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  2. Arsenal 0-3 Man City (Sat 7.45pm)Man Utd 1-1 Chelsea (Sun 6pm) I assume it is scores after 90 minutes we're predicting?
  3. I never actually played 3, and if I didn't have a backlog of single player stuff I'd probably still give 5 a go.
  4. Semi-Final Matches; Arsenal vs. Man City (Sat 7.45pm) Man Utd vs. Chelsea (Sun 6pm) @Adam @Colly @Dang117 @DavidMarrio @Gorka @Jam @Moses Julep @It's Pronounced Zoom-E @Troy @Yorkshire Owl
  5. Week 33 Matches; Newcastle vs. Tottenham (Wed 6pm) Arsenal vs. Liverpool (Wed 8.15pm) Leicester vs. Sheffield Utd (Thurs 6pm) Crystal Palace vs. Man Utd (Thurs 8.15pm) Southampton vs. Brighton (Thurs 8.15pm)
  6. I had exact opposite, I really liked 3, couldn't care less about 4, then I loved 5.
  7. Today
  8. I'm right at the end I think..... i don't wanna keep going
  9. Well, this certainly wasn't the week to switch Henderson for Schmeichel at goalie
  10. New name won't be unveiled straight away. So for now they're just going to be "Washington".
  11. Fuckin coddle him why don’t you
  12. Warhawk will be able to post again in a few days time and able to share his thoughts on the new name, provided it's done in a civil and respectful manner. I'm sure he will - let's not provoke him now
  13. 2nd image has all the different covers for the different editions, and the 3rd picture has what's included in the Ultimate Pack. Supposedly this takes place in current day "Cuba", so I guess the fan theory of the kid being Vaas is out the window (it never made sense anyway).
  14. That would be a great name for a Ninja Turtles Movie where they all come out as gay. Actually, hang on. I'm gonna write a children's book with that premise.
  15. Can we bring Warhawk back just for that day?
  16. Glad it's getting changed. Hopefully the name change goes over well.
  17. Shame Warhawk won’t be around to celebrate with us
  18. Yeah. Fairly boring event.
  19. Interesting stuff in Jays camp as Rowdy has been hitting bombs but they've announced Vlad will play DH/1B. Presumably the other would DH most of the time, but it would limit their ability to use the DH as a resting spot, especially with a condensed season.
  20. I tried. I actually had only beaten the first one when I bought Origins and Odyssey so I decided I would go back and try to work my way through them. I cannot play the old ones anymore. I just enjoy the new style too much.
  21. Yesterday
  22. Origins and Odyssey changed the formula up BIG time and massively for the better to something more Witcher-esque. I don't think I could go back to the old ones at this point, honestly.
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