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  2. My reaction to the first scene in this week's Picard:
  3. Season 2 was very underwhelming but I'm still looking forward to this.
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  5. I'll happily take an away goal in the first tie!
  6. I was coming in here to post that.. Fuckin legend
  7. Come watch me finally play the Witcher 3 in ten minutes. twitch.tv/probablyoliver
  8. Braga scored a belter against Rangers.
  9. IIRC he also said he wanted to die on the field - so he probably isn't the best guy to ask about this situation tbf..
  10. Draw going into the 2nd leg then. We'll go through comfortably enough I think. Bruno was so good in the few minutes he had near the end. A few classes above what we already have in that position.
  11. After a pretty diabolical start, it's been a good 10-15mins or so to end the half with Martial levelling after a mistake from a throw-in. He did well to run through and score. Would take 1-1 but we should be winning this really. Also, Getafe lead Ajax 1-0 at HT, and it's the first time they've failed to register a single shot in a half under ten Hag.
  12. You guys just don't understand how little tiny Barcelona have been torn apart by injuries and need help to try and fight for their survival!
  13. I'm not that familiar with "I Fall To Pieces". Hit me with "Crazy", though, and..
  14. Hmmm, they have it listed as coming from the same 'album' or collection. I think they just list the first release of the songs, though I'm not 100% sure.
  15. I prefer the Rolling Stones version of Little Red Rooster. It has a bit more zip to it. Also the Howlin Wolf album is a compilation of previously released singles (although a good one) so it might not actually count for the whole songs from the same album thing! Never heard that John Leyton one before. It's interesting. I'll come back to it. I Fall To Pieces is excellent. I like it a lot.
  16. Fuck, I need to watch season 2.
  17. livid


    Very strange choice of music but still excited for this
  18. I get your point, but 'Move It' felt like a poor take on what the US was doing based on what I'd heard from the book. Shakin' All Over was so much better to me. 127. ‘The Red Rooster’, Howlin’ Wolf (1961) A rare example (up until now) of subsequent songs by the same artist and from the same album. Also, up until now, a lot of enjoyment I’ve gained from songs has come from the feeling of noise or pace within the increasing shift towards rock and roll music. ‘The Red Rooster’ is slow and almost meditative in its plodding melody, whilst Wolf’s slide guitar is the standout sound as the lyrics metaphorically tell the story of an erring husband out on the prowl. A step below ‘Back Door Man’ for me, but an indication that perhaps ‘Howlin’ Wolf’ (1962), the eponymous album with both songs on, might be worth a listen. 128. ‘Johnny Remember Me’, John Leyton (1961) This is considered one of the prime examples of a ‘death disc’, a melodramatic genre of music that told tales of Romeo and Juliet-esque doomed love affairs. The song was banned for its lyrics that didn’t specifically reference the lady’s death, but with spectral female vocals, things left little to the imagination. What stands out to me here is the galloping guitar that underpins the whole song, grabbing the attention from the opening bars and driving the song along throughout. Chas (of Chas and Dave fame) laid down the bass, whilst the songwriter Geoff Goddard stated that Buddy Holly came to him in a dream with the song. 129. ‘I Fall To Pieces’, Patsy Cline (1961) Mixing the narrative tales of a country singer with the delivery of a pop singer, Cline’s career looked set to be an illustrious one before she unfortunately perished in a plane crash in 1963. ‘I Fall To Pieces’ was somewhat of a second start for Cline as she’d had some success in 1957, yet had struggled to replicate that with the singles that followed. This is a pleasing song, one that perhaps meant more to someone at the time period than now. In setting the bar for what a country music ballad might sound like, Cline’s style has become somewhat ubiquitous, dampening somewhat the impact for a modern audience.
  19. KAT is out "indefinitely" with an undisclosed injury. The best/key players at the teams I follow in all sports have been dropping like flies in late 2019/2020.
  20. I'm checking the wiki and this show has a great voice cast. You've got your usual suspects (the E.G. Dailys and Dave Foleys of the world) but you also have Zelda Williams! Chelsea Peretti! Timothy Simons! Sam Richardson!
  21. Move It is the first cool British rock song, not Shakin All Over. Just forget what you know about Cliff Richard now and consider it against its contemporaries. Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow is a good one, probably the first of quite a few Carole King tunes we're going to see. Back Door Man is excellent. The rest are pretty good but I don't really have anything to say about them.
  22. I liked the 2012 Turtles series a lot, thought it stumbled a bit near the end, but I've been wondering about this one. Apparently Splinter's origin story is that he used to be a martial arts film star named... Lou Jitsu. EDIT: WHAT JOHN CENA VOICES THE BAD GUY
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