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    Hi Guys, miss y'all
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    FYI, I'm also a massive bellend. This isn't replacing anything racist or whatever, I just thought you all should know.
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    Seeing "Scruffy the Janitor" having a birthday reminds me of when Benji got modhood and used the occasion to give a bunch of people Futurama names, including spelling "Lrrr of the Planet Omicron Persei 8" about fifty different ways.
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    more like YOUR BIRTHDAY
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    Once I get my work caught up there's a good chance I'll actually do the gd Fire Emblem diary, now with all the DLC. (Please note, what I really wanna do is a Three Houses Mafia, it's basically perfectly set up for that.)
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    Looking at my old "never got off the ground because I never planned how it would work" chocobo racing Cube game and I think I might give it another go.
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    And why is the 'DOOM' in quotation marks?! Is it an ironic doom? Is the doom implied?!
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    i keep reading your name as "Trent Bruschetta" and it's making me hungry gdi
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    Happy birthday buddy!
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    minnesota eh? a sticky wicket is well what i'd do your baseballers
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    EWR is dumb: The WWE is mine.. I am about to buy them out and sure I cheated. I stuck it to McMahon... now what am I gonna do with all these titles.. seriously
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    Happy Birthday!
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    Remember, it's not a Liam Neeson movie unless he's telling someone to move quickly, and that there's no time.
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    Kaney was nice to me.. not his fault.
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    Everyone is a little distracted. Not everyone hates you. I mean, I do. But the rest of them are probably good people.
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    The first draft of Karma Chameleon had four karmas in the chorus. But after proofreading, Boy George realized he forgot the Oxford karma.
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    I'm a massive bellend.
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    working on a few things for the EWR Jan 2020 update, namely event names, title updates and birthdates. Don't @ me about it...
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    I can see you hate the way we intermingle, but I think you're just mad cause you're single.
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    I really want to taste some candy from around the World.
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    In something that may be pertinent to our collective interests, I watched Monster Brawl today. AKA a bunch of monsters wrestle each other. https://amplesalty.tumblr.com/post/188351536490/day-14-monster-brawl-2011
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    Hey, gang! Let's fire some emblems!
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    It's fucking Shark Week, guys.
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    EWR August update is late. Had an unexpected event today. Should be up sometime Friday or Saturday.
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    If you come back, let me know!
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