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  2. I think the Raptors got robbed personally. Nurse should be coach of the year. Khawi MVP. DeRozen should be comeback player of the year, in as much as he should comeback next year.
  3. Idea.. the 12 test nations + 1 from North America, Europe, Africa and Asia and the Middle East which would look like Afghanistan, Australia, Bangladesh, England, India, Ireland, New Zealand Pakistan, South Africa, Sri Lanka, West Indies, Zimbabwe - Qualified Europeans: Jersey, Guernsey, Scotland, Denmark, Norway and Netherlands Africa: Kenya, Nigeria, Tanzania, plus 3 more (there's an east coast country that I am forgetting) Asia and the Middle East: Papua New Guinea, Nepal, Bhutan, Malaysia, Israel and ?? I'd love Canada in a Cricket World Cup again.. can't see a way for it to happen. What I did.. if I wasn't given out, is I stood my ground... what goes around comes around in life and in cricket. I've played an attempted slog (i'd call it a drive, but it was an attempted slog), through cover, missed it and was given out caught behind, even though I was nowhere near hitting the ball C-Mil, is he from Jersey, or Guernsey? I get those to mixed up
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    Unfortunately for Broad his not walking was for edging the ball to slip (off the 'keeper's gloves) rather than a standard caught behind issue, but he wasn't given out so I'm not sure what he's meant to do. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aHhZb-cBKwc
  6. the new Kate Tempest album is well worth checking out, she's so incredibly talented
  7. I don't boo anyone.. except maybe Piers Morgan... et al Broad refusing to walk? Is that what the issue was? fuck, I thought it was about the lollies incident I never walked back in my day.. admittedly, not under TV scruitiny..
  8. Chris2Kay


    Nope, it means you understand that people have the right to demonstrate their feelings towards individuals who have brought the entire sport in to disrepute. The hypocrites are the Australians who boo Stuart Broad for not walking all those years ago, yet think people booing Warner and Smith is uncalled for.
  9. Firstly, I am Australian.. I loved Eddie Guerrero, who used cheat 2 win to basically become WWE Champion. Does it make me a hypocrite, that I want the English to Boo Steve Smith and David Warner for cheating?
  10. Firstly, I am Australian.. I loved Eddie Guerrero, who used cheat 2 win to basically become WWE Champion. Does it make me a hypocrite, that I want the English to Boo Steve Smith and David Warner for cheating?


  11. Love the concept, and yer dedication to it... are you going to continue these? like in for certain years or whatever?
  12. Basically, you join the Dawnguard, rescue Serana, and from there you go to the vampire castle, where Serana's daddy makes the offer to turn you. You can say yes or no. If you take the offer, then you do the vampire side. Decline, and you're with the Dawnguard.
  13. This is where I stopped playing. I was finishing all side missions before continuing on with the story but then the TaskMaster ones popped up and I just couldn't. I feel like I should finish the story regardless but I will feel defeated.
  14. Awards were handed out tonight. Giannis is MVP, Gobert DPOY, Luka is rookie of the year, Bucks coach is coach of the year. Lou Williams won sixth man of the year for the third time. For once, the NBA got all the awards correct.
  15. The Yankees have hit a home run in 27 straight games now, which ties the all-time mark set by the 2002 Texas Rangers. More importantly, they keep winning.
  16. Pose is awesome. I love that the show takes these broken, hopeless characters and gives us a show full of optimism, with these amazing performances all around.
  17. Spent 2 days watching all 10 episodes of MR. IGLESIAS on Netflix.
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  19. I used Another Life to start out as a vampire - how do you start the Dawnguard stuff on the vampiric side? If I remember correctly, normally a vampire hunter runs up to you and asks you to join their side - but that might be an issue as I am now.
  20. I saw these guys on a rare UK date three years ago and recently got reminded they exist. Gutted I'm double booked for their UK tour later this year.
  21. Werewolf and Vampire (Dawngard DLC version, that is. Vanilla is laaaaame.) is pretty neat. Vampire needs you to level up a few skills before it's really badass though.
  22. Updated everything posted so far, gonna also say the next update might be just the essentials, had some stuff going on but a July release is still planned.
  23. Ruki

    NHL 2020

    You're losing another captain. Stop having captains!
  24. Chelsea don't deserve him, especially after the shitty treatment the fans gave him last time, despite him doing alright Also:
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