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    Thanks for clarifying.
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    I've been super bored lately and decided to mess around with a new concept for EWR pictures:
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    I know Joelinton's underperformed for his price tag, but this feels harsh.
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    NOW TV, begging me not to temporarily cancel my monthly Sky Sports pass by plugging matches that have already been cancelled.
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    That little prick who wrote that letter is ruining our season. Henderson injured Alisson injured Unbeaten record gone Out the FA Cup Beaten in the first leg by Atletico.
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    Tell Miles I said his match engine is shite.
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    Noodles retired at 35, the first 300 game winner in USBL history. 320-177 with a career 2.75 era, 10 pitcher of the year awards, 4 league MVPs and two World Series titles. Hats off to Noodles
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    Update: We put on the Avengers for the kids. They loved it. My daughter (7) was lovely and kept saying Thor had the Force when he would bring his hammer to himself.
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    I say this in absolute seriousness, I think James Milner is my favourite football footballman of all time. The extra football was a typo but I like it.
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    It's true. You've got to bring leadership and motivate the troops.
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    Bloody hell, could we not have had like a 12 hour spoiler rule?
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    The new offside interpretation will be based on 'social distancing'.
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    You say shitty, I say hilarious
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    First match I tried playing froze during entrances, so off to a strong start
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    I'm always shit at these because FM creates false memories of players playing for clubs they've never played for.
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    Surprised to see Carlton Cole in there but fair play.
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    So since pretty much everyone is homebound, I thought I'd start a EWB-movie night. Featuring low budget/B-movies, it'll be a chance for people to "get together" and watch cheesy movies together. The topic title is a bit misleading, since it'll be action, sci-fi, horror etc...The genre doesn't really matter, nor even does it matter when it was released. As long as its low budget and a "good bad" movie, it qualifies! I'm willing to take suggestions from people about movies to watch. Join me at https://cytu.be/r/Lint6 at 8pm EST Saturday night for a showing of Miami Connection [/img] At some point, I'll independently test to see if rented videos can be viewed on the site to possibly make the video options wider. Lets be honest, these videos can be rented for a few bucks, so if I can spend a few dollars to make some friends happy and take their mind off what is going on in the world, it'll be money well spent!
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    I can see how it could burn you out with how long and slow it is but I still think its one of the best games I've ever played. For sheer immersion and getting drawn into a character, nothing comes close.
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    Modelling Bruceball was a complete success. Not a single clear cut chance conceded. Suck on that Jurgen.
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    It's going to be a really fun week over on twitch.tv/probablyoliver, and I want you to join me for it. Tonight and tomorrow at 8:30pm, I'll be preparing for the release of DOOM Eternal by playing through 2016's DOOM on Nightmare mode because apparently I'm a sadist? On Wednesday at 8:30pm, I'll absolutely need something to calm the nerves, so I'll be jumping back into Dreams to see what ridiculous stuff that excellent community has made. Thursday the tension ramps right back up to an 11 with the Resident Evil 3 demo, and because I'm a horrible, horrible person, I'm making my lovely fiancée play it instead. She's well excited for it (she isn't). And then on Friday, it's Christmas in March as DOOM Eternal comes out and my next full playthrough starts. The whole world is going to hell right now, so I might as well prepare for the worst by killing just a whole load of demons. Damn, video games are cool.
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    The Sonics fucking rule. They broke up for like 40 years and then got back together in the late '00s and it was like they never left. Here's them playing "Psycho" at a local record store here in Seattle in 2015, fifty years after the song's release:
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    Zion Williamson is covering salaries for the Smoothie King Center workers for the next month. It's nice of him to do that and says a lot about him as a person but that responsibility lies 100% with the owners of each team.
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    I believe that there's a live stream at 1500g today with more details.
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    Probably, I'm expecting at least 20,000 there on Sunday.
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    So no baseball means this is my outlet. Damn do I love when you draft someone in a late round and they turn out to be good. I read something a few months back that when drafting a catcher, especially one out of high school, all you should really care about is his catching ability and personality traits. I found a 18-year old catcher from somewhere in the Midwest who already had a 65 catching ability and his personality were Leader and Loyal. He was only a one and a half star potential guy so I let him play in the bottom tier leagues for two or three year’s. By the time he was 22, he was on my top prospect list and now at age 25, he’s my starting catcher and unofficial captain. He built up a rapport with several of my homegrown pitchers, even the ones that flamed out as starters and ended up in my bullpen. Speaking of bullpen, my first first-round pick was an 18-year old who had a fastball and change up that were way above average. But he never developed a third pitch so I moved him to the bullpen and he’s been one of the most dominant 7th inning guys in the whole league. My first year I spent $3 million on an international outfield prospect and he flamed out, never playing higher than Double-A because I didn’t realize he was a lazy fart. I love this game.
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    This is a guy who, two days before diagnosed, touched all of the microphones at his press conference as a joke ---- I'm getting pretty tired of people treating this like a joke. A younger guy yesterday told me people were being "pussies" for treating this so seriously. It's so selfish, only seeing it from your perspective. "I'll be fine, so it's no big deal!" Like...that guy will be fine. Rudy will be fine. I will be fine if I catch it, probably. But it's not about us, it's about who we might give it to.
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    I tried to find a better quality one, but there ya go.
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    172. ‘Ticket To Ride’, The Beatles (1965) Influenced by: When You Walk in the Room • The Searchers (1964) Influence on: Tomorrow Never Knows • The Beatles (1966) Covered by: The 5th Dimension (1967) • The Carpenters (1969) • The Punkles (1998) The first of perhaps a number of Beatles songs and one that I'm personally a fan of. Whilst it isn’t the best song in their catalogue, it is definitely a step above some of their saccharine pop tunes that don’t age as well as some of the songs they released. The stop/start nature of the drums as well as the melancholy nature of the lyrics made this sound like a sonic departure from what the Beatles had become known for, thus making it almost most interesting just by proxy as much as anything else. What always underpins a Beatles song is the earworm element – it is rare to hear a Beatles song (in my opinion) and not feel like singing along at least a little bit. Ticket to Ride definitely has this element nailed down. 173. ‘(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction’, The Rolling Stones (1965) Influenced by: Dancing in the Street • Martha & The Vandellas (1964) Influence on: Sunshine of Your Love • Cream (1967) Covered by: Sandie Shaw (1968) • The Troggs (1975) • Devo (1977) • Tom Jones (1996) • Cat Power (2000) • Britney Spears (2000) Never having really considered it before, it feels strange to have this song in such close proximity to the Beatles’ output. For some reason, this just feels more 70s to me, which perhaps is why it stood out amongst the other songs released this year as it felt ahead of the curve. This was another song that came to a singer/songwriter in their sleep as Keith Richards woke up, played the riff and sang the title into a recorder, before falling asleep once more. Divine intervention indeed. The fuzzy, grimey feeling of the guitar from that intro onwards still rocks today, whilst Jagger had the right lip-curling sneer to his vocals to make the band sound that little bit aggressive and dangerous. I’ve never been a huge Rolling Stones fan, but this is undoubtedly a belter of a tune. 174. ‘Tracks of my Tears’, The Miracles (1965) As mentioned in the book, it is perhaps the eloquence of Smokey Robinson’s lyrics that stand out when you dig a little deeper – anyone that can just casually drop the word ‘substitute’ a song is impressive. Robinson’s vocal delivery sells the narrative of the lyrics, whilst horns and drums add a slightly more bombastic tone (apparently more akin to output from Stax than Motown, The Miracles’ actual label). It only reached 16 in the US charts, but enjoyed a resurgence due to covers and its use in some big eighties movies such as Platoon, and I for one am pleased that that was the case.
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    I started a new promoter mode game a couple of weeks ago. Aside from the six game-generated wrestlers that were given to me, my roster resembles a lot of other upstart promotions: I book basically whatever remotely popular wrestlers WWE or other larger promotions jettison. But I'm putting on good shows, bringing in decent money considering I'm still running small venues. Eventually Okada shockingly quits NJPW. I'd love to bring him in but one-event booking rate is like $200k which I simply can't afford. So I went a few months keeping costs down and only booking inexpensive talent that work the style of my promotion. I save up and try tempt Okada with a huge signing bonus and after a few months of courting him he finally agreed to come aboard, so I have a legit star now. First night on the job, he ends up beating Fandango for the World Title in a match that somehow went 51 minutes and led to Fandango being hospitalized for six months.
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    At least 60 of those followers are people off here who joined just to stop him moaning >_>
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    Still can't believe I invented Minecraft.
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    Still never beat Jonathan Pearce not understanding goal line technology at the World Cup.
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