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    Mass Effect 2 or Dragon Age: Origins. Both games I could still play over and over. The fact these are my favorite makes it hurt even more that Bioware is working on nonsense these days
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    To be fair, I'd expect Maguire to be a better defender than Rafael van der Vaart
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    Just a heads up that I've started to do a pop overhaul for the whole database, hopefully the plan is to get everyone who is not listed as an active wrestler sorted out by the end of the month and then to slowley go through each region for active wrestlers after that, this is basically prepping for the move over to TEW2020.
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    Eoin Morgan loses the coin toss Eoin: Well it was a bit of a 50/50 You don't say.
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    Also known as Sons Of Anarchy Syndrome.
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    I've been filling my time this last week by starting a Marvel Scenario from scratch. It's a start but it is seemingly playable... I think... Y'all know by now that I don't test these things. Current Specs Promotions: 1 (MCU) Workers: 106 (57 signed to MCU) Staff: 22 (24 random Owners and a few others will be generated) Belts: 0 Events: 0 Television: 0 Alter Egos: All "real identities" have been added (Based on Earth-616) Relationships: Several done. Mostly only if I'd expect a reaction from on of them leaving the company. (i.e Thor won't be upset of Hela got fired) Contracts: The Original Avengers have unsackable contracts where as other heroes with their own Movies in the MCU have written (along with their foes) The rest are only on open contracts. Wages: I've set the wages at (.75xOVR)1000. e.g. If the worker has 84OVR they'll be paid $61,000 etc Stats: are based on Marvel's Power Grids. The stats may seem a bit off here and there but these are all in comparison to each others. Images: 0 Link: http://www.mediafire.com/file/8csve3eqxlps8fr/ewr_marvelu_010.zip/file Notes: I slowly started with gimmicks but decided to curb it for the time being until I decide how I want to pursue it. Comic Book Hero/Villain makes most sense to me but then I'm lazy. If there is anyone/anything you would like added (Especially staff wise) please let me know. This is a work in progress. This initial file will be the base so updates will be less frequent but hopefully not to infrequent. I want to focus on getting what I have done already up to scratch but will keep notes on future additions Cheers.
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    From what I remember you don't need to perfect them to unlock all the suits.
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    Honestly surprised that people are surprised by that, the move to reduce the amount of smoking seen on tv has been around for a very long time. The aim is to denormalise it. Drug use wouldn't be explicitly shown in something with that rating anyway, and heavy drinking is a fairly similar story.
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    Yeah it’s season 3. Season 2 was still good.
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    You should give the Office another go! I always love to watch it!
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    I've had this happen to me quite a few times as well. The issue seems to be removing an announcer or a wrestler that is listed as a commentator from the promotion without first taking them out of the position in the promotions page. It causes the game to look for an assigned staff member who is no longer there and continuously crashes the save. Another way to fix that is to add that staff member or wrestler back to the promotion. They will automatically be put back in that commentary spot they were assigned in previously. You can then remove them from the position and take them off the roster again with no further issues.
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    I still get slightly annoyed that the players stats are listed alphabetically
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    Legit this. The peak of the series and an incredibly replayability factor. I was still playing it last year and it had been out for 17 years.
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    Ultimate Level on the Drone Challenges on Spiderman can go and get fucked. Proper struggling to do one of the four levels no matter how many times I try
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    We won on goal difference.
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