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    No, no. Andy Reid teams are always unstoppable in the later parts of the season.
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    The Steelers would be incredibly dumb to get rid of Tomlin. Equally dumb is the Cardinals likely firing Steve Wilks after only one year. There is not a coach in the league that could’ve won with the roster he was given. He didn’t even get a chance.
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    I like it though because he sounds like he genuinely is enjoying watching all these games. Can't really say that about many announcers
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    I finished the main story last night and now I'm really bummed out.
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    Everybody you played this week paid off. Congrats you 3 time champ rat bastard you ❤️
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    It has the potential to be the best series finale ever or the worst, depending on who lives and who dies.
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    Romo had the line of the game on that fake punt: ”He gets up and runs and celebrated thinking he got the first down...only to go to the sidelines and be told you were a whole yard and a half short.”
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    Romo is great, but he sounds like he could do the voice for Morty.
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    They were playing dirty. We had to punch them!
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    Got my PC, not getting FM til Xmas day, climbing the walls here.
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    Well, Rudolph at Christmas...
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    Just FYI that s not true. The network wanted the show to continue, the show actually went one season over what they wanted to do, which was why you had random episodes like Jack's tattoo origins and the awful Nikki and Paulo. Also, St Dubb is 100% correct about the flash sideways and what they were. I wasn't the biggest fan of them but I don't think it ruined the show, and it made for a nice finale to me, but to each their own, and I understand why you feel the way you do because for a time I felt similar.
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    To be honest, I've never made it past season 3/4 (whichever one ends with them killing the new cook) of Breaking Bad. Not because I didn't like it, it's a great show, just happenstance. I'm firmly on the side of The Wire, though, I love the realism of it, while Breaking Bad has just a touch more absurdity, not a bad thing, but not as much my thing. Pretty much all my favorite series are like that, Wire, Band of Brothers, The Pacific. I'm waaaaaaay off topic now, though. It wasn't the finale, but I think Dallas deserves special mentioning for, if not inventing, at least popularizing the 'it was all a dream' trope.
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    Here is the latest BETA of my 2004 mod should you guys want to import from it. I believe this is the latest, I will check my laptop when I get a chance, and will upload any more current version if I find one. There is also a link to Derek B's mod guide in pdf which is really handy. Derekb's mod guide: http://www.mediafire.com/file/cg5bu6ys1axsde3/012004_RA.zip/file January 2004 Data: http://www.mediafire.com/file/cg5bu6ys1axsde3/012004_RA.zip/file January 2004 Pics: http://www.mediafire.com/file/cdn798h58ri6mo1/012004_RA%28PICS%29.zip
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    Well, welcome back to EWB to everyone who has started posting here again. Hopefully we can provide a more cordial, more together community for mod making for you. Please don't abandon GDS though. It's the main board for Adam and the TEW series, and there are a lot of good mod makers over there who still deserve your attention. Plus, we're assholes too sometimes.
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    With the Titans win, the Browns are officially eliminated from contention. It is nice to remember what a genuinely optimistic "wait til next year" feels like though.
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    It was a fucking lame, cop out ending for an awesome show about a mystical island that moves around, and has polar bears, and electro magnetic hatches, and others, and all of this cool shit. They claimed they had the whole thing mapped out from beginning to end since it started, then they kept asking questions and not giving answers, then realized they were out of fucking time, and gave us that bullshit.
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    Evie has a Torn ACL, she will be out for 6-9 months.

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