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  2. General Television Thread

    Finally finished season 5 of Voltron: Legendary Defender. Put it off for too long, and was super sad it was only 6 episodes, it was phenomenal! Episode 2 was insane. Think it was right up there with season 1.
  3. MLB The Show - General Discussion

    I typically try to get as many current and past Jays as possible. I also have a tendency to bring guys back during my franchise games, whether they were past or current Jays in real life, or I've had them on my team before, I'm more likely to sign a guy that's been with the organization than anyone else, unless they don't fit what I need. In MLB 16, I wound up bringing Travis Snider back to fill my LF spot in Buffalo, and he ended up destroying AAA, before coming up to the Jays and slaughtering it during an injury to my starter. I had Snider for the next five or six years, playing regularly and batting third for most of his time. I like nostalgia. I toyed with the idea of using the legends for fun, but I read that there are legends teams included now, so I assumed the legends roster would skew heavily in the favor of those teams specifically, and it put me off temporarily. I'll probably try it out another time.
  4. MLB The Show - General Discussion

    I like that even in a fantasy draft you still get a ton of Blue Jays. I'm planning on doing a fantasy draft sometime tomorrow. I'm kind of thinking of including the legends just for a change of pace, and because this franchise is just going to hold me over until the OSFM rosters come out.
  5. MLB The Show - General Discussion

    Started out my test franchise with a Fantasy Draft Blue Jays game. I'm just playing critical moments with this one, but my roster shaped up like this:
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  7. 2018 NFL Off-Season Thread

    No surprise there. When it comes to sports, Philly's nickname should be Assholeville. (Which, coincidentally, would also be appropriate for a town named after Trump.)
  8. 2018 MLB Thread

    Greg Bird is now getting an MRI and CT scan on the same foot he had issues with last year. Typical Greg Bird. This is why I was surprised we released him so quick. At least he’s still available should Bird be out for long.
  9. 2018 NFL Off-Season Thread

    Philly sports talk radio call ins and some of the DJ’s have spent literally all day defending Michael Bennett.
  10. Star Trek TV

    That was one the things that I liked about Enterprise, especially in the Xindi arc when Archer has to turn to piracy to complete the mission. Talk about something that would make Picard wake up in a cold sweat.
  11. The Anime Thread

    DBS Finale
  12. 2018 EWB Fantasy Baseball League Draft

    Sonny Gray SP @Cajun Cloudad
  13. 2018 NFL Off-Season Thread

    I too think its odd that it happened at the Super Bowl, one of the most video'd sports events in the country, yet none of the dozens of TV camera, probably hundreds of security camera, and tens of thousand of cell phone camera, caught it on video. They also claimed he's "hard to get a hold of" yet looking at the Seahawks schedule will tell you where he is every weekend, so the point he played in Dallas on Christmas Eve. They claim they contacted the Seahawks security in an attempt to talk to Bennett, yet the Seahawks claim they had no idea this happened. And despite injuring someone, he wasn't arrested on the spot because, basically, "he's a big guy" Do I think he's innocent? Really don't know. He's known for being a dick and trying to shove his way passed security certainly does seem like something he'd do. Its just details around it seem fishy as hell
  14. 2018 EWB Fantasy Baseball League Draft

    Masahiro Tanaka. @mattman1624
  15. Yesterday
  16. 2018 EWB Fantasy Baseball League Draft

    Raisel Iglesias @9 to 5
  17. 2018 NFL Off-Season Thread

    Fuck Mike Bennett. Scum move when he intentionally tried to injure the Jags centre because his team lost and almost caused a riot in the stadium.
  18. 2018 NFL Off-Season Thread

    From the other side: He might have done it, but it does seem odd that it took 14 months to press charges - and it being two weeks before his book is released.
  19. Nintendo Megathread

    And done! That was a pretty enjoyable game. Last fight was a challenge... took me 5 turns more. But I was silly and killed all the small guys first.
  20. RuPaul's Drag Race

    Miz Cracker really surprised me. I did not think I'd like but she's great. Monet X Change is great. Bianca St. Clair looks 12. Lip sync spoiler just in case.
  21. 2018 NFL Off-Season Thread

    EJ Gaines to Cleveland.
  22. MLB The Show - General Discussion

    I got drafted by the White Sox as well. You know what annoys me. In Conquest, when you play a team who has taken over a stronghold (let's say the Jays take over the Yankees). The game should have the game be played at Yankee Stadium, not the Rogers Centre.
  23. MLB The Show - General Discussion

    I got drafted by the Blue Jays, happy enough with that.
  24. Cricket!

    Meanwhile in South Africa, history's "most insane cricket series for non-cricket related issues" continues as Cam Bancroft admits to ball-tampering (after being caught on TV) and Steve Smith admits he coerced him to do so. Explains the Ashes defeat, right?
  25. Sony Megathread

    I enjoyed the brief amount of time I've spent on it so far. I also picked up Pillars of Eternity and Everybody's Golf, so don't know exactly where I think I'm going to start finding time to play games.
  26. 2018 NFL Off-Season Thread

    Well known asshole is an asshole
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