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    Managed to name a horse! My new steed's name is now, and shall ever be, Jim Neidhorse!
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    I'm done with the install disc!
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    I named my horse Elias. Who wants to ride with Elias! Also got another one I named Jack, I thought oh that's his sons name so it'll seem cool in my own head canon that I named a horse after the son. Then remembered that A) We're not playing as John Marston, B) Jack is not our son. So now it looks like I just creepily named a horse after Marston's kid.
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    I got it off 2Game. I found some FM streamer that has a discount code that meant it ended up at like £27 which is about £10 cheaper than Steam and that I think. Also
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    Bought a boat. Paddled out to an island. Did some hunting. Boat disappeared. Tried to swim back to mainland. Ran out of stamina. Drowned.
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    That's kind of how the Ohio State fan rolls. Just like Penn State fans who "stood with Joe Pa" when it was clear he knew of the kiddie diddlin'. Urban turned a blind eye to a woman-beater on his staff and Buckeye fans couldn't stand up for him fast enough. I'm glad they didn't just lose, but got bitch-slapped. Hopefully it keeps their ass out of the playoffs again.
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    https://i.imgur.com/z019NPq.png https://i.imgur.com/7IcPaBe.png
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    Who knew the mascot was holding them back so much.
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    I really think it would. Plenty of floating fans with "second" teams who won't make as much effort to go to watch their local team because they can sit at home after a busy week and watch Chelsea v Watford instead. The concept of the blackout is not out of date at all. It protects football below the top league where attendance revenue matters a lot more. If the move towards more streaming keeps going, football will look a lot more like that awful Croatia v England game from last week before long.
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    I decided to record some CK2 for YouTube.
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    The thunder and lightning in this game is amazing.
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    I had around a hundred bucks or so by the time I got to Valentine so I spent almost all of it buying a swish new outfit from the general store. Kitted out from my hat to my spurs and headed to the bar for Javiers mission. Didn't even last 5 bloody minutes.
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    Just seen leaked footage of a horse taking a shit.
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    Nine Nine returns in January!
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    God damn Breaking Bad. S5E11 is wild. I'm only halfway through the episode but holy shit. ... I just finished the episode. 'Holy shit' is right.
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    I saw all these people on twitter saying they had never been more embarrassed to be Ohio State fans. Like were you not fans a couple months ago?

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