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    "Virtual Basement Wrestling" sounds like something seedy you'd see advertised in the back of an Apter mag.
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    Promotion Wars was the 'Rival' to EWD, the precursor to EWR. The Promotion Wars web forums were the first forums I joined online. I was a forum moderator and then a general moderator. When Promotion Wars went under, the forums slowed to a crawl and eventually folded. A bunch of us jumped ship to what was then EWB2 I believe. I never really played EWR much, but I missed the forums community, and with a bunch of us coming over together it didn't feel that weird. On the Promotion Wars forums I learned how to do graphic design, which is how I got into my job. Those graphic design skills are how I now do cross-stitch. Which is how I got in the news, and what I'm most well known for. Without Promotion Wars I wouldn't be here, and this forum has fostered some genuine real life friendships. I've met EWB people, stayed in their homes, been to their weddings, sent christmas presents to their kids and even mourned some of their deaths. I have no idea where I would be without Promotion Wars, but it is undoubtedly the video game that most influenced my life.
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    Not a video but...
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    You think Chelsea are likeable? I know we're not everyone's cups of tea but fucking hell
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    I mentioned this in the TEW 2020 release thread last week, and in the interest of transparency, I wanted to show y'all what I've been working on. As it stands, the scenario is set to start in 2001, with a long-term goal of editing the data to be able to start from each six month period or milestone moment (say, the opening of TNA, or the start of the WWE network, or the beginning of the original brand split etc. etc.) I'll be undertaking the creation of this scenario on my own, and it'll be being created from scratch. I think we can all agree that a common issue with a great deal of TEW mods through the years is that sometimes too many cooks spoil the broth, and that converting data from previous versions of the game can really throw everything out of whack. I don't want this mod to be just okay, I want it to be excellent, and to do that, it needs to be created from scratch. With that, I'd like to present the data as it currently stands, presented in Google Sheets. So far about 100 workers or so are fully defined, with another 400 or so part-way there. I don't want any suggestions on who to add at this stage, but feel free to question numbers or stats or decisions I've made. At this early stage, I'm hoping to have roughly 900 or so active workers in the game-world ready to start for 2001, with an additional 600 yet to debut. I'm also hoping to have around 10-15 playable companies at launch including (but not limited to) WWE, OVW, XPW, CZW, NJPW, AJPW and NOAH. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/169SyevMvdjhRyhZZO-c5sstdf9zniA_FL2Gnzw1Hdoc/edit#gid=0
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    Has he tried not being a young black dude with style and personality?
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    https://www.panthers.com/news/cam-newton-nationwide-walter-payton-man-of-the-year-charity-challenge https://www.goodnewsnetwork.org/cam-newton-to-feed-underprivileged-kids-for-thanksgiving/ https://fanbuzz.com/nfl/cam-newton-thanksgiving-dinners/ https://www.si.com/nfl/2018/02/20/cam-newton-foundation-program-racism-prejudice-social-activism Yeah that Cam Newton sure is an asshole. He even dances on the field after he scores!
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    Just put the girls to bed after watching The Empire Strikes Back. Their little faces when Vader told Luke that he was his father. Oh my God. I wish I had taken pictures. My oldest had a confused look while still starring at the TV. My littlest immediately wanted to discuss just how someone as good as Luke could have such a dastardly man as a father. It was adorable. Tomorrow night we finish the original trilogy. Then the girls want to go back and watch the prequels because they just have to know how Darth Vader went from good to bad. I'm terrified my five year old will take notes.
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    So you're saying that he'll throw himself through the next transfer window?
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    We don't give a fuck.- Somebody that was in the military (some do, but even the ones that do are less outraged then Bob and Nancy that run the HOA).
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    I'd bet Goodell couldn't name more than three minorities or women.
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    Alf Ralph is funnier to me than it has any right to be.
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    Safe to say Bennett went off, read the thread. Hell read his twitter period.
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    I would prefer the former but Brees is a documented piece of shit. He's said these views before and worse, it's just people took notice this time. He's a massive Republican, loves Trump, promotes MLM firms and Christian groups that are heavily anti-LGBT. One stock photo and half hearted apology means nothing. His views are never going to change.
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    "But the TROOOOPPSSS!!" - People who have never been in the military
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    Selfishly I am disappointed but there are obviously more important things at stake than me getting a look at a console I know I'm going to buy anyway
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    Thats rich considering ex-NFL exec admits what we knew all along: Protests ended Colin Kaepernick’s career
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    33 years old and this still made me laugh.
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    They have Superman, No Cigar and Guerilla Radio, good enough for me.
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    "How do they treat service workers" honestly seems like one the best ways to assess a person's character.
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    In all fairness, the protest is so much more important than football. He’s one of our better players, but if he has to sit out because he took a stand, fair fucking play to him.
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    The problem is that people have been saying for almost 4 years now that it's not about the military or the flag so the idea that he continues to parrot that talking point, even after the past few days, suggests he's not really willing to listen. Never mind the fact that, insistence that people stand for the flag, is a gross misunderstanding of the freedoms his grandfathers fought for to begin with. I'm all for allowing people to change and learn from their mistakes. But his lesson should have happened way before today.
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    "Hi Drew, I have a question, JMarushin for EWB Sports. Does straight up murdering a dude on camera largely due to the color of their skin Honor the flag then?"
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    It's finally happening. Sony has announced an online showcase of PS5 games on June 4th. It will last over an hour.
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    I'm glad you said 'most' because three things are certain in this life... Death, taxes, and Frank Gore playing another NFL season.
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    I'm getting behind the Cleveland Crimble Cookies, in that case.
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    We already have a lead candidate for their new name in FM21.
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    I mean, how sad is it that they even need to be actively incentivized?
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    The NFL had an auction going on where the proceeds would go to coronavirus charities and the winning bid would watch a MNF game with Goodell in his basement. He probably figured he’d be talking football with some random corporate muckety-muck who had money to blow. Instead the winning bid of $250,000 was submitted by Barstool Sports’ Dave Portnoy, one of Goodell’s most vocal critics.
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