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  2. Yeah, apparently there were a hell of a lot less overtakes but it also didn't feel like there were. I think perhaps because the front was so back-and-forth with the gaps it made it interesting.
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  4. It was a lot better but far from perfect.
  5. Cass hasn't had a huge impact on the tiers of my decks due to the fact that my females are severly holding me back, Orton is a pro for me and will have an impact on my Ranked deck but still unlikely to reach Ultimate tier. Fingers crossed for a female pull that is a pro soon, probably my only chance to reach Ultimate before hitting my ladder reward in just over 800 games.
  6. Was it as good as the desperate-sounding hype says? Lately a lot of commentary around F1 screams of, "we'll get better soon, promise!"
  7. Vipers are well on par to get Hawkins and Jericho with the possibility of droppong down to grind out some cards on the Mania card even though slim to no chance getting it as a whole
  8. And finished the series. While not my favorite, I did enjoy the show overall. I'm excited and ready for the Defenders. Any word when that is coming out? September?
  9. Good job so far guys, waking up to find Cass almost done makes me feel bad about sleeping! Will press on with the last few shards then drop down to Orton
  10. Finished watching last night. Enjoyed the race. Hats off to Giovinazzi for the job he did this weekend, too,
  11. We'll have the Oakland Chargers within ten years
  12. Sorry for not playing until now, network issues and too much alcohol meant last night was a bust for me. Got a good few hours before I have a short shift at work so will bust out as many shards as possible now before doing more later.
  13. Great Job on getting Us to Ultimate, I was almost ready to pro my EL Wyatt to try to get Us there, I don't the Orton to pro'd him, but will be nice to have him. Right now we are 80 shards into Cass with 15 hours to go, so I think is doable...
  14. Fuck! In our living room area we have my computer and the TV. The wife was playing Mass Effect, she's a couple hours/plot missions ahead. My headphones were off and by chance I heard a pretty damn big spoiler
  15. Chivalry's free on Steam for another 12 hours or so, as far as I can tell.
  16. Thanks for the Last one. Could you do a background for a laptop? It would feature Jimmy Havoc, Pete Dunne, Prince Devitt and Marty Scurll the rest is up to you. Thanks man.
  17. Just two more weeks!
  18. Except it wasn't the original Harry Kim .
  19. Cezar Bononi on kyky
  20. I can't wait to tell lightning dodging in Final Fantasy X to fuck itself.
  21. Woke up to a bunch of network issues not letting me play. Greeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeat.
  22. Orton isnt garbage is he? Also my friend Mike pointed out if needed play wild mode get the deck down in cards till under however many left to pick if win in rd and can get a guaranteed shard each time if not 2 or more if lucky
  23. I've been reading a bit of stuff from Raiders fans and a lot seem to echo what DMN said. It's pretty sad that Jerry Jones basically blocked their move to LA, which would have kept them in California and also put Raiders in a market already filled with Raiders fans. But I don't see a lot of people talking about how this is a betrayal from the Raiders. Mostly just people disappointed their local team is leaving. I think there will be more disappointment when the NFL adjusts the broadcast maps and makes the 49ers and Chargers the "primary" teams of the Oakland area. The NFL already has a team in the Bay Area, and they've made it more than clear they loved the Las Vegas stadium deal. Kind of a situation where Mark Davis would have been stupid to keep trying to keep the team in Oakland. The NFL wanted them out. I'm really curious how the Raiders fans treat the next 2 years with the team still in Oakland. It's a bit of a trip from Oakland to LV, but it's a short flight for those who will still be fans. And it'll be interesting to see how many of the fans in LA make trips to LV to see them given the relatively short drive. At the end of all this moving and shuffling, it's time for us to yet again laugh at Dean Spanos. A man now with no friends who has a team with no fans. Somehow Mark Davis and Stan Kroenke won and Dean Spanos, a guy who just a year or so ago I read was "beloved by his fellow owners", lost.
  24. Big Cass, Randy Orton, Curt Hawkins...... Fuck...what a bunch of garbage.
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  26. I hate you
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