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  2. Between Santana, Wright, Cespedes, and potentially now deGrom...I think this seals it that the Wilpons will never greenlight a 9-figure contract ever again.
  3. Well how else are you gonna get The Snuffalupagus Who Mounts The World?
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  5. I'd grab Keuchel and also Gio, if Gio opts out of his Yankee deal
  6. He built the juggernaut that is Tampa Bay (recent results notwithstanding) so it's pretty exciting for sure. Not to mention he's the 2nd greatest player in franchise history, that helps too. Considering how average-to-bad the entire Detroit sports scene has been this decade I think it's a nice shot in the arm for a lot of sports fans up there.
  7. I mean when you've gone as long as the Lions have without winning a championship it really wouldn't hurt to think outside the box.
  8. Dammit. DeGrom is a joy to watch.
  9. Fucking hell. I had a bad feeling about this after he just had two bad outings. I've been screaming for over a month for the Mets to sign Keuchel, but if Jake is out for the year there's no real point. If he's out for the year, the season is over.
  10. https://nypost.com/2019/04/19/jacob-degrom-going-for-elbow-mri-in-mets-potential-catastrophe/ Oh fuck
  11. Steamed Hams but it's Super Smash Bros.
  12. “Chicago White Sox shortstop Tim Anderson was suspended for one game after calling Kansas City Royals pitcher Brad Keller a "weak-ass f---ing [N-word]" Pretty bad language though.
  13. What does it mean when you keep getting the error "For some reason (game) took too long to start" Nevermind a restart fixed it
  14. One of these times the pitcher is gonna bean someone and the batter is going to run out with the bat, swinging. Then there’s gonna be some real shit for MLB to clean up.
  15. You think the clothes coloring would have been fixed after XV1 but nope, they just added in more that can be colored. You think the clothes coloring would have been fixed after XV1 but nope, they just added in more that can be colored.
  16. I agree totally. I can't remember his name right now but a pitcher said he didn't mind bat flips as long as he can throw it back in your face and do a little celebration or dance or something if he strikes you out. I think that would be cool if Baseball let the players be a little more demonstrative. I don't want choreographed dances like the NFL but if you hit a big HR or get a big K you should be pumped!
  17. Einhänder for the PS1for being absurdly too short.
  18. I mean, could Yzerman really do a worse job than say Matt Millen did?
  19. Man City 1-0 Tottenham (Sat 12.30pm)Huddersfield 1-1 Watford (Sat 3pm)Wolves 2-0 Brighton (Sat 3pm)Newcastle 2-1 Southampton (Sat 5.30pm)Everton 2-1 Man Utd (Sun 1.30pm)
  20. Everybody in Detroit is losing their fucking minds because Steve Yzerman appears to be returning. I don’t follow hockey at all so cool I guess?
  21. Be that as it may, I don't understand how players can be so sensitive about celebrations in 2019. Instead of throwing a ball at a player who took you deep, you should throw a celebration right back at him after you strike him out next time.
  22. I definitely agree. It's the quintessential Ubisoft sandbox syndrome (not to pick on them too much as others are doing it too now, although Ubisoft seem to be at the forefront). You've got plenty of fun things to do, but they're interspersed with sections that are more tedious than enjoyable, and they're more often than not copy-and-paste affairs that serve only to add a few more pointless hours to the experience. It's one of the things that the Yakuza games get right. They have side-quests that are story-driven and mini-games that are fun and varied, and they're also entirely optional. My opinion is that if something isn't fun after you've already done it once or twice, it's better left alone.
  23. I've played and generally enjoyed most of them over time but there's always been problems. Things like far too many collectables, repetitive side quests (not an AC problem but gaming one that) and extra things to do which makes burn out a problem with the games. The animus, precursors and all of the modern day stuff is the worst misstep to me. Not only does it over complicate things (I think the assassins/templars never ending war should be enough myself...) but the "run around a location for 10 minutes to read an email or two then go back to the fun story" bits just drag. It's been there since the beginning so I would love to know why they felt the games needed that framing device.
  24. Nothing is going to change if MLB continues with this five game shit. It needs to be ten games for your first incident. Make your team go two starts (or two weeks if you’re a reliever) without you and see how likely management is to let you do that shit.
  25. Just a heads up, unless War Raiders/Viking Experience drop the NXT tag titles before the May release, they will be staying in NXT, it's not hard to call them up and avoids the NXT titles being made vacant.
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