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  2. Oh my!
  3. Nice! 1 star gold Luke Harper here, but I'm not gonna complain about that. He's new, and I needed a second powerhouse. Now to get my hands on another striker (not Matt...).
  4. Just got my 800 Premium tokens and got a 1Gold star Goldust and a 2Bronze star Ziggler... So I now have 2 different Zigglers... but Goldust would be nice.. Gives a boost for if I use him in a tag with Stardust.
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  6. @tristy @Troy Bolton there are 2 slots open on the ewb vipers. Feel free to request and Ill accept you once I can. Tristy as Pizza said we are a little under your level but if you dont mind slumming it while we work our way towards you we are more than happy to have you with us.
  7. Got 200 coins earlier. i have 225 now. And I'm still getting skunked on tokens. I've got 5 wrestlers to enhance now, and am not getting the tokens I need as drops.
  8. Just used my superstar coins. 2 star Mark Henry!
  9. There's a signal from the dugout that will be relayed to the umpire. Minimal change to the game since 1 in 3 games even had intentional walks last season.
  10. Is that a joke or a real thing?
  11. Intentional walks are a thing of the past. Now managers will press some button in the dugout and the batter will simply trot to first base.
  12. Bwahahahahahahahahahaha.
  13. If it was my team, I'd say sure instantly. But its Soul Survivors, and I was lucky they let me stay on considering I'm not Ultimate yet. We also fell TWO shards short of Big E. I ended up with 25, so I should be safe til next event. But I'll message the owner, see what he says.
  14. Yes. I've hopped on the bandwagon!
  15. Appears that Twitter took away embedding capability the HOF Showcase, Lawler completely flubs a line, starts over, and they left the whole damn thing in.
  16. Lou Williams is off to Houston.
  17. I think I'm going to watch Manchester by the Sea tonight. Some of you know me well enough to decide. Will I like it?
  18. The Cowboys should offer to trade Mark Sanchez to the Bears in exchange for Cutler, tickets to the Cubs' season opener, and a case of either sausages or deep dish pizzas. Seriously, though, I'm sure some team will be desperate (I mean stupid) enough to take a risk and trade for Cutler. I kind of hope he goes to an AFC long as its not an East one unless he's used as a backup. I want that whole division competitive just so its not a given the Patriots and Steelers both make the playoffs.
  19. On my team chat there was a guy talking the other day about his job in computing, today after getting a single shard in the event he claims to have been grounded by his parents and his phone taken away, he thinks we're stupid but I don't care since I've decided to leave as soon as possible. @Ace is there any space on your team? I grind and getting better cards would help me improve faster. My team cards are Ult Undertaker, HD Pro Kofi Kingston, Elite Nikki Bella and the support is Elite Maryse
  20. I really wish the Rubio for Reggie Jackson trade happened even if people weren't keen on it. The other rumor was DJ Augustin and Jeff Green for Reggie. I don't know, Rubio just sounds better to me. The pistons are also open to trading Drummond and turned down a trade from the Raptors where they offered the center they have that starts with a V.
  21. Giannis is really fucking cool. So, maybe?
  22. I have no one to root for in the NBA and I have been watching more games so I did a test that told me to root for the Milwaukee Bucks, is this a thing I should do?
  23. Yesterday
  24. This is a great season to try to trade Cutler finally, what with Jimmy G and Romo both out there. Teams who don't get either will be a tad more desperate than usual.
  25. Bears are apparently looking for a trade partner for Cutler. Who wants to give us a 7th round pick for some locker room poison?
  26. Lot of swirling rumors their inability to put together a trade for Cousins was the undoing in LA, and Jeanie Buss just grabbed control of the whole organization. Which is probably for the better, Jim Buss was awful. Magic has all the aura to bring free agents to LA, but I don't trust him running the day-to-day so I'm curious where that situation goes. Rubio for Rose would be an idiotic trade for Minny to make. I can't even see the logic behind it. But then again so many illogical trades get discussed this time of year that never actually happen.
  27. Part of this is truthfully that an Atlanta sports team performed well enough to consider their season a success
  28. The FA Cup fifth-round replay between Manchester City and Huddersfield on Wednesday, 1 March will be shown live on BBC One.
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