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  2. While I was looking into this too, I looked at Torres. His ratio was 0.64 at Liverpool (would have been 4th on this list) and dropped to 0.18 at Chelsea lol. 0.40 overall. Sligthly better than Darren Bent but worse than Drogba and Sandra Redknapp . He was only 26 when he signed for Chelsea as well. Madness.
  3. I mean, in our current grassroots manager's group on Whatsapp, they're doing an all time XI and David Beckham is beating Cristiano Ronaldo and Figo for a spot, so the wisdom of crowds when it comes to football is a myth.
  4. RVP looks to be an especially unwarranted exclusion.
  5. You better stop (having affairs or your wife will get an opinion malus).
  6. Here's the goals per game ration ranked or everyone who scored more than 100 goals. Gives a good balance of productivity and longevity. RVN, Ronaldo and Suarez all scored less than 100 so I've added them to the list too. Looking at it, I don't think Ronaldo should be in the top 10 personally. Rank Player Nationality Goals Games Ratio 1 Sergio Agüero Argentina 180 261 0.69 2 Thierry Henry France 175 258 0.68 3 Harry Kane England 136 201 0.68 4 Ruud Van Nistelrooy Netherlands 95 150 0.63 5 Luis Suarez Uruguay 69 110 0.63 6 Alan Shearer England 260 441 0.59 7 Ian Wright England 113 213 0.53 8 Robin van Persie Netherlands 144 280 0.51 9 Michael Owen England 150 326 0.46 10 Andy Cole England 187 414 0.45 11 Romelu Lukaku Belgium 113 252 0.45 12 Jimmy Floyd Hasselbaink Netherlands 127 288 0.44 13 Robbie Fowler England 163 379 0.43 14 Cristiano Ronaldo Portugal 84 196 0.43 15 Wayne Rooney England 208 494 0.42 16 Les Ferdinand England 149 351 0.42 17 Didier Drogba Ivory Coast 104 254 0.41 18 Darren Bent England 106 276 0.38 19 Matt Le Tissier England 100 270 0.37 20 Robbie Keane Republic of Ireland 126 349 0.36 21 Dion Dublin England 111 312 0.36 22 Teddy Sheringham England 146 418 0.35 23 Nicolas Anelka France 125 364 0.34 24 Jermain Defoe England 162 496 0.33 25 Dwight Yorke Trinidad and Tobago 123 375 0.33 26 Frank Lampard England 177 609 0.29 27 Steven Gerrard England 120 504 0.24 28 Peter Crouch England 108 468 0.23 29 Emile Heskey England 110 516 0.21 30 Paul Scholes England 107 499 0.21 31 Ryan Giggs Wales 109 632 0.17
  7. The article they put up where we could submit our own lists did focus on goal ratio a fair bit too. I had Cole higher, they said they weren't even going to have him in the debate but Ian Wright forfeited his own place because he felt Cole deserved to be in there. I had Shearer, Henry and Aguero top three. I wouldn't have even had Suarez on the list, above Fernando Torres? Or a clutch of others.
  8. I got bored of Red Dead too. Too slow and every time I went back, by the time I got aclimatised to it again, I was bored again. I've played, completed and loved bascially every other Rockstar game too. This was just a bit too much
  9. Billy Joe Saunders is a cockhead.
  10. I wasn't convinced he had anything to do with the fire, as he pointed out he had a lot to lose from the fire financially and nothing really to gain, I think it was most likely another one of Joe's fantastic ideas. He was still a trash person because he saw what was going on at the zoo and wanted to exploit it for trashy reality TV.
  11. I like RDR2 because it’s long, tedious and boring. I don’t really like games where things happen. I only did the story missions though. All the collecting stuff is too tedious even for me.
  12. I think I'm 4 or 5 episodes in now, and I think I like the reality TV producer guy the most, but then he gets dragged in with the fire and shit and its like, is there one normal fucker involved at all.
  13. It's fun and games until you realize the only way to find good rats is to roam through St. Denis and you get a shootout with the cops for every rat you catch.
  14. And was more interested in how good looking their nanny would be rather than her child raising skills. He was a complete creep and con man.
  15. As someone who 100%d RDR1 and GTA5, there was no fucking way I was going to 100% RDR2. Fun game to play and finish, not to complete.
  16. How could we all completely forget about Jeff Lowe? Dude must be at least 60 and he's walking around. wearing a bandana under a snapback and dressed like he's a white rapper from 2003.
  17. Add me to the list of people who got bored with RDR2.
  18. Oh yeah, I'm not saying that there won't be some weird placements and they won't stick rigidly to it, but I'll assume they're up around similar-ish strike rates by that point? From that point, you can start to make an argument around personal preferences, who played for who, the success of the team around them, etc etc.
  19. Why didn't they just call it strikers? If they did, they could always say they took other factors into account. Why call it top goalscorers if that's something you can actually measure? One can argue that the top goal scorers are the ones who... score... the most... goals. If that's the case how can Andy Cole be so low? I do understand they may consider number of goals scored in a single season for those with fewer EPL seasons but still... What about Andy Cole being lower than Drogba in the list, then? Better total and better average and yet is 10th while Drogba is 6th?
  20. Just a personal thing but Henry should be number two, quite possibly the most talented striker I’ve seen. Ronaldo had that 30+ goal season at the end of the naughts, right? Presume that’s why he was included. Question is why isn’t Van Persie there?
  21. Frank Lampard had over 600 PL appearances. Sergio Aguero hasn't yet hit 300. I'm going to assume they were primarily looking at guys who had a high strike rate more than just goals scored.
  22. Just had a quick look at the actual all time top scorers list and Cole is still at 3, so I'm still confused as to 10th, but also Frank Lampard is 5th with only 3 goals less than Aguero. Was he discussed at all? I should watch this really.
  23. You could argue well the likes of Owen, Fowler, Sheringham, Les Ferdinand and Defoe could be on there for the amount of goals they've scored before some of the others
  24. Surely Andy Cole should be miles higher on a "Premier League goalscorers" list, a title they presumably picked so they could include Ronaldo?
  25. Suarez shouldn't be on there on account of being a Sol Campbell.
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