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    One does nothing but moan, trades on past glories and thinks they have a god given right to be the best and the other is Jose Mourinho.
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    I mean a lot of them spent the last week burning Nike shit, so...
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    So I've surpassed 1000 hours of game play on FM18 - I need a girlfriend! On the plus side, I won the Europa League with Bangor City!
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    I still don't get who these people are.
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    I completed my first match in the win by pinfall mission and got like 6 trophies including the 100% Match Evaluation one, so basically I’m a prodigy.
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    I don't really understand the point of roster reveals, it would be like FIFA announcing that Ronaldo will be in the game.
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    do hair vs hair you cowards
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    I appreciate you have an opinion on the matter, but you're still wrong.
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    I don't know, "The Cub Killer" could just be his Grindr username.
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    Talksport needs liquidating. Its just a load of shite.
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    Alright I bought it, if I hate it I am blaming Apsham and Meacon
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    I'm worried there will only be 8 Cenas.
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    Is it because Alec Guinness died decades ago?
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    Looks like Mad Jack to me.
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    Ronnie O'Sullivan when his head is screwed on
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    I don't even care that it's pre season, to be in the USA for a Browns game live on TV is kind of a dream come true
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    Oh no Big Bang Theory is ending...

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