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  2. Brandt is a class replacement for Pulisic.
  3. Looks like a Sports Direct special.
  4. Talos Principle all the way. The puzzles are very Witness-esque in that the solutions are always crazy simple but getting there is a nightmare and there's also a phenomenal story that's told through text logs. The story is very man v god v technology and it's wonderful, wonderful stuff. I'd also recommend Sexy Brutale, the story is brilliant, the art style is wonderful and the time-bending mechanic is really fun. Unfinished Swan and Firewatch are good stories, but I wouldn't really call either a puzzle game. Both can be completed in 1-2 sittings too. I know you were a bit disappointed about that with Days Gone, so don't expect anything crazy long with either of them. I'd also consider Limbo, Inside and Journey. All are a bit different from what you've played so far, but I guarantee you and your missus will get a big kick out of them. Wonderfully obtuse stories with some really fun puzzles in.
  5. Dortmund have signed Thorgan Hazard and Julian Brandt.
  6. Firewatch I liked, Sexy Brutale is onmy very long to do list.
  7. There's still hope for Boston to lose! Bah-Bah-Bah-Binni and the Blues!
  8. Today
  9. Funny you mention that, because the original three games were supposedly in development as remasters. I believe it's still supposed to be in development with upgraded graphics and some other tweaks.
  10. So we’ve finished The Witness, Gone Home, and What Remains of Edith Finch. We liked or loved all 3 (probably Witness, Edith, Gone Home, from best to worst.) Now we’re looking for more. Anyone have any feedback on the following games? Obduction The Unfinished Swan Firewatch Thomas Was Alone The Sexy Brutale The Talos Principle Stories are good, puzzles are slightly better, a combo is best. Extra points for games that’ll give us more overall playtime. Thoughts?
  11. That could be cool, but I'm still butt-hurt about the fact that we didn't get Zemo proper. Maybe if they use him on the show, they can move him more towards his comic counterpart. He's way too interesting of a character to just be generic bad guy #8.
  12. It's okay. The second one was better.
  13. New 24/7 Championship
  14. Are they ok for you,or do you need them more face focused? No problem.
  15. Some mistakes I noticed: Gemma Cross and Martina are listed as male, but are female irl. JP Grayson is listed as female, but is male irl. Adam Maxted, Allie Kat, Brad Slayer, Bugambilia, Chance Auren, Chardonnay, Extassis, Ian Ambrose, Ivan Kiev, Jake Something, Ken Dixon, Russ Myers and Tab Jackson have most or all of their stats as 0, don't know if this was intentional or not, or if something just went wrong with my game.
  16. Hank has to be one of my favourite TV characters in forever.
  17. Looks like a knock off shirt you can buy when you're on holiday.
  18. Bet he has gravy running through his veins
  19. I have yet to start season two, but yeah the first season is solid. NoHo Hank is great.
  20. Never doubted the Raptors for a second. Nope, not me. Always thought they would be able to tie the series.
  21. Sounds like there's been a bit of a balls up with ticketing. Families booking tickets, and having their seats nowhere near each other, that kind of thing.
  22. If he's not known as 'Little Sam', there's something wrong with this world.
  23. Three episodes in, I would agree with that.
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