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  2. you can make the Union Jack on the rear of tights, as well.
  3. I won't be 100%. Fuck every bomb and stealth Takmaster mission. Time limit challenges in games can get fucked all across the board. They're all terrible.
  4. There's a Japanese flag for Shibata trunks but I think that's it.
  5. I can see that being the biggest issues with most people. Paying full price for what may end up being only half the game.
  6. So not only do I not get to see the end am I fucked if I bought the season pass?
  7. Errrrgghh fuck off. I only completed episode one today of the last season.
  8. https://buff.ly/2NvmFG4 Apparently The Walking Dead has been cancelled and the small crew staying on is for fucking Minecraft
  9. I sent them an email a couple of weeks back with a suggestion on how they could improve the filters for booking a match by separating them into push/style/alignment - and they agreed with the diagram and stuff that I laid out. They totally patched it in today with battle royals, tournaments and some other features. That's so awesome.
  10. Its since been updated to its final movie look
  11. Well don't hold back, brotha', tell us what you really think.
  12. Yesterday
  13. Maniac looks right up my alley so I'm going to get started on that tomorrow.
  14. That and “Nothing Shattered” are both great.
  15. It really sucks that 250 people are losing their jobs, with some of them sticking around to finish off TWD before the company goes fully belly up afterwards to pay the debtors with whatever they'll earn. But on the one side, this is a niche company that had 250 people on the books, which is a ridiculous amount of staff for such a small studio that for all intents makes small games. On top of that they brought in some huge licenses that undoubtedly would've set them back for a lot of money, stuff like Walking Dead, Game of Thrones, Batman, Guardians of the Galaxy, Borderlands, and even Minecraft are all major names that they wouldn't just have been given to play with for free. This was a company that before TWD:S1 produced one or maybe two titles a year, niche games like Sam & Max or Puzzle Agent, or even older lapsed IP's like BTTF, Jurassic Park or even Law and Order... When TWD exploded and they reached universal acclaim, they kinda started punching below their weight class, hiring too many employees, taking on too many simultaneous projects, and they eventually just saturated their own market with niche titles that they kinda had a monopoly on (other than say, Life is Strange). The games were good but the stories tended to be safe, choices didn't matter that much in the end, and after a while the novelty started to wear off because you could kinda read things that were going to happen, or at least, predict certain paths. Between 16/17 they had 7 projects running, including Minecraft 1+2, Two series of Walking Dead, Batman, and Guardians of the Galaxy. That's a shitload of episodic content to dump on your fanbase, they got sold plenty, sure, but is that enough to pay 250 employees year-round as you continue to pay for other licenses like Stranger Things, or even some other Marvel things they allegedly had in the pipeline. On top of that, continued criticism got put on those repetitive and predictable stories, and their continuing non-desire to push the needle and innovate with their games. Even in 2012 the TellTale engine was showing cracks (It's been in use in one form or the other since 2005, when it was also a bit of a shambling mess) and they just continued adding stuff to it, sprucing it up here and there, but never working on fixing it or replacing it with something that would be easier to work with, and that would make their games more interested for people that didn't want very basic cell-shaded artstyle. Their later titles made it a bit better looking, but it's still pretty barebones for something you're paying 20-25 bucks for about 10 hours of entertainment for. It's a bit of a tragedy that this company is falling/has fallen, because they produced something unique for the market. But on the other hand, they got too big for their britches, they started flying too close to the sun, and they burned off their own wings by saturating their niche market. It sucks for the people involved, but as far as running a healthy company goes, TellTale is a new example of how not to run one...
  16. Terrible news. Even the lower quality ones were always at the very least entertaining to me. I know it's no comfort to the people losing their jobs but I'm really glad they at least get to finish TWD
  17. .....fuck. I forgot about him.
  18. Joaquin Phoenix as The Joker
  19. Liverpool Previous Picks MK Dons Barnsley Aston Villa Sunderland Chelsea
  20. Fulham 2-0 Watford (Sat 12.30pm)Crystal Palace 1-0 Newcastle (Sat 3pm)Liverpool 3-0 Southampton (Sat 3pm)Brighton 1-1 Tottenham (Sat 5.30pm)Arsenal 2-0 Everton (Sun 4pm)
  21. I don't want/need another center but.... he had such a great year. Sean Couturier. @Lowerdeck
  22. Laying all 225 people, leaving 25 to finish The Walking Dead and then the studio is finished. An absolute gut-punching news story.
  23. Maxx

    NFL 2018

    Kelly Holcomb got them to the playoffs.
  24. Yeah goalies need more scoring, whatever we can do to beef them up a bit. Maybe boost points rewarded for some currently tallied stats as well. I think maybe not full points for saves, but half points probably works. Percentage stats probably don't work based on our league's scoring. Defensemen already benefit from hits, don't think we need to beef them up anymore.
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