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    The trailer was fine but it's pretty much "What if Stranger Things but it's actually Ghostbusters," isn't it? Starring the lead kid from Stranger Things, who dressed up as a Ghostbuster on that show.
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    I had to play Christmas music at scouts the other night, so I had to find a spotify playlist with no wham on it. I'm still in lads.
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    That Silicon Valley finale
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    My work colleague/friend has just opened an Etsy store selling glittery resin meeples. After plenty of discussions with me she decided she wanted to use her resin modelling skills for the geekier among us and add some glitter and bright colours. We used some of my Carcassonne meeples to make the moulds and since then she's been perfecting the process and is offering sets for people. All the photos on that page were badly taken by me and are of meeples she's made which I now have. It's a well good gift for a family member or friend, choose their favourite colour, choose how sparkly you want them and they (or you) then have a personal set of 8 meeples to use in games in the future. Her Etsy is below, it's £9.99 per set of 8. https://www.etsy.com/uk/listing/745992144/magical-meeples-you-choose-the-colour?ga_order=most_relevant&ga_search_type=all&ga_view_type=gallery&ga_search_query=meeples&ref=sr_gallery-1-9
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    Hugh Laurie and Armando Iannucci? Count me in!
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    I hope everyone sat through the credits.
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    Bruceball has inverted the pyramid and revolutionised football, with our so false he's zero goalscoring threat nine, Andy Caroll: targetmanwinger, an inside wingback forward, overlapping poacher/ball playing defenders, and Jonjo Shelvey.
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    They googled the price of a train ticket to La Masia and noped the fuck out.
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    I am just upset at you disrespecting Jethro Tull. And justice for all isn’t even a very good album. That Jethro Tull one (full disclosure I’ve never listened to it) is way better.
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    Well that was a pretty terrible call on the Pats no TD, but those were two terrible phantom tripping calls when they played the Cowboys so fuck em
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    1. This Is Us 2. Mindhunter 3. The Mandalorian 4. Stumptown 5. Stranger Things 6. Russian Doll 7. Castle Rock 8. Jack Ryan 9. The Boys 10. Good Omens 11. The Good Doctor 12. Orange Is The New Black 13. All Or Nothing: Carolina Panthers 14. Man In The High Castle 15. Manifest Best New Character: Annie Wilkes - Castle Rock
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    Is anyone else like me on this game where if you manage in the lower league you always choose a team where it feels like it one day won't sound out of place in the Premier League (or any other top division)? Like I can't do long term saves with teams like Macclesfield, Kidderminster, Accrington, Yeovil etc cause they just sound like they are meant to be lower league teams. But I'll happily add about 20 leagues down and be Winchester City or something cause it doesn't feel like it'd look out of place? Am I weird? I'm asking this cause I'm managing in the Spanish third division as Internacional de Madrid solely because I like the name Inter and being based in Madrid one day hopefully turning them in to giants, as opposed to like... Rayo Majadahonda. Board really allowing me to make the most out of that request to upgrade the scouting range there...
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    Not as good as MDickie's You Testament
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    Alex Gracia is from Texas, not the UK https://www.cagematch.net/?id=2&nr=21307&gimmick=Alex+Gracia https://www.wrestlingdata.com/index.php?befehl=bsuche&aufgabe=suche&wname=Alex+Gracia Also change her finishers to Cutter and Diving Body Scissors
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    The Rangers have done a sort of neat thing with their new park's dimensions by honouring some of their best players.
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    I'm not going into the The Watchmen thread because I don't want spoilers but that was the greatest pilot for a dramatic series. The visuals and sounds are out of this world.
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    I can’t appreciate the architecture if someone’s getting pumped
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    They should redo it but Do They Know its Christmas refers to a couple fucking in a church and it's coming from the aghast perspective of an old woman discovering them fucking.
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    And Marina Sirtis' husband
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    Rene Auberjonois has died
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    Congrats on your Week 13 Super Bowl. I see you're losing 31-3 to Denver.
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