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    I thought you guys might like to see my little games box. I take it camping, when I go visit my partner, when we do long train rides, basically anywhere we might have some time to kill. It fits in an old tin, the modern equivalent is the altoids tin. The price on the label is 25 1/2 p so the tin is older than me. It's 10 X 6 X 2 cm. It holds eight dice, the twelve tiles needed to play LESS, a mini card deck, Pass The Pigs, the board to play Coinage, as well as enough coins to use as tokens. It also holds instructions for Pigs, Coinage, and cheat sheets for the dice games Yahtzee and Decathlon. So yeah, as well as the above, you can play any card or dice game, Cribbage, Idiot, Colonnade, Buck Dice, etc. And the back of the tin is a magnetic white board for keeping score. And it all packs away into a pocket sized tin
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    Someone had a broken Joycon and put in a request alongside their repair order for Nintendo support to send back pictures of their favourite animals. And so they did.
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    "What are you going to do now that you're a millionaire, Gardner?" "Two chicks at the same time."
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    (Blitzkrieg) MmmmmBop?
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    Steelers sure could use him.
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    This is a bit off topic, but there's far too much EWB crossover not to post it.
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    Please don't post copyrighted material onto the board.
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    Well I mean that’s her call. There’s no time limit anyone should put on when a woman wants to blow the whistle on something like this. I find it pathetic that people are making it about a “Patriot” as opposed to a man accused of a heinous crime.
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    The little hints towards retaining the stupid stuff (e.g. the workout mini-game) is, in its way, just as impressive as all the glitz and wonderful, wonderful shiny.
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    Deadspin just ran a fun little puff piece about him yesterday
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    Vincent Kompany has been ruled out with a hamstring injury.
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    Nah, he instantly becomes the most likable Patriot.
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    Next up: We should stop making Punisher movies/shows because cops use the logo, fetishize the character and they also kill people, which is... a problem. Instead of confronting the actual problem, let's go after the media and pop culture shit that these types of people surround themselves with, and demonize it. Because that's easier to do. It's not like people haven't been cheering for villains in movies/TV/etc well before the rise of incel terrorism. You might think it should be one way, but the fact is that it's always been this way and it's nothing new. If it's not this movie that will embolden incels, or whoever, then it'll be something else. It could be the Friday the 13th video game, it could be some metal album, maybe it's a TV show. Those types of people will find something in anything to justify their feelings, and the correct response isn't to go after that particular medium (in this case a fuckin' Joker movie).
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    I have, and it still means nothing. You're picking reviews and saying "this is a good one" because it's one that agrees with the decision you've made already. Other people are posting ones that say the opposite. Making a decision on art without seeing it and citing reviews that agree with you as the reason why just feels incredibly short sighted.
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    I get that not everyone likes the same stuff but all these hyperbolic takes on The Last of Us like are literally hurting me
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    It's worse than we thought... Review: ‘Joker’ is a Dangerous Film That Will Incite Lonely White Men to Try Stand-Up Comedy
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    Lil Naitch never lies
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    I am all about seeing Keith Hernandez learn how the internet works.
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    I think a single person who can be two ages at once would be up for anything.
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    She-Hulk, Moon Knight and Ms. Marvel series were announced for Disney+. Feige confirmed that Ms. Marvel will crossover into the movies. No word on if it's the same with She-Hulk & Moon Knight. 23 episodes of What If?, one for every movie released in the MCU. Among those shown were Winter Solider versus Zombie Captain America, Peggy Carter gets the super soldier serum, and "something about what if Peter Quill didn't become Star Lord?". Sharon Carter (Emily Van Camp) returns in Falcon & The Winter Soldier, and John Walker/US Agent (played by Wyatt Russell) will be featured. Darcy Lewis (Kat Dennings) & Agent Jimmy Woo (Randall Parks) return in WandaVision, while Kathryn Hahn has joined the cast in an undisclosed role.
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    Bruh, the fact that you keep talking like Tony Pollard is going to replace Zeke in that offense is HILARIOUS.
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    Sign her up!
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    https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/49405363 Too many G O O D B O Y E S in this story. Is the dog the good boy? The kitman? Maguire-Drew for popping up in the last minute and banging in a winner after we were 2-0 down at half time? Truly the best club.
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    AppleTV+? How many more streaming services does there need to be? The only thing I can see increasing as a result of this is piracy to be honest. That being said, that show looks good.
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    the whole thing is kind of cute until you see gronk break the goose's neck so Brady can use it for blood doping and Bellichek plucks it to make socks
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    Go fall in a well.
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    Sometimes I feel like it had 2 different writers. Someone wrote the first disc and then passed it to the next person who only read the last paragraph and then did the entire rest of the game. Kind of like what happens when Reflecto gets involved in a mass project in the dome
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    This has been the highlight so far Deadspin (@Deadspin) Tweeted: Person caught saying “I never had my butt fingered” on NFL broadcast: https://t.co/bcWUE30hWM The Bears play an entertaining brand of it. Packers not so much. And the Bears offense isn’t one I want to watch struggle to make it past mid field.
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    Well, besides the fact that it's going to look like everything else? And that layout is better meant for platforms like mobile and smart TVs where you don't have a mouse? It's a pointless decision because there was nothing wrong with the current design. If anything needs an overhaul it's the store design, but they shouldn't be fucking boring about it.
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    I have some news for you about Jerry Jones.
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    ...I set out to make this game all about making Felix miserable and then I gave him the best possible partner.
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    I like that a Harchester reference brought someone out of the void of lurking
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    Another great response.
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    I find Spurs' tactics somewhat baffling. I understand that Son/Moura/Lamela are all more inside forwards than they are wingers and that to get the most out of inside forwards in a 4-3-3, you want a striker to come deeper to fill the #10 pocket of space, draw the defenders out and let the wide players exploit the space in behind. Barcelona have done it for over a decade. What I don't understand is playing to their strengths when you've got probably the best '9' in the world and you're making him receive the ball in the centre circle, completely negating his far more considerable strengths. Not to mention he's trying to do an attempt at the job of Eriksen, one of the best out and out 10's in the world, who's on the bench. Is this like when Mourinho purposefully picked players out of position to prove a point to the board?
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    He's back y'all!
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