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    Football Manager? Completed it, mate!
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    Never write of Liverpool football club. That was possibly the best night of my life what an incredible game of football to witness live. Everyone wrote us off and yet here we are again those fucking annoying scousers going against the grain and pulling off another mental comeback. Every range of emotion possible through that and when that fourth went in. Just absolute carnage. Arms everywhere. People who don't get football need to watch games like this. Not ashamed to admit I cried in the ground. Just cannot get over wtf I just witnessed. Its nights like this where I could still go the game with my dad and experience this with him but i know somewhere up above he saw every minute of it and was going just as apeshit as me! How the fuck am I meant to sleep after that!?!?!
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    I'm also glad that this World Cup has made a lot of English people happy. It seems to me that there haven't been a lot of opportunities for English people to celebrate being English. In Scotland and Wales we have a parliament and a government: distinct institutions that are a big part of our identity and play a big role in what it means to be Scottish our Welsh. These provide a benign outlet for Scottish people to celebrate being Scottish and the ways in which we are different (though still mostly the same and still friends obvs) from the rest of the UK. England doesn't have that. And as such, expressions of English nationalism have taken quite a negative shape in the popular mindset: the English Defence League is an obvious example. And this is obviously unfair and frustrating for English people who want to celebrate their country, the vast majority of whom are wonderful people. They didn't have much of a competing narrative - and those that they did have were coopted as British, not English. And sometimes this frustration can boil over. Brexit was a roar into the void from many English voters, frustrated at the political consensus and at their powerlessness (much as the independence referendum almost was for Scotland). This is why I think England's World Cup run is more important than just being a sporting thing. It gave English people a positive outlet to celebrate being English. Not only that, it was done in the form of a young, diverse team that showed a different story of England from the one that Nigel Farage and Jacob Rees-Mogg had been telling us. And a calm, grounded, everyman manager that did a wonderful job of contextualising the exact thing that I'm posting about. Culturally, this cup run could be more important for England than 1966. This is a crucial time. There's now a mainstream, positive narrative of Englishness that the progressive majority can seize upon. And that could be a very good thing. (Although the sooner you get your own parliament the better #takebackcontrol - but properly, obviously.)
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    Using these instructions, and knowing Bret has the match against Razor and isn't mentioned again until the final, and putting bret/razor into a qualifier, the ned graphic would look like this Or something.
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    Someone pointed out a blink and you miss it cameo
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    Seriously what are some of you people smoking? If good kickers were a dime a dozen you wouldn’t have teams like the Chargers or Buccaneers struggling mightily to find one decent kicker. Passable kickers might be a dime a dozen, good ones aren’t.
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