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    @Baddar what a win for Barry Town today, 1-0 at the mighty New Saints!
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    Christ, you can tell your team is managed by Mourinho. >_>
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    Didn't realise he was on loan
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    I quite like the orange kit.
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    Amazing. I was at the Nomads game last week and Barry were shocking. Mighty Kayne McLaggon again!
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    Burton Albion. A team who's last win was in the middle of September and had lost 5 and drew 2 games prior to today's match, decide to beat Millwall away from home. Fuck off Millwall.
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    Incredible moment from the Houston Astros parade. Fans help a lady get her hat back. https://streamable.com/jguuq
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    In all fairness he did Williams a massive favour by delaying his retirement a year due to Bottas' sudden departure, it wouldn't exactly have been "dignified" of the team to dump him for the last few races for someone else after he did that for them. Massa is a class act, always has been and for me remains a very under-rated driver.
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    As much as I like him the goodwill of last year's retirement isn't there this time, partly because it's already been done, but his behaviour in trying to keep the seat in the last couple of months by trashing Kubica and Di Resta hasn't been very dignified.
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    Make a team of four: Main character, tag a gun skill or two, and a speech skill Doctor, tag pistol and then medic and surgeon Jill, your Master Of Unlocking, tag a gun skill and then lockpicking/safecracking Boy Genius, tag a gun skill and then securities/computer hacking Up your gun skills consistently and when you get high enough speech, start adding in levels to brute force. Then take the two NPCs the game gifts you early, Angela from base camp and then one of the two from your first mission.
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    There's a couple of scenes in JJ that are spoiled by a cameo in Daredevil S2(if You the know Chronological order of the shows) but You wont realized untill the specific scenes.
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    Okay, you keep going on about this, so let's break it down. Before I go on, I will say, I have no idea if the NFL colluded to avoid signing Kaepernick, but let's continue with what we know. The Ravens: His girlfriend makes a tweet and he doesn't get offered a contract. Or at least, that's what Ray Lewis says. If it is true, it shouldn't really matter. What my partner says or tweets shouldn't affect my job status. The Seahawks: It could have been that the owners wanted one team to offer Kaepernick the league minimum to avoid it being called collusion. But that would still be collusion. And even if you remove those two teams, there are still potentially 30 teams that could have colluded to ensure he wasn't signed. And he didn't "quit his job". He opted out of a contract that he had every right under the structure of the contract to do so. You're right, if you opt out, you are not entitled to receive a new contract. But if you have the ability to get a new contract, but every owner, or even a majority of owners, come together to purposely act to try and make sure you don't get a contract, that's collusion. There is evidence to show that parties within and outside the NFL are worried about how this kneeling protest has affected their business (Goodell's letter, for example). Papa fucking John's says he thinks it has affected their business. It certainly seems plausible that there may just be some truth to what many believe is happening to Kaepernick.
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    I find it funny that Kaepernick's girlfriend is always brought up as if what she tweets is a legitimate reason not to sign him.
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    Thor was absolutely brilliant, just a train of fun from start to finish, didn't take itself overly serious and 'deep' anymore and revelled in its preposterousness... Some issues, though.
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    As soon as the Ravens and Seahawks situations come to light at a hearing, his grievance probably goes bye-bye. Along with his career. "Mr. Kaepernick, the only people you have legitimate grievances with are your girlfriend.....and yourself." If you quit your job (or are fired), you're not entitled to receive another one. The Ezekiel Elliot situation pisses me off, and has nothing to do with him being a Cowboys player. The punishment does not fit the crime (especially when the situation revolving around the crime is shady as fuck), players have gotten less punishment for worse, and Goodell shouldn't be able to say it's because of repeat offense when the offense probably never happened. There are players actually guilty of what Zeke is being accused of who received lesser suspensions, and that's outright bullshit. I hate Goodell, and can't wait for that cocksucker to go. He's the worst commissioner the league has ever had. It's his fault that dirty sack of shit Suh is still in the league instead of working as a bouncer somewhere.
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    Also, I blind bought My Hero Academia's first season blu-ray. I had been hearing about it for a long time, I really liked the edition, and since I like to collect blu-rays and DVDs (it's one of my hobbies...), I took the dip. Holy crap, am I in love with the series. I immediately looked up for season 2, watched it, and am now in the process of reading the manga to prepare myself for the eventual season 3.
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    I’m ready for Hot Stove season. Let’s see some wheelin’ and dealin’, folks.
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    My favorite UCLA tradition is no longer the 8 Clap, it's now our steadfast refusal to field a defense of any type.
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    For me it's my favorite athlete as a kid...Ken Griffey Jr. I honestly feel like in the mid-90s, Ken Griffey Jr was as big of a deal as Michael Jordan. He had it all...the swing, the stats, cool, amazing catches in centerfield. Griffey was the best. It's a shame he never had a World Series moment.
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