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    So he's the second best coach in Bengals' history that doesn't have a NFL franchise named after him? (Sam Wyche is #1). Might not be popular, but Bountygate was blown out of proportion. That kind of shit happens everywhere, and, at the end of the day the real reward for big hits is playing time and you can't fine that, so whatever. He earned thr Cleveland job, he's the perfect coach for that division, imo.
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    Just finished the epilogue at last. I started out thinking I wouldn't like Arthur Morgan as much as John Marston, because for such a long time RDR1 was pretty much my gold standard for games and for a while I didn't but now, at the end? Yeah, Morgan is possibly my favourite video game protagonist ever.
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    Today would be Scott's 34th Birthday. Rest in peace, Scott. You will always be remembered. Happy birthday.
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    Happy that Joseph is gone. Want Elway to go next. Sometimes the legend just isn't cut out for his post-playing career. See: Jordan, Michael.
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    Marvin Lewis is available. I know 'Bountygate' was a thing, but Gregg William's earned that job. Arians is better, but Williams did a fantastic job.
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    Yet another quick deadline coming in - Tomorrow, New Year's Day at 11:30am so get your teams sorted now folks! Mercifully after this there's a week break for the FA Cup. Here's how we all fared over the past two gameweeks... Our leader @Liam Mk2 won his 6th game in a row, 58-53 over Moses on Boxing Day (very unlucky Moses, actually the top four points scorers played each other in this set of games) but saw his run halted in a 35-35 draw with @DavidMarrio yesterday. @Moses Julep unfortunately took a 40-point beating at the hands of 2nd placed @TCO this time around though, so it's now three straight losses for him. TCO also beat me on Boxing Day, 57-52, to cement 2nd spot although there is a 10 point gap between 1st and 2nd now. @9 to 5 won both games, over David and Huw, and sits 3rd as a result. @hugobomb was also narrowly defeated in his other game, by Myke, and has slid to 8th place in the table just three points clear of @MDK, who was beaten by a resurgent @Gazz yesterday, for the latter's first win in 6 matches. @MexicoJack remains bottom of the pile but did beat Gazz on Boxing Day before falling to me yesterday. I'm up to 5th and still on a pretty good run after that wretched start to the season! Table is as follows:
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    I started the epilogue in spectacular fashion...
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    By accident I've already gotten all the towers, backpacks (rocking that suit now) and bases. Oops.
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    Colts def. Texans Seahawks def. Cowboys Chargers def. Ravens Bears def. Eagles Saints def. Seahawks Bears def. Rams Patriots def. Chargers Chiefs def. Colts Saints def. Bears Patriots def. Chiefs Saints (hopefully) def. Patriots But the Football Gods hate me, so I'm sure the Eagles will win it all again.
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    One of my favorite lines in the game (happens in the last mission of chapter 6)
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    All it took for a change was to get spanked at Anfield. You're welcome
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    Gave Chong his debut. Sent off inside 10 minutes.
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    @Monkey D. Lars I’ve only finished tallying the first page so if you get yours in by like Friday you’ll probably be fine.
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