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    Never write of Liverpool football club. That was possibly the best night of my life what an incredible game of football to witness live. Everyone wrote us off and yet here we are again those fucking annoying scousers going against the grain and pulling off another mental comeback. Every range of emotion possible through that and when that fourth went in. Just absolute carnage. Arms everywhere. People who don't get football need to watch games like this. Not ashamed to admit I cried in the ground. Just cannot get over wtf I just witnessed. Its nights like this where I could still go the game with my dad and experience this with him but i know somewhere up above he saw every minute of it and was going just as apeshit as me! How the fuck am I meant to sleep after that!?!?!
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    I’ve got a venti white chocolate mocha with a double shot for...Danayas?
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    Seriously what are some of you people smoking? If good kickers were a dime a dozen you wouldn’t have teams like the Chargers or Buccaneers struggling mightily to find one decent kicker. Passable kickers might be a dime a dozen, good ones aren’t.
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    Here is the main problem with literally everything that exists now. People want to dictate that story instead of listening to it. Would I have done things different? Yes. Does that make me unhappy with what I got? No.
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    Someone pointed out a blink and you miss it cameo
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    Which begs the question: why the hell would Drew Lock want to learn from Flacco anyways?
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    Or it's fine to keep the spoiler tags for those who haven't seen it yet for one reason or another and those of us who have seen it can try our very best to suffer through one extra click.
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    Thanks, I hate it.
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    The Cowboys drafted Michael Jackson and the a few picks later, drafted Joe Jackson, presumably to keep Michael in line.
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    Typical fuckin spurs, theres a chance to have a genuinely exciting, young team of players that didn't cost a fortune to assemble, being a different champions league winner for the first time in ages, and you lot have to ruin it. Fucking raging.
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    Let me be the first to congratulate you and your girlfriend on the upcoming birth of your son, Divock Alexander-Marriott.
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    The Ravens have cobbled together many dozens of dimes
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    It'd be great if you just didn't post that at all.
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    I'll just wait for the spin-off:
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    Episode MVP was Tormund. Edd is a close second.
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    Here is the May Update. I apologize for the delay on it. I'm likely to fix the birthmonths over the summer since I am not sure of my summer work. I work in education during the school year and my summer job prospects is currently in flux. https://www.mediafire.com/file/dl17qad6e8j8u1p/May_2019.zip/file
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    This is a total cop out for me. You can't just skip over points of the story and just assume the audience are going to do the work for you because you put yourself in a corner and instead of figuring out the logical way out of it, decided "ah screw it, the audience will fill in the gaps we couldn't think of". It's just weak writing. If I write a story where a man is being attacked by a great white shark and then just cut away to a few weeks later where he's alive and perfectly okay you couldn't just say "ah he let the audience do the work" in figuring out how he got away. Don't write yourself in to a corner if you don't have the ability to work your way out of it, and if you can't, find a new way of doing it. The Breaking Bad writers basically did this right all the time. I've heard Vince Gilligan talk many times about putting themselves in that position and then working their way out of it, but the difference is that they actually did it, and didn't just go "ah skip ahead a few weeks, let them figure it out." About ten minutes prior they'd just been lining up executing defeated, surrendered soldiers on their knees one by one on Daenerys orders to just kill anyone associated with Cersei, and even threatened Jon en masse instantly when he dared to try and stop Grey Worm from executing them. Then she gave a basically a war speech, showing no remorse, further entrenched in her stance. And now we're supposed to "do the work" for the writers in getting around why they'd find out he just murdered her and just not kill him on the spot? It's not like it's a case where it's like asking for the audience to have their hand held and carefully walked through a complicated plot point, it's that they just didn't even write the plot point in the first place.
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    Yeah Chris Long's work in this world is a lot bigger than making plays on a football field.
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    Well that's literally just not true at all.
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    This photo captured the moment well.
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    We were to all intents and purposes eliminated from our group.
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    *Tabloids witter away about a deal being close* Jericode: "It's just a little gossip! It's still good! It's still good!" *BBC etc. claim that deal has been agreed* Jericode: "It's just a little news piece! It's still good! It's still good!" *Hazard literally gets on a plane to Madrid* Jericode: "He's just a little airborne! It's still good! It's still-" Me: "He's gone." Jericode: "I know."
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    I'm not a football fan, but that was fucking incredible. Watched with my parents, both Liverpool supporters, and my half-brother who isn't, and even he & I were jumping out of our seat cheering. That corner will stay in my mind for as long as I live. Incredible stuff. And, as much as I don't follow football, I don't think there's a better atmosphere in the world than a celebratory Anfield crowd singing "You'll Never Walk Alone".
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    It's an absolute nonsense. A 'quirk' of her physiology has given her an advantage. Is it fair on her competition? No, not really, but she's not breaking any rules. Usain Bolt is the fastest man whose ever lived and a big part of that is because he's 6'5 and therefore has a massive stride length, so even though his legspeed might be the same as his competition, his superior stride length means he covers distance faster. Jon Jones is arguably the most dominant MMA fighter ever. A large part of both his offensive and defensive styles and tactics are based around the fact that he has longer than average limbs so he can strike an opponent from a distance they can't counterstrike him from. A more comparable example would be Michael Phelps, who for some reason, his muscles produce lactic acid at half the rate of a normal person, therefore his endurance is off the charts. That dude has 6000 gold medals and has never been questioned. I don't see a difference between their physical advantages and hers, yet they're not getting punished.
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    Gangsta's Paradise was a really strange choice of soundtrack.
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    Every day we stray further from god's light.
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    @GoGo Yubari a player named Rock Ya-Sin has been drafted
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    Yeah bang on, there's also no way we're having the same conversation if it was a male character that we'd watched grow up losing their virginity at 18.
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