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    Jordan Peele is a treasure
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    Managed to, barely, advance in the EURO Cup to the knockout stage. Wonder how that was pulled off... Oh. Well that explains it then.
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    Congrats @HC on winning the title! I gotta step up my game next year.
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    Good game Forbes! I truthfully think you had the better squad but I hit paydirt on Robby Anderson and Darnold. Feels pretty awesome to win 15 games in a row and win my third title, especially after losing the title game last year. Final Standings 1) HC 2) @caMeron esposiTo Forbes 3) @Jake O. Rhodes 4) @Ace Berimmer 5) @DFF 6) @Asuka's Gonna Kill You 7) @Slogger 8 @Maxx 9) @DavidMarrio 10) @Pooker 11) @SeanDMan 12) @munky Another season in the books lads! I wanna thank all of you for being so awesome and wish everyone a great holiday. Special thanks to Maxx for pulling double duty and reminder to Berober that his team next year will be named HC’s bitches per our preseason bet. I love running this league and I look forward to our 7th season next year.
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    @Meacon With the gloves on, John Elway looks like he's ready to kill Vance Joseph.
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    I took that into account and I expect to find you on my doorstep with a baseball bat if that does happen. 😅 All i'm hearing is that I should be the true B-League champion
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    Black Klansman is very good
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    That one guy in Tuco's little gang there I'm sure was Vaas in Far Cry 3
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    I picked up FighterZ cheap in a sale. I have my girlfriend to play with locally, or else I would've returned it already. It's meant to be a competiyive fighting game - so the story is too long and tacked on for the most part. The fights against the same teams just get annoying. It's primarily meant to be played online.
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