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    That's it. You're a Coldplay fan. That's the news.
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    A scenario without cena is just a srio.
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    All the best musicians die at 27. And Amy Winehouse.
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    But we caught you rating your own game It wasn't me Why would you even use your own name? It wasn't me You even gave it the top score It wasn't me It's right there on the App Store It wasn't me
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    Banned. I wish I could ban you from the entire internet to be honest.
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    you could indeed say that. if you're a dick. :/
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    Well who knows if I'll survive that long? Apparently fictional traffic accidents are really on the rise at the moment.
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    It isn't open source. To be blunt, I'm not really sure how anyone would get that impression as the term "open source" is pretty literal; it means the source code has been made freely available for editing, which clearly the EWR code never has, otherwise there'd be hundreds of slightly-edited versions floating around. If a "computer programming professor" doesn't know what open source means, you may want to check his qualifications.
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    Luka Modric's written transfer request
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    With grape soda, comes great responsibility
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    Another example would probably be that episode of Happy Days where Fonzie jumps a shark.
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    Go on fella. All this space is for you.
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    I think you'll find he's the one before the best ever.
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    Justin Comprehensible, cocky young upstart with a terrible speech impediment.
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