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  2. Yeah, Valladolid look just as likely to win the game tbh. Valencia win it after almost conceding up the other end!
  3. Think I'm going to regret doing Valencia to win instead of Draw No Bet for mine 😑
  4. Mildly annoying, but it's helped my bet so 🤷‍♂️
  5. I have no idea how Palace didn't draw there at the end. Chelsea are so awful at the back, holy hell
  6. FUCKING HELL did we make hard work of that.
  7. Yeah, you rarely hear players talk about how they wish they had extended their careers or that they'd go back if they could...that daily grind is easier to deal with when you're a single guy in your 20s, but once you get married and have kids you do reach that point where you question whether or not all the time away is worth it. Even if you keep yourself in shape and your performance remains strong enough that you'll always find work, sometimes enough is enough. Age and all that plays a factor here too. Again Joe Ross is the only guy with less than six years experience to opt out so far, and his dad is a doctor and his mom is a nurse so that likely played no small part in his decision to stay away. Even though Kris Bryant was one of the players who recently expressed his concern, he just spent a year fighting a grievance over his service time and he surely doesn't want to tack another year onto that. For a lot of these young players, the prospect of knocking off a whole year of service in 66 days is going to be too great to pass up.
  8. That's due to the conversion. Technically, mods that are converted should work fine, but the personalities mostly seem to end up being negative because of the algorithm used to determine personality traits in 20 based on what was set in the TEW 16 version. An easy fix if it's tanking your backstage area is to go in and mass edit all personalities to Professional or just get rid of them entirely, though that does also nullify some of the better aspects of the new game. Mod makers, when converting data, will need to go through and adjust personalities for all of the workers to bring it up to date with the new game. It's a hell of a task though, and can take some time. I'd say it probably takes me twice as long to work on my data as it did in TEW 16, but it's also more rewarding because the game world and characters feels a lot more fluid and interesting.
  9. Shows how much attention I've paid to the Premier League this year that I didn't realise Welbeck was at Watford now.
  10. Today
  11. Trying the 1985 mod, seems fine so far, but for some reason almost everyone has the "gloomy" attribute and I find it odd, but good work anyway
  12. I literally only caught the last minute of the first half but it doesn't surprise me that a Kepa mistake might've resulted in conceding. Oblak and Donnarumma are the two best replacement options I've heard floated. Are there any other names I should be aware of in hope that Lampard might bring in a new #1 once the season finishes? Merge: Just saw Zaha's goal and I can't really blame a 6ft 1in goalkeeper for not reaching that one.
  13. Saving shots is, shall we say, not Kepa's strength.
  14. I'm excited, no matter what anybody says. I feel bad for the players having to leave their families, but I'm glad they have the option to opt out if needed.
  15. Zaha's goal had wicked bend to it, but I'm expecting pundits to give Kepa stick for that. The ball pretty much is still right at him at the end of it all. Sailed right over his hand
  16. Chelsea look very good on the counter. Ziyech and Werner aren't even in the team yet.
  17. 'Agent' Gary Cahill going the extra mile and literally injuring himself for the cause.
  18. Let's hope so. 1-0 Chelsea already though, Cahill taking the dive to allow the goal.
  19. "Palace in a bit of a rut - three defeats in a row without scoring or even looking like scoring." Oh fuck, they're going to win aren't they?
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