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    I'll ban every fucking one of you. I don't care if I'm left talking to my bloody self. This is grim.
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    I really don't know why anyone would intentionally look at spoilers of entire episodes if they're intending to actually watch them. Coming up with theories without knowing for certain if they're accurate is a massive part of the fun in this story.
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    Here's the thing--based on what I've read, and this is just one example, an 800 GB game running at 60 fps at the resolution they want is going to be... 800GB of bandwidth. That's massive, and most Comcast plans have a 1TB bandwidth limit per month. This is going to be an absolute disaster on the N-Gage scale. They're talking entirely about what this thing is capable of on their end with very little talk of what's going to happen on the consumer end; almost nobody is going to have the home internet speed to run this thing the way they're hyping it up. That's the advantage of a dedicated console: a Switch is a Switch is a Switch, whether you're running it on a gargantuan home theater system with a lightning-fast system or a dinky hundred-dollar TV with 1Mbps from Down-Home Country Innurnets. The technology just isn't there for it unless you're ridiculously rich, the stream delay is going to be enough to make basically all fighting games a pain in the ass (hope you like using The Next Generation Of Gaming to play card games and turn-based strategy!), and--again--it's Google doing something besides Gmail and YouTube. So you'll pardon me if I'm... just a little cynical.
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    Football: Gerrard for me. I grew up with him as a kid with him being this local lad in the team who became captain of the team who could grab a game by the scruff of the neck and make things happen. Olympiakos at Anfield (Gerrrrrarrrrdddddd ohhhhhhhh youuuuuu beautttyyyyyy) West Ham in the FA Cup Istanbul 05 won't ever be topped for me. That Liverpool team had no right to be coming from behind against an AC Milan team who's starting XI had quality in every position and Gerrard helped turn that around. 3 games in a similar period of time but as a 12/13/14 year old they would have a big impression on a lot of kids. Boxing: Ricky Hatton. Again I think it's the time period that plays a big part as I started to get into boxing around 2004/2005 and I remember watching the Kostya Tszyu fight and being amazed and i couldn't wait for the Mayweather fight which ended up being a step too far MMA: Shogun Rua. I remmeber when he broke out in PRIDE and he was just dismantling people so I was excited when he came to the UFC. Started off rocky against Forest Griffin but he worked his way to a title shot, got beat by Machida controversially and got awarded another title shot and was decisive in the 2nd fight. At the back end of his career but he has put on some entertaining fights against Dan Henderson twice and Rogerio Nogueira.
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    Foo Fighters are boring and derivative "rock" music, a safe name to mention for politicians who have to mention a rock band they like and for organisations to give awards to. They offer nothing new or fresh to the music scene and in fact deprive more deserving bands of recognition.
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    Already lost one yay!
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    Oooo in the late rounds someone comes to challenge @The Chiksrara Special 's Jose crown! Cody Allen, RP, Angels for Hitman Masahiro Tanaka, SP, Yankees for Cloudy @Lowerdeck
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    Looks like I need a ticket to Mavs/Suns
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    I played around with a couple of positions, but I honestly find myself having the most fun as a pitcher in RTTS.
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    Let's all laugh at Scotland in the correct thread, guys.
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    Even when the changes to the game aren't massive, I still feel like my $80 is worth what I get. I try to play a game in my franchise of The Show at least once per day. When I wake up in the morning, if I'm not feeling like ass, I make my coffee, go out for my smoke, and then sit down to play some baseball. I get quite the mileage out of these games. As a franchise guy, I'm definitely wanting to pick up the new one for in-season contract extensions. I love the idea of not being surprised in the off-season by outrageous contract demands from guys I was hoping to keep, but who aren't really irreplaceable. I also tend to not do much around the trade deadline, because I'm not really sure what kind of room I have going forward. I do the vast majority of my trades and roster adjustments in the off-season because of how the finances are all laid out. So in-season extensions should be a great help in better gauging where I have money to spend on guys with term, and what guys are going to be wanting more than I want to give them, effectively helping me to create a bigger list of people I'm willing to move.
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    Welp. Just ordered it. Hopefully it wasn't a mistake!
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    This skin looks unbelievable. Releasing tomorrow.
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    it's the only ISP where you call customer support and they recommend you fix your problems with "dubyadeeforty" (I literally only have high-speed internet because Dayton is right next to me so I'm absolutely talking about myself too)
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    Hey! That's my provider! (basically true )
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    Isiah Thomas and Diego Maradona were both at the top of their careers when I was about 6 and being a very short kid myself I liked how they were still able to dominate most games they played. Well Isiah was short for a basketball player anyway. Maradona was just short. Also, in both cases a lot of people around me preferred others and looked down on them which as a little kid I couldn't comprehend and made me like them more. I'd say I started playing both sports because of them. The argument above also works in other sports. I'm not a big F1 fan. In fact I don't remember the last race I watched, but as a kid I did watch plenty and I became a fan of Alain Prost just because everyone around me seemed to hate him and love Ayrton Senna instead. Later on I became a big fan of Jaromir Jagr (hockey) and Pedro Martínez (baseball). Nowadays I see sports in a different way. I don't really have any idols in sports anymore so regardless of what happens I don't think I'll ever like any other players the way I liked those 4 growing up.
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    I loved Van der Vaart from when he was at Ajax. I used to play as Ajax on Championship/Football Manager when he was still a teenager and always built my team around him. Waking up to find out he'd signed for us on transfer deadline day was the most excited I have ever been about a signing. He was amazing. Adored the club, was ab absolute class act on the pitch and knew what it meant to the fans to score against Arsenal. Gutted that he left and by all accounts he is too. David Millar doped. He spoke about it very clearly in his book. He explained why and asked for no sympathy despite the huge pressures he was under in the doping culture at the time. He then came back as an outspoken advocate for clean cycling and put in some beautiful years of riding. He understood (now retired) that cycling is a perfect mix of beautiful highs, terrible lows, romantic but doomed attacks and the horrible physical pain. He was a class act on and off the bike. The French loved him because of his panache and he is the ONLY Brit to hold all Tour jerseys and was the first Brit to wear the leaders jerseys for the Tour, Giro and Vuelta. When I was really into basketball in the '90s I was a Utah Jazz fan. I LOVED John Stockton - his three point shooting, his steals, his insane amount of assists (a huge lead over every other player before or after) and totally ran every game. Legend on the court and his combo with Karl Malone was fantastic. Great team back then.
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    That’s one hell of a camp
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    Just a brilliant striker. Headers, tap-ins, free-kicks, thirty yard volleys - he could pretty much do it all.
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    Currently or all time? If currently it would be Sidney Crosby. He's one of the greatest hockey players ever...and most definitely of his time. He can do things on the ice that I'd argue nobody else can do. He always comes off humble as hell and will ultimately give just about anyone else credit above taking it for himself. He's just an all around great player that people love to hate on. If we're going with all time then I'd go with Patrick Roy. He was the first hockey player that I ever watched and it got me interested in hockey. I've always been more of a player person rather than a team. I followed Roy from Montreal to Colorado. Once he retired I stuck with Colorado because I had grown to be a Sakic and Forsberg fan. When Crosby came along and I became a fan with him then I started cheering Pittsburgh. I believe Roy to be the best goaltender of all time despite the fact that Brodeur holds a lot of the records now.
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    Like there's any need to explain why. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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    There is absolutely zero reason, given Google's track record of doing the same things others are doing but worse and then canceling it within 2-3 years, that they should be trusted with a goddamn gaming service of all things.
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    Absolutely zero excitement for a pure streaming platform, eh.
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