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    Danny Rose just got sent off 28 minutes into his own testimonial.
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    Because he's averaged 59 catches a season since coming in the league. Just because you don't know him doesn't mean he doesn't have value. He's a very good receiving back with the potential for more if given a bigger opportunity.
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    I was 13 when Dodgeball came out. Quoted that thing almost every day after I saw it for like a year. Loved me some Patches O'Houlihan.
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    You are picking Go? Not a bad shout I suppose.
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    Zeke got suspended with fabricated evidence, no charges and the NFL’s own investigator saying they do not recommend a suspension, so don’t tell me we need clear and obvious evidence to suspend.
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    'Player loyalty' is the stupidest fucking thing. These teams will cut or trade these dudes in a second if they think it makes them better, they don't owe teams shit.
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    Final Fantasy X Still waiting for my stand alone Blitzball game.
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    This is highly annoying. Sick of teams bidding constantly in non-sensical ways. Palmeiras keep bidding for Robertone but they bid £2m and had it rejected, came back with £3m, rejected, then £4m, rejected. Then £1.9m? Game actively just hoping I misclick. I fucking hate the non-negotiable shit offers too. "YOUR PLAYER IS VALUED £900M BUT WE WILL OFFER £20M. TAKE IT OR LEAVE IT." Probably leave it, cheers.
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    He looks as though his batteries have just run out.
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    Somehow Connah’s Quay Nomads knocked Killie out of the Europa League. Fucking Scottish football man.
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    This 6 runs or 5 runs debate looks to be a pretty hot issue, whether the law is locked in or up to interpretation. Here's my personal interpretation, spoilered for length:
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    To be fair, I'd expect Maguire to be a better defender than Rafael van der Vaart
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    Mass Effect 2 or Dragon Age: Origins. Both games I could still play over and over. The fact these are my favorite makes it hurt even more that Bioware is working on nonsense these days
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    Picked up a PlayStation Classic and was surprised at how easily they are able to be modded to add games on. Reliving the fun of Smackdown and Smackdown 2
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    The mid credit scene was probably my favorite in the entirety of the MCU.
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    2. 1 mid-credits, 1 after. Definitely stay for both.
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    Loved Season 3, especially Robin. finale spoilers
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    I accidentally ran over a dog with a carriage I was selling. I picked up the dog to try and hide it but a guy saw me running away with it so I got charged with animal cruelty. I’ve been a horrible asshole and have accomplished nothing. I hog tie mother fuckers and toss them off cliffs. I am planning on lighting a stick of dynamite in a bar.
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    Do you want to know the terrible way I found out? I got an alert in bold capital letters saying “TORRES HEADED TO CLEVELAND” and then in smaller letters “He’s been chosen to his second All star game.” To say I had a near meltdown is an understatement.
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    Rumours are saying Kawhi is returning to Toronto with a 2 year deal to get to his 10th season.
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    hahahaha klopp in the plane
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    Who the hell gets mad at someone for signing with the Clippers?
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    Rapinoe is great. Not only is she a great player, she pissed off the neutrals with the celebrating after the 23rd goal against Thailand, pissed off Trump and his supporters and knocked France out of ther World Cup.
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    Legit this. The peak of the series and an incredibly replayability factor. I was still playing it last year and it had been out for 17 years.
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    Same. I was a bit put off by people saying bad things about the controls and the pacing of the game so I sort of got it a long time after it was released. Absolutely none of it dragged and I legit think that Arthur is one of the best characters in fiction in the history of gaming, certainly, but also in the wider media. And like you say, the online version is quite relaxing. I haven't really come across any other players that were giving me grief in free roam apart from one sod that lassoed me and dragged me around for a bit.
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    It’s probably recency bias but I have to say RDR 2. Phenomenal story and performances, beautiful design and art direction, ridiculously fun game play, and an endlessly immersive world. Now that I’ve given the online version a go, it’s become an almost zen-like experience to hunt, fish, and pick plants.
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    This sequence of events makes it look like I kicked the shit out of him for coming to me asking for a new deal
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    I helped a stranger and ran into him later in town. I now own the volcano pistol because he let me buy whatever I wanted at the Gunsmith, choices were limited but I’ll take a new pistol. I also did something fucked up. I was leaving Valentine , and I grab my horse and ride out. Then I notice I am wanted for a crime, the fucking stable keeper is chasing me accusing me of some shit. So I lassoed him and took his money. I let him go but he still wants to report me, so I pull out my knife and chase him down. I tackled him, then slit his throat because I didn’t know thats a thing. So I jump on my horse and my guns are all gone. Then I realize I grabbed the wrong horse.... So that was why the stable guy was pissed at me. I took both horses to camp.
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    Yup. It's a little town, and my buddy and I drove right past the Hall of Fame when we went because we were looking for this huge, extravagant building, but it was literally just a brick building on main street of this small town. You could have easily mistaken it for a library. It was a blast though. We went during the winter months (I want to say January?) and had the whole place to ourselves. There was literally maybe five other visitors at the time. The town itself was pretty much just a main street, so we had lunch and dinner at a few diners, stayed at a B&B right there and took our sweet ass time going through the exhibits. I'm actually contemplating going next year when Jeter gets inducted. I highly recommend it for any baseball fan, at least to go once.
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    Lineker is frantically refreshing his inbox. Not a euphemism.
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    Poor Scottishing; hand over your Irn Bru to @Kaney on your way out.
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    Trying to make a workable film or series of Catch-22 is like trying to make a live action version of Finnegans Wake. I love the film because the actors just seem to nail the parts but you lose a lot of the jokes because the film doesn't use the same repetition used in the books.
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    Realistically it's Red Dead 2. Personal experience though, the greatest game i've ever played will always be Shenmue.
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    I should have noticed, I’m using that big black horse you get early on. I grabbed a brown horse that was smaller. But I am really impressed with this game, that my regular horse followed me home. I feel like the game works logically which is nice. I found I can stow multiple deer skins on my horse and a carcass. It’s probably the best sandbox game I have ever played. Everything feels natural, the people you encounter, dialogue, reactions, the mechanics of it all. For example, I ran into a Mexican man that challenged me to a a shooting contest. I was fumbling around trying to get my horse out of the way and he got pissed off because I took too long and he left. So I lassoed him and took his money. I do that often, lassoing people and taking their items. I also got a really cool picture I’ll share when I figure that out.
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