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  2. And I think Miller had previously accused AJ of doping, so that makes this slightly funnier.
  3. Jarrell Miller has been denied a licence to fight Anthony Joshua is New York after an "adverse finding" came up in a drugs test. That could make AJ's US debut a damp squib. Also, Amir Khan's fight with Terence Crawford is this weekend. I don't see anything other than a Crawford stoppage, but Khan fights are usually entertaining, so I'll definitely give it a listen.
  4. Whilst I agree with your point, it does make for more excitement at times, I still think it’s a bullshit rule as nobody has won the tie but somebody still goes through. Stick it straight to penalties.
  5. I don't think he's taken it yet to be fair, the sale has been agreed but the EFL still need to approve it. It is a joke though, I do wonder what the "Owners & Directors" test, as it is now known, actually consists of. I think only a couple of people have failed it, including former Doncaster Rovers chairman John Ryan when he tried to buy the club back in a daft crowdfunding scheme with Louis bloody Tomlinson. And I know for a fact John Ryan has money because he's a successful, above board businessman who guided us out of oblivion into the Championship. Then you see people like Bassini, and that fake Qatar company that swindled buying Notts County, getting approved and allowed to freely fuck about with EFL clubs. Daft.
  6. Alex McLeish has left the Scotland job by mutual consent.
  7. Not only has he been twice declared bankrupt, in 2013 he was banned from holding any leadership role in a football club for three years due to financial improprierties. How the hell he passed the fit and proper persons test is mind boggling.
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  9. Cuphead is out now! I am counting down the god damned minutes until I get to go home and play that bad boy.
  10. I think Joker is gonna be my guy now. Really enjoyed trying him out this morning.
  11. Away goals is unfortunate for the team that loses out, but I'll take the last minute drama of a team chasing a goal than two sides playing with a must not lose mentality and forcing 30 tedious minutes of extra time.
  12. As much as I'm glad City got knocked out. Away goals is such a shite rule. Also Deli Ali is a gobshite. Good player but a massive bellend I've seen the video in which someone's put Peppa Pig in the background Why's no one posting our highlights Can't wait for the 7th. Gonna be a cracking time at Anfield
  13. It definitely touched his arm, then onto his thigh and in. Some of the angles don't allow you to catch it but it definitely hits it. Doesn't matter either way as it was well tucked in. Also second the opinion of Dele Alli being an insufferable, dirty little cunt. Very happy for Son though, he's the best.
  14. The save anywhere mod is a must get that everyone but the most hardcore purists will appreciate
  15. I'm very happy for Llorente, he's taken a lot of stick about being a bit pointless at Spurs and now it's all worth it. Also, having watched the highlights I don't think it even touched his elbow. Seems to come bouncing straight off his upper thigh and in to the net.
  16. April 30: Spurs/Ajax May 1: Barca/Liverpool May 7: Liverpool/Barca May 8: Ajax/Spurs For whoever asked for it:
  17. Kane is having the piss taken out of him on Twitter for yelling Tesco during his celebrations last night.
  18. He's a bellend mate. Even in the ten minutes highlights package I saw he was getting chewy twice for no particular reason. You've got a team of likeable superstars in Son and Ericsson, plus that knobhead.
  19. Both the FIFA and PES series'. Definitely fun in their own right, but while FIFA has all the modes you could ever want, the gameplay is severely lacking. On the flipside, PES has great gameplay (not without its own issues this year), but a lack of modes that they care enough about to add or address existing ones. Ultimate Team and to a lesser extent, My Club, have rightly or wrongly become a gold mine for EA and Konami, but they are absolutely harming both titles each year.
  20. Red Dead is flawed by a shit control scheme.
  21. Came back from 3 days away with mids last night and was far too knackered to watch this, but having seen the score 20 mins in I recorded the highlights. Insane game of football. So good from De Bruyne, Sterling becoming a finisher is amazing to watch, and then just when you start pulling for Spurs a bit you see Dele Alli and start hoping that last goal was onside. Love the fact that Llorente won it with his arse. Proper football.
  22. Just watched the first episode of Black Summer on Netflix. It's pretty good! I always like seeing zombie movies/shows at the beginning of the outbreak.
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