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    Yeah bang on, there's also no way we're having the same conversation if it was a male character that we'd watched grow up losing their virginity at 18.
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    It'd be great if you just didn't post that at all.
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    A writer who’s done a fair amount of writing about women and sexuality wrote about the scene for Polygon.
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    don't say that until after they have aired the brienne and tormund love scene
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    The thing is we literally have a direct point of comparison. This is a show in which we've seen a woman we can safely assume is in her mid 20s try to manipulate and coerce a boy that is in the range of 11-14 into sex for the sake of political gain. Guess what? Nobody cared.
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    It was one of the more tastefully done nude scenes in GoT, I thought. I do understand the argument re: basically watching her grow up on screen, but at the end of the day, she's an adult and her own person. Why we don't get to see what Gendry's workin' with though?
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    Every game they win weakens Don Cherry just a bit more.
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    Yeah, I made my comment before I knew Tottenham scored, and I can't see Cardiff beating both Fulham and Crystal Palace. I'm somewhat hopeful now!
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    Iirc this is the tldr. There are three realms, or more, but three of them are featured. There is outerworld ruled by the evil shao khan. There is earth, which speaks for itself. Then there's Heaven, with noted god Raiden being the most prominent character. Shao Khan wants to take over earth, and wants to use the outerworlds superpowered beings to take control. But Raiden, who likes Earth and hates Shao Khan thinks up a ruse to protect Earth, but only if they can prove themselves. He tricks Shao Khan into wagering Earth's control over a tournament, the Mortal Kombat, where the winner gets big prizes and if an earthling wins, they retain their freedom for a bunch more years. Shao Khan is a deceptive shit though, and he breaks all the rules to get his way, but in the end the Humans manage to find a way to win against evil and save themselves. Then every third game the devs lose interest because it gets too convoluted and too many characters die, so they reboot the series ad nauseum with different lore but technically the same story every time
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    So, Cardiff's going down, then It's basically official.
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    If the Leafs lose tonight, I want the Blue Jackets to go all the way.
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    I am still all in on the blue jackets.
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    That wasn't Spider-Man, it was Tobey Maguire's debut in the MCU as Ben Reilly. Goddamn @RPS get your facts right.
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    I read Tristys post. It is like 15-20 paragraphs long. If someone accidentally opened the spoiler tag they would have to substantially read it to be spoiled. It just describes in general detail every portion of the movie up until Mickey Mouse joins the MCU and kills Thanos and makes out with Spiderman.
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    I got you covered on that, just edited the post. And I'm sorry @stokeriño had to see the first sentence... but I don't think that's anything you didn't expect
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    I have no desire to engage with it but it's not breaking any rules. That being said, given the nature of it I think it'd be nice if the contents were behind a spoiler tag within a spoiler tag to remove all chance of someone misclicking or whatever.
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    I'm not clicking it, but now its in here and someone accidentally could. It doesn't need to be posted, it doesn't add anything to the discussion because most people aren't even going to click it. Literally all you've done is upped the chances someone accidentally gets the movie spoiled for themselves.
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    Brienne's one of the characters I think I prefer in the show, or at least I prefer her scenes. Gwendoline Christie plays her well and makes her feel like one of the most genuine characters on the show. It's quite an achievement that she's so liked by fans in this environment of toxic fans who hate strong female characters.
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    I feel really creepy with watching Bran staring blankly at things, that makes me way more uncomfortable than anything else they've done this season. I get both sides of the arguement but I thought they did what they did pretty tastefully and for the sake of the character it makes sense.
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    Went 10-1 last week and I'm starting off this week 0-7. >_>
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    I picked the weirdest time to be cutting onions.
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    I am pretty sure in Infinity War, Peter says they were on the bus going to the Museum of Modern Art in NY.
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    I bought a pretty cool Hellraiser boxset from Arrow Films for $35. Just thought everyone should know this.
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    Just an FYI, I clicked on that spoiler and I genuinely regret that decision, so everyone who doesn't want a major plot point spoiled, hard avoid.
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    - Is Michael Wardlow in the database under another name? Cant seem to find him but might be worth adding him in then as AEW seem to be looking to sign him - https://www.sescoops.com/cody-scouting-big-heavyweight-talent-for-aew/ - Also can the Tennessee State Fairground Sports Arena (AKA TNA Asylum) be added to the database. Was looking to do the Impact Homecoming PPV and noticed its missing. Heres the details: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tennessee_State_Fairground_Sports_Arena Name Tennessee State Fairgrounds Description The Tennessee State Fairgrounds Arena is a 2500 seat arena located in Nashville Tennessee. It is the home of Total Nonstop Action Wrestling and has been affectionately dubbed the "TNA Asylum." Region South East (USA) Reputation None Owned By None Venue Capacity 2500 Wrestling Hotbed Yes Set to Open Jan 1960 Set to Close Never Languages English (Lots)
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    The Getaway. It looked amazing, and was so good to have a very detailed map of London as the setting. I enjoyed the story... well as much as I could handle anyways since the gameplay was just awful.
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    Don’t want your dumb team here either
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    Shane Long scored the fastest ever Premier League goal earlier in 7 seconds. Ledley's watch is over
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