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  2. Poor Hull.
  3. Fairly nice that.
  4. Yeah, its a nice little redesign actually. Just a cleaner version.
  5. Conte is going to give them such a bollocking
  6. Been brilliant defensively so far to be honest.
  7. This is how I'm feeling. Keep expecting to be punished for it.
  8. Arsenal are going to regret all these missed chances, easily could have been 3/4-0 up.
  9. Got Joe as my WM33 and an Ult Rhyno to pro which is like my 8th Male
  10. The Test Punch was really fun! I've had my fill playing last night and this morning but there are still four more times this weekend (next one starts in about an hour) and then some times next weekend to give it a shot. It's super fluid and I could see it being super fun with a group of people.
  11. The Arsenal defence are looking up for it
  12. It's like the last 8 months or so haven't happened, and Arsenal have just carried on where they left off in that 3-0 win over Chelsea.
  13. If it is an orange wrapper it counts as a fruit
  14. Today
  15. I mean you don't have to but why wouldn't you?
  16. Ah well, who needs rent money anyway?
  17. But do you have to deep fry the wrapper as well?
  18. Not really sure where to put this Gunman at Phoenix Comicon, Claiming To Be The Punisher, Targeted Jason David Frank
  19. Mertesaker with the late game winner
  20. But they look good and taste good!
  21. Well then. Still think 3-1 Chelsea, but a good start. Holding and Costa getting into it already.
  22. Bloody Arsenal!
  23. As long as it isn't one of those Scottish medals that are actually chocolate.
  24. If it's the only medal you're likely to see, sure go for it.
  25. @The Big Bratwurst, what's your level in game? The Vipers have an inactive random but literally just pushed into Elite so we can't afford to downgrade cards at the moment.
  26. I beat FIFA on amateur settings. Can I get a medal?
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