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    Champions!!!! Waited a long long time for this. Many missed moments, many highs and lows waiting for this moment. Absolutely over the moon and overcome with emotion. This team is special, this manager is special. I'm absolutely buzzing and overcome with emotion. I just wish my dad was here to witness this but least I'll know he was watching this above. THIS IS OUR YEAR, GET THE FUCK IN THERE!!!!!
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    THREE POINTS FOR CHELSEA!!! congratulations Liverpool
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    Absolute cunts. There's nothing more that I want to do is celebrate with friends and family yet I can hold on and do the right thing yet there's these bellends with yob mentality with no regard to what is happening. There's a pandemic going on. There will be a time when we can celebrate and there will be a time we can have a parade. Now is not the time. People using the "well Cummings went on a drive, oh look at the beach in Bournemouth etc" need to give their head a wobble
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    Best move of the game tbh
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    I think you must have misunderstood what I posted then. Nothing that I said is incorrect; nor is it overly complex. To simplify this, I made six key claims in my previous post: 1. That Tottenham have been using their Bahamas-based owner to avoid tax and they want to avoid tax where they can (True: 1. When Tottenham were buying and selling properties in the process of building their new stadium they were transferred to TH Property, a Bahamas-vased vehicle owned by ENIC, the owner of Tottenham. When these transfers were being made, non UK residents were not liable for tax on gains from property sales. 2. (Among other examples) In May 2017 Tottenham agreed a £50,000,000 credit facility with ENIC. Tottenham are able to obtain cheap credit from their owner, a company which has amassed and retained its fortune thanks in no small part to being based in a tax haven. 3. Joe Lewis, the owner of Tottenham, is a tax exile. His company, ENIC, are based in a tax haven. Daniel Levy, the CEO of Tottenham, is the beneficiary of a trust owning a significant proportion of ENIC. As such, I think it is reasonable to make the claim there is an organisational culture of wanting to avoid tax where they can.) 2. That Tottenham is a poor part of London. (True: Some of the highest rates of unemployment and of poverty in London and the UK as a whole) 3. That poor places need public service investment. (True: Education, healthcare and good transport infrastructure are well established as means out of poverty. Education makes it easier for people to get better jobs; healthcare makes people more healthy; transport infrastructure makes it easier for people to work further away and for companies to base themselves nearby.) 4. That public service spending can come from taxation. (True: Annual UK government expenditure in 2018 was £842 billion. The majority of this, £810 billion, came from tax revenue. 5. That Tottenham borrowed money from the UK government (True: they did.) 6. They wanted taxpayer funding for their new stadium. (True: they did. Of course, they were also pretty sore when they lost out on the nice cosy tax-payer funded bonanza of the Olympic Stadium too.) Now, you say I am "completely and utterly wrong". For me to be completely and utterly wrong, I would have to be mistaken in all six of the claims I have made. Complete means 100% after all. However, I think that's unlikely. Just as your understanding of language has failed you here, I think it also failed you when you read my post. I think, perhaps, you were thinking that I was making the claim that Tottenham pay "no tax", or that Tottenham attempt to avoid paying any tax whatsoever. I didn't do that. Read my post again. Read it carefully. Look at the information I have provided to back to up my claims. If you can find no meaningful bone of contention, you don't need to respond. I know the fragile white male ego can be a terrible thing - I have one too. We know you know about tax. You don't need to prove it. That doesn't, of course, mean you know about reading. If you still lake exception to what I've said, by all means tell me, but try to do it a more civil way than you did first time round. That being said, I don't think I'll get back to you. I am confident in the veracity of what I have said in my six points. I am also confident in their relevance to my original post that you objected to. I'd normally pursue a discussion like this to the bitter end, circling round and regurgitating the same old points. But I'm not very interested in the details of the issue - more the ethics - and I'm sorry that.I brought it up.
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    Look - if we have to have a golf thread (certified not-a-sport), we can sure as hell have a marbles thread.
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    I know Rashford sorted the meals for kids and that, but there's only one sports personality of my year.
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    Hey Sean, word to the wise. If you liked a franchise and then didn't like the direction it took, it's okay to not follow that franchise anymore. I fucking love Final Fantasy. But the games after 12 just weren't for me. I played them, didn't like them, but realised other people got a bunch of joy from them, and I'm super stoked for those people. It just seems like you're getting yourself bummed out on purpose because you didn't like the games that came out after 2, and now you're determined to dislike everything that comes out with the Fallout label attached. If those games weren't for you, it doesn't invalidate the love you have for the first two, and you can still enjoy them just as much now that the newer games exist. It's okay that Fallout isn't for you anymore. But is for a bunch of other people, and that's awesome.
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    There is nothing 'optional' about loot boxes for a lot of people with potential gambling addictions - which is something that is increasing in both adults and children - and they certainly should not be in games rated for children. Also if I hear that 'cosmetics don't effect gameplay' again I might just be sick. They're part of the gameplay experience.
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    I do think Naughty Dog have been a bit pretentious at times, and they deserve a lot of criticism for the way they treat their employees. As far as Troy Baker's comments go, I think Jim Sterling made a good point yesterday when he said that no developers or actors ever say such things when they're being praised, but then jump on the "critics are idiots" bandwagon. That Druckmann and Baker have particularly targeted Schreier, who has been at the forefront in exposing Naughty Dog's working conditions, isn't a great look. If you're harassing people because you don't like the inclusion of LGBT+ characters, you're both a fool and a waste of space. With that said, I'd prefer that people like Baker and Druckmann went after those kinds of people, rather than those who haven't said anything of the sort. Fix what's actually wrong with your studio and keep doing what you're doing well.
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    Jim Caldwell getting fired after three winning seasons in Detroit and then being unable to get another job is probably one of the go-to examples you can point to to highlight the NFL’s racist hiring practices.
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    This came out on Friday and I love it.
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    Hey, no one who plays for the Jets needs help dreaming about succeeding elsewhere
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    No team have lost more Premier League fixtures in June than Arsenal.
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    Go die in a fire, Goodell. You helped sabotage his career. You don't get to give your fucking blessing.
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    Truck driver Ray Ciccarelli has stated due to the ban of the Confederate flag he will be done with Nascar after this year. https://www.fox10phoenix.com/news/ray-ciccarelli-leaving-nascar-saying-he-doesnt-like-the-direction-it-is-headed
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    Releasing the trailer at 6am PST/9am EST on 6/9 is a nice joke.
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    Finished the game yesterday. What a fun ride. I really enjoyed it and thought the characters were all really well thought out and complex. Going to take a break for a while but will eventually go back and try and finish all the side missions and collectibles.
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    The disrespect Dak gets is unreal at this point.
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    The Play Offs have not gone very well for Joey Barton and his Fleetwood thugs tonight. Lost 4-1, two men sent off and despite there being no fans (bar mannequins dressed like a hooligan firm) the home lot still managed to throw a flare onto the pitch. Couldn't have happened to a nicer bunch.
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    I don't think that's fair to say, people have latched onto the weirdest things over this game. PR firms getting in contact with outlets that review the works they represent poorly happens a lot across the board, it's not a naughty dog issue and it's not a video game issue because it happens everywhere. And yet people are latching onto that as if Neil Druckmann is craving the validation. I think the amount of vitriol that the people who worked on this game are getting is obscene. The amount of death threats that Laura Bailey and Neil Druckmann have received over what people perceive to be a personal slight against them is super fucking gross, and I for one can't blame those that worked on it for being a little on edge and quick to react. If you're embarrassed by the way people who are associated with TLOU2 are acting, you should check out the game's subreddit. It's vile.
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    It is, but I still find the idea of football fans going "ugh, lesser Europe" horrible. I've watched Newcastle do Champions League, UEFA Cup, Inter ruddy Toto, it's still good to play different teams in different places.
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    I watched Us last night. I have so many thoughts about this movie. Jordan Peele is an exceptional director. Sign me up for whatever he releases next. Us as a movie was so fascinating. I was fascinated by how they handled privilege and the idea of American myth making. 5/5 film for me.
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    Those are the emotions I experienced while watching those films too.
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    Steam Summer Sale is officially starting tomorrow, the 25th at 12:55 EST and going until July 9th. I’ve got a lot on my list; I’m hoping the wait has been worth it.
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    Managed to draw with United and Liverpool, beat Chelsea in my game in hand to go top. Final match of the season was against Middlesborough. 0-0 at half time but then in the second half we managed to score quickly twice before Middlesbrough had a man sent off and I got a third. Ecastic! I was just hoping to push for top 4 this season following 8th in our first season back in the Prem followed by a 6th placed finish!!! Hopefully I can make it a double and beat United in the Europa League final at Villa Park!!! Checked how Kilmarnock were doing after I left them after a season and a half with the two cup victories (Scottish Cup in the first season followed by the League cup in the first half of the second season)...they barely survived and finished 10th
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    Some games wouldn’t work in first person in much the same way that some wouldn’t work the other way around. Design choices are made for a reason, not every game can have it every way and instead of doing something 100% you could end up with a half realized version of each. I wouldn’t call this lazy by any means. Games aren’t created haphazardly (most) of the time. There are people with visions who study this stuff. Resident Evil was known for keeping the camera close to the character because it enhanced the feeling of being in a tight corridor, of knowing that something could be right behind you - and if you could adjust that, you would lose part of what makes it so. When they jumped to first person for RE7 - they adapted their design and it worked for that game. I can’t see that game being half as good in third person, and having to sacrifice bits of it to make it feasibly work like so would’ve been an unnecessary time and money drain. I know for Cyberpunk, they ran tests and gauged how people felt. The vision with The Witcher was that you are Geralt, who existed as his own entity. You are playing as Geralt, you are not him. When you are playing Cyberpunk - you are your own entity and it just felt right that you experience that from first person.
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    It's being reported that Arsenal have offered Luiz a one year contract extention.
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    You know what my favourite thing about this game is? The range of in-game options. You can change individual difficulty settings, like resource rarity, AI aggressiveness and stealth effectiveness, and you can also turn on directional markers with a touch of a button and even skip puzzles. It's a great way of letting the player customise the experience to their own strengths and tastes. I hope more games do this in the future.
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    The Last of Us may be one of my favorite story games of all time. Not that you need my permission it's cool if you don't like it, but putting down the character development is kinda silly
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    That might be the single most eye-roll inducing statement I've ever read on this board. Now please, tell us who exactly wasn't fleshed out in the Last of Us?
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    He does quite a lot outside of football and he's a real credit not only to the club as to what a role model should be but to himself as well. He's absolutely bob on with this, it's a ridiculous decision to make. But that's the Tories for you.
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    Is this going to end with someone being cat fished? Chelsea think they're getting Timo Werner but a balding 42 year old from Slough arrives instead?
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