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    Not a sport - but golf is shit and ruins a good walk.
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    Football should count second assists like in ice hockey.
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    So I looked into it and it appears Metal Gear Solid V: The Definitive Edition does, in fact, contain both games and seeing as only two people entered, I'm splitting the prize. The draw is to see who receives The Definitive Edition (Which includes the DLCs) and who gets the rest. And the more winner is: @Paton https://i.gyazo.com/64d8b4770c4d48931c819c2a72a9129b.mp4 I will send the key out to you now and the others will go to @Meacon Today's draw is going to be a bunch of random games thrown together. American Truck Simulator Pathologic Classic HD Darksiders II: Deathfinitive Edition Dead Island: Definitive Edition Purrfect Date Sundered As in the previous post, just react to this one to be entered into the draw taking place in roughly 24 hrs. Thanks.
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    @DavidMarrio Have that for now as I might be calling you a twat in a few hours.
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    You can get the same enjoyment from watching paint dry as you can watching a Texas Hold 'Em Poker tournament.
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    This is how I usually frame my pictures, as more of a portrait. Also heres a tip, when doing a cut I make sure the boarder is back over the picture when im done. The layers go Boarder Wrestler picture And then the background on the bottom Tip when resizing images, hold shift and drag the corner to keep aspect ratio.
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    People take sports too seriously.
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    I finally bit the bullet and am gaming on PC again. A friend gave me his old gaming rig and is helping me build a new one. Feel free to add me on Steam or something if you want a new friend. -- ThrillhouseMAX
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    I'll take that point. And I still like @DavidMarrio so all is well. 😘
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    Is your squad made of papermache or something. Dropping down like flies Legs made of biscuits
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    I thought you said hot takes, not worst takes.
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    Give it Heskeh til end uh season.
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    I love how the reaction to a ref getting verbally abused by a manager is to blame the ref anyway.
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    I think it's a daily deal but it's still available at that price now.
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    Mike Dean needs to go away forever. I said it the other week, he's shit and fuck this hype he has around him, he's been trying to build all this spotlight for years and it's finally coming true for him. He's a referee. Do your job, stop being a prick and trying to be the centre of attention in every single match.
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    Next time just say you prefer the younger editions that were easier to get into. Then say "and as for Football Manager... " Can't see that backfiring
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    I don’t care if it’s the first game of spring training, I always love that first time I can watch baseball being played on my TV. I’ll enjoy this feeling for like a week, then I’ll start craving real baseball.
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    Here Comes The Pain is the peak of WWE games.
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    So apparently, when your wife asks you "do you love me more than Football Manager?", asking her "which edition?" is not the correct response.
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    I think I found my next shirt.
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    Its a pity Spurs had to Spurs themselves because it would have made the title race that little bit more interesting.
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    Are we talking about Mike Dean again? Mission accomplished.

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