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  2. Ruki

    Game of Thrones

    Managed to find a copy. Looks like it might be in 480p 😕
  3. I don't know, but there's a trophy for it so if I want the Platinum I need to know
  4. It definitely did, my girlfriend told me she watched it since she's working tomorrow.
  5. Ruki

    Game of Thrones

    Did it leak? I'm not seeing it anywhere.
  6. Today
  7. Two weeks in a row now the episode leaking out before it's supposed to. Read a synopsis on Reddit's Freefolk community. My main takeaway is in the spoiler nest, click at your own risk.
  8. Is the creature capture stuff worth it? Just starting X-2 now.
  9. - Is Michael Wardlow in the database under another name? Cant seem to find him but might be worth adding him in then as AEW seem to be looking to sign him - https://www.sescoops.com/cody-scouting-big-heavyweight-talent-for-aew/ - Also can the Tennessee State Fairground Sports Arena (AKA TNA Asylum) be added to the database. Was looking to do the Impact Homecoming PPV and noticed its missing. Heres the details: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tennessee_State_Fairground_Sports_Arena Name Tennessee State Fairgrounds Description The Tennessee State Fairgrounds Arena is a 2500 seat arena located in Nashville Tennessee. It is the home of Total Nonstop Action Wrestling and has been affectionately dubbed the "TNA Asylum." Region South East (USA) Reputation None Owned By None Venue Capacity 2500 Wrestling Hotbed Yes Set to Open Jan 1960 Set to Close Never Languages English (Lots)
  10. Before I waste a load of time, does the Creature Creator/Bestiary stuff carry over to New Game Plus?
  11. Gotta watch those wild Aussie elbows.
  12. I don't know about that. I'm pretty positive that I read in one of the many Russo brothers interviews that Far From Home will deal with a Peter Parker who is struggling to become a man in the aftermath of Endgame... and rumors that - possible Endgame spoiler ahead...
  13. You guys joke, but he could have been seriously hurt!
  14. She's just been drafted in to do a re-write on the new Bond as well. She's fucking incredible.
  15. When it happened, you would have thought Harden had been punched in the throat by Bruce Lee.
  16. Really decent impression of from Salah there.
  17. I meant I am available to fill the hole in your back line
  18. Just the two words I've been waiting to hear
  19. Now watch Chris Wood and Dwight McNeil tear Chelsea a new arse hole tomorrow.
  20. Hes an absolute disgrace. Cost us so many goals, its impossible to justify keeping him. Really pissed off with the result, missed a chance to go 3rd but in the long run, the fact we've had to deal with injuries to the likes of Holding, Ramsey, Sokratis, Kos, etc and still fighting for 3rd place shows we're definitely on the right track. Just need to get rid of Mustafi pronto and bring in a legit upgrade in place.
  21. Can't believe Tottenham, United, Arsenal and Chelsea are trying to out bottle one another for those two Champions League spaces
  22. Really, really lost patience with Mustafi now. He’s absolute shit, he makes mistakes constantly and always looks around trying to blame someone else when it’s entirely on him. We miss Holding at the back.
  23. Burnley to beat Chelsea because nobody wants 3rd or 4th place.
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