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    Not a sport - but golf is shit and ruins a good walk.
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    Curling is far more exciting than anybody gives it credit for.
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    So apparently, when your wife asks you "do you love me more than Football Manager?", asking her "which edition?" is not the correct response.
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    It has been renewed!
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    Oh, I know, I just wanted to ask
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    If this is the end of the Patriots dynasty, at least it was a happy ending.
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    So I can play as Fulham but even more shit than at the start of the season? Fun.
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    Okay. I'm calling this one fellate-gate.
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    Nothing more Knicks than that.
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    Frasier's The Ski Lodge is an absolutely wonderful episode of television.
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    That’s awful. You need a better agent AND a better union.
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    I assume they cooked it properly too.
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    Can't get fired from ESPN if you go back to football!
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    Does this look like the face of a total dolt to you???
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    I have heard worse chat up lines.
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    Sheryl is a fine woman but she's no CM01/02.
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    Patriots owner Robert Kraft has been charged with 2 counts of solicitation after a prostitution sting.
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    There is no life outside of EWB @MexicoJack

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