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    Neat Does it have to be Pagan, though? Don't they have enough? run littlefinger.exe I actually think this is awesome, since aspects like that can really be applied to AGOT for things like crypts etc. Dracarys. As long as it's applied to the War for Dawn Awesome, but again, why Pagan?
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    Giroud hattrick for a chelsea win, with Sanchez missing 4 penalties. Please.
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    Doing some charity work on the side while managing Orient. I'm currently Wales boss. This is the state of it: Osian Roberts: I have been unable to compile a full report on England as very little statistical data exists for the team. You mate pick up your P45 on your way out to lunch.
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    How on Earth did one judge have Selby winning?
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    I wonder if there's a part of Sanchez that regrets moving to United, if nothing else, at Arsenal he at least had the freedom to play a lot more openly and a more attacking, expressive game. He just really doesn't fit in with how Man Utd play at all. Should have just seen out the season at Arsenal and then seen what offers were available to him beyond just Man Utd in the Summer. They just don't seem like an attractive option for any kind of player with flair and whatever at the moment beyond just the name value of the club. Still, just the four more years left of his contract.
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    I'd love to see Pogba under Pep, he'd sort him right out after a season. United are diabolical to watch, just not pleasing on the eye or effective. A niggling feeling that Mourinho's spark has gone and the game is passing him by. Their point total is far from reflective of their quality and it'll be interesting to see how they do next year. Jones was woeful but that first touch by Hazard was pure filth.
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    I don’t like to see Chelsea win, but I love to see Mourinho lose. Also. Alexis Sanchez seems like square peg, round hole. Doesn’t fit United at all. I still love Olivier. I will never stop.
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    I like Pogba. I think he'd flourish under basically any other manager. Jose such a dour slug.
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    That wasn't one for the neutrals
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    Martial just not caring. Just hoofing everything straight out to spite Jose for fucking his World Cup chances I reckon.
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    I think Jones should be off purely because that tackle was so badly and poorly executed. He twisted his body and took him out with his back.
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    I genuinely don't understand how this Man Utd team finished on 81 points. They're just awful. Dismal, dismal, awful, turgid shite. Would rather watch us.
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    ? Also, that should have been a red card. I know the rules have changed, but he was so close to goal by that point, I think you have to give the red.
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    Every time Hazard makes a run at him.
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    Gone for a United win with Rashford to score in 90 minutes, and 5+ corners in each half.
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    I'm still bitter about HIMYM too
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    IDK, I kind of want it to end with a nice call back to the first episode: Illyrio Mopatis sits at his palace in Pentos, fanning himself. He thinks for a moment, and just says, "Well shit." Fade to black
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    You might enjoy this: http://www.football365.com/news/portrait-of-an-iconic-team-parma-1998-1999
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    Parma have made it back to Serie A.
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    http://homeofprowrestling.com/Downloads/EWR/Monthly_Updates/2016/ewr_05_2016.zip It's for May, but I think it'll do you good.
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    I’m just imagining that like the appraisals in The Office, and the guy has just blagged his way in to the job but knows nothing at all about football. ”Here you go, boss.” ”R-right... Bobby Charlton, it says here?” ”...” ”Thats fine, little mistake there, no bother... banter.” ”Banter, exactly.” ”Hmm. Something here about them playing a 4-4-3-2?” ”Thats right.” ”Yeah, that’s... that’s too many players though, isn’t it?” ”Oh, er, yes, so it is.” ”Under ‘strengths’... you’ve just put ‘Baddiel and Skinner’?” ”Yeah.” ”Get out.”
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    I prefer Zeltron 6 Billion But Del is super dope as well.
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    Yeah, Road Bound. Sorry it took me four years.
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    iZombie season 5 will be its last.
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    I like you're not disappointed he was sent off but rather he didn't last a little bit longer.
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    You know who's the worst? People that complain about people that complain about their fans.
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    Goddamnit. Most fans I know of this show are insufferable. Bronies are more tolerable than them.
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    I hope it also has interminably long montages set to '70s song covers, just with the lyrics in Spanish instead.
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    I fucking love the Goldbergs. There probably isn't a show on TV with a more likeable set of characters, both core and recurring.
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    Wow, spoiler alert. I'm only on Season 3 of Jeopardy.
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    It's not anime but anime inspired, but if you have never seen "Avatar: The Last Airbender" cartoon then watch that. Everyone ever should watch that. It has the best character development of any show ever IMO.
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    New logo for House Targaryean:
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    Then immediately lost to Jon Snow while killing a bunch of his own men. Even if he won the battle he would have lost the North. Robb had a good track record until his wang got him into trouble.
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