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    Everyone pointing out Bret's hair in that screenshot seems to be overlooking that Hogan is wearing two separate wigs.
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    "WWE stars react to the server at Applebee's refusing to take their coupon even though it's only been expired for three days"
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    This. What in the living fuck are those graphics? It looks like the PSP version of Smackdown vs Raw 2007 and I'm not even exaggerating. These hair graphics though...
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    Some of the reported bugs are amazing out of context.
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    Mike Shanahan isn't going to get shit and any lawyer who told him otherwise is a crook.
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    Its games like this, perfect example actually of why I wish demos were still a thing.
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    I think with Rey it's proven they captured his actual face. I can see them doing the same for the others. Probably to more accurately do facial features and the likes. But imagine being a luchadore keeping your identity a secret for many years, then it getting revealed not in the ring after a legendary lucha de apuestas match, but by an utterly incompetent game developer.
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    At WWE’s earnings report Q&A today, WWE acknowledged that reviews for WWE 2K20 have been “mixed”.
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    Given half the screenshots I've seen seem to show her face retreating from her body....
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    This is Lineker's job, skimming EWB for stories. We've been a constant source of news ever since we were labelled a danger zone by Dean Batista.
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    Please stop posting that hair whip clip. Every time I see it I'm compelled to click Play and then I hurt myself laughing.
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    Your logic for literally everything is just mindboggling to me.
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    Maybe he just meant like daaamn he fine as hell
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    http://www.mediafire.com/file/c438bmzwjgza5mn/EWR_November.zip/file Okay; so this is the first time I have ever done anything like this for the public, so hopefully I included everything correctly. Other than doing as much as I could from the information from the October post, I also updated the WWE rosters and champions best I could, updated IMPACT Wrestling roster and champions, added NWA promotion with talent, titles, and some staff. (I know more is needed, it is just such a small promotion right now), added YouTube network and added shows Powerrr and AEW Dark to it, updated AEW Dynamite and TNT so that it hopefully doesn't cancel after two weeks, and updated and added to AEW's staff while trimming the roster to who is active on it's website and recent shows, and lightly updated ROH's champions (I just don't follow ROH enough anymore). I hope you all enjoy and I thank @mkpunk again for allowing me to have something up for November as he works towards December.
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    And just when you thought that was the weirdest quest... The bowling alley gave me a sidequest. Bowl a turkey, win a turkey. This was actually a thing in RL America, so hey, not that odd right? Well, I bowl a turkey because I'm actually halfway decent in the bowling minigame, and win the turkey. Only it's a live turkey. Also, it's actually a chicken. Probably just a cosmetic reward, I figure. Might show up in my HQ... What.
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    Thank god you got Osuna, Houston, you enabling pricks! Suck a butt!
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    Why is there any discussion of any other games? Untitled Goose Game has already been mentioned. Honk!
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    Untitled Goose Game: Tactical Honking Espionage. Honk Honk, motherfucker.
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    Astros fire assistant GM Brandon Taubman.
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    Just reaffirming Bayley's boredom
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    That's not cool.
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    Finished SU, now playing Yakuza 0, first Yakuza game I've played since the original. In the tutorial you do a karaoke minigame and holy shit that song was hard as balls. Why would they even make that an option when you're starting? That's like if Guitar Hero's first song list included Through The Fire and Flames.
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    I feel like the Padres change uniforms more than any other team. That said, these are some nice-ass uniforms.
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    Klopp naming a team to get knocked out of the cup and the team won't let him.
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    KINGS OF THE WEST so unbelievably happy. It's been an amazingly weird Sounders season but here we are in MLS Cup for the third time in four years and qualified for the CCL again. Hoping Toronto pulls it off tomorrow so I can attend my first MLS Cup.
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    "You have a base rating of 69." "...Nice."
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    I am going to be obnoxiously drunk
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    Dolph Ziggler is the Legendary Super Saiyan!
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    I've heard of a lazy eye but FFS. Is that from the Looney Tunes expansion pack? Awoooooga!
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    If the Yankees win it all, I will follow you around and remind you of it after every single one of your posts, in every single thread on EWB.
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    Canada beat the USA 2-0! First time since 1985! We are the rulers of the free world now!
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    I am absolutely fine with Blonde being number one. Such a stunning album from start to finish, and easily a modern classic.
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