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    A 15 year old getting a Sunderland shirt got them in enough trouble.
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    They should consider letting the parrot choose the pick too. Maybe then Tampa Bay won’t draft a kicker in the third round.
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    Half expecting the prick to win the Greatest Royal Rumble at this point.
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    The Peter Sellers point is crucial - it's not Hank Azaria "doing an Indian voice", it's Hank Azaria doing a stereotypical, racist caricature of an Indian accent. Certainly around where I grew up, it was the voice people would put on to make fun of people of Indian or Pakistani heritage. What's upsetting is that the writers - and Matt Groening in particular - haven't even pretended to engage with it. They've just completely hand-waved the entire issue away (even while Hank Azaria has admitted fault, and a wish to make amends), and used it as ammunition for the "Political Correctness Gone Mad" brigade, and just used the South Park "they make fun of everyone!" non-excuse, rather than joining the conversation.
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    How can you not like this man.
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    Notable free agent QB Josh McCown posted this exchange he had with this oldest daughter after Sam Darnold was drafted by the Jets
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    holy fuck, Leighton Vander Esch is an amazing name. That's the name of the first round. How did he end up playing football and not, like, being the heir apparent to an evil corporation?
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    WONDERFUL!!!!! The obsolete vessel known has Broken Matt Harvey has been DELETED from the New York Mets roster! DELETE! DELETE! DELETE! DELETE! DELETE!
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    So, don't watch this if you haven't seen Infinity War. But apparently Mark Ruffalo spoiled the ending last year at a press event
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    Most negative reviews are complaints about online mode, no WWE guys, or not understanding the controls.
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    Or 7 PM EST if you want to use the proper time zone.
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    a man with two last names. That's living on the edge, baby.
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    I really hate the whole 1st round in primetime nonsense. It's so over-the-top that I usually mute my TV and occasionally miss picks. So many talking heads who know nothing about these players since none of them watch college football.
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    I know you meant the Frank Sinatra song but I just pictured it being done to Limp Bizkit and the thought is wild. Wouldn't put it past MOTD2 either considering some of their previous song choices for video packages.
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    Can't wait to meet Nerf's first born son, Mohammed Roberto Sadio Jurgen Bradley.