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  2. I’ve only done one. Back when it started just to try it. I may be remembering wrong
  3. I’m almost certain the refund goes back to which ever form of payment you used. Mine have in the past.
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  5. I've only played part of Yakuza 0, but I'm inclined to agree. With so many open world games opting for vast expanses of empty space, it's really refreshing to play a game that packs so much into a relatively small geographical area. If I think about my favourite game locations, I'm thinking of Shadow Moses from Metal Gear Solid, the region of Yokosuka from Shenmue and the police station from Resident Evil 2. They're all fairly small settings that become increasingly familiar as you continue playing. Contrast that with the sprawling mass of nothingness you get in games like Far Cry, which are so much less memorable.
  6. That's not the same one. I said "newer", which this logo is technically from 2014. One with the new updated WWE logo.
  7. The story was you were dead, but then flyingrobotTyrionLannister brought you back and now you need to commit genocide against all these other races because the big orb in the sky says so?, but then you're fighting and fighting and fighting and a robot lady gives you a gun. We've got a containment breach!
  8. The Sword of the Morning (Wood)!
  9. BuddyAwesome

    WWE 2K19

    In my Universe where I drafted with Reflecto, Andre The Giant won the UK Championship from Pete Dunne about 6 months in and has not lost the championship for almost three years. I finally decided OK, next time he defends I'm taking it so had a hellacious back and forth match and finally beat him after 4 power slams from the British Bulldog. Kinda fitting for him to win the UK Championship!
  10. Sheck Wes was apparently Justine Skye's abuser that she never named until a few days ago. According to her, he had his friends attack her and her boyfriend and some other guys earlier this week, too.
  11. We actually do have one movie rental chain that I’m aware of, Family Video. Might be worth taking a look. I miss renting games and I don’t buy often (every few years lately).
  12. That kind of sounds fun. I’ve never seen Rick and Morty so I don’t know much about the writer.
  13. The Yakuza games have the biggest most expansive open world maps in gaming.
  14. The Loki series on Disney+ has found its executive producer and show creator (and writer, of at least the pilot for now). Michael Waldon, from Rick & Morty, will head up the series, and according to the Hollywood Reporter, unlike the "leaks" I posted previously - the show will supposedly be about Loki influencing important historical events and figures.
  15. I dunno, maybe I just played it more - but I adore Destiny's story and I'm actually pretty salty that they didn't put out novels like the million that they had for Halo. I actually have the Grimoire collection that they released recently.
  16. Destiny 1 had a story? I just remember it'd give you a few lines about something, then direct you to a website to read more. Its like "No, fuck you, its your job to tell me the story, not my job to seek it out" Can't speak about Destiny 2 since I haven't played it
  17. I disagree @livid , @Pooker I think k sums it up pretty well. He had the chance to have a legal body declare essentially that systemic racism exists in the NFL. He can go on in his work of Social Justice, and that's fine and good, but it really feela like he took hush money here.
  18. I don't know if this is different in the February update as I'm using the January one but Shane McMahon should not be set to be exclusive to an Authority Figure role. Andrade Almas should be able to speak English
  19. I think one of my biggest problems with piracy is that it punishes the wrong people. By and large, it's the publishers who dictate whether or not a game includes the kind of anti-consumer features that drive people to pirate games. By choosing to play the game illegally, chances are that the higher-ups will leave more or less untouched and the developer will be more likely to have to get rid of innocent staff members to account for what publishers deem to be disappointing sales figures.
  20. I think I sympathise with this one to an extent. Normally as a consumer in a marketplace you should have a good faith expectation that you are being sold a good quality product. However, loads of gaming companies have done a fair bit to trash that expectation by releasing very poor products. So while piracy is immoral, it’s perhaps offset by the immorality of the profiteering and laziness of the games studios who have, through their actions, destroyed the expectation of the consumer that they are operating in a fait and open marketplace. And the resource gap is such that we should absolutely hold larger studios to higher standards. But in the end the workers should be paid a fair price for their work, and that price depends on the quality of the game.
  21. Yep. I never thought it was about the money for Kaepernick, he always made it seem like it was about actually making a change and proving that the NFL and its owners was in the wrong. Reports are saying that its between $40 and $80 million so I don't blame him, but I've lost respect for him.
  22. His protest =/= the collusion case against the NFL. What principle is he sacrificing for the settlement? You're conflating his passion for social justice with the lawsuit and that's not the point of the suit. The lawsuit was to point out that collusion from the league prevented him from earning a living in his choice of profession. The settlement resolved the income he lost as a result of that. He still very much believes in social justice and continues to put both his time and money into that. He's still sticking to his principles.
  23. aw yeah baby that right there is the Sex Number.
  24. All the more money for demos!
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