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    Karius must be holding it
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    2014 thread was smoking the same stuff as Justin Blackmon.
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    Carolina have signed Eric Reid.
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    How ‘bout we stop making movies about the Joker for, saaaay, twenty years?
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    I don't know who are the better creators but there are millions of wrestlers out there easy to download.
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    4 days in and I have 8 RBIs. Way to show up for the championship round team. Anthony Rendon has 8 RBIs by himself.
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    Super Easy. I have thousands of wrestlers in mine and I haven't ever created a single one. Most are decent. Some are great.
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    I'd say it's a bit of a surprise. Even he looks confused.
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    Talking of UT... My missus' brother works at GAME, and he was saying there's a bloke who works with him that spent £4000 on points alone in that store last year. Crazy.
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    Never let facts get in the way of puns.
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    Bruh. You can't be doing Dan like this.
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    NFL 2014 thread is laughing their ass off at you.
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    My preliminary call for the Super Bowl this year is Jags/Rams.
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    This is a back-and-forth game. Back and forth between Goff's hand and the Vikings D's ass. Because he is spanking them.
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    If only they'd just wear those uniforms every week. That is what the Rams are suppose to look like.
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    Uefa has announced that it would begin using video assistant referees (VAR) in next season’s Champions League, after a debut in the Super Cup. It also approved the use of VAR for the 2020 European Championship and the 2020-21 Europa League. The first Uefa game using technological help for referees is expected to be 14 August 2019 in the Super Cup between this season’s Champions League and Europa League winners in Istanbul. It will then be used from the play-off stage onwards of the 2019-20 Champions League.
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    I do remember that now. deGrom was the other guy in that whole pool of once-in-a-lifetime pitching prospects. He should win Cy Young unanimously and deserves consideration as MVP due to the absurd lack of run support he got in wins but still managed to win 10 anyway deal. That said, voters probably give NL MVP to Yelich which is also completely fair.
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    I get more enjoyment out of playing manual because you can have the ball about three yards from an open goal and still put it closer to the corner flag than the net. Even simple things like stringing together 3 quick passes is a challenge.
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    There's also the fact that a lot of the other modes are left to stagnate and never get any real attention cos ultimate team is the big money maker for them. ^ what Liam said.
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    Ultimate team is one of the reasons I stay away from EA Sports franchises to be honest. At this point I think far too much focus goes into those modes than the actual gameplay. It’s just an enourmous cash cow. Some of the money people have spent is outrageous.
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    Played the demo. Really liked it. I really liked the 18 demo too though till they patched the game into oblivion. They won't be getting my money this year, too many games I have faith in to retain their quality to buy instead.
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    'The Argentine Dream' Dusty Maradona.
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    I'll get it. Like picking up Career mode even though it's an afterthought and it's good to have socially for a game whenever people come round. Only €55 in Smyths too, a nice change of pace from the €65/70 range that was the norm a few years ago. Ultimate Team is the single worst thing to happen to sports gaming though and I wouldn't play it if you paid me.
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    It's impressive that you really care as much about this as much as you do.
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    Started a new run as Robb Stark, Parley at Storm's End. Married Rosalin because her brother's stats were better than Jeyne's brother. Right out of the gate I get the Wolf Child event, so I have an adopted, tall genius bastard that I legitimize and renamed Edward. Easily ROFLSTOMP Joffrey, give the Iron Throne to Stannis. I chose Stannis over Renly because I want to be left the hell alone, and Stannis as the king will have to fight a ton of wars. Or so I thought. Dany showed up, Married to Aegon, and took the throne. Aegon died trying to take a dragon, though. She ends up married to Trystane Martell. Anyway, I married Sansa to Harrold Arryn. When I took King's Landing, I got a few courtiers out of it in addition to prisoners. Including Gendry. I married him to Arya. I beheaded every Westerman I captured, except Jaime and Tyrion. I sent them to the Wall. Robb killed Balon Greyjoy, stopping the Ironborn, and took my forces Beyond the Wall to stop Mande. Then Winter came, but it was short. The White Walkers fell to a massive force of Northmen lead by the Blackfish. Married Eddard the Wolf Child to Arya and Gendry's kid. Dany got deposed in favor of her son, but I invited her to Winterfell. I then bethroed one of my daughters to King Aelor I and proceeded to form an Alliance, specifically to save the Targaryen dynasty. To date, the only people not to fight against Robb has been Dorne and the Riverlands. So. Ned the Wolf now has a fucking werewolf for a daughter. She's strong, ugly, and the grandchild of Robb, Ned and Robert. Which also means, thanks to Baratheon lineage, she's also part Targaryen. She's only six, but also has lustful and lunatic. I've already bethroed her to one of Dany's kids. In fact, I'm going to marry ALL of Ned the Wolf's kids to Targaryens if I can, so that way the Starks in Winterfell become these fucking dragon riding monsters. I dont care about the kid's if Sansa, Rickon or Brandon. Ned is fucking Brandon's wife. And Ned gained Lustful as well. This is bar nine the most interesting run as a Stark I've had. I can't wait to see how it goes, but holy fuck.
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    OK a bit late but whats new. Sticking with the new format, just react to this post to go into the draw. Will likely be drawn this time next week. This weeks game is Steam key supplied via HumbleBundle Here is the actual game's intro if you think it'll help you think on it.
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    A documentary on Amon Amarth is coming out in November. I'm so ready for this
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    You have possession, why play a low percentage long pass upfield into an area where your forwards will be outnumbered by defensive players, resulting in a large percentage chance that all you do in that instance is gift possession to the opposition, who can then attack you directly? One of the whole points to playing out from the back is that is encourages the opposition press, if the press isn't organised and cohesive, rather than plugging gaps, the opposition create them for you, allowing you to play quickly through them, where one or two decisive packing passes forwards can cut through the foward and midfield lines and get a team mate directly opposing the oppostion defensive line. England and Arsenal aren't great at it because they're using players in defensive positions that were never trained to perform these duties until well into their professional development phase, so they'll always be playing catch up to players who have been doing this since they were kids. The only way there will be improvement is by practice and that means doing it in match situations because you can't really replicate it on a training pitch. Football is a game of failure, only scoring a goal is a 'success'. Teams are constantly failing with their attacks, the method in which to become a more successful team is to use strategies that limit the chance of failure. Long passes fail more often than short ones, hence now teams play out from the back. Average crossing completion is about one in seven, and one in three of those results in a goal, therefore crossing was thrown out in favour of the inverted winger who drives into the box to make higher percentage passes or shots because having the ball in an attacking position twenty-one times to only succeed once is abysmal. Get with the programme you stuffy old codgers who are the same age as me. The four four fucking two with wingers is dead. Until it's alive again.
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    You're reaching. 20hr later Edit: Literally just got home after going out and buying Premier Manager 2000 (PS1), 04-05 and 05-06. I really wanted 2003 but couldn't find a copy.
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    @Meacxico. Dude cannot catch a break!
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