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    To be fair, his music did warn you about his pit of danger.
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    Crazy. You couldn't even tell he was pregnant during his run out against Belgium.
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    Not to use the word mongy tbh.
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    I know I've said it before, but my fondest special referee memories come from No Mercy once I found out that if you put both wrestlers down into the 'busted open' position in a First Blood match and called for the bell - the referee won for some reason.
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    Er, Denmark lost.
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    Obviously, he's not come from nowhere, but I think in fifteen years or so when we're reflecting on his career, that game 'where he tore Argentina to pieces in the knockout phase of a World Cup' will be one of the ones that are remembered.
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    What does Di Maria do? He used to pretty regularly look like Real Madrid's best player and now oh he's scored a screamer shut up me
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    Game Dev Tycoon is a fun little game, I've had it for a while now but it's very much a game that you can just go back to at any time and screw about with. I just released my own console and a game exclusive to that console, and, for some reason, it seems that over half the people that bought the game don't actually own the console...
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    Playing FM for the first time in a few weeks. Just conceded a 94th minute equaliser A hat trick for their player Who is on loan from me
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    Gabby Logan: Bury has produced some good fullbacks over the years... Trippier: ... Gary and Phil Neville, yeah Gabby: Who is your favourite Neville? Trippier: [Exhales]... Tracy Neville, hehe
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    I hope special guest referee is back. I don't know why that keeps getting added and taken out again. I like just screwing people over as ref more than the matches.
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    I love the fact that Juan Soto technically homered before his MLB debut. What a weird and fun story. I'm sure you can find the story somewhere but heres the jist The Nats and Yankees were rained out on May 15 so they had to finish the game on a different day. The Nats called up Soto on May 20th. Soto hit 4 HRs between then and last night when they made up the game. Soto came in as a pinch hitter and hit a HR in the make up game. This counts as having happened on May 15th. So technically Soto hit his 5th HR 5 days before he was even in the majors
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    Can't wait for the final to be some bibble spamming an irreversable exploit move sixty times in a row before finishing Styles off with a eight minute long unbreakable create-a-finisher.
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    One of Russia, Denmark, Croatia, Sweden, Switzerland, England or Colombia are getting to the final. That is utterly mental.
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    You don't really like us, do you?
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    Bloody kids, too young to remember 2000!
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    I dunno why they even bother keep cutting to Maradona, always going to be doing something mental. They'll cut to him again next time and he'll be hoovering up lines off someones back or something.
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    Never forget the United States failed to qualify for the World Cup over this team.
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    I remember borrowing the first Smackdown game over a weekend. The magazine adverts had the ability to play as the referee down as one of the game's big selling points, and so that was pretty much all I did. As sad as it probably seems, I'd actually quite like a sports game that has you officiate a game, rather than play it.
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    'Tobes'. Never forget.
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    I love that clip of Des opening up the France 98 Eng/Tun match with 'Shouldn't you be at work?'

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