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    Those sadistic bastards.
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    Yeah the first day of a rental for me is usually just used to download the damn game
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    I'm about halfway through. I feel like if you enjoyed the first season, you'll enjoy the second. Frank Castle killing bad guys... good guys trying to tell him that you can't do that and not be a bad guy... Frank knowing that they're all fucking idiots because bad guys always end up back on the street if they aren't taken out... yadda yadda. Jon Bernthal really is great, and his supporting cast for season 2 has been holding up quite well.
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    We've put our latest short film 'V' online today! I know a lot lovely people from the board supported the film and made it happen, for which I'm super thankful. The film premiered at the BFI London Film Festival and had a successful festival run, which saw us pick up a few awards. Here it is, would love for you guys to have a watch!
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    That's too bad. Their jerseys are fantastic.
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    Hell, *I* only just realised I lost my accent! That's better.
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    Good luck Stokeriño! I've only just realised you lost your accent!
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    "WATCHA GONNA DO, BROTHER?!" "Dunno, steal the Tesseract, fake my death, maybe stab you a little, the possibilities are endless."
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    no problem at all fam ❤️
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    Thank you so f'ckn much ❤️
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    I hear that, I understand that the technology is evolved but I always forget about the downloading and such for a new game. “Cool, lets play this new game! In a half hour....fuck.”
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    Just picked up Odyssey after not having played an AC since Black Flag. This one might top BF as my favorite, if only because being a Greek is dope. I also like how they streamlined the climbing and stuff even more. Still getting a handle on the combat, but I'm pretty good at stealth. Just got the mission to go get the shroud.
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    Final Fantasy X for me. Skyrim has great, atmospheric music, perfect for what it is, but there's no To Zanarkand or Otherworld. Final Fantasy is kind of cheating when it comes to soundtracks, though. The best non-original score soundtrack is NCAA Football 2006. So this post isn't me just dragging up shit from last summer, I recently downloaded and modded Skyrim SE for PS4 and I'm having a blast. It looks gorgeous and with good mods there's a lot of new stuff to do.
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    idk if anyone else will use these but I made a "Wrestling-centric YouTuber" pic pack feat Brian Zane, Steve and Larson, the Cultaholic crew, Simon Miller, Chris Denker, and Oli and Luke from WrestleTalk YOUTUBER PACK
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    I've considered renting again but realistically I just don't know if I could be bothered. I miss the days where I didn't have to sit through a 50 GB download the second I put a new game in for the first time.
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    aw yeah baby that right there is the Sex Number.
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    Just scrap the offside rule and only allow headers and volleys in the area.
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    Presume most of you have seen this but Paddy Power have come out with the greatest advertisement ever featuring Rhodri Giggs ... Don't know how much they pay their marketing team but they need/deserve more ... 15 seconds in, "The Wandering Cock", is definitely not a mistake
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    My body wasn't ready for this.
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