit downloading spree.
  23. I've played most, but I tend to sim some of the middle innings of games if I'm winning big or getting blown out. And this weekend I'll probably sim a lot to get close to the trade deadline.
  24. Flames played much better in game 4 than game 3, but at the same time, they're not playing anywhere near the level they did during the regular season. The only player matching or outplaying his regular season is Mike Smith. You could make an argument for Giordano and Bennett as well, but everyone else just isn't going like they can. Now they're on the brink of elimination. Winning three in a row to take the series is going to be very difficult, but the Avs just won three in a row to put us in this spot, so it's not out of the realm of possibility. The major thing I've noticed is that they're trying to be too pretty in the offensive zone. Grubauer has been every bit as good as Smith in this series, but the Flames miss too many chances by holding the puck too long, or passing instead of shooting. Coaches say it all the time, but just get the puck on net. Especially in the playoffs. Get the puck on net, cause havoc for the goalie, look for deflections and rebounds... and stop passing the puck when you have traffic and a lane to get the shot through. Just get it there. Even if the Flames wind up losing this one, it's still been a great season, and with the lack of playoff experience on the roster coming in, it will be good for a lot of these young guys to know what it feels like. Most of the team that got swept by Anaheim last go around isn't here anymore, and maybe a disappointing exit is exactly what they need to really push them to step it up next season. That said, I'd love to see them make a series out of this, and love even more if the Flames can pull out the series win here. The skill is there, but the compete level has not been good enough. Minor gripe time: TJ Brodie got called for a slash on Landeskog in the third period. Letter of the law? It was absolutely a penalty. Problem? They'd been letting it go all game, and if you measured that slash up to what Gaudreau's had to deal with in the first four games, it's not even top five in terms of severity. I know it's a human issue, but the officiating in the NHL this season has seemed less consistent than it has since the last major change to the rulebook. I'm not saying that a penalty in the regular season should be the same in the playoffs. The intensity ramps up, and you should absolutely let the players dictate the outcome of the game as much as possible. But they really need to find a way to be more consistent. Don't call something in the third period, that you weren't calling in the first two.
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