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    I'm alone in my house but I'm still singing along
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    They did a crossover with Desperate Dan
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    Some of the best comedy comes from the monster entries....
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    That's my point. Final Fantasy has been so po-faced and serious for so long, whereas the best games in the series all had a weird, offbeat sense of humour to them. It's nice to see them having fun with the franchise, and even when the dialogue is super cheesy you can tell they know it is. I was dreading a Kingdom Hearts-esque absurdly complicated, needlessly confusing backstory to justify the shared universe, I'm glad they went pretty much the opposite direction.
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    I'm just glad to see Final Fantasy developing a sense of humour again.
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    Glad the Cubs got a win at home. They deserve it. I think this is all going to come down to Kluber needing to put together another gem in Game 7 to ward off collapsing the World Series. Actually if it comes to that I'd kinda wish the Cavs didn't win the NBA Title. Cubs and their history vs. Factory of Sadness Cleveland in Game 7 would have been ridiculous.
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    Don't you go bringing your logic into the post-apocalypse, boy.
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    Ahahaha. Vettel has been given a 10 second penalty for moving under braking, AKA: the Verstappen rule. So he now finishes behind Verstappen and Ricciardo gets 3rd.
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    Someone also threw a dildo onto the pitch at the Bills/Pats game because why not.
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    This story with them eating pigs that ate zombies is just a rip off of the same angle with the cow pies.
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    Ah yes, I do remember that issue of Dennis the Menace where Sgt Slipper and his son took on the zombie apocalypse, only to find that the darkest part of said apocalypse was man himself (usually being that rascal Dennis and his dog Gnasher, of course).
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    Oh my, Ezekiel is so perfectly done. This season is going to be the best.
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    Joe Allen to Bony. 1-0. Everything is shit.
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    You know he wrote The Green Mile as well, yeah
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    One thing I'm particularly enjoying about this game is the sound track. It is superb.
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    What kind of annoys me the most about it is how the stewards/FIA also fucked up with the podium stuff. I've never, ever seen a "investigated after the race" literally be done within 2 minutes of the cars reaching parc ferme/the podium. It really felt like they panicked, thought they'd get more flak if they didn't give Seb the podium, then when they went back and did their work properly and gave Seb the penalty, it meant the podium was wrong anyway.
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    He will likely play like five games for Cleveland before he retires and you guys will use the third round pick to get a pro bowl safety or something, because thats how things work between those two franchises.
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    Yeah I watched season 1 and found it okay, but if I'm being brutally honest I'd have been happy with a conclusive ending and done. I've got season 2 and 3 sat on my Sky box which I might get round to eventually.
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    I can't decide if I like it or not. Some good actors and actresses playing characters that I enjoy, I like the subplot of the bullshit bureaucracy getting in the way but I feel that it is either too rushed or not slow enough. Like could they have done it as a full on action thing or could they have really slowed it down? I dunno. I'd say give it up to halfway thru the season and see what you think. Its perfect for me when I am playing FM or Civ and have it on my other monitor. I think what I am trying to say is that it is entertaining nonsense.
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    Holy shit, Stephen King wrote Shawshank Redemption? That is so odd to me.
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    Nick Nero, Cubantude & The American Giant are the first three. Kameron Kade is the last one.
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    Dak played a hell of a 2nd half and OT there.
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    Woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! Made it as difficult as they could on themselves, but a great win, It was infuriating to see them have 1:40 left to go in the 4th, with all of their timeouts and only needing a field goal to win the game, and they ran three shitty pass plays for 0 yards.
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    I'm glad that Cubs fans got a win at home.
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    Well he's doing a little more this inning...or at least he tried.
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    He'll actually start Game Six.
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    If the Cubs win this game, they need to just leave Heyward's ass in Chicago. He's not needed in Cleveland. All he'll do is strike out eight more times.
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    They have to keep this up! I really need this right now
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    I thought Luke Cage really lost its way towards the end. I thought it started out as a really great show that dipped into the black exploitation era and gave it depth, and did so while being stylish with a great sound track. But it seemed in the second half of the season, it became messy, cliche and a little underwhelming. There's enough promise for a second season for sure, but this also felt like a missed opportunity to capitalise on a strong first 6 eps.
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    Misery scarred me of Kathy Bates for life. I watched a lot of scary movies as a young kid, but her performance in that made me terrified of her. Even in her comedy performances I'm still terrified she's going to turn evil at some point.
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    Misery is awesome. Good stuff.
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    I think Misery is a really rare case where the movie is better than the book. Looking up options, I had no idea Secret Window was a Stephen King thing. It makes sense though.
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    RTG > RD >>>>>>>> PC. Just saying.
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    Robocop is real good. I love movies that create alternate worlds and really commit to it. Robocop does it so well.
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    Rewatched Double Indemnity, still such a bad ass film. Edward Robinson's Keyes character just has so many amazing quotes.
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    Oh well I'm in then!
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    I'm still alive, just had a rough week at work and not much time to grind. I'll step it up in the coming weeks.
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    Hello EWB Universe, I am here to make an announcement regarding my monthly EWR status updates. As some of you may already know, my wife is currently seven months pregnant with our second child with her due date set for December 15th. With our first daughter and me working and going to school full time, I seem to have less and less time to play EWR. So it is with a heavy heart that i announce that after I release my December update, I will be stepping down from the monthly updates and spending less time on the forums. Thank you for everyone's support this past year that I have been doing these updates and I hope someone will step in my place and help keep this game alive. I will help anyone who wants to take on this task in any way possible. I will pop in and out of the boards periodically to see how everything is going. Thank you for everyone's continued support. As always, Happy Playing.
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