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    Mmm, a lovely sunny day out in Fulham. The final whistle goes to a straight-forward Chelsea victory (in which Anelka got me a goal and an assist for Fantasy Football), at almost the same time that England win the Ashes, and a short while after Rubens Barrichello (Fantasy F1 team) wins the European GP. I am, I think it's safe to say, mildly satisfied by the day's sporting events.
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    I'm watching the dungeons and raids panel, and they're planning on re-doing the LFG system and adding cross-server LFG (for 5 mans only, though they may expand that later). It will work off battlegroups, like battlegrounds do. The 5th anniversary pet everyone will get is New Nefarian and Ragnaros fights are being added, not just Onyxia. And Onyxia is just going to be an upgraded version of the existing fight (with her jacked up to lvl 80) with some new loot (including upgraded versions of some weapons from Molten Core; they felt Onyxia didn't drop enough weapons and they don't plan on re-doing MC), but the Nefarian and Ragnaros fights will be brand new battles. (The Ragnaros fight will take place in the plane of fire, so he's at full power) But the big news is, we're finally going to get to kick the Lich King's ass! (And that will be in a patch, not the expansion) Actually, those are useless past lvl 60.
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    105 will be on Spike, not PPV.
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    He set up the goal quite nicely. Obviously you care far too much about useless statistics and not enough about the quality of play.
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    These are really good, thanks for putting the time & effort in.
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    Kurt Angle vs Joe, Styles/Joe/Daniels are already on the update for next update - already added the Big Show - Floyd Mayweather will add the TNA ones for you, but the indy ones well take abit of reseach but i will try my best to do that for you
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    I'm perfectly happy when Lucy Porter is on.
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    GM, are you aware that a) UFC owns WEC already and b) WEC only has three weight classes, two of which aren't in UFC? The only issue of overlap is at lightweight, aside from those fighters there's no reason to think WEC would look second-rate compared to superior UFC fighters. And I really don't get how you guys think Urijah Faber fighting on Versus does more for his name than headlining a UFC show.
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    I don't know the last time I laughed at a Simpsons episode, but really, that doesn't make it a "bad show" in essence. You can tell they put a crapload of emphasis in making it look "realistic", and it probably has some of the best animation on tv at the moment, apart from maybe... Spongebob Squarepants. Seems they went for a more visually appealing show, then a "laugh out loud all the time" kind of show. The stories in The Simpsons have been shit, with a lot of stuff revolving around Homer being just ridiculously contrived, which makes no sense for a show like The Simpsons. Then in contrast, you look at Family Guy, which is horribly animated in essence (apart from what is really needed), but it's all about the jokes and the storyline. Then American Dad blends the Simpsons great animation techniques, with the great storylines, and we have a winner. Does this post even make sense?
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    Awesome finish from Owen. Maybe it's also time United fans got their heads out of their asses and gave Berbatov a round of applause, because he looks like a different player so far this season. People were quick to shit on him last season when he was seemingly lazy at times (me included), yet so far this season (and yes, it's only two games in) he's looked brilliant and done more work in the space of today's game than what he did in all of last season it seems. It was fantastic seeing him run back and winning tackles. Fantastic touches on the ball, held it up great, gelling amazingly with Rooney and took his goal greatly, which clearly meant a lot to him based on the celebration. This guy is all about confidence and if he can keep that high, keep scoring and creating goals and the United fans start to show him more love, I feel he can finally turn into the great player we believed he was. Either way, just great to see us finally kick start our season. Could also be the season that people finally start regarding Rooney in the same breath as the likes of Ronaldo and Messi, which of course he deserves, but rarely gets from some people. Also regarding that match, I agree that Webb did the right thing in not sending off Rodallega when he over reacted. Some people will see that differently, but in fairness the first wasn't a yellow and in the second example, Vidic should never of done what he did, however much I love the guy. If that's seen by the official, it's more than likely a red. So the over reaction is a little justified I guess, although it wasn't as bad as he first made it out to be. Still, good refereeing I thought. Arsenal also look fantastic. The odd bit of shaky defending at times, but I really feel this could be the season they shoot back up towards the top and start contending for the title. I'm really worried about playing them in the upcoming game, could be a fantastic match.
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