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    OK I FINALLY got this done. Updated a LOT of birthdays, added quite a few workers, removed a few promotions due to lack of running or updates. Original: https://www.mediafire.com/file/4t2f4emc546rxci/January_2019.zip/file All Elite Booster: https://www.mediafire.com/file/fe5i8o21s5a18fd/All_Elite.zip/file A few notes: First off, I have The Bucks and Cody in New Japan for now as of 1/1/19, this will likely change but for NOW they are in NJPW US Second off, If with any of the adds I do not have the right stats, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE let me know. I will not get butt hurt over any of it. Third off, Events. If you wonder why some events are missing (for instance CZW Best of the Best) that was because of multiple shows in a month and I often went with a named event or a larger event (in the case of Best of the Best). Due to some shows not having names (CRASH for instance) or not running that month, the promotion may not have scheduled shows in a given month. Also for many promotions if they have a Twitch exclusive show, they are a medium or large event. PPV and iPPVs are the only ones due to the pay mechanics in the 2000's era game, not subscriptions only (so WWE PPV, Impact PPV, ROH PPV, CZW iPPV, WWN Live iPPV, etc. are all PPV but CHIKARA Chikaratopia shows, Impact Twitch.tv, AAA Twitch.tv and HOH are not.) Oh and I added G1 Supercard only for New Japan and left Supercard of Honor of RoH just so ROH has their own April show. Fourth off, I removed Jeff Cobb from New Japan USA due to his title obligations (and he has more recently appeared in AAW) Fifth off, in regards to MLW roster, I have tried to keep it up to date and use guys used on the more recent cards. Also despite not being on the roster page, Gringo Loco is infact a roster member now. Sixth off, if you notice a guy like Fred Yehi or David Starr not in any promotions, that was because until last month Yehi (and still) Starr are touring in Europe. Seventh off, 205 Live is now on the RAW roster due to the majority of the cross-overs (Lucha Party, Drake and Lio Rush) being on RAW. NXT-UK is now the fourth brand. Similary, WWE's Wednesday block of shows is in place of 205 Live, NXT-UK and NXT. Do what you want with this slot in the game. Eighth off, Pursuit was not added YET due to Impact running one last week on Pop. Debating if i want to swap a channel out, have it be one of the vague networks or just add one... Ninth off, I MAY do a post-Wrestle Kingdom update especially if the Bucks, Cody, etc. announce plans and leave NJPW. Tenth off, thanks to lukkearthur and TheWho whom I make a LOT of my pics packs with. I know I am still missing a good number of workers and staff, but not everyone has clean pics and I will continue to update them in coming updates. Anywho now that I have done all of this clearing up in advance, thank you for a great year and have a happy safe new year.
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    The wife just finished/beat Mario + Rabbids, and she’s super stoked as it’s the first one she’s ever beat
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    I somewhat agree with that, with the caveat that I'm not sure anyone gives enough of a shit about the Vikings at this point to make a bigger deal out of it. In general, though, I agree that NFL media (and media in general) are not the greatest with their takes. Wes Welker showed up at the Kentucky Derby rolling balls and handing out cash, and it's just a funny story (as it should be, imo), if Odell Beckham had done similar we would never hear the end of it.
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    Highlights? England winning on penalties: I literally don't remember a time England won in a penalty shoot out in a World Cup. Last time was Euro '96 against Spain and that was the fuckin EURO's. Being able to replace "Alright mate" with "s coming home" as a greeting was amazing. Dina Asher-Smith killing it and the Netball team at the Commonwealth Games as well.
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    By what metric isn't Beckham great? Just take a look at his NFL records section on his wiki page. The only WRs who you could even argue are better are Brown and Hopkins. Calling any NFL player a "pussy" is just bizarre too.
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    I hate it when a coach and/or school pulls something like that. Its not fair, and downright dirty. Hopefully Miami has a worse record next season.
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    About two or three weeks ago, within my first couple days of playing RDR2, I started the storyline where you track down a bunch of legendary gunslingers from yesteryear, and did pretty much all of those encounters right off the bat, only to discover that I was going to have to wait until an undisclosed time to continue the storyline. Turns out it's in Chapter IV, where we're based in Saint Denis! And I have to go back to Valentine to continue the story! So I fast travel there... to get a cutscene saying that the characters I'm looking to meet up with have moved on to Saint Denis. It kind of sums up my feeling on this game as a whole. I really like it, but I like it in spite of the fact that it's often really obstinate and infuriating. I guess maybe the timing of it is in part because there's also a story mission relatively close to Valentine but good god.
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    It's all good. See you next year! The final ballot comes from @Sousa, who PMed it to me and I'm copying and pasting it in here for transparency: Okay, now time for the annual montage of some of the shows that got multiple votes but didn't make the ballot! Jack Ryan! Cobra Kai! Bob's Burgers! 13 Reasons Why! Fresh off the Boat! Black Lightning! Disenchantment! The Purge! South Park! Good Girls! Shameless! Westworld! Supergirl! and a couple more! We start counting down the top 51 (ties!!) shows of the year tomorrow. Next Time, on EWB's Top 51 TV Shows of 2018: Oh, I bet this is the part in the movie where Eric's gonna give a speech about no matter what we look like on the inside, we are all the same, and really, isn't it -- whoa, okay, that -- I mean, whoa. No. No, stop! No, it's supposed to be a speech about how we're all the same! NO! No, what's -- come on! This didn't happen in E.T.!
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    By accident I've already gotten all the towers, backpacks (rocking that suit now) and bases. Oops.
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    One man team. Boo bring back Mourinho.
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    Boston College and Boise State’s bowl game went into a weather delay during the first quarter, and after several hours they decided to cancel it. Not postpone it, fully cancel it. It will not be played. This tells you about how valuable these ten million bowl games are. If you aren’t in the playoffs, you’re in a meaningless consolation game. Players headed to the draft are in the right for skipping them.
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    Yeah the end of Angel rocks.
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    I loved the finale of Angel. The fight never ends that was the point
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    The Jazz run at the end of the NBA season was pretty awesome. The Jazz run to start the new NBA season hasn't been very good. The Orioles are being called the worse team in professional sports, ever. The Utah Utes got destroyed in their bowl game yesterday. So, not a very good year, overall.
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    Highlight: That Trippier free kick. Lowlight: The rest of that game.
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