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  2. Then fine! Carson Kelly, C, Arizona I Have a Lot of The Guys on This Team @Maxx
  3. Jook


    Gogglebox is BRILLIANT and consistently one of the funniest things on TV, and i'm deeply suspicious of anyone that says it's shite and presume they haven't actually watched it and have just thought 'oh it's a show about people watching TV, must be bad'. If you love 8 Out of 10 Cats then you MUST watch Taskmaster. The perfect TV show for quarantimes, just pure hilarity and escapism. I believe it's on YouTube now.
  4. I expected better from you @damsher hatfield. The others sure. But I use to hold you to a higher standard. Mmm mmm.
  5. does anyone have an island that spawns sharks?
  6. Just to go on a rant for a bit, but am I the only one who has real issues with the volume levels of pretty much any recent film? I'm watching Capt America Winter Soldier at the moment and I have to have the remote constantly in one hand to turn the TV down whenever there's the slightest bit of an action scene to avoid being deafened, and then back up again whenever anyone is speaking or I can't hear what they're saying. That's just one example though, it's been every film I've watched recently on any platform. Are subtitles really the only way to get out of this never-ending back-and-forth?
  7. Miguel Andujar, Yankees @damsher hatfield
  8. Benji


    I'm not yet finished, but I can confidently slot season 7 between season 1 and season 4. The worst of the seasons that were bearable but not absolute garbage.
  9. Best Position Player available, please @Maxx @damsher hatfield
  10. I haven't seen his name pop up, so correct me if I'm wrong. I'd like Marcus Stroman. @Gabriel
  11. Are you from Fylde? I keep meaning to go there sometime (not any time soon obvs) to do some research interviews about shale gas
  12. The thing is, there is a lot of good talent out there right now that don't get the rides and unfortunately some of the guys who have rides probably shouldn't. Matt DiBenidetto is finally getting a chance to shine and while the ride he's in isn't necessarily top tier, he's actually done well with his shot this year. Then you've got guys like Ty Dillon and Austin Dillon who have rides because Grampa owns the team when in all honesty there are probably several other drives who could be put in those cars and do much better than those two have done. To me it's a shame that Regan Smith is forced to do commentary when he should be in a car right now.
  13. Well, the "classic" games aren't available to buy individually like they were on past Nintendo systems. The Switch Online membership gives you access to a range of NES and SNES games, but that's currently the only way you can play any old games.
  14. Between last week and this week, I’d love to see what Timmy Hill could do in a car owned by one of the big teams. In his post-race interview last week he talked about the struggle of being a driver for lower end owner and how they use used car parts. If he got a chance in a top level automobile, he could probably be a decent to good driver.
  15. Don't care, would probably never play those anyway. Literally the only reason I'm even entertaining the idea is for New Horizons and maybe some Nintendo Classics off their store. Thanks!
  16. Especially since most of the people in these races aren't even in the actual League.
  17. I watched last week and they're decent fun but I still want the regular season back. No
  18. Are the iRaces actually going to count if the season ever starts back up?
  19. I was having a conversation about him the other day with my best friend - Lean On Me is a song where you can hear the emotion coming through the words/singing - like PLEASE swallow your pride...it just gets me every time. I really think it's in that class of songs like Yesterday and Let It Be. Lovely Day and Ain't No Sunshine are simple themes expressed so well.
  20. I loooooooooove 8 Out Of 10 Cats Does Countdown - thankfully someone puts up the new episodes in full on YouTube. I've been going back and watching old ones, too. I'll check into these other shows - I've had a lot of luck with DailyMotion. I watched the reunion after it was on Gogglebox and liked it but could tell I needed to go back and watch old episodes to get some of the jokes. Yeah, there's not a whole lot I really like right now - I finished Mr. Robot and Bojack Horseman. I really like Westworld but I can't say there's much else I'm really enjoying in US TV right now.
  21. With TEW 2020 being released at the end of the month, activity might pick up as soon as we get a RW mod, IMO.
  22. I wasn't fond of The Voices, either. Ryan Reynolds AND Anna Kendrick? I expected it to be a lot funnier than it was. Your wife is in for a treat. Tony Todd is awesome, period. Whether its the Candyman franchise, the renake of Night of the Living Dead, Final Destination, Star Trek (He was on both TNG and DS9), or anything else. He's one of those rare actors that I will add half to a full star rating to something just because of their presence.
  23. "Strawberry Fields Forever" is I think my personal favorite Beatles song. It's the perfect intersection of Sentimental John Lennon and Surrealistic John Lennon, with Idealistic/Sanctimonious John Lennon, who drags down a lot of his post-Beatles output, nowhere to be seen.
  24. MEGA-BUMP I couldn't tell you the last time I watched a NASCAR race, but I'll be damned if I haven't watched the last three NASCAR iRacing races. I'm loving the fact that the races are shorter and the in-race interviews to allow the driver's to show their personalities. So yeah, anyone else watching today? They're in Heat 2 of the Bristol poll. The full race with all 31-drivers is going to be insane. I was talking to my stepdad earlier and we both think they should grant the drivers 5 resets instead of 2, because there may not be but ten people left by the end of 150 laps.
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