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    I've created the thread for the Money League for this year - I'll tag everyone who was in it last year as a heads-up, but I'm definitely hoping we get some new people this year too! All the info should be in the thread, any other questions just ask me in there. @Diet DMarrio, @Baddar, @Moses Julep, @Jimmy, @Loz, @MexicoJack, @hugobomb
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    Hard call to make when it comes to labeling exactly what I listen to when it comes to rap. It's a fascinating genre as a whole - but it's rife with misogyny or stuff that focuses on "buy this, I have the most of this" culture and I've come to despise that. You go back to the early 90s hey-day and it's easy to find good songs, but after reading Original Gangstas and other books that focus around that time frame, no one is really all that clean of that kind of stuff. I'm a big proponent though of looking at things as a product of their time - and for that reason I still enjoy Biggie and the like - but the real life actions of guys like Easy E and Dr. Dre are pretty hard to look past. For a good period of time it was Kanye for me and I don't really have to explain why but over the years it has just become harder and harder to go back and listen to him after everything that has gone down.When I was initially listening to Kanye I cared less about how braggadocios he was - because he did it really well and was self conscious. But these days I just feel uncomfortable in just about any way - it feels like enabling someone who needs serious help to me. Ultimately these days - the pinnacle of what rap can be for me is Watsky and a lot of the people that he hangs and collabs with - Anderson Paak, Chinaka Hodge - rappers who are also poets. Positive music with a great message performed extremely well. It's the same reason that I went through a Kendrick Lamar phase.
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    6ix9ine molested the shit out of a thirteen year old girl with another guy, taped it and shared it all over the place and has pretty much had a slap on the wrist for it. The amount of shitheads in rap now with the YouTube/Soundcloud boom serve essentially one purpose in my eyes right now - and that's essentially to point out how fucked up the industry still is.
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    I would like to enter but if you have a ton of interest feel free to put me out to pasture.
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    Yeah, I'm in. I think I won the non-money one last season.
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    In. This was great fun last season.
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    This is going to be an incredible finish.
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    I wish they'd done that with Crash. I've listened to the new versions of the tracks, and I prefer the originals.
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    It was just over £8 when it was on sale recently. £24.99 seems quite silly, especially when you can get a physical copy of the Game of the Year Edition for £11.99 at Argos. Clearly, they're hoping that hype for the sequel raises interest in the original game to the extent that people are willing to pay more for it.
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    You're just shit at the game mate.
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    News out yesterday. Games going to come with two different soundtracks. The original and a Reignited one. And both sound damn good!
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    Speaking of the Mets and jokes..
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    I think at this point it's probably a pretty good move for D-Wade. He's done all he can do in the NBA and the Heat aren't going anywhere with or without him on the team. He's got three rings, so why not take the gravy train contract and spend your final few basketball playing seasons making a shitload of bank in China and retiring with more money than anyone would ever need.
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    Called it. Mets get RHP Bobby Wahl and 3B William Toffey plus international pool money. I wasn't expecting a massive haul obviously but that's two complete nothing prospects. What a damn joke this organization is.
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    Looks like a toilet seat.
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    First time treasonists removed from office, second time treasonists hanged/no pay!
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    I can see why they signed him, look at the size of his hands! I'd be worried about his tiny head though.
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    If you get a request from stankellitt that is me. Recently loaded this back up as well ... I've had no legendarys yet. My code is: 6529 6071 4799 FYI incase anyone hasn't warned you, after the research where you have to catch a Ditto and catch 10 ghosts your next lot of research will involve you evolving a Magikarp. So yeah, don't do what my friend did.
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    Not much change there then.

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