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  2. I thought you said your girlfriend liked you because you were funny
  3. Never had a solid way to watch, so havent seen an episode.
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  5. I'm not convinced that that list's real, but another Fable's pretty much all but confirmed at this point. Give us a new Viva Pinata and then we'll be in business.
  6. I thought it was a crock of shit to be honest.
  7. I have no idea how I feel at the moment. I'll really have to think this over because I just don't have an opinion at all right now.
  8. Until someone says otherwise
  9. ...I actually kinda liked it.
  10. Now my wait for the outrage articles begins.
  11. Socially, you’re probably better off coming out as a flat earth truther than admitting you’ve never seen an episode of Game of Thrones at this point.
  12. I think it's been an open secret for a while that Microsoft has one of the gadjillion studios they bought recently working on a revival of a known property of theirs. It pretty much has to be Fable.
  13. Another Fable would legit be the only thing that could get me to buy another Xbox. Loooooooooooove the Fable trilogy.
  14. Possible details of next Xbox at E3. Also possible Fable reboot.
  15. Dunno what you're talking about, it was least points wins.
  16. Yesterday
  17. Dang, last one of these was in December, had a few things going on so I've been sitting on these a while, this contains a little under 500, has updates for WWE, NJPW, ROH, wXw, a few from AEW (from tweets not their site) and a mix of a bit of everything else that I stumble upon while on Twitter. Download: TEWPICUPDATE23
  18. If you're playing Red Dead Online, watch out for this. Some players are encountering a very strange bug that causes a pile of burnt horse corpses to appear in Valentine. Disturbing picture below:
  19. Finally my kids birthday party came and I was able to give him Rayman. This is a lot of fun, controls are really good, not too loose or too rigid ya know what I mean? It's a challenge but doesn't ever feel unfair or anything like that. Really great music and graphics, I might buy a second controller just so we can play together. He seems to be enjoying it also which is nice since he didn't seem to dig Little Big Planet 3 so much.
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