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  2. It's a comedy zombie movie. Much like the first, I'm not going in expecting the quality of 12 Angry Men or something.
  3. Not gonna' rate Dano until he puts out a Riddle more ingenious than this:
  4. CC Sabathia's been pitching with a bum right knee all year and it appears to have just given out on him. Had to be removed from the game and limp off the field with the trainer. Got a standing ovation from the fans and both teams as everyone realizes that even if the Yankees mount a series comeback, he's almost certainly not going to be able to participate any further. Unbelievably shitty way to end such a great career, yet it's also probably fitting that he fought through injuries right up until the very end. Dude was a warrior.
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  6. Why do people hate the Cardinals when by all accounts they do things the right way?
  7. Pooker

    NFL 2019

    Does anybody really think that the Broncos will fire Elway? If its not his choice, Elway isn't going anywhere.
  8. I feel like if Elway was anyone else, heโ€™d have been fired years ago. This is why teams should never hire franchise legends into the front office.
  9. If there's one thing I like pointing out it's that John Elway's team has won 13 games since they logically should have signed Kaepernick. Hope the losses and your pending unemployment were worth it, John!
  10. DMN

    NFL 2019

    You hate to see it. โ™ฅ๏ธ
  11. Meacon

    NFL 2019

    Yet another brilliant Elway decision from one of the worst Denver drafts in history. Hell, one of the worst drafts for any team.
  12. Garett Bolles seemingly has no idea how to block without committing holding penalties.
  13. Meacon

    NFL 2019

    Matt Moore comes in to back him up and immediately plays better than Flacco. Nice trade, John. Bring in the turd who had one good four game stretch in his entire career. That's the ticket.
  14. Can someone please make a cut of Jake Hager?
  15. Mahomes ๐Ÿ˜Ÿ๐Ÿ˜Ÿ๐Ÿ˜Ÿ
  16. Yesterday
  17. Dano is a very good actor. Great call. And I'll echo the "anyone is a step up from not being friggin' Jonah Hill".
  18. I don't know anything about Paul Dano but it's an improved casting on virtue of not being Jonah Hill.
  19. Have to say, Iโ€™m going into it not expecting anything close to being as good as the first, because the first was really, really good. Comedy sequels are incredibly difficult to do. So many try and fail almost every single time - Iโ€™m looking at you Anchorman - whereas some are at least half-decent and watchable. Iโ€™m hoping this is the latter.
  20. Watchmen is getting really good reviews.
  21. I've never played Fortnite and feel it is too complicated for an "online FPS".
  22. Only way to see that they're bots, aside from just observing their behaviour in game, is watching replays of games and turning nameplates on. Only real players get nameplates. Weird that they haven't coded them to shoot back tbh.
  23. I think Fortnite having 100% bots is the only way I'd ever give it a chance again. If the bots shot back, of course.
  24. So Epic recently added bots to Fortnite, not sure why but they did. They said that: They were lying, basically. They don't behave similarly to normal players - they just walk around farming materials and don't even shoot back when attacked in most cases. There's been cases of players standing next to or behind these bots as they farmed walls that the players kept placing down. And there's a ton of these bots too - which have custom skins and no identification as bots - at peak times as much as 40 or 50% of 'players' in your games will be bots. It's been observed that new players can actually end up in games where they are only actual player in the game.
  25. Kurt Sutter's been fired from Mayans MC by FX, according to him for being an "abrasive dick".
  26. I remember those too. I was always so hyped for those. I also remembering analysing every screenshot and marking out over the smallest details. Like when they posted the first screenshots for WrestleMania 21 (does anyone remember this one?) and it showed that they added detailed textures for the soles of the boots. Or that the Dudleys had updated attires with black pants instead of yellow camo pants. Or that they finally gave Christian his wristbands in the initial SmackDown Vs Raw. I would count the days until the release of these games. I wish that I could still get this hyped for stuff.
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