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    Paging Rich and Dan to the thread. It must be so hard to support a team that is in the CL, has some world class players and is consistently in the top four of the top tier Thank God I don't support Arsenlol.
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    Newcastle United midfielder Jonas Gutierrez could make his first Premier League appearance on Saturday since overcoming testicular cancer. Magpies boss John Carver said the 31-year-old could be on the bench for the home game with Aston Villa (15:00 GMT). "Jonas Gutierrez is in the squad," added Carver. "There's a possibility he could be on the bench and that's a massive lift for everyone."
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    I read The Valley (as in Charlton) rather than Valley Parade (Bradford).
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    We once had Brad fucking Friedel equalise for us at Charlton, only for them to go up the other end and score and win.
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    Anything on any other channel ever.
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    Haku does good work Raise his brawl to 56 Or TONGAN DEATH GRIP!
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    ....Why are you raising the stats of wrestlers who have been retired for years? I'm assuming "Luke" is Bushwhacker Luke? What has he done to justify his stats being raised? Haku has had, what, one match in the last decade? What has he done to justify his stats improving? Jim Duggan's brawl to 59? Do you think Jim Duggan is capable of a better than average brawl-based match at this stage in his career? That would put his brawling stats in line with, and better than, much of the current WWE roster. What is your justification for this? Or are you just arbitrarily suggesting things?
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    Clarksons gone! For Nathan Hortons same length and money contract. I don't know if it's as restricted as Clarksons but he may be able to be put on LTIR next year. I miss Capgeek.
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    "Hey, I think I remember reading that the Dad from A Christmas Story is the Dad in Billy Madison, that might make for an interesting novelty in rewatching it." *30 seconds later* "Fuck off, Adam Sandler" Hate watching purely to see if they ever find a way for me to root for him over Bradley Whitford.
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    Referee on drugs spotted, at the Feyenoord - Roma game!
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    I couldn't stand to watch more than 15 minutes of that movie.
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    OH MY FUCKING GOD KINGSMAN IS AMAZING. EDIT: Also, Matthew Vaughn is just fucking awesome as a director. Love all his stuff.
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    Actually found the answer to this in the comments of where I got it from: it has happened only once. In the 3rd round of the 1985/86 UEFA Cup (guess they're counting that too), Borussia Monchengladbach took a 5-1 home win against Real Madrid to the Bernabeu and lost 4-0 to go out on away goals.
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    Found this interesting: a table of the odds (based on past results) of progression in the European Cup/Champions League after the specified 1st leg result. So for example, Arsenal have a 1.5% chance of progressing after losing 3-1 at home, but Messi's penalty miss bumps City's chance up to a whopping 5.4%.
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    Stevie B laughs at your pitiful funds. >_>
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    edit: someone recommend me a new show
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    1-0 in my series to Silver 4. 2-0 as DJ Sona. Edit: Woo! now in Silver 4! Edit 2: Got a free win because they picked a double ADC, and one of them AFK'd at level 1. 3-0 as DJ SOna.
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    Only if Awesome Ralph is online.
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    He's got a Pentagon to finish first anyway.
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    Going for a swim is gonna lead to nearly a year in jail. I'd suggest Gazz can take over at Guangzhou but he probably hates them for all the times they spanked him.
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    Yes. More Sky Wall Riding!
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    Big GTA session on Friday?
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    I just finished Wolfenstein and it was awesome. I'm not really a FPS guy at all, but the story was great, the characters were great and the music was awesome. It was hard at times, but in the right kind of way and it never stopped being fun. Great stuff.
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    Well just don't do it then? You CAN do it, but you could also not, and then you have no problem. What difference does it really make that there are a number of alternatives that you can choose from? They're not there for you to be forced in to having Sheamus, Sheamus and Sheamus vs. Del Rio, Del Rio and Del Rio so it's just a needless complaint.
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    Heh. Just finished watching a film but was aware Arsenal were 2-0 down. Quickly flicked over and my first 10 seconds went thusly: "Oh hey, seems Arsenal got it back to 2-1. That should make the second leg interesting. ... That Monaco player's going on quite a run. ... Oh, 3-1 then. Maybe not."
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    Not a great half. Looks like I've pissed my tenner away here!
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    I've never seen every single attacker in the box at a free kick be offside at once before :| It's a team of Jimmys!
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    Provided you've not completely set your heart on keeping all of these friends, everything will be super.
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    Harry Kane has ALL the 20's.
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    To be honest, I didn't think Jason Jones was right for the position. Ditto for Samantha Bee. Bee and Jones works in the same way that Colbert works - they both seemed like they are playing a character. But the Daily Show worked because Stewart rarely seemed like he was playing a character. If they were a comedy duo, Stewart was always the straight man to the joke, which was always a new story, a politician, a member of the media. I think that is why John Oliver has largely succeeded - he basically wasn't playing a character and often just acts like the straight man to the absurdity around them. Colbert's formula of playing a mock character on television works, but I don't think it'll replace the Daily Show. Maybe Jones and Bee could transition into playing less of a character and more of the host role, but I think ultimately it wouldn't be successful. Poehler or Fey were always the best known name out there, because the weekend update was in a lot of ways similar to the format of the Daily Show, just in a more condensed, rapid fire, punch line like fashion. Fey and Poehler for the most part succeeded in that position, but have the chops to do something absurd or silly like Stewart was known for.
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    Much like Thrilla yesterday, I'm not sure which match to watch tonight. Arsenal are obviously easy on the eye, but I doubt Monaco will provide too much of a threat over two legs, whereas Leverkusen-Atletico does seem like it could be a close one.
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    I can't remember who it was but someone did the Superman origin story in four panels. You could do that with Spiderman in a film, a quick flashback, nerdy kid bitten by bug, now he's Spiderman, would take like two minutes tops and wouldn't overly retread ground that has been gone over repeatedly ad nauseam.
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    The Alan Parsons Project Project
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    It's too hot to host a tournament in Qatar in the summer so they move the ACON to June. Sound logic.
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    That sounds more like an anti-Semitic Foo Fighters cover band >_>
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    This show is top-tier. Fantastic episode.
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    Spider-Ham vs. Rocket Raccoon please.
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    I knew it was only mere moments before you'd chime in with your excellent input.
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    I don't see how the 40 is a big deal unless he's been stereotyped as being mobile. Winston is a pocket quarterback, not Michael Vick. I wouldn't hold him accountable for speed anymore than I would Tom Brady. Knock him for being an immature fuckhead sure, but not for a 40 time.
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