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  2. UEFA Europa League 2017/18

    One thing I did appreciate during this whole ruckus was our young players, while they did dive in, were diving in with what looked like intent to break the whole thing up, especially Tom Davies who just looked like he was trying to stop his teammates getting hurt. Ashley Williams is a cock though.
  3. WWE 2K18

    On PS4, I think a dive is running towards the ropes and pressing square. Or storing a finisher, leaning them up against the ropes and pressing R1 + Triangle.
  4. UEFA Europa League 2017/18

    Ademola Lookman got involved, didn't he? He's only wee.
  5. UEFA Europa League 2017/18

    I'm a bit worried he's had a breakdown. But players tend not to sprint towards a brawl with an infant under the other arm. :/
  6. UEFA Europa League 2017/18

    Nev Southall's Twitter is the best thing.
  7. UEFA Europa League 2017/18

    Oh I'm not condoning it at all but its barely a punch. He should be banned and made to visit the police station. If a player did that it would be a red card and a three match ban.
  8. UEFA Europa League 2017/18

    The club are banning him.
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  10. Survivor: Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers **SPOILERS**

    I have not watched the latest episode, but I have thoroughly enjoyed the season after not enjoying the last two seasons. Outside of Roark and Desi, everyone has got a storyline or exposure on screen. I think what is also great is that means no one is dominating screen time right now. Even with big characters like Alan and Joe and Ryan, no one seems overexposed. We've gotten great insight into characters like Jessica, Ben, Devon, Chrissy, Ali and Lauren.
  11. WWE 2K18

    Yeah, 5 star matches were good for like 7,500 points in the last game and now you only get, like, 300. They're pretty much begging people to get the Accelerator especially since you can't download CAWs if any parts or moves of locked legends are used.
  12. Survivor: Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers **SPOILERS**

    I do actually like how they are treating advantages this season. Only being able to use it at the next tribal council is way better than being able to sit on it, and having to give it to someone if you don't go adds extra layers for later in the season. More next tribal only advantages, less idols and legacy advantages.
  13. UEFA Europa League 2017/18

    Oh good. That's fine then.
  14. Uranus is visible to the naked eye tonight. Go ahead make your jokes.

  15. Premier League 2017/18

    That dog has the same reaction as me when I hear Savage do some punditry.
  16. Premier League 2017/18

    That and footballers with animals are two of my favourite football related Twitter accounts
  17. Premier League 2017/18

    Crap 90's Football never disappoints.
  18. Premier League 2017/18

    That second goal
  19. UEFA Europa League 2017/18

    If you see the fan from another angle it isn't a punch but a push.
  20. WWE 2K18

    So, carrying moves, can they only be done on objects? I haven't been able to pull off a regular powerbomb with them it seems. I also can't figure out how to dive out of the ring. Tried with Balor and Styles but couldn't get it to work. And holy shit, unlocking all the legends is going to be a fucking grind....
  21. 16 (2017/18 season) - Week 9

    Week 1: Chelsea Week 2: Coventry Week 3: Ipswich Week 4: Leeds Week 5: Charlton Week 6: Manchester City Week 7: Manchester United Week 8: Sheffield Wednesday Week 9: Sheffield United
  22. What bands do you hate?

    I'm mixing up my *mmy's.
  23. What bands do you hate?

    No that was @ChrisSteeleAteMyHamster
  24. What bands do you hate?

    Didn't you play bass in Mike Patton Stole My Friend's Toy Monkey?
  25. EWB PL 17/18: Prediction League

    Newcastle 1-0 Crystal Palace (Sat 3pm) Stoke 1-0 Bournemouth (Sat 3pm) Southampton 0-0 West Brom (Sat 5.30pm) Everton 0-2 Arsenal (Sun 1.30pm) Tottenham 2-2 Liverpool (Sun 4pm)
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