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    This is basically @Lineker when he gets to work today.
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    Ajax vs Spurs in the semite-final
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    Both the FIFA and PES series'. Definitely fun in their own right, but while FIFA has all the modes you could ever want, the gameplay is severely lacking. On the flipside, PES has great gameplay (not without its own issues this year), but a lack of modes that they care enough about to add or address existing ones. Ultimate Team and to a lesser extent, My Club, have rightly or wrongly become a gold mine for EA and Konami, but they are absolutely harming both titles each year.
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    I'm very happy for Llorente, he's taken a lot of stick about being a bit pointless at Spurs and now it's all worth it. Also, having watched the highlights I don't think it even touched his elbow. Seems to come bouncing straight off his upper thigh and in to the net.
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    Trivial Pursuit, eh @9 to 5 It's a good game, but the developers don't care about it enough to add basic features like you know, invite a friend.
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    We're getting impatient for little Linekers.
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    Careful, Lineker can only get so erect
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    VAR is shit. Football is shit.
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    Honestly, I don't know what I prefer. Really amazing games of football because of skill and ability or really terrible games of football because both teams are comically shit.
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    Oh my arsehole we are through. Jesus bloody Christ. Absolute Spursiest way to progress!!! Always
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    Kingdom Come Deliverance. An interesting enough story/world, the combat was cool... but so many flaws. So, so, so many flaws.
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    No way. There’d be no better story than the Islanders knocking Toronto out.
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    Been playing through Arkham Asylum this weekend. Got about half way through. Damn I forgot how tight this game is. I could never really get into City or Knight because they just both felt too big and loose and far less interesting but Asylum deserves its place as one of the best superhero games of all time. Fuck I miss linear narrative games.
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    Santa Clarita Diet season 3 is good. Just finished it. season finale spoilers:
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