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    Bellator's live showing on Channel 5 got cut off at 6am by Peppa Pig 🤣
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    Oh, you zip it, @Busch Luck Fale! Rogers Hornsby was @Meacxico's manager, and he called him a talking pile of pigshit. And that was when his parents drove all the way down from Michigan to see him play the game. And did he cry?
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    I usually just search for the name of the wrestler I want to download and then "Most Subscribed". If I see a good version, I'll check out their other work to see if they have a collection. Jazzx57629 has basically the entire Raw, SmackDown, and 205 Live rosters and they're all pretty good
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    Yes. You go to www.firepro-w.com, log in with your PSN and just download everything you want off of there. Then next time you turn on the game everything you downloaded will be available.
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    Well the Cards are now out but both the Central and West are in play today. White Sox try to avoid becoming the 3rd 100 loss team in the American League. Russell Martin gonna do a gimmick player-manager, play-every-position game it sounds like. Yelich going for the NL Triple Crown. Orioles looking to cement/avoid the record for most games out 1st in the expansion era. Khris Davis looking to keep the streak of seasons hitting .247 alive. Time to make full use of my mlb.tv subscription!
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    Petr's worried that the negotiations might get a bit feisty it seems.
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    It got a cool consolation prize. He got to look into the flames MEANWHILE:
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    James Acaster was utterly fantastic that episode.
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    It’s over. Hearing Gary Cohen and Keith Hernandez’ voices audibly cracking from emotion after Wright got pulled really got me. Thank you for everything, Captain. also:
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    Few things bug me more than "anti-chemical" advertising. Literally everything is made of chemicals. Water is a chemical. Just because you can't spell something doesn't mean it's bad for you.
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    You're welcome @Adam es Tranquilo
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    Wow. Well that blows. But I saw it all without spoilers! And I’m so glad it’s back!
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    I missed this show so much!
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    New Details on Universe mode sound promising. I'm still going to wait to see what people think and for a sale price, but I like what I'm reading. See below. PART TWO: UNIVERSE MODE You may have seen videos on YouTube of some of the changes coming to Universe Mode. We wanted to round this information up with additional details so that Universe fans can have everything in one place: The championship system has been expanded to allow six championships per show – compared to the previous limit of four. New customization options make it possible to assign multiple women’s titles or tag titles to a show. Money in the Bank briefcases, now fully customizable, will take a championship slot. New Championship Divisions can determine which titles specific groups of Superstars will pursue. Championships can also now be vacated. The new Superstar Save Profiles system lets players save changes to Superstar settings across MyWWE and multiple Universe saves at the same time. This includes Attributes, Skills, Abilities, Payback, Entrances, and Move Sets. Custom Match Tables let users customize the types of matches used on each show and Pay-Per-View. Using sliders, you can determine the frequency for various match types in storylines and rivalries. Managers are now available to assign to Superstars. In fact, you can assign up to three of them for any given Superstar. Managers will appear alongside the Superstars in One on One and normal Tag Team matches. Promos now incorporate recent events. A former champion will talk about losing the title and ask for a rematch. Rivals will talk about wins and losses, interferences or blindside attacks that happened last week. Many new promo animations have been added. While every Superstar comes with a pre-set “Promo Attitude,” you can customize any of them so that they behave the way you want. Last but not least, you can go through matchups in your Universe and decide the winners and losers of the matches without having to play the match yourself or rely on a random result!
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    It's impressive that you really care as much about this as much as you do.
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    Two people won via Doink the Clown stump puller. Best UFC ever.
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    Why not just do a frog splash after the clapping taunt?
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    I think you'll find he's the one before the best ever.
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    I love that your "sticking up for the little guy" enthusiasm reads like sarcasm to me.

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