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    Hey Sean, word to the wise. If you liked a franchise and then didn't like the direction it took, it's okay to not follow that franchise anymore. I fucking love Final Fantasy. But the games after 12 just weren't for me. I played them, didn't like them, but realised other people got a bunch of joy from them, and I'm super stoked for those people. It just seems like you're getting yourself bummed out on purpose because you didn't like the games that came out after 2, and now you're determined to dislike everything that comes out with the Fallout label attached. If those games weren't for you, it doesn't invalidate the love you have for the first two, and you can still enjoy them just as much now that the newer games exist. It's okay that Fallout isn't for you anymore. But is for a bunch of other people, and that's awesome.
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    Nike has removed all Washington merchandise.
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    You'll probably only get one playthrough out of Firewatch but it is a great game, highly recommend.
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    If it wants to be an authentic Fallout experience then it needs to fully establish it's plot in the first episode and then spend the next 22 completely ignoring it whilst the protagonist goes off on crazy unrelated adventures.
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    I'm just amused we've got a thread for AMC's Walking Dead and Showtime's Homeland, but this is going to be made by They.
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    O'Neills are making Patrick Thistle's kit this year. Like always it's a weird and unique design, much better than another template!
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    Stadium sponsor FedEx asks Washington to change nickname. It's good to see the pressure ramping back up again but it's going to ultimately require the league to force the team's hand.
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    It's gonna be fucking awesome. I can't wait.
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    Knocked out of the Europa League by CHELSEA OF ALL TEAMS YOU FUCKERS I MADE YOU. Not bitter at all, honest.
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    There are plenty of big games (and even more small ones) that get by fine without microtransactions, and without increasing the prices of their games.
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    There is nothing 'optional' about loot boxes for a lot of people with potential gambling addictions - which is something that is increasing in both adults and children - and they certainly should not be in games rated for children. Also if I hear that 'cosmetics don't effect gameplay' again I might just be sick. They're part of the gameplay experience.
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    Reset the search filter, it's an odd feature but it tends to "save" the search filters, I tent to filter promotions to being active for ease of search while editing.
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    OOTP 21 is now on Game Pass.
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    “Come with me if you want to continue to exist.” 🤣 Oh Enoch, I love you
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    Okay, so I'll use this thread to house my historical mods for TEW20. 90 % 93 are also available over on TEWDB, but why not spread the net a little. So far, I've released version 1 of my 1990 mod and the 1993 one. Please see the links below and feel free to comment and pass on feedback in your replies. I 've also now released October 1985 (Strive to Survive), which was previously found on here and elsewhere for 2016. Any challenges to any of the releases should be made directly to myself, it's unfair to draw anyone else in to the debate. As mentioned above, feel free to pass on any feedback in your replies below. Some of the potential issues appear to be due to the removal of touring contracts, so touring promotions don't clear out during down time and workers go to Japan on written deals. September 1990 - The Coming Storm DATA February 1993 - From Here to Where DATA Pic Pack This is rather sizeable as it covers both mods and will have a vast amount of pics not used. Built from the nGo pack and added to with my own cuts and possibly a few imports here and there. You will need to point the mods to it as the mods currently point to the 1990 or 1993 graphics folders. PACK So, why October of 1985 I hear you all ask. Well, from a personal viewpoint it's because ASW started on Screensport during October 1985. But, let's take a look at the game world in a slightly broader manner. America: WWF The WWF are building towards The Wrestling Classic, with Andre battling Heenan's Family and Hogan having various challengers for his WWF belt. Fans are also getting to enjoy The Bulldogs vs The Hart Foundation. JCP The leading promotion of the NWA are progressing towards Starrcade. The Rock N Roll are battling the Russians, Flair has been defending around the NWA and even Harley Race is working outside of JCP. Closer to home, Ronnie Garvin has been put forward as a challenger to Flair and Tully is running through anyone he faces. AWA It's Pro Wrestling USA time, which is difficult to sim so I've not tried too much. The promotion have just run the first Superclash and all the member parties are friends, for now (just ban David from the dressing rooms Greg). The card saw the likes of Giant Baba, Mil Mascaras and Kerry Von Erich make appearances. Flair made a title defence, the Freebirds defeated the Road Warriors and Gagne, Hall & Hennig defeating Bickwinkel, Stevens and Zbyszko is a torch passing moment that should assist with propelling the promotion forwards. The push is now on for Star Wars in December. WCCW Days away from the Cotton Bowl Extravaganza, where the Von Erichs take on Chris Adams and Gino. How will things look come Thanksgiving? CCW Ron Fuller is thinking big, unfortunately CBS didn't come on board. They have moved to arena TV though and have Gordon Solie on the mic. Just who is "The Bullet", the Armstrongs may well know. Plus, Jimmy Golden is easily one of the most under rated workers at this time. CWA Lawler has just lost to Flair at the Great American Bash in Memphis. Mid-South Bill has lost his TBS slot and is months away from going national as the Universal Wrestling Federation. Elsewhere Bob Geigel is not yet trying to compete with the big two, Florida is still trying to recover, Dick the Bruiser is still battling away and the ladies of America are about to get their GLOW on. Japan: Unfortunately, the first incarnation of the UWF has just closed and Sayama has left the business. Sadly, this also means less Japanese exposure for workers from the UK. There is still only one Joshi promotion, that doesn't change until mid-1986. AJPW appears to be pushing along, Gordy is there and Misawa is continuing the Tiger Mask name. NJPW is also just moving along, with Inoki and Brody battling fairly often. Rest of the World: As usual, not much is happening in Oceania with Steve Rickard running shows in New Zealand. All Star, in the UK, have found a slot on Screensport and are putting on a superior product to that of Joint Promotions. Joint, meanwhile, maintain their stranglehold on the ITV deal and Big Daddy maintains his inexplicable spot on top. In Canada, the Harts are just about to regain control of Stampede, Al Tomko is looking to make a stand and Dave McKigney and his bear are still doing their thing. Otto is king in Europe, as he takes Germany and Austria by storm. Finally, EMLL are the top promotion in Mexico with the UWA just beginning to struggle. DATA: Base data for this is my 2016 Strive to Survive build. I've included Asaemon's broadcasters pack from 2016, which sees the data check highlight some minor issues. 1985 Data Pics: Utilising the msp pack, along with various cuts of my own and no doubt utilising some from ngo also. I just don't have the time to switch over to my 1990 and 1993 combined pack. 1985 Pics
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