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    I fell behind. Going to attempt to binge Season 7 in a single day.
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    Chris Davis is 2 for 4 on the day with 4 RBIs. Since the hitless streak ended he's been arguably the best player in baseball.
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    yeah man, although you'll have already seen most of the Saru one because they flashed back to it during that episode when they went to his home planet. They're only like ten minutes long. they're good.
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    "Shit on your whore mother" or something to that effect.
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    this is about as best as I can do with your instructions
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    His personality and past issues be damned, he's one of the best golfers of all time and easily the best of my lifetime. I didn't mind seeing him comeback and win this thing at all. I'm not going to be throwing a party for him or anything, but it was a very impressive display he did out there and 15 majors is just incredible.
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    Most of it's because of the affairs he had maintained for years before they came to light. Tiger wasn't the most popular golfer back in his prime either. Not like Patrick Reed nowadays in terms of the level of contempt (or Rory Sabbatini) but he still rubbed people the wrong way. Like a lot of things, time has changed that.
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    Because he did a few bad things, isn't 100% perfect like everybody who hates him, and people don't get that people can change. Oh, and he gets talked about over anything/everybody else in golf.
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    My aim at this stage was to make 100 points so I'm very glad I've done that with a few weeks to spare.
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    Everyone on my timeline is really excited at the prospect of Tiger winning, forgetting he seems like a fairly horrible person outside of the sport.
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    Fresh off carrying UMass to the NCAA championship game the Avs have signed Cale Makar for the playoffs.
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    Probably is me. Hit me up at the end of the month and I will sort you out.
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    Who has said they are shocked?
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    The sending off in question, by the way, was awful. Fleetwood's Souttar just jumped in, leading with his elbow, to an aerial challenge and smashed into the Barnsley player, on first viewing it reminded me of the disgraceful elbow by Chris Morgan on Iain Hume, also of Barnsley at the time, that nearly killed him. A thug leading thugs, is Barton. If the above account is true, then he needs to be charged surely?
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    nintendo is like EWB in that they also have footjob fever
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    @TheMickSbo next time you request so many, could you put the pics in the hidden tab plzz ❤️ I put all of your cuts in a Google Drive folder below NJPW PACK
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    Ok update. I’ll maybe possibly likely do a split based on this months data(April: MTWM) but post-shake up. And I’ll try get around to updating the Ultimately Fed Warfare scenario someone was looking for earlier. maybe
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    I've got a pitch - What If we just made agent carter s3 instead?
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    The lucha episode of Legends of Tomorrow is about a wolf-man going into business for himself and never jobbing because he doesn't understand the concept. That show remains very good.
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    I've been cordial with all of the other promotions, but figured the mode would be fun if I was at war with at least one of them - and given the SmackDown talent roster I decided that would be the most fun show to try to poach from. AJ's morale was in the toilet - I offered him a juicy signing bonus and he came aboard. Kenny needed a night off, so I held an 8-man tournament which in my mind was for #1 contendership. Put AJ in the 8th spot in the bracket and imagined in my head that he was a surprise debut. He ended up winning the thing and then the next month he finally ended Kenny's title reign at 15 months.
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    Good luck with that.
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