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    The cost of controllers is kind of fucked. The fact that a basic package of a system not automatically having two controllers is shit.
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    https://www.efl.com/news/2019/june/201920-carabao-cup-round-one-draw-details?utm_source=Direct So they're doing the League Cup draw in a random Morrisons on a Thursday night (20th June)
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    That's basically what a goal is, in fairness.
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    For me, I would say the ridiculous prices of digital games. Theres no box, artwork, manual, or physical disc, and it's not possible to trade in a digital game when you're done with it. Its absurd that it can cost regularly a lot more to download a game than it does to buy a copy from a store.
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    So what is going on with the Newcastle takeover? @Colly posted this picture of himself on Facebook
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    Congratulations on your move @Bobfoc, hope they’re paying you well.
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    It is early but here is the June 2019 update for EWR. original & full: https://www.mediafire.com/file/9kfevdh5e15cq7j/June_2019.zip/file SuperShowdown: https://www.mediafire.com/file/aic7kdpitib619l/SuperShowdown.zip/file
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    Best football related conversation on EWB ever.
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    Pretty games go fast
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    First things first: ankle is indeed fractured. No idea how I got through Saturday. The stadium is abysmal for disabled access. But a great bunch of Liverpool fans basically lifted me up loads of stairs right to our gate. So fair play to them - in fact all the fans on both sides were amazing - even in the face of heavy handed Spanish police. The game. Well. Penalty killed it immediately really. It was a penalty by the letter of the law obviously - but it's a bloody stupid law. It was almost a relief when Origi scored, as losing 1-0 to that penalty would have been hideous. Neither team were amazing. We wasted so many chances. Too many players didn't perform, only Danny Rose really stood out to me as playing well. I'm still so proud of the team for what they achieved in even managing to get there. And I'm so lucky that I got to see my team playing in a European Cup final. I never ever thought I would get that experience. Now we rebuild and try again. Not convinced that my wife would allow me to go to Istanbul though as I can't seem to stay upright... All slipping jokes aside though, I do quite like Liverpool so good for them and their fans. If we weren't winning it, Liverpool doing it is palatable I guess!
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    And his neighbour @Troy has too.
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    I have a feeling people will play that game, complete it, and still say they have no idea what it's about, at this point.
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    Nah. They'll go 2-2. Lowerdeck will claim that they have legit issues. They'll go 10-2 the rest of the way and go on to win another Super Bowl.
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    This is highly annoying. Sick of teams bidding constantly in non-sensical ways. Palmeiras keep bidding for Robertone but they bid £2m and had it rejected, came back with £3m, rejected, then £4m, rejected. Then £1.9m? Game actively just hoping I misclick. I fucking hate the non-negotiable shit offers too. "YOUR PLAYER IS VALUED £900M BUT WE WILL OFFER £20M. TAKE IT OR LEAVE IT." Probably leave it, cheers.
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    He looks as though his batteries have just run out.
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    The Onion, but still lol
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    Fuckin lol. Some guy got banned from the Man United subreddit for accusing their in the know system of being bullshit. He responds by making up a story about De Ligt signing for them for realises, with no actual proof, and their sub went wild instantly believing it, and thus proving his original point. He then pointed out, in graphic detail, the steps he went to, the full pettiness laid bare and the sub went ballistic
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    Ok I figured that stuff out sorta. I got into a bar fight and then attempted to walk back to camp in mud. Ran into two O’Driscolls who talked shit. I tried to defuse the situation, then I just shot them. I wanted to steal a horse but the horses took off. Then a guy came riding on a horse that said he was a bad guy. I shot him just in case. Then I guess that attracted attention to my camp? I don’t know but I am going to have a lot of fun fucking with people.
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    Well there’s your problem
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    I love the Raptors so much. Like I mean I would still cheer for the Bulls if they ever miraculously get their shit together but the Raptors are such a great team with a bunch of great dudes. How can you not want the best for them?
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    KD in Canada stands for Kraft Dinner. We could have been confused as to whether they were doing it for Durant or for Mac n Cheese.
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    He's a beast on FM. He scored 10 goals in the Belgian League last season, which if we subject to a modified version of the 'Afonso Alves' co-efficient as it's Belgium and not the Netherlands and then carry the Vincent Janssen number, means he will score... *checks notes* minus 8 goals next season.
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    Eh, not really. He's statistically the best defensive full back in the league, he's 21 and he's English, which is £20m as a baseline.
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    FUCKKKIIIIIIINNNNNNNNNN GEEEEEYTTTTTTTTIIIIIINN Comisserations the Tottenham fans you will get back here again. I've been here before as have the other Liverpool fans here. You will honestly get back to this stage again. You are a sound bunch of fans and honestly probably one of the best group of fans on here. But the rest of you... LIVERPOOL ARE FUCKING CONQUERING EUROPE ONCE AGAIN GET ABSOLUTELY FUCKED. CALL US INSUFFERABLE ALL YOU WANT THESE LADS DESERVE THIS!! 97 POINTS AND BACK TO BACK FINALS. LIVERPOOL ARE BACK ON THE FUCKING SCENE
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    Fuck y'all, Death Stranding looks dope. I'm all in. Kojima can get as weird as he likes, especially seeing as he's giving me a big fuck off ladder to play with.
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    Definitely support her, because Sims is amazing. I still play a couple of hours of Sims 2 every few weeks. Hell of a game.
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    Hope Cech puts on a Chelsea shirt post-match and joins in the celebrations in his first act as Director of Football.
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    Buckner was a great player who deserved to be known for more than that one play he didn't make in Shea Stadium. RIP
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    Fun little fact I found on Reddit: With Danny Green playing for the Raptors it means that a player who is/was a team-mate of Shaquille O'Neal will be playing in the NBA championship finals for the 35th consecutive season.
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