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    Dear Clawson, HULL HULL HULL. That's all.
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    I reckon England won't win the World Cup 'cause well.. they're justn ot good enough to win the World Cup? Not an insult by any means.. there are just better teams out there.
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    The fact that 2 of em are the same as the other ones?
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    Kesha's newest single "Blah blah blah" or whatever hit the radio recently. Was listening to it on the drive home from Tampa. Was regretting the decision, it was atrocious. It's literally a toss-up between that and "Imma Be" by the Black Eyed Peas for worst song on the radio at the moment for me.
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    I agree - Jack Daniels is frothy, sugary piss in a bottle. Jim Beam, Woodford Reserve, Bulleitt Bourbon... these are generally the bourbons to drink. If she's going to wash her mouth with anything, it should probably be soap, the foul-mouthed hussy
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    Alright, here's a bunch of pics I've done lately, mostly to reflect the recent title changes in WWE and TNA. WWE: A more recent pic of Mickie James w/ the Women's Title 3rd attempt at Bryan Danielson w/ ECW Title TNA: Doug Williams w/ X-Division Title Rob Terry w/ Global Title Tara w/ Knockouts Title Kong and Hamada w/ Knockouts Tag Titles - 2nd attempt Matt Morgan and Hernandez w/ World Tag Titles
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    BURNLEY BURNLEY This is a must-win and it looks like we're going to win.
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    Thanks to both edvis500 and SHayness23
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    That okay? It's from Who's Photobucket.
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    There awesome mate, womans title one looks good Thanks alot
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    Couple of requests done WWE-NXT Logo -btw... what the hell kind of name is NXT??? I get it's like the "next" stage in WWE... but wtf?! Miley Cyrus x2 -The women's title one kinda sucks... but its the best I could do :/ xD Edit: tomkane; unless you're looking for a specific pic on KyKy which you can provide... check here.
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    Kind of a dumb comment there, I think YI's shown he's into a fuckload of varied stuff, and whilst I don't go for everything he's into...Scooter for example, he's dug up some pretty interesting and obscure shit I probably wouldn't have gotten hold of otherwise. Bit pointless attacking him for not liking one album. For what it's worth, I think Vampire Weekend are utter toss and don't understand the hype whatsoever, definitely seems to be one of those NME/Pitchfork jizzfest things.
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    Get a 360. Boredom cured.
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    You could play with me?
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    Here's what I got on those:
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    Just throwing more pictures out there. What's wrong with more options for everybody?
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    Sorry. Just trying to be helpful. Just giving the man a choice because none of my pictures were exactly the same, the two you are talking about have different levels of zoom, and people have different preferences on that, I know I like closer up. I just saw those and knew I had a couple of them I cut for my WWE pack.
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    Who can give me kyky pictures : Kane with the mask Lita Kaval
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    was it a diva handicap match, cause if im right their all based on eye candy i think some people are converting 08 databases into 2010 databases just have to wait. since im not upgrading im sticking with 05
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    Does anyone have a Split Scenario for the February 2010 Update?
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    I have placed a bet on England to win the World Cup. therefore, if the nightmare comes true I'll at least get some money out of it. >_>
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    Wish I didn't order this. I don't like Marina anymore because I was working in HMV today and they got her to say that "blah blah blah I'm Marina and you're listening to Channel HMV" or whatever. Now normally I wouldn't mind but she didn't pronounce H the right way. She said haitch emm vee. Not aitch emm vee. Fucking hate the woman now.
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    His request has already been fullfilled? lol
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    ...Stuart Clark? Ye gods.. Douggles McBollinger over him for sure. Stuart Clark is something like...seventh on my depth chart of Aussie fast bowlers.

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