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    That was my favourite episode so far. I'm still not completely sold on it. There's part of me that feels so loyal to the original material that it still doesn't fully sit with me having this continuation. That said, I'm enjoying it for what it is, especially as it feels like it might start to hit its stride now. The show desperately needed Jean Smart's charisma and presence and she's instantly become the most interesting thing about this show (might be some bias in there because of having a pre concept of the character). There's enough mystery, intrigue and world-building to keep me bubbling over for now. I hope it continues to work on the characters. Oh, one more thing
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    The XFL wishes they had Jet players.
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    The "greatest defense of all time" has just been thoroughly and utterly humiliated by Lamar Jackson. Perfection denied. You're welcome, America.
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    I am not doing a November update. I had a busy and trying month. I'll be back for December with a pretty good one. Please make suggestions here for the December update here.
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    Chris Kamara with his piece of paper was the best
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    It's like week nine! People gotta stop making this undefeated crap mean a damn thing if it's not even December.
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    You think you feel good, imagine how every Miami fan over the age of 55 feels tonight.
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    Who has a better story than Jar-Jar?
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    So Nantz and Romo had to briefly call the game from the field, not sure why because Redzone never told us why. However, CBS got in this sick burn.
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    Well if missing it resulted in that kind of win for the good of the team I guess you have to miss the rest of the games too.
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    He did, I just don't know how to spell any of his names and I was too lazy to look it up, hence 'the man'.
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    Both, I imagine. It's not the official account anyway.
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    So I started the game, got done with the first town. Fallout and Borderlands were the obvious comparisons, the Mass Effect qualities I wasn't really aware of with the companions and abilities. There's something amusing about Parvati doing her hammer strike thing and then the both of us setting about the victim's prone body with her hammer and my electric beating stick. Been getting a bit of a Bioshock vibe as well, probably because I have been favouring melee and it's reminding me of smacking people with a wrench. Obviously you've got the vending machines too and maybe a bit of the aesthetics as well like bits of the UI. First town spoilers:
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    Weeks 2-3, 2018. They lost to the Jags and then the Lions.
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    I only watched the highlights package - but it seems that without Gronk, they've lost the ability to march down the field in two minute situations.
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    Yeah, I didn't realize when I selected this dynasty that I had a petty king as my liege. I think that might be part of the problem. Haven't had a daughter as my character's lover yet, but a bunch of my sons are all having kids who are actually mine but they don't know it. This then just made things confusing for me when the first main character died and I had to play as my heir. Couldn't figure out which kids were his and which were his dad's.
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    How can Jeff Fisher coach in college if he can't go 8-8?
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    I will accept Jeff Fisher as a substitute.
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    The Patriots losing a game means I can continue to hold onto 18-1 like grim death. Thank you Ravens!
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    Is Bill gonna have to sacrifice another newborn when he gets back to Foxborough?
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    You know, this may make me a bad person or whatever, but I cannot help but enjoy watching all these teams (Cleveland, Jets, Redskins, etc) implode while the Oakland Raiders, after all the AB shit, Hard Knocks, Gruden's rough first year are a competitive, well coached team that fights hard. We were supposed to be a joke, but we made it through the difficult half of our schedule at 4-4, second in our division. We've got the Chargers, Bengals, and Jets coming up before we play the Chiefs again, could easily be 7-4 going into that game. After that we get Tennessee, the Jags, and second rounds with LA and Denver. The Oakland Raiders could legit win 10 games here. With how things have shaken out, 8-8 would almost feel like a disappointment. If they can't go 5-3 against the rest of this schedule, barring key injuries, something went badly wrong. Jon Gruden coach of the year? I wouldn't trade him for anyone save Belicheck.
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    I'm going to beat this thing into the ground...
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    That Vardy goal was great.
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    The fundamental difference between this and goal line tech (other than the complexity in terms of measuring time as well as the position of the ball and two funny shaped lads) is that VAR is still driven by human eyes. And you can't tell me that Mike fucking Dean understands how a tv picture relates to a 3D world as Andy Gray of all people has just shown. Stop the dotted line "higher" or "lower" and you can make whatever decision you like.
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    "Well, C3P0 and R2D2 kinda forgot about all the events of the prequel trilogy."
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