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  2. Yeah the default angles are now unfortunately not really compatible with getting good ratings.
  3. Have you checked the dirt sheet or whatever it's called in TEW 20 to see what the segments are being penalized for? I know that when the game first launched, there were a lot of complaints about low segment ratings even with the CVerse data, and a lot of that was because of the penalties. It's important to note that the angles now are harder than ever because the default angles rate the segments on things that will make them flop. For instance, you should always have at least one person rated on an "active trait" like mic skills, charisma or entertainment. I made the switch to just using the freestyle angles and playing around with what I rate things on, and it seems to have worked quite well for me. Even in TheWho's mods, I've been able to get comparable numbers as insignificant sized promotions, and I would expect that just comes down to me learning how best to rate angles and what to do with my matches based on the company product requirements.
  4. Yo. I can kinda give you something to wrestle with even if I don't care one way or the other. My Dad and Uncle have both always been proud of their Native American heritage. They feel as if it's erasing one of the little bits of Native American glorification in American popular culture. They've never experienced "Red Skin" used as a slur.
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  6. I. Hate. 4pm. Starts. I think Michigan is CST, so at least that’s 3:30 their time, but damn, can we have a race or two start at 12:30 or 1, so we don’t inevitably get done just as the sun goes down.
  7. I'm with @Maxx. You really think any of the players care about having an asterisk next to the championship? Nope. I know I wouldn't give a shit if my team some how won it all this year.
  8. It's sad yet amusing that Republicans think 40% of the country is Communist, yet in reality its a fraction of 1%.
  9. What would you expect from a Danger Zonetm?
  10. Nevermind 40 year old Jamal Crawford will lead us to glory!
  11. I prefer 'AMERICA! FUCK YEAH!!", myself.
  12. Problem with the Maryland thing is they're only in Landover for another 7ish years. Snyder can't wait to get out of there. They'll either move back to the RFK site in DC or (and this is what I think will happen) Northern VA in like Reston or a similar suburb.
  13. I've seen some decent suggestions for a new team name for Washington Football. Someone on Twitter had tweeted graphics for a name change to Red Tails. I'll edit that in if I can find it. Pat McAffee's idea of DCFC (DC Football Club) is also not bad. Alternatively, since their home stadium is technically in Maryland, they could rebrand completely and make the new name based off of something to that end.
  14. I'd like to believe I'm not no stinkin' commie USA USA USA
  15. DKC is seriously in my top 5 all time games. I just love it
  16. Oh shit, didn't see that was happening - about time they decided to add some good shit. I had the promotional DKC tape that they sent around and watched it religiously until the game came out.
  17. Also let’s not lose sight of the fact that the Washington Football Team sucks and Dwayne Haskins is a bust
  18. my grandpa had an snes while he was getting chemo and would call me and my brother to come over to beat levels for him.
  19. You're all a bunch of liberal commies
  20. In all seriousness, George Preston Marhall, the man (and i use the word `man' loosely) who founded the team in the first place, was a racist bastard. The Redskins were the last team to have African-American players, and that only happened because the government forced them to. The first AA player they signed even demanded a trade. ironically, RFK, the Attorney General at the time, was one of the people who forced the team to integrate. And Marshall's plaque was removed from RFK Stadium lately, because of his racism. To me the Redskins name and logo is like the Confederate flag issue that's also going on: If a huge group (or groups) of people find it racist, its motherfucking racist.
  21. I was actually hoping to have a legitimate discussion about the topic, but obviously he didn't have it in him. It would have been would have been interesting, at the least, to hear a "pro-slur" argument that didn't amount to "fuck those commies." My bad lol
  22. He won’t, silly to assume he will but play on.
  23. Just in presidential election years, apparently?
  24. 126 posts in 5 years? Somehow I don't think we need to worry about him much...
  25. If he wants to come back in a week's time when he's off the naughty step and have a sensible conversation about the subject then that's absolutely fine. But outright trolling can and will end in only one way. Every time. I'm a Tottenham fan too
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