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    Don't you have to have a soul to have a ghost?
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    And that's why I hate the word cheevo. It's fucking stupid.
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    Being Nigerian and all, I'm surprised he didn't just ask for bank details and other information.
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    Gamers will pay $60 for a game with a 6 hour campaign, but have a problem with $15 for a game with roughly the same amount of time, and arguably more replay value. I'm not thrilled about the "episodic" idea of Sonic 4, but Sonic games are timeless. I can't tell you how many times I've played Sonic 2, but it's a game you can always go back to and have fun, whereas once I play a campaign in a game like Gears of War, I have little desire to ever play it again. Perhaps that's just me though.
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    References like that should make like a tree and get out of here
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    Here it is, the start of the British update. Will clear the database and then add the promotions. From there it will be a case of working through and adding all the right people to the right places. Due to the fact I'm not biased, anyone international that could feasibly work in the UK (or Europe as I'm considering expanding to make Canada or Mexico represent Europe after we have the UK done) can be added. At some point when a near-final database is released it would be nice if someone can do a pic pack (some will need cutting as there are a lot of guys in the UK that have not been in databases before). Finally, any help at all with workers, relationships, teams, stables, staff, sponsors, TV, belts, events, owners or anything I've forgotten is much appreciated and welcome. This is a from scratch database and is pretty much my 1st ever full database. I took on the project as I want a British Database, and there has been a small amout of recent interest on the forum.
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    I couldn't give a shit to be honest.
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    According to Fertitia, WEC will be shown in the UK from January on.
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    There's only one way Liverpool can be rescued now...
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    "For Liverpool see Championship 2011/12 thread" ?
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    Ok, completed promotion addition. Need the following: ASW - Logo & Banner GPW - Logo & Banner XWA - Banner PBW - Logo & Banner EVE - Logo & Banner
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    The list was suggested by The Who, who does the TEW updates (which contains Britain). If you suggest alternatives (use the same format for ease) then I'm happy to change things
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    Change of mind on training facilities... Each promotion will get one as/when suggested
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    I've not set a deadline yet, it all depends how quick things can be found/done, but no major rush. If we take time and make it good it won't need an update as quickly. Numbers wise I'm not sure. Enough for each "level" that there can be a few promotions at that level (ranging Backyard to Global). I'll leave it to your judgement, and if people say it's not enough we can add more (rather have too many than too few, because that gives option) Money wise, whatever is reasonable for that company, and like above, some in each range.
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    Thought I'd post this up too... Credit to The Who, he posted this in the Recruitment thread. It is the promotion list. NOTE - BWC Camp represents generic training camps in Britain... Any promotion with their own will get that instead (if suggested) All Star Wrestling (ASW) International Pro Wrestling: UK (IPW:UK) Futureshock Wrestling (FSW) Grand Pro Wrestling (GPW) World Association of Wrestling (WAW) XWA Wrestling (XWA) Premier British Wrestling (PBW) Pro Wrestling: EVE (EVE)
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    That was the clunkiest Back to the Future reference in the history of Back to the Future, which of course has a rich history dating back to the 1800's.
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    Ugh. Being a Leafs fan this year would be a lot more fun if most other Leafs fans weren't like Clawson. And Don Taylor is awesome, and makes me miss early 00's NHL games with Jim Hughson. It is the same guy right?
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    Is your base well-lit in all corners? It's entirely possible they're spawning out of one little part just out of sight. Alternatively, are you digging underground in your base? They might be coming up from there. You CAN stand on trees, and that's actually one of the better ways to collect high-up branches when a tree grows too tall. The leaf tiles tend to disappear when there's very little surrounding them, though, so be careful. Stately Sousa Manor in the new world is coming along nicely. Compare it to the previous nighttime shot of my pirate ship, where you can see it in the lower right corner. Here's what it looks like--from the other side--right now: I've been cutting out of that hillside gradually--my goal is to eventually level off the entire island and replace it with a sprawling, multi-purpose island estate. So far? It's basically two connected structures and a ship. This is the main structure--my house, if you will. Workbenches, chests, furnaces, and bucketloads of goodies are inside. Those two tall gray stone structures on either side are chimneys--I've set up two fireplaces inside. Here's the fireplace! The room to the left leads to the tower and some lava I've collected. That thing on the far right is a staircase. There are two of them in the middle of the room, which I don't particularly like because they take up so much floor space, but I was trying to play around with them and see how I liked them. I'll probably replace them with either one more efficient spiral staircase or a ladder. Here's the other entrance. The two water pits are perpetually refilling springs, which is pretty easy to get set up: simply fill two buckets with water and dump them on either end of a 3x1 pit in the ground. They'll automatically fill in the middle. From there, any time you scoop out the water in the middle square, the spring will refill itself. Very handy and basically an infinite source of water. The next room over features this lava incinerator for getting rid of unwanted blocks--I'm pretty sure the fireplace does the same thing, but I wanted a lava pit as well. Once I can get another bucket, I plan to set up an infinite lava spring much as I did with the water, at which point I'll start doing awesome shit with it. You could see this in the first shot--it's on the roof of my house. This greenhouse is designed for growing crops. I haven't started yet, but I plan to once I start digging deeper underground. I just think it looks pretty neat. Here it is from the top of the tower! There's the ship from the top of the tower. Now that I've cut out the secret cove (I'm going to turn it into a dock instead, since the cove--as neat as it was--was really too small for a good-looking ship), I've noticed that the back of the ship looks really flat. That's probably going to be my next project. The real purpose of the tower--beyond being just a big awesome tower--is to give me something to do when I'm holing up at night. The shot is dark, but you should be able to see the beasties roaming around. I pick them off with my bow and collect the spoils the next morning. Good times.
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    This season's becoming increasingly painful to watch. Not only do we lose points all the time, but we do it in games we've controlled throughout. Three minutes before the final whistle at Goodison Park I was thinking 'now this was a great performance', and at half-time today I thought that the second half will turn into a good ol' trashing. I really can't see what's happened during the summer, 'cause even though we did have some minor defensive issues last season (like all teams do at some point), it's nothing compared to what's been happening in the back four this season. I mean, we've got Rafael (who's been developing over the last couple of years), Ferdinand and Vidic (who were the best CB pairing in the world two years ago), and Evra (who's always been solid)... what could've possibly turned them into this horrorshow of a defensive line? It's a big pity 'cause with Nani and Berbatov in top form, Chicharito showing signs of real promise, and Scholes and Giggs kicking the season off with great performances we could easily sail through these matches - just like we've been doing before those lousy fuck ups in defense. Last season we couldn't put up a good performance without Rooney and still took it to the final day, now we don't even need him in the starting line-up to produce quality in the front. If only the back four were as solid as before, we'd have a fantastic chance to win the title race; now it's more likely we'll fight to keep our top four spot. :/
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    Joanna is a fucking supreme cunt.
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    "Congratulations, Mr. and Mrs. Surge Machine; it's a boy!"
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    That's a pretty exciting add--druids are pretty versatile. I'm looking forward to playing a wrestler who can tank, heal, deal damage, buff, anything the party needs.
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    Anyone who doesn't play it on Hardcore Mode is a pussy.
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    they're only daffodils, fucking show offs - oh look at me, i'm out first, i'm all yellow!
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    You try too hard. :/
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