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    Why have Arsenal sent Bellerin back to the 70's for his treatment?
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    Not a sport - but golf is shit and ruins a good walk.
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    If nothing else, a safe choice.
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    Felt cute. Might delete later.
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    That's actually a pretty good place to start
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    Curling is far more exciting than anybody gives it credit for.
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    So apparently, when your wife asks you "do you love me more than Football Manager?", asking her "which edition?" is not the correct response.
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    Mecha Kingler.
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    This is in the responses to Hennessey's explanation. Twitter can be magical sometimes!😂
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    I can't tell with him because his jokes are typically pretty shit.
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    Stefon Diggs' cleats today:
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    Gonna cross stitch a playable, full size Catan set. Here's the first tile.
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    Worst bit is that it is on my profile as a relegation.
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    Behold, the part-Scot Scott Scott.
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    I’d be trying to get suspended the rest of the year if I was a Jet too.
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    I'm in the "never pre-ordered because it sounded like a terrible concept from the get-go" camp.
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