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    Never write of Liverpool football club. That was possibly the best night of my life what an incredible game of football to witness live. Everyone wrote us off and yet here we are again those fucking annoying scousers going against the grain and pulling off another mental comeback. Every range of emotion possible through that and when that fourth went in. Just absolute carnage. Arms everywhere. People who don't get football need to watch games like this. Not ashamed to admit I cried in the ground. Just cannot get over wtf I just witnessed. Its nights like this where I could still go the game with my dad and experience this with him but i know somewhere up above he saw every minute of it and was going just as apeshit as me! How the fuck am I meant to sleep after that!?!?!
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    I thought you guys might like to see my little games box. I take it camping, when I go visit my partner, when we do long train rides, basically anywhere we might have some time to kill. It fits in an old tin, the modern equivalent is the altoids tin. The price on the label is 25 1/2 p so the tin is older than me. It's 10 X 6 X 2 cm. It holds eight dice, the twelve tiles needed to play LESS, a mini card deck, Pass The Pigs, the board to play Coinage, as well as enough coins to use as tokens. It also holds instructions for Pigs, Coinage, and cheat sheets for the dice games Yahtzee and Decathlon. So yeah, as well as the above, you can play any card or dice game, Cribbage, Idiot, Colonnade, Buck Dice, etc. And the back of the tin is a magnetic white board for keeping score. And it all packs away into a pocket sized tin
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    I’ve got a venti white chocolate mocha with a double shot for...Danayas?
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    Someone pointed out a blink and you miss it cameo
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    Seriously what are some of you people smoking? If good kickers were a dime a dozen you wouldn’t have teams like the Chargers or Buccaneers struggling mightily to find one decent kicker. Passable kickers might be a dime a dozen, good ones aren’t.
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    Why have Arsenal sent Bellerin back to the 70's for his treatment?
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    Here is the main problem with literally everything that exists now. People want to dictate that story instead of listening to it. Would I have done things different? Yes. Does that make me unhappy with what I got? No.
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