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    My screen fits CM01/02, FM05, and FM09 to allow for simultaneous play. My missus has titled it "the saddest thing I've ever seen you do". I reckon I could get two more of the older CM games going in the space underneath...
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    My son has completed his first game just shy of 4 years old
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    2. is Michele Padovano, again, purely known due to playing every iteration of Championship Manager ever. Someone on Reddit a few days ago was talking about how a lot of Premier League players seem to all merge into one and you see a lad score a goal and you think he must be a youth product with a couple of games under his belt, so you google him and it turns out he's an experienced international signed for 8 figures in the summer, yet they could name the entire 1995/96 Southampton first XI. I'm the same, between Championship Manager and Pannini stickerbooks, I reckon I could name more players from 1995/96 than I could 2019/20. I only know half the current day players because of FantasyPL.
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    And here it is. Barnie's film had heart...
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    Sabol getting in posthumously is bittersweet. He deserves to be in, but he also deserved to be in when he was alive and could have known about his induction. That man could have done a voiceover of a traffic jam and you’d be pumped to run through a brick wall.
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    And yet they lost 5-0 to the Villa. Does that make us better than the best team ever? Quite possibly.
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    Toss a coin for your Witcher, o' valley of plenty
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    Well, this certainly was a paige turner
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    Comment I saw on Reddit: "Astros cheat, win WS, then get fucked. Sox cheat, win WS, then get fucked Mets get fucked." Sounds about right.
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    Makes our 5-0 demolition job look even more impressive.
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    If you're having trophy problems because Road Dogg sucked, son Cause I got 72 platinums and I preferred Billy Gunn.
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    There are many a collection of books that talk about the myriad different things you should or could do before you die. Now, most of them involve an element of time that is beyond me (I like a book, but 1,001 Books... would take about a bajillion years), or money that I just don't have (Golf courses, I'm looking at you). However, I thought the best way for me to engage with one of the books was to try and complete one. With 366 days in 2020 and 1,001 things to do, that works out at just over 2.7 things per day. What can I do around three times a day (no rude answers)? Why, listen to music, of course...the clue was in the title of the topic you clicked on to be fair. Working chronologically, my plan is to post my thoughts about the 1,001 songs that you should listen to before you die, according to the Cassell Illustrated, the company who created a lot of this style of book. It starts in 1916 and goes all the way up to 2010. Now, I'm not a musician or a music critic, so I'm not professing to this being deep and meaningful insight on each song, but some comment that sums up my thoughts in around 100 words. I'll include Youtube links to all the songs I can find (I'm assuming all of them?) and you can play along at home if you want. Enjoy. 1. ‘O Sole Mio’, Enrico Caruso (1916) This could be the best song in the world to have ever existed, but it won’t ever get past the fact that it was famously adapted for a Cornetto advert when I was younger. This does the song a disservice as Caruso’s voice is very dynamic, especially during the move from verse to chorus. A pleasant way to begin my musical odyssey; one that touches upon something I already was vaguely aware of whilst grounding me in the actuality of the piece of music. 2. ‘St Louis Blues’, Bessie Smith (1925) The first song that I have honestly no foreknowledge of. Smith has a wonderfully soulful voice for singing the blues, though the coronet (played by Louis Armstrong) isn’t always the most welcome addition personally. I appreciate that it is an element of the sound of the genre, but Smith’s mournful lament could have worked without its discordant overlapping of the lyrics. It works best when used as an interlude to bridge into the next section for me. Personal preferences aside, you can see why this might have been a song that earned the songwriter the type of money that effectively would have made him a millionaire during this time period. 3. ‘Allons à Lafayette’, Joe e Cléoma Falcon(1928) In the initial stages of this process, I feel there will be a number of songs that depend entirely on whether I enjoy the genre of the song and all of the conventions that come along with it. This is the first ever recording of Cajun music and whilst I enjoy the jaunty accordion work, I’m less enamoured about the singing. It feels very much of a specific style and place and audience; none of which are me. As a representation of a culture and its music, I can see why it is included, it is just the least of the music I have heard so far.
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    'Jack Wilshere pulls hamstring getting out of washing machine'
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    Beltran’s only punishment is he still has to manage the Mets.
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    That was a load of heavy handed shit wasn't it? And do they normally treat the future as "one of a million possible futures"? I don't feel like they do, otherwise the Doctor wouldn't be so arsed about changing history?
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    Fuck off. We'd have seen obituaries by now.
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    Southampton travel to Leicester at the weekend...
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    Look, I like to think I’m an easygoing person but I’m fucking fuming at your behaviour right now.
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    I'm only going to say this for now, having finally watched TROS:
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    Well done Tranmere but I'm not liking the post.
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    WWE 2k20 was programmed in such a way that it now force closes in most modes because it is the year 2020...
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    I am now on the Drew Lock train.
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    Whose arsed if it's boring when you're winning a Champions League final! Can only beat what is in front of you and during that whole champions league run we beat PSG, Napoli, Bayern and beat Barca at home 4-0 to win 4-3 on aggregate I think it's hard to compare teams of different eras. The league is a lot different now then it was in the 90s, 00s and even the start of the decade. I can say it's the best Liverpool team I've watched in my lifetime but I wouldn't say it's better or worse then the invincibles or fergie's run. Theres differences such as you can argue you've got two teams getting a ridiculous points total last season who were neck and neck and you could argue theres a lot more money in the league and you've got one of the most richest teams assembled etc or teams aren't as likely to sell their best players to top teams cause they can afford not to. You can argue some teams like United and Arsenal have fallen off a cliff in recent years compared to when leagues were more competitive. You can also argue the standard of the league is a lot tighter in the middle. I don't like comparing players/teams from different time periods. It's like whose better Maradona/Messi etc. I'm just appreciating the ride of watching my team that can play some fantastic football or can grind out results. I spent most of my childhood watching that whiskey nosed prick pull off result after result and I would have been saying were spawny results at times and now I'm watching us do it and it's like looking back, its teams finding a way to win and having an aura of fear about them.
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    FYI, I'm also a massive bellend. This isn't replacing anything racist or whatever, I just thought you all should know.
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    The last two minutes of that episode was just fantastic and make me almost happy cry.
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    Just think of it as Sony and MCU as two halves of a Venn diagram with Spiderman in the middle.
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    Being frank, the only movie I liked more than The Irishman that I saw last year was Parasite, which should win Best Picture (but probably won't and will just get something major like Best Director instead). I watched it with my dad and barring one or two times we paused to go to the kitchen or bathroom, we had no problem getting through it in one sitting. There's just this dread to that movie that I love, this crushing inevitability not just of what's going to happen -- what has to happen -- but the absolute lack of romance or empathy towards the idea of being a gangster. Given how many movies Scorsese has made that at least for a portion of the movie glamorize the idea of being a criminal and living in the lap of luxury (as recently as Wolf of Wall Street), it was refreshing seeing what might (and should) be his final gangster movie be as utterly unromantic as possible. The acting is excellent, too, the best performance any of those leads have given in ages (though for Pesci, that's the only performance he's given in ages). It was unbelievably, deliberately long (all those road trip scenes are pretty much just there to show how unremarkable these people are outside of what they're on their way to do) and that's not going to be for everyone. But it was extremely for me.
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    i dunno why i watched it, morbid curiosity or whatever, but it's so shit. i don't really understand the concept for one, like the audience is supposed to vote for the worst of a pair of singers (three times) then of the bottom three, the worst one is chosen by the panel to unmask themselves, but like... are people actually voting for the worst performer, or just the one they'd most like to see unmasked? Also... who cares? Also Ken Jeong is pissing me off. His running joke is that he stands up and delivers a long monologue about how he knows who each singer is, but the punchline is it's like bea arthur or thearesa may or someone ridiculous. it's shit. anyway, now onto my worst bit, the hosts have obviously been told to guess major celebrities that ITV can't afford to add some kind of tension. Like they're guessing fuckin Idris Elba and shit. Like sure, Idris Elba has dressed as a fuckin pervert hedgehog or whatever to do a shit karaoke version of some pop song on a bottom of the barrel talent show hosted by a man who is most famous for masturbating on the internet. IT'S NOT GONNA BE IDRIS ELBA, IT'S GONNA BE SOME ASSHOLE WHO GOT KICKED OFF OF X-FACTOR IN THE QUARTER FINALS OR WHATEVER Like episode one the celebrity was , fuck off. who cares. anyway Kats and Jook probably like it so sorry for dunking on your new favourite show guys love you both.
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    It's a beautiful game sometimes.
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    Ok I've just found out who the singer was for episode two, and I think that whoever it was backstage at ITV that suggested that would make a good addition to the show, should have their harddrive searched, because who wants to see that person singing while dressed as a Only some kind of pervert and i do not trust them
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    Patriots out, Garrett out, let’s go for the trifecta and get the Eagles out and I’ll call this a fantastic weekend
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    I'm liking Baddars post as a -1 for Lineker.
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    10. ‘Brother, Can You Spare A Dime?’, Bing Crosby (1932) A song that very much caught the tone of the time period, ‘Brother, Can You Spare A Dime?’ came during the time of the Great Depression and told a story of a man who suffered through this moment in history. Written for a musical (Americana), the lyrics cleverly use ideas around railroads and towers, these bastions of industrialisation and perceived development, to add to the sense of melancholy as the narrator speaks of his involvement in the building of these, only to now be begging for a dime. Crosby’s voice is melodious, yet urgent as things progress, finely building a sense of what the character was and what he had become. 11. ‘Mal Hombre’, Lydia Mendoza (1934) Just looking at the thumbnail for the music video, you can tell that Lydia Mendoza was going to be good to listen to. She emanates a sense of cool in an image that translates to her music, especially her singing voice. In a story that translates to ‘Bad Man’ in English, you can imagine her being knowing enough of the type of ‘hombre’ that existed as she busked and toured to speak somewhat from the heart. Like many of the other ones so far, reasonably simplistic in nature but it allows her vocals to shine through in particular. 12. ‘Hula girl’, Sol Hoopii (1934) A song that almost sounds somewhat like a novelty to modern ears, Sol Hoopii was apparently a pioneer in slack-key guitar. This is most prevalent – as far as I understand it – in the solos that fall between the verses. These are actually the finest bits of the song for me, an interesting new wrinkle to the music that I’ve heard thus far and playful in their nature. Outside of the slack-key work, most of the song sounds somewhat dated whilst also oxymoronically having a timeless element to it; the tropes of what we might expect to hear when hearing ‘Hawaiian music’ are all present and correct. A fun addition to the list.
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    Danny Drinkwater is the real life version of one of those transfers you see on FM occassionally where the AI signs a player they clearly don't need for a ridiculous fee and then they play 25 minutes over four seasons and get released, or if they're any good, you sign them on loan for three consectutive seasons.
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    Got the Taskmaster boardgame for Christmas. Played one game at my sisters place. it was carnage. highly recommend.
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    The game so bad, it even manages to fall victim to "Y2K" 20 years after the fact.
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    Garrett had a second meeting with the Joneses and they have now scheduled a third because I hate this fucking team so goddamn much
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    As usual, thanks to everyone for a fun season. Hope to see you all next summer!
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    You talk SO much shit for a dude with like four teams in every sport.
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    Completely honest answer? No, in no way is GTA Online a fun experience on your own. At best it's middling and boring, at worst it's a toxic childish mess where some asshole with a stupid flying bike decides to make your experience a living hell. It's a game experience based around having to spend a shitload of real money to get fun toys, or you need to grind insane amount of hours. It's frustrating in a group of friends, I wouldn't even bother on your own. You could look into FiveM, which is a custom multiplayer service where you can go into private servers, they tend to be MUCH less toxic and better managed, depending on the kind of server you look for. But that's still very much a janky buggy mess, so it's not all perfect. But honestly, hands down, don't play GTA Online on your own, and maybe play it with a group.
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    Odd disclaimer from Dave Jones there. Gary Neville: expresses anti-racist views. Dave Jones: "I am compelled to say those are the views of Gary Neville and not necessarily of Sky." I imagine it's like one of those "other products are available" type things the BBC does but it comes off a bit weirdly giving one saying that Gary Neville's views that an objectively horrible thing is horrible are his views and not necessarily that of the company.
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    @Kaney Klaus regarding the Palpatine setup...
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