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    If you guys want Sexy Rexy too, just ask.
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    I'd argue that GTA is not really that innovative. GTA 3 certainly was. But every game since has not felt innovative. Ambitious, yes. But not innovative. GTA 5 feels larger and that it has more game mechanisms. But outside online, it's not a drastically different game from 3. On the flipside, I would say Mario has had three hugely innovative games - Super Mario Bros, Super Mario World and Mario 64. Super Mario Bros for innovating platforming games, World for the sheer depth and content to explore and 64 for really revolutionizing how games use 3D spaces. Super Mario Maker would be 4 if we count it in the series for the creation aspect.
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    The prelims from last night, had some really fun fights, and a couple of great finishes.
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    We finally got points on the first possession! It's a sign. The Bears are going to the Superbowl!!
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    That's my new current team. Currently bombarding my way through Online Seasons with it. Went eleven games unbeaten from Div 8 to Div 6, and then typically went one too many and lost my last game for now 8-3 with each team having a man sent off. Funny old game. Rabiot is a monster in CM, so good at link up play.
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    If this is the year both Crystal Palace and West Ham go down, I don't think I'd be able to contain my excitement come May.
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    Rob Ryan is a pundit on Sky today - what the everloving fuck is he wearing!
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    Yeah, I prefer it. With online I tend to get carried away but if I actually have to walk to the bookies then laziness trumps impulse.
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    As a whole Macau is a shitshow every single year. The F3 race was remarkably 'clean', with only the crash on the final lap to really 'excite'. But then the GT3/WTCC races had massive pile-up's. The only reason Macau is still being driven is the same reason why people still drive Monaco. 'Prestige' and all that, but the difference maker is that Monaco is being driven by the best talent, and Macau is 'amateur' racing. It's insane, though. Macau is and always be an utterly nuts racing weekend.
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    Really digging my new wallpaper I'm so close to being caught up and I dread when I hit that point.
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    I dunno how you can play that often against the CPU. I get through about half a dozen games and I get bored, I much prefer playing online.
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    I binged the entire season over the last two days.. I really, really liked it. Bernthal is Frank Castle.
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    Four episodes in, and one huge improvement the Punisher has over Iron Fist and the Defenders: Iron Fist isn't in it. It's doesn't have as many boring moments as a result.
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    8 wins out of 8 today. This evenings results: 2-1, 3-2, 2-1, 4-4 (won on pens after conceding 120th minute) 55,131 points in total. 58,871 is the current Elite 1 total needed. Massively above Elite 3 by 21,000 points so really I should be safe anyway. I just need to get some games where I score a ton against the AI. They've all been a 1 goal cushion bar the 3-1 win this morning.
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    I miss Psych, I want the movie to arrive already and for it to get back on Netflix
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    I would say my top choices are: Final Fantasy - Even though I completely stopped caring after X, but the 4, 6, 7, 9 and 10 are a fantastic set of games even though I haven't actually fully played the Japan only releases or 8. Suikoden - Another fantastic series (save part 4). Suikoden II is one of the greatest stories for an RPG ever and III is a personal favorite of mine. Pokemon - Probably my #1 and pretty self explanatory. Warcraft - Tides of Darkness, Warcraft III and World of Warcraft is a pretty insanely huge trio of games. Fire Emblem - Same basic formula, over a dozen pretty amazing games. I really wanted to say Heroes of Might and Magic but its a series that fell apart pretty badly after they made the 3rd one which was one of my favorite and most played games of all time.
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    There's nothing more devastating when your last coin boost expires. Getting the correct amount of coins at the end of the game sucks.
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    Just throwing it out there... I really don't think WWE news is required here. It appears the birthdays/ages haven't been updated for a few months. It would seem birthdays from August onward have not been edited.
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    Russia, England, Sweden, Australia. Just so a newspaper can point out you can spell ARSE with the first letters.
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