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  2. Just basing it off the WiiU version even? Yes. There is a three or so level demo to get a taste.
  3. Simple is almost always better. I like it.
  4. During my first week I caught a LOT of Swablu. Since I got to around the 250 mark, I'd use a Pinap Berry on any I found, meaning I'd get 12 candy a time with the event on. Since I got my shiny Swablu I've been pushing to evolve it to get the shiny Altaria.
  5. Chelsea have officially confirmed their away kit, which is your basic Nike plain yellow kit. But of course I am a complete sucker for any yellow away kit and therefore adore it. (Cue obligatory "lol Hazard will be off to Madrid before ever playing in that" quip)
  6. kliq


    Hoping to get my first legendary today! I’ve got nearly 500 Magikarp candies at the minute and am patiently waiting for the next stage where I can actually evolve it. It’s like torture considering what you have to go through to get that many candies. Talking of Pokemon that require a lot of candies to evolve them... how did you end up with an Altaria Good luck with that 😫
  7. On my second playthorugh - it's pretty tasty!
  8. Today
  9. Good job I started walking with a Magikarp then huh
  10. Add Scarlett Bordeaux to impact wrestling. She was revealed as the mystery bee knockout in a vignette last night and is set to debut next weeks episode. Add a starting absence for Brooke Adams she is pregnant (two months in) so won’t be taking bookings for wrestling for a good 7+ months at very least.
  11. I don't think he really blew them up at all...
  12. If you need a guy I can be a guy. </ric flair promo>
  13. AoT starts again this weekend!
  14. He'd be so conflicted. He'd probably just end up criticising Pogba.
  15. Bottas has signed a one year contract extension now - with the team holding a further one year extension option.
  16. I'm all for signing keepers with freakish hands. I think our strategy is to sign people with weird bodies such as the Human Cube
  17. My missus' trainer code. She wants some of you guys to add her so that she can trade gifts with more people.
  18. I played the hell out of the FPW released on GBA. Hours were spent during lunch period just making the most random characters with insane movesets. Loved that game so super stoked for this one. Just hope the PS4 community is as good with edits as the PC community is.
  19. Late Night in Westeros w/Olenna Tyrell when?
  20. Is Captain Toad worth the $40?
  21. Started the season with Spurs like a house on fire. Battering Newcastle 5-0, and all the goals came in the first half. Who said Spurs still needed Harry Kane and Dele Alli? Although I could have used them in the next game against Huddersfield away, as I lost 3-0. I rushed into this job without really realising what I was getting myself in for. They’re an ageing team, with hardly any homegrown players, so I had to ship a lot of deadwood on, and bring in some only half decent players purely because they help with the homegrown quota. Calum Chambers was one from Stoke and a couple of others I’ll look at and post tomorrow. I inherited a defence that was a 33 year-old Jordi Alba, a 33 year-old Toby Alderweireld, a 28 year-old Eric Dier and 31 year-old Mario. Absolutely splendid. Worst part is, they’re all on £150,000 plus a week. Then add my two strikers, on £175,000 and £150,000 a week respectively, 32 year-old Ciro Immobile and 30 year-old Gerard Moreno. Where was the long-term planning Tottenham Hotspur? No wonder you finished 9th.
  22. Someone ask Souness what he thinks of it.
  23. Yesterday
  24. The Pack AD..... this was hard to narrow down to one song. But Deer is one of their older ones and the first song I heard them play in some little dive bar I used to hang out in. Had no idea who they were, didn't think much of them as they were setting up their set (they were one of two headliners that night) but they played this song and I bought their album on the spot.
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