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    That's actually a pretty good place to start
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    I'd want us to win no matter if we had that giant cock womble in charge or not. It was depressing but I still wanted us to win...we just didn't and in the end he got fired. I wouldn't actively want my team to get beat no matter who was in charge
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    I know you don't like Mourinho but wanting your team to get beat is pretty shit in terms of being a "supporter" Both goals by Man Utd have been good. Cracking finish by Mata and great link up play for Martial.
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    Like with a drunk projectionist or with a dodgy pair of glasses?
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    Has he been reading MexicoJack's posts?
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    I could never understand wanting your team to lose.
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    Fuck off Sanchez you prick.
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    Rock hard and throbbing.
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    I can feel Gazz's and Mad Jack's erections from here.
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    Gylfi just scored an absolute worldy for Everton. The smoothest Cruyff turns to make space and then casually placed it in top corner from 30 yards out.
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    So I just lost a match to Curt Hawkins... oops. also table matches are annoying because you usually have to fill the 'table meter' to be able to put them through tables... but then sometimes the tables just break anyway without the meter being filled, which is kinda nice because it allows for a surprise victory but also a pain because why implement the system if it doesn't really work?
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    i don't think i'll ever understand how people could not like gina look at that queen
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    Maybe if they'd lost they could've sacked their manager.
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    I did the entirely random rosters - 30 on RAW and 30 on Smackdown then I made a four man stable for each using random. Adam Cole heads up the new Undisputed Era consisting of him and Matt Hardy with the tag team being AJ Styles and Tyler Breeze. Goldust took over the Wyatt Family apparently, renamed it the Golden Family and his underlings are Daniel Bryan with that team's tag being Bray and Jack Gallagher. Living and dying by the rando, man.
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    Week 8 Results Much more of a mixed bag this weekend, and @edcq sees his 100% disappear quite emphatically with Doncaster losing 4-0. @9 to 5 still has his, however, but there's a chasing pack on 22pts ready to capitalise on any mistake. The 2nd half of the game will start after the internationals.
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    They do add things consistently, plug gaps in the back catalog and more. There's also an email address they have up on their site for you to send suggestions for things that are missing.
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    Glossed over how shit we were for 70mins but fucking get in! I'm at the point now where if we did change the manager, it wouldn't bother me as it feels like the players don't want to play for him - but that was a good fightback and it should help the confidence. Defence is still wank though, and our run after the break is very tough so some dark days could still be ahead. Also Mad Jack, don't wish for your own team to lose ffs!
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    I would be too if my team won.
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    Yes, and I got it very early and I am so proud of myself.
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    Handstand on the top of the seats.
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    'You're just a shit Mo Diame' aimed at Pogba is the best chant I've heard in a while! 😂
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    Man Utd don't sack managers.
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    Ffs Newcastle I mean it's hysterical you're two up already after 10 mins but we want Jose to remain in the job!
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    Nick Saban has criticized the low attendance from Bama fans so far this year. Yeah, rip the fans for not wanting to pay to watch you roll over cupcake teams.
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    I saw some videos of the cel shading screen effects and it looks really cool. Shame you can’t just change the screen effect via the pause screen or something as it sounds like you have to create a show to use it.
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    There's a 4 issue mini-series called 'Mary Jane' that apparently precedes it. From 2004
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    Drunkenly downloaded Dragon Quest 11 last Friday. I didn't regret it, I've always loved the Dragon Warrior/Quest games to the point I play Dragon Warrior 2/3/4 on emulator once a year. I felt bad since, before I got drunk and said "Fuck it", I heard good things about DQ11. I last remembered playing DQ8 about a decade ago and felt bad about not following the series after that. Turns out, Dragon Quest 8 was the last one released in America, so no quilt there! The game is fantastic! I've been loving just walking around and grinding, or avoiding it since you can see and avoid the enemies. One of your team members, Sylvando, is such a gay stereotype, but he's also one of the best characters in the game. No regrets about this drunk download
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    There are arenas in Mexico and Japan that you can use outside for sure, Japan even has specific clapping reactions instead of cheering. Yeah it's the frustrating bit every year - because there's other little things that are new like cheer/boo loudness sliders per wrestler, side plates, random colors for quick alt attires, etc that are neat small additions.
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    I know in the past I've tried to do what I've seen New Legacy do with entirely random draft, randomly assigned champions and then taking people from those shows and making random factions/tag teams which can be really creative but a lot of work.
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    Always nice to see West Ham losing.
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    He was born in England, played for Chelsea youth and made his debut for West Ham. He is completely Irish and I watched him nosh Le Blarney Stone with my own two eyes.
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    Now GM is trying to pull a Sahyder too!
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    Joe never was a fan of the Inbetweeners.
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    I believe so! Matt dropped only 5pts the year he won but I'm not sure it started with 7 straight wins...
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    Not going to lie Kirkland your reaction to this is crazy to me but I'm honestly sorry that ruined what was an amazing game for you
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    Don't tease me like this Def Jam
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    I can't believe this flopped.
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    https://streamable.com/91d9p Ricciardo is utterly suffering right now.
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    There's a Tokyo Dome arena and an Arena Mexico arena that you apparently can't use outside of MyPlayer mode.
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    Doug Williams announced his retirement at today's PROGRESS show in Wembley.
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