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    Frank Lampard really is doing an excellent job. All those years of shunning the mountain of young talent on the books, a total turnaround and look where it gets them.
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    All it took for Everton to win was being linked with Mark Hughes.
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    @The Chiksrara Special A patch that will increase the font is coming next week: http://www.pushsquare.com/news/2019/11/the_outer_worlds_patch_1_1_set_to_increase_text_size_fix_a_few_pesky_bugs
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    Definitely not .... rules are rules and without them there would be anarchy ..... nah just kidding, definitely give him the points as far as I’m concerned
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    Yeah, since it was 0-0 I think it's fair to give him the points.
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    He just signed an extension this week so probably nowhere this year, which lol FSU and (probably) USC.
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    So, where does PJ Fleck wind up?
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    A lot of good things and surprising things going on right now: Minnesota is about to knock off Penn State. ECU is only losing by one to SMU. TCU is about to beat Baylor. And Chad Morris may be fired sometime within the next 24-hours, as his Razorbacks are losing 45-14 to Western Kentucky. Yikes @Rey Cloudy
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    I’m okay with giving him the points.
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    Should @DavidMarrio get the points for the Chelsea game? It was 0-0 when he posted. @Adam @Gorka @Yorkshiresbadass @Moses Julep @Colly @Dang117 @It's Pronounced Zoom-E I'm happy to give him the points as he did miss a few games last weekend and I'm confident that he would have gone for a home win anyway.
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    Oh my bad. I misread. Yeah he should’ve added for sure.
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    You guys should have realized something was up when the Spurs fan didn’t pick Spurs
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    Week 12 Results Moses is now 4 wins away from winning the game, after Spurs slipped up, allowing him to take top spot on his own. It's looking like being a 4 horse race going into the stretch, with Adam, Gorka and Yorkshiresbadass all in with a shout of winning or forcing a play-off.
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    Oh, I agree. Merely pointing out that his name wasn't on the NWA staff in game
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    Vice-President isn’t a position in the game. Makes the most sense for him to be in creative.
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    Picked up Planet Zoo. It's really good fun, although bits of the UI are really kind of confusing.
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    Have that Martin Atkinson you massive fucking cheat.
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    It really was. McGoldrick must have had a pube offside if anything. It was fractional to the degree of being non-existent. We didn't deserve anything out of today, absolute garbage.
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    I finished this after 5 days, and was a little disappointed because I was expecting the next big open world RPG. But in the end, I really enjoyed it. Still though. Loved this game and it felt like the first game in a great game series, that they used to setup the universe and give you a good grounding on what it is/what it can be, and hopefully its sequel will be the RPG we were all expecting.
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    Also, the finale will be 90 minutes and Seth Meyers will host a post-show recap afterwards. So basically NBC is giving them the entire Thursday night block on its way out which is cool.
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    Thanks again. I will largely base my update on this one. I know AEW overness will be adjusted. In particular Private Party. NXT overness will get bumped as well due to reactions on RAW and SmackDown. I think ROH is fine with titles besides Rush right now. Shane Taylor is still the TV champ despite the alleged injury. I have to check. I haven't followed NWA Power. Just too much and not enough time.
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    Dave Lagana is Vice-President of NWA. He is in the database as a writer.
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    I thought it was ongoing until January?
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    I finished it yesterday as well. I had fun with it. Maybe the game didn't do anything groundbreaking (hardy-har), but it didn't need to. Everything it did was done well.
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    Annnnnnd done. Good game! I can't wait to see what Obsidian does next. Finding the logs on the Hope was really cool. I like seeing stuff like that. Reminded me of finding datapads of the scientists in Horizon Zero Dawn. ...in the credits it has the staff's D&D characters. Amazing. And it looks like I finished everything up in 23 hours or so. I feel like that was the majority of quests. Pretty much everything I came across! I was max level shortly after starting the last level.
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    Loving the quick fix update, but as for NWA, outside of the staff already there, who else is missing?
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    I don't buy many games nowadays, but I saw a 2 for £30 offer on at GAME and decided to grab a few on the cheap. Far Cry New Dawn on PS4, a game that I was interested in on release as I enjoyed 5 so much, but not enough for near full price considering the length of it. And then Forza 7 for Xbox One. I was always going to pick that up at some point, as I've played the others. Had £5 sitting in my rewards account too, so bagged the two of them for £25. Not bad going, now I just need to get around to playing them.
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    What's really bullshit is fans complaining about load management when the NBA schedules a 100-game regular and post season in an 8 month span. If your team is good enough to reach the playoffs in the spot your organisation is comfortable with by resting players during certain games, by all means go for it. It's not the players' fault the NBA wants to suck every possible penny out of their fans. Why do some teams need to face each other four times in the regular season, when they could conceivably face each other another seven times in the post is beyond me.
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    Maybe he just meant like daaamn he fine as hell
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    I've started watching again, I needed a break after that Heroes vs Hustlers vs Healers or whatever seasons because it easily ranked as a top 3 worst seasons for me. Redemption Island, Caramoan and this season. All for the same reason, they felt completely rigged for certain winners. I called who was going to win in like the first 3 episodes and the entire end of the game felt super rigged to make sure it happened, especially the change to the Final 4 fire challenge. It felt like they handed him 3 idols and when he still lose the final immunity challenge they changed the rules so it was impossible for him to get voted out for the entire second half of the game. Ghost Island was not very good either, but more so because the heavy focus on all the returning advantages seemed to leave the actual castaways not matter. I finished the finale and like 20 minutes later I couldn't even remember who won, or was even in the final 3. Just mostly a forgettable season.... except that one dude that looked like Matthew Lillard for some reason. I'm watching the finale of David vs Goliath as I type this, a much better season with more focus on the actual players. It blows my mind how insanely jacked Johnny Mundo looks. Also, Christian talks exactly like Hank Azaria's character, David, from Friends.
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    I think with Rey it's proven they captured his actual face. I can see them doing the same for the others. Probably to more accurately do facial features and the likes. But imagine being a luchadore keeping your identity a secret for many years, then it getting revealed not in the ring after a legendary lucha de apuestas match, but by an utterly incompetent game developer.
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    And just when you thought that was the weirdest quest... The bowling alley gave me a sidequest. Bowl a turkey, win a turkey. This was actually a thing in RL America, so hey, not that odd right? Well, I bowl a turkey because I'm actually halfway decent in the bowling minigame, and win the turkey. Only it's a live turkey. Also, it's actually a chicken. Probably just a cosmetic reward, I figure. Might show up in my HQ... What.
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    Parvati's companion quest is adorable and I love it. I think @The Chiksrara Special will like it too when the text issue gets fixed.
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