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    Fuck Liverpool. Pleased for City.
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    And somehow Orient win the Prem!
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    Renewed for Season 7!
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    Moral champion with most correct predictions. Good season that. Really tight till the end but worthy winner!
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    Least we got that mental minute in the pub running around whilst Brighton where 1 up for a whole 40 seconds. I'll always treasure that half a minute
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    Without the injury to Lebron they'd have made the playoffs. Probably 4th/5th. Hard to tell what would have happened then.
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    ­čśá I mean, come on. I'm like 99% sure I've seen every possible scenario thanks to my own time playing CK2AGoT .
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    Elias did this in Liverpool tonight.
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    Scenes when Man U hire Jose
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    He's more likely to be the nonced rather than the noncer.
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    Booking the open-top bus parade as we speak.
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    Who ever posted that horrific Man City shirt with scraps of all different kits mixed in, I give you this monstrosity.
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    GORKA WINS THE 2018/19 PREDICTION LEAGUE Gorka 145 (23) Brighton´╗┐ 0 - 2 Man City (Sun 3pm) 1 Leicester 1 - 2 Chelsea (Sun 3pm) Liverpool 1 - 0 Wolves´╗┐ (Sun 3pm) 1 Tottenham 1 - 0 Everton (Sun 3pm)´╗┐ Watford 2 - 1 West Ham (Sun ´╗┐3pm)´╗┐´╗┐ ---------------------------------- Baddar 144 (25) Brighton´╗┐ 0-3 Man City (Sun 3pm) 1 Leicester 1-1 Chelsea (Sun 3pm) 1 Liverpool 3-0 Wolves (Sun 3pm) 1 Tottenham 2-1 Everton´╗┐ (Sun 3pm) Watford 2-2 West Ham (Sun 3pm)´╗┐ -------------------------------- DavidMarrio 141 (28) Brighton´╗┐´╗┐ 0´╗┐-0 Man City (Sun 3pm) Leicester 1-1 Chelsea (Sun 3pm) 1 Liverpool 2-0 Wolves (Sun 3pm) 3 Tottenham 0-1 Everton (Sun´╗┐ 3pm)´╗┐´╗┐ Watford 1-1 West Ham (Sun 3pm)´╗┐´╗┐ A third Liverpool goal would have won it for me, but in the end @Gorka is our deserving winner, beating me by a single point. Congratualtions! @DavidMarrio finishes the season in 3rd with an impressive 28 correct scores, more than any other player.
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    Man United are really shit.
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    Fuck human rights and financial fair play Plastic cunts
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    3rd and 4th qualifies automatically now. Glad Man City are getting the job done. United on the other hand, are shit.
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    Final Fantasy may have grabbed the headlines, but don't forget about the new Medievil trailer:
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    Or Georgi Kinkladze
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    Steamed Hams but it's Super Smash Bros.
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    Over now. The bad guys have won.
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