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  2. 2021/2022 Transfers Out: Jetro Willems to Sheffield United for £35M Fabian Schar to Norwich for £15M Isaac Hayden to Stade Reims for £6M 2021/2022 Transfers In: Matias Arezo from River Plate for £975K (Compensation) Jude Bellingham from Birmingham for £12.5M Ben Chilwell from Leicester for £32.5M Axel Tuanzebe from Man Utd for £11.25M Theo from Real Madrid for £400K (loaned out immediately) Kristian Dobrev from Botev Plovdiv for £3.6M (loaned out immediately) Lucas Canizares (Santiago's son) from Real Madrid for £400K (loaned out immediately) Ugo Bertelli from Marseille for £33.5K (loaned out immediately) Future Transfers Arranged: Jose Javier Murillo (DC newgen) from Real Zaragoza for £650K - joins end of season Jose Manuel Rodriguez (AML newgen) from Alaves for £1M - joins end of season Emilio Hernando (ST newgen) from Rayo Vallecano for £700K - joins January 2023 Lineup: GK - Andre Onana / Freddie Woodman / Rob Elliot DCR - Jorge Mere / Axel Tuanzebe DC - Jerome Onguene / Jamaal Lascelles DCL - Ferro / Marco Varnier WBR - Jayden Bogle / Ricardo Esgaio / Luke Matheson WBL - Ben Chilwell MCR - Carles Alena / Sander Berge / Jude Bellingham MCL - Sander Berge / Sean Longstaff / Matty Longstaff AMR - Allan Saint-Maximin / Ricardo Esgaio AML - Arnor Sigurdsson / Martin Terrier STC - Joelinton / Troy Parrott / Matias Arezo Lacking a backup left wing-back but Esgaio and Matheson can play there in a pinch and I began training Terrier to play there last season, even though he isn't the most suited for it. Still have £10M in the transfer budget and £169K p/w in the wage budget after playing around with the budgets. Gave new contracts to Varnier, S. Longstaff, Bogle, Joelinton, Onguene & Berge. Some to get rid of outside interest, some to remove release clauses and some because they wanted and deserved new contracts. I still have release clauses for Onana, Ferro and (now) Chilwell (only way he would come to the club), so Onana and Ferro are next up for new contracts. Chilwell was unsettled at Leicester so I snapped him up for less than I got for Jetro Willems, which absolutely astounded me. Tuanzebe was transfer listed & English so I got rid of Schar for him. Extended Parrott's loan again, even though I bought Arezo, so if I do buy him in the future he will be Newcastle home grown. Jamaal Lascelles is now all that remains of the original defensive unit and out of my 6 first team central defenders he is ranked 6th. He's still my captain and highly influential so I don't really want to upset everyone by selling him. Let Matt Ritchie go for free (was my vice-captain) as he had become very injury prone and didn't perform well so Ferro is my new vice-captain. Berge was meant to be Alena's backup in the DLP position but he has overtaken Sean Longstaff as my starting BBM. Sean's still been great when he's played, though. I'm still predicted to finish 7th despite winning the league last year, which is up from 8th the year before. The board wants a top half finish and me to get to the knockout rounds of the Champions League. Very doable. Knocked back the Real Madrid job in the off season as well. First competitive match played of the season added more silverware to the trophy cabinet with a 2-0 win over Liverpool in the Community Shield.
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  4. The Cult of Tebow is about to buy the game en masse to get him to the big leagues.
  5. The actual video released showed current minor leaguers names so I’m thinking it’s the actual players.
  6. Sure thing, next stream will be tomorrow at 4pm GMT if all goes to plan. I'll be playing more Control, because it's a pretty easy game to play and talk through at the same time and it's super pretty too.
  7. Relocation/rebranding is cool but not enough of a game changer to make me buy on day one. If they added all the minor leaguers that would be a definite game changer. That said the preview schedule just says “full minor league rosters”, might just mean they’ve finally added Single A and other leagues.
  8. From what I've seen he doesn't have a cam. I can't watch people with no cam. It's a weird caveat that I have.
  9. wait there's a website where you can go and watch TEOL on webcam?
  10. Can you post here before you go live? For some reason my Twitch notifications have stopped working on iOS. I used to at least get notified when a handful of streamers went live (TEOL, Northernlion, a few others) but now I don't get them at all.
  11. This was a tremendously good one. It both answered “Where’s the conflict if they’re going to the Good Place?” and reminded us what this series has been about all along. And that was perfect casting of a guest star. Of course, now I’m back to “Where’s the conflict?” or “What’s left to say?”, but I’m continually surprised by Schur and the whole crew and I’m excited to watch and cry next week.
  12. I’ve got some Farooqs but I probably wouldn’t recommend
  13. I have JBL headphones and can vouch for the quality.
  14. This game has been near-enough the epitome of the way Chelsea play these days (not a good thing).
  15. I made the trade but I subbed in Will Smith and got to keep Hendricks
  16. Pooker

    Cover Songs

    https://youtu.be/FoKh9LixCgE Zac Brown Band's cover of Enter Sandman is pretty fun and different.
  17. lanky316

    Cover Songs

    On this note, I heartily recommend Leo Morracchioli who does metal covers of all sorts of songs and usually adapts metal songs to an interesting accoustic style, for example Slipknots Duality has a really nice oompah band style it turns out. He does all sorts of things from things like the aforementioned Africa and Take on Me to Baby Shark, The Wheels on the Bus, and everything in between. It was funny I saw this skimming down the site just as I was listening to Toss a Coin to Your Witcher from the Witcher Netflix show. Generally uploads a song a week to his youtube channel and there's a lot of interesting tracks there to trawl through.
  18. Chris2K

    Cover Songs

    Speaking of Queen covers: or alternatively:
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