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    That isn't bad, normally you only last 3. And that includes the apology.
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    Love it when this comes off. Forced a rage quit too. http://xboxclips.com/alldaws1/85eec163-f198-4d80-9533-b7c01d6cad4a/ Wait, how do I get the video to show in my post again? Can never work this out.
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    Seems like there have been 2204 previous games. Not sure where to jump in.
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    That'll be because you don't have enough stamina, I imagine.
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    Blind buying bundles makes no sense. It's too likely I'll have most of the games I'm interested in already.
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    New Charlie Kaufman movie! It looks fucking gorgeous, I can't wait!
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    Worst part of the evening, and I knew it'd be here when I saw you had the latest post Actually...worst part of the evening might be having to listen to Jermaine Jenas' woeful commentary. Commiserations to Bobfoc.
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    Perfect I uploaded it onto Youtube and submitted it to the goals of the week competition, try and get the Dragons some publicity.
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    Phew... Through by the skin of our teeth. And the enamel. And the dentin. And the pulp. And the whole fucking jawbone.
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    Picked this up last night, and started playing this morning. Having not played a non Fire Pro wrestling game any amount since No Mercy, the learning curve is a bit steep. My biggest issue (surprise, surprise) is this God damn submission system. I understand the concept of what I need to do, but the bar doesn't move at all like it's supposed to. Or at least it doesn't seem that way to me. When you need to go online to try and learn a particular gameplay system...it's a bad system. Or maybe I'm just dense.
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    You'd have to as Bill about that I suppose.
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    It's an amazing evolution of what City of Heroes did with their sidekick system and something I'd like to see them impliment for the entire game.
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    Oh yeah that was hilarious. *Sends text in question* *DING CRISIS ALERT* *DING CRISIS ALERT* *DING CRISIS ALERT* Me out loud: Well I'm guessing Ace did not know it came out on Tuesday... Good thing it was like 2am and no one had been through the lobby in hours. I'll edit in my reaction to those Real Life Fallout vids as soon as I get a chance to watch em.
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    Speaking of Fallout 4! The ending to part 1 had me in stitches.
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    Meh, only things I'd want are Besiege and Lethal League (perhaps). I feel like their Indie Bundles in the past have been stronger, cost far less for BTA, and didn't require blind purchasing. I'm kind of glad the hints on Twitter were legit and stopped me ordering it.
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    For the past few months, I've been assuming Fallout came out on a Thursday. I was talking to @Slogger last night about WWE2K16, and he mentioned being '3 sleeps' until Fallout 4. Thats when I realised it came out on Tuesday. I might have squealed a little
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    All I want is a Diablo 3 expansion :(
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    In the one I remember, being thrown off the scaffold is how I broke my neck.
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    I have all next week off. I cannot wait.
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    Thank you for introducing me to SLAMMED, I'm loving it right now
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    Can it just be Christmas already?!
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    I play bass because I have sausage fingers and I don't know how the hell people play anything other than four chord punk. Slap and Pop? I'd end up breaking my bass.
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    Also, any chance someone can change the thread title to just "The Star Wars Thread" or something, please? The Disney news is three years old at this point >_>
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    I don't think AC will ever top Brotherhood as a game. It had a great protagonist (Ezio), a great enemy (Borgias), great location (Rome), a shocking ending (the death of Lucy and Ones Who Came Before revelations), great combat (especially the recruiting and weapons systems), fantastic free running, and just generally culminated in a game that had everything going for it.
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    Speaking of "subtle as a bag of hammers", I liked the Doctor's line about how the Zygons couldn't take the UK because people already live there, and they'd think they were trying to steal their benefits.
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    I'm led to believe the removal of classic cheat codes directly led to Sir Patrick Moore's death.
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