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  2. Queen's gets underway today.
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  4. I kinda want to get back into American Truck Simulator but they've since released to more state expansions. I own them but the issue is I feel like I've fallen behind on the game and it'll take forever to catch up, so I probably won't play. This is why I will never complete my collection.
  5. Just west of Wallace Station on the road towards Mama Watson's cabin is a Grizzly spawn spot. I know they spawn quite regularly in that area. The downside is the nearest butcher is Valentine which is quite a ride for a single bear pelt. Definitely need to Get some Whitetail on the trip or stop at Cumberland Falls and fish for Steelhead Trout. Though this is all based on the online version of the world.
  6. https://i.imgur.com/kaiZNax.jpg https://i.imgur.com/F8iCBPn.jpg
  7. Pleased to be wrong. Gary played great all tournament and deserved it. On the contrary, it was Rose who kind of pooped the bed today instead.
  8. Do you have a copy of it?
  9. That's awesome. Any chance of cutting that logo onto the silver logo background?
  10. Padres and Rockies traded a total of 92 runs over 4 games. That is mind boggling.
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  12. I think TheWho87’s gimmick file would be better to use. I’m not even sure where mine originated from, and only keep using it because it would take too long to plug a better one in
  13. https://i.imgur.com/MxvyGer.jpg https://i.imgur.com/Ew1xEgZ.jpg
  14. Joey Janela, Evil Uno, Stu Grayson, Jungle Boy, Awesome Kong, Isaiah Scott (Shane Strickland), Angel Garza (Garza Jr), Robert Strauss (Robbie E), Drew Gulak, Orange Cassidy, Whatever name he is using right now (Big Stoke), Andrew Everett, Jeff Cobb
  15. In the end, I'm hoping that $150 Canadian isn't going to be too big of a folly. It's essentially 1 and 1/2 new, full priced video games... and the backup plan if the girlfriend and our friends lose interest is apparently that it's still fun to play solo. So there's always that. Got through the first stage today with just her and I so we can play test it and help everyone along the way. I got fatigued at the very end, but she managed to end it with a success. Took about an hour and a half and now that we get it a bit more and can prep better, we can probably (hopefully) cut that in half.
  16. The news about the Sinhaman is really sad. In other taskmaster news, i've been laughing at the opening 'pocket' banter from a couple of episodes ago, for over a week now
  17. Yeah, like downloading the fucking thing, took ten fucking hours. “Hey I’ll buy this because i want something new, should be done in 15 minutes”.
  18. Paul Sinha has revealed that he's been diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease, which is the basis of the shoulder injury that has been affecting him during the tasks. It's a real shame but he seems to be taking a very positive approach to dealing with it.
  19. So Jessica Jones S3 has appeared on Netflix. Anyone watched yet? I am finding it hard to bother since everything was getting cancelled left and right, but I hope it goes out with a bang at least.
  20. Man, cougars fucked me up way more. And panthers, which are more or less the same. I was in the swamps of Lakay or somesuch once when I heard an animal roar I’d not heard before. I looked around, saw nothing, got attacked by something I still didn’t see, and died. I now know that noise to be a panther. Motherfuckers are sneaky and vicious. I actually spent a few days obsessed with hunting grizzlies. Once I figured out where to find them, I’d hang around to find one in pristine condition. After multiple tries, I got a clean kill for a perfect pelt. For whatever reason, I think it only got me 50 cents more than a perfect elk pelt. That seems so strange, given that grizzlies are way more rare and will, you know, maul you to death.
  21. Veronica Mars is coming back! I was sad that I got into the show after it had ended but I'm so glad it's coming back!
  22. I have a feeling Rose pulls it off tonight. Woodland has had at least a share of a lead going into Sunday seven times and has yet to get a win. Add in this being a major and I think the pressure gets to him and Rose benefits.
  23. Kaney

    XBOX Megathread

    I agree. Got some time with Maxx on it today, and it was a good laugh. We worked out a decent system with Maxx steering and me navigating. We tried and failed to kill some pigs and got blown up a few times by bloody skeletons with gunpowder barrels. We also found 3 or maybe 4 different chests including one that made me incredibly drunk when I was carrying it. Maxx ate some bad food and puked over one of the chests. We picked up some messages in bottles and figured out how to find the places on the map, so we went to some island that had 3 skeleton pirate miniboss things on it. Took us a lot of respawns but we finally managed to kill them, and stowed their skulls on board. And then some dickhead attacked our ship, killed us as we ran about trying to plug holes in the hull, and stole. All. Our. Shit. We also had a close run in with a megalodon that I annoyed by hitting it with a cannonball before it took a bite out of Maxx. I can see how it could be a right good fun game but you really need to have some friends along with you. Ellis is going to be our third, someone complete our crew and we can fuck around for a while.
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