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    After dropping out of the EL and getting kicked out of the cup, the team hit an unreal form that propelled us from a painfully low #11 to #1 with 1 point between me and PSV in the final week. Like two seasons ago, the championship would be settled in the final game of the season. Graafschap Vs. PEC Zwolle, PSV Vs. Feyenoord... But this time we scrape a 1-0 win against Zwolle whilst PSV and Feyenoord keep each other at a goalless tie! Allowing me to bring the first ever league championship to my hometown de Graafschap, immediately propelling me into being a club icon!
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    By all accounts it was a fitting send off for the gaffer. His final signing Josh Wright in his second spell at the club, who was previously managed by Justin at Gillingham, scored the games only goal and celebrated by pointing at the heavens and holding up a shirt with the gaffers name on it. The Cheltenham fans raised money for a massive banner with the words "He made you dream again" printed on it with a picture of Edinburgh in the middle, really nice touch from them. And it ruined @9 to 5's acca so that is a nice bonus. COME ON YOU O'S!
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    "More info than ever shared at announce" is a good way to spin the fact they haven't released anything yet.
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    Arsenal fans actively taking joy out of it on social media are pretty awful, irrespective of the history there. I’ve seen the injury, and it looks awful.
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    My favourite scene was
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    That's not saying much.
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    David Luiz spotted taking his stuff across London.
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    Hayley Atwell to appear as Agent Carter in Season 7 of SHIELD
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    I always liked Portman's Jane Foster. A bit of a thankless role at points but she and Hemsworth had fun chemistry and even though she's not actually filmed anything new in those movies since like six years ago, they actually made a point of her absence a couple of times so it's not like if Liv Tyler suddenly showed up as Betty Ross again. more importantly I hope this serves as an excuse to get Kat Dennings back, gimme Darcy in a Taika Thor movie.
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    Tyrogue/Haunter fusion.
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    My high school baseball coach died last week and I, and a few of my former teammates went and had dinner after the viewing. We got talking about how he was tough, but fair, and how he found funny ways to motivate us when he saw us starting to slack. I had completely forgot about this story, but my buddy Adam told it at the dinner: We were in the state tournament my junior year and we were playing a conference opponent that had beaten us 14-1 and 10-0 earlier in the season. Our coach comes in and posts a lineup that doesn't look anything like our regular lineup. I was usually the #4 or #5 hitter but I was now hitting lead-off (which was adorable, because I was never fast even in my much lighter days) and a guy that actually ended up getting drafted was hitting 7th. Nobody said anything, we figured he'd give us an explanation before we headed out to the field. So we're all sitting around, waiting before the game starts and he steps out of his office and says, "Gentlemen...you may have noticed a few changes on the line-up card. We may not be the best hitting team..." and then he just walked out of the locker room and went to the field without finishing the sentence. We ended up losing that game 8-7, but we hit the cover off the ball at least.
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    At least you still have five left.
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    Stop teasing, @Plubby can only get so erect.
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    There are plenty of instances, I beleive Pogba's move to United had a lot of influence and money involved with Adidas, Fiat agreed to pay more money to Juve for the Ronaldo transfer last season and de Jong's move to Barcelona was apparently a choice motivated by Nike willing to subsidise and pay him more than if he had chose a move to PSG. Eyeballs on your, or even the right, product means more people are willing to give up more cash.
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    Antonio Brown got cryotherapy without proper footwear and he’s now out with frostbitten feet. I’ve heard of players getting cold feet after joining the Raiders but this is ridiculous.
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    Arsenal have apparently had a €60m bid for Dayot Upamecano rejected. Presumably because it was probably €5m up front and €55m when man lands on Mars or something.
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    I'm digging Good Omens. Cute show. Jon Hamm is hilarious as Gabriel.
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    How dare you besmirch The Dream Team.
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    Being happy or sarcastically sympathetic for someone when they suffer a horrendous injury like that is really, really poor in my opinion. He doesn't deserve that nor does anyone else in football.
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    Just as a general heads up, Chapter 3 would be the perfect time to start doing more side quests, hunting and all the fun quirky things before progressing further.
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    LMAO this is a big fat nope from me.
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    Yup. It's a little town, and my buddy and I drove right past the Hall of Fame when we went because we were looking for this huge, extravagant building, but it was literally just a brick building on main street of this small town. You could have easily mistaken it for a library. It was a blast though. We went during the winter months (I want to say January?) and had the whole place to ourselves. There was literally maybe five other visitors at the time. The town itself was pretty much just a main street, so we had lunch and dinner at a few diners, stayed at a B&B right there and took our sweet ass time going through the exhibits. I'm actually contemplating going next year when Jeter gets inducted. I highly recommend it for any baseball fan, at least to go once.
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    He's back y'all!
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    Coming in the autumn on Steam, this looks more enjoyable than every WWE2k game thus far.
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    He managed to criticize people who judge players based on their personality and do just that all within one post.
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    ...good luck finding a team that will pay you that much
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    I, too, would like $40 million a year.
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    Only 2 more years to go to beat Plubby's Kellen Moore run 😂
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    West Ham have conceded 99 goals in all comps at the London Stadium, Man City have scored 22 of those goals.
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    Arrowverse 'Crisis on Infinite Earths' Crossover Adds Black Lightning Stars, Kevin Conroy as "Bruce Wayne from the future"
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    to be honest, having watched both the TV movie version and the film version as an adult, Tim Curry's Pennywise is creepier than Bill Skarsgård's. The new movie (and the trailers for part 2) are overall scarier with better imagery, but there's something about Curry's look and performance that feels very distinct to me, like a third-rate clown that hosts a kid's show in some tiny market gone horribly wrong. New Pennywise is just a creepy clown.
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    Theo Riddick signs with the Broncos
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    So, Humble Bumble will let you get CK2 and every expansion for $15. You can also get the base game and five expansions for $1.
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    Meanwhile, Puig is in the middle of a brawl in Pittsburgh. Somebody should tell him he got traded
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    The Boys is great, really fun adaptation
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    I wanted my draft picks, so I started at the Super Bowl. I'm a serial franchise starter, so I've gone through the draft with this class a few times, and the same people always fall. Sweat is always there in the third, and I once got Haskins in the second. I'm probably going to do a diary with this team, I just need to get through the pre-season.
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    Both Alfa's given a 30 second penalty, which moves Hamilton up to P9... And KUBICA IS P10! Williams get a point!
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    That is such obvious bait and it will absolutely work on me.
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    Seriously! I was rather "meh" about ST:P but after that trailer I'm hype
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    Zeke got suspended with fabricated evidence, no charges and the NFL’s own investigator saying they do not recommend a suspension, so don’t tell me we need clear and obvious evidence to suspend.
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