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    That seems like a mean thing to do to a person.
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    Well, Rudolph at Christmas...
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    They can play in my backyard for cheap. It's not a full 100 yards but I doubt they will notice
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    Genadi got the banhammer. As did one other Mod Squad dude.
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    Whiny manchildren have been appeased, the suit has been added, free for everyone who has the game. Re-evaluate your life
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    [Insert Thanos "Reality is whatever I want" meme here]
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    Jesus christ Into the Spider-Verse is so good. Probably the best superhero movie in my lifetime because I honestly don't know what would even challenge it. Just a total blast from start to finish.
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    Jordan Peele is a treasure
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    Could have been Sting in a Sting mask.
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    The only thing this discussion achieved for me was for me to get back to posting in EWB, which I don't know if I have ever done with this account (Had another one but forgot the details, and that one was older) or for how long it has been, even if I go reading as much as I can. I just wanna say I voted yes because mods should be freeware and credit should always be given. That's my opinion. I post on GDS, I posted here before and am posting now, i'm on the Nexus discord and posted on their site when they existed. I'm not against anyone and i like the mod squad's mods, but I simply have my opinion about it and I think mods should be freeware with credit given, period. So I voted in favor of freeware. I mean...if the goal is to help the community, why would there be an issue? Props to you guys for conducting a poll without needless drama. Will come back to post more.
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    I honestly have no idea what any of that means.
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    What do you mean come home? He never left, he just mostly hangs out in the private forum where we hoard all our epic mods. Did you...not get the invite?
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    The Twins are going to retire Mauer’s #7 so that’s pretty neat.
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    Do it and buy your brother socks.
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    Today would be Scott's 34th Birthday. Rest in peace, Scott. You will always be remembered. Happy birthday.
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    I see a pattern emerging... If anyone suffers from insomnia, I suggest you watch the Newcastle / Fulham match.
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    It was a fucking lame, cop out ending for an awesome show about a mystical island that moves around, and has polar bears, and electro magnetic hatches, and others, and all of this cool shit. They claimed they had the whole thing mapped out from beginning to end since it started, then they kept asking questions and not giving answers, then realized they were out of fucking time, and gave us that bullshit.
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    This is fucking shit and Spurs fans can fuck off and so can Dele Alli.
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    Spidey is on sale again so I used some gift cards and finally picked it up. Excited to play it, especially after seeing Into the Spider-Verse. But oh wow, the Raimi costume shit has got to be one of the dumbest things I've seen related to video games in a while. Found this gem in a discussion about it "I won't play this very good game because I can't dress up the character like I want, I submit this as evidence that I am adult"
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    The suggestion that secret forums on EWB would ever have anything to do with wrestling game mods is hilarious. This entire website is not dedicated to Ryland games anymore, it hasn't been for years and the wrestling game section is a fairly self-contained arm of the site really.

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