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  2. The stadium sounds have been hit or miss. Dortmund-Bayern was good and had a solid flow with the match. Other matches it's just been flat and never crescendoing when there's action. That's at least for the Fox Sports broadcast here in the US but I wager they use the same sounds for all broadcasts
  3. So with the hopes of this lockdown ending as soon as, I’m preparing to DM a campaign. They wanted a city based intrigue one, so I built a city and may have went a little overboard! Here’s what I’ve got so far if anyone wants to steal stuff. It’s the social, political, military, religious etc stuff about the city, as well as loads of factions and major NPCs. Word Document.
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  5. Got those in, I want to avoid the "Old School Face/Heel" gimmicks, might instead just use a "Traditional" gimmick in the sence of a Traditional Face and Traditional Heel, plus saves having to change it when they go from face to heel.
  6. Two quick notes, Tessa and Tully Blanchard aren't still ticked as blood relatives nor is Katie and David Arquette (niece and uncle).
  7. I remember being quite surprised the first time I heard that David Essex song. I'd always thought he was the kind of pop star for the teenage girls to love. Indeed, that's always the impression I got from my mum, who was into David Essex along with the likes of T. rex and David Bowie when she was a kid. But Rock On isn't what you'd expect a teen idol to be singing. It's kind of weird. I'm not sure if I like it, but it's definitely interesting. Search and Destroy is great. Most of the songs on Raw Power aren't really good enough to overcome that album's appalling production, but Search and Destroy is such a good song that it almost makes the production work for it. Oh the Eagles. Take It Easy is amazing (although done better by Jackson Browne), Boys of Summer by Don Henley is brilliant and Joe Walsh has had a few good songs. And their first album has some decent moments, I guess. Desperado though? Desperado is boring. I remember in my music classes at school all the boring people would play Desperado on the piano, in the same way they'd play Mad World by those two boring cunts or that Thousand Miles song. Desperado is one of those songs. It's dreck.
  8. And it was terrible today during Leverkusen-Bayern. And I'm someone who actually supports this stadium sounds thing.
  9. Can I have this done in a TEW style?
  10. Sky Sports will use FIFA 20 stadium sounds to accompany Premier League matches. I hear that something similar is available for Bundesliga games.
  11. I reeeaally want us to get Sancho.
  12. I also finally got round to Far Cry 5 this week. It's good, I think, but I can't tell to what extent I'm actually enjoying it. I felt the same way about Far Cry 4. I do love the setting though.
  13. I didn't realize he was Justin's brother. I know King is a VERY common last name. Also an update Conway is listed as a writer. I have to double check if the NWA needs multiple writers since Behrens and as of right now Pat Kenney are the agents in game.
  14. Yeah that absolutely ends the Bundesliga title chase now. From a 5% chance of something magical happening down the stretch to a .5% chance.
  15. Billy Beane is both brilliant as well as a schmuck. He found a way to compete while spending as little as possible but he also played into the owners acting like they were one bad weekend away from the poor house.
  16. And rightfully so. People who try to make it seem like that franchise survives on peanuts are idiots. Their ownership is just cheap.
  17. Derby County - 2022-2023 So finally managed to break into the European spots after finishing 8th the previous season. I was struggling after losing Koita and not having a striker so I recalled Maciel my regen striker I signed at the start of the season from his previous club and he finished with 13 goals in 20 games, really needed someone to bring the goals in and considering he only played half the season, to get 13 goals and finish in the top end of the top scorers in the league was impressive. February was the turning point in the season as I won 11 out of 17 matches (beat the likes of Arsenal, Tottenham, Man Utd and Man City) and lost to only Brighton and Chelsea. Ivory Coast - AFCON This is quite short as there isn't really much to add as I was expected to blitz through the competition which I did. I qualified for the semi finals only to be offered the France job as Claude Puel had left them to go to Barcelona....so I did the only sane thing I could and was accept the job. Meaning I didn't get to finish the rest of the competition as I had to start right away. (Ivory Coast ended up losing in the semis to Cameroon 1-0...I do feel a bit bad about this) 2023-2024 - Derby Only in pre-season at the minute but there's been some key changes in the squad. Due to how well some of my players have been performing I've been offered stupid money for several players and I've milked it a bit and I've sold them to bring in people who in the short term are probably equal to their sold counterpart but can get better. Eze is the big one to go but 48.5mil was a daft offer to turn down given that Zekhnini who I brought in last season was one of the most creative players in the league last season playing AML and I've got Van Der Heide who I got in last season as back up. Hradecky I was pissed off with tbh he started getting shirty and tbh although he has potential I thought to myself he wasn't scoring goals (well he never scored for me) so to get 16.75mil rising to 18.5mil is good enough for me. Lato leaving was due to bringing in Jamal Lewis who is better and I've got a Lithuanian regen who can play their who on paper is probably my best left back but he's more of a defensive fullback. Gonzalez brings some better depth into midfield as Will Hughes has proven to be a bang-average buy. Franco bolsters the central defence that leaked many goals last season so I'm quite sorted for centreback depth now with him, McKenna, Clarke-Salter and Jose Anderson (brazilian regen) Buendia again adds strength into AMC and can also cover AMR if needed. Sergio Aguero I've got on cheap wages for a season to add some options at striker as I've sold Marriott and "worst signing of the season" Mousset (he did win Derby goal of the season though with his one goal) SQUAD In terms of my squad (see below) I'm quite happy with it but I may need an extra body in centre midfield and possibly right wing as I've loaned a few squad options out to get them more first team football. Whether that's be promoting from within or bringing in someone. I've got approximately 12mil to play with so might be able to sort one of those positions out at the bare minimum. I'
  18. 379. ‘Rock On’, David Essex (1973) Apparently, this song – written by Essex – was played to Jeff Wayne by tapping it out on a wastepaper basket. With that sound in mind, he produced a tune that relied on percussive slapping and notes rather than chords. It makes for a very interesting song that sounds very unlike what has been on the list around here. Throwing in some almost atonal guitar alongside Essex’s every so slightly whiny vocals and this is aurally intriguing. It wasn’t used for its initial purpose, a theme tune to the film ‘That’ll Be The Day’, but it took risks perhaps beyond that which you might expect of a film soundtrack song. 380. ‘Search and Destroy’, Iggy & The Stooges (1973) Another step along the path to the punk movement, this was Iggy and the Stooges at a point where they’d largely been given up on by record labels. Columbia, who released the ‘Raw Power’ album that this song was cut from weren’t a big fan of the record as a whole, but it was probably more influential than it was designed to sell units. Driven forward by the rhythm section and accompanied by riffs that sound almost metallic in nature, Pop completed his vocals in one take. There is something unhinged about the delivery, playing well into the anger and frustration that he was liable to be feeling having been almost passed by. A powerful opening tune. 381. ‘Desperado’, Eagles (1973) I’ll be honest with you – I’ve never wanted to listen to Eagles. There was an ‘American-ness’ about them that just didn’t interest me and I don’t think they were as successful over here (obviously, I could be entirely wrong here). A narrative about an outlaw trying to find his place in society plays into everything that I just didn’t really care for. It is perfectly fine as a song, yet it leaves me still with no desire to delve any further into their back catalogue. A big old meh from me.
  19. A’s have reversed course on not paying their minor league players, after public outcry. good.
  20. Justin King, who is Robert King's brother and has worked for the WWE in the past, is in the game. Robert isn't IIRC.
  21. Said that Leipzig’s defence was looking tired, and lo and behold Upamecano fucked it today.
  22. That was a great Bayern counter from the Leverkusen corner.
  23. Only player who hasn’t been rotated out of that side since the return, no surprise to see him limp out of the Freiburg game the other day.
  24. That should help my Bayern bet at least.
  25. Kai Havertz misses out against Bayern today with a muscle injury 👎
  26. It's weird that Marvel restored the Ultimate Universe but have no books set there. It's kinda set up for Peter Parker Spider-Man again.
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