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    The cost of controllers is kind of fucked. The fact that a basic package of a system not automatically having two controllers is shit.
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    So what is going on with the Newcastle takeover? @Colly posted this picture of himself on Facebook
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    For me, I would say the ridiculous prices of digital games. Theres no box, artwork, manual, or physical disc, and it's not possible to trade in a digital game when you're done with it. Its absurd that it can cost regularly a lot more to download a game than it does to buy a copy from a store.
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    I love the Raptors so much. Like I mean I would still cheer for the Bulls if they ever miraculously get their shit together but the Raptors are such a great team with a bunch of great dudes. How can you not want the best for them?
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    KD in Canada stands for Kraft Dinner. We could have been confused as to whether they were doing it for Durant or for Mac n Cheese.
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    He's a beast on FM. He scored 10 goals in the Belgian League last season, which if we subject to a modified version of the 'Afonso Alves' co-efficient as it's Belgium and not the Netherlands and then carry the Vincent Janssen number, means he will score... *checks notes* minus 8 goals next season.
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    https://i.imgur.com/MxvyGer.jpg https://i.imgur.com/Ew1xEgZ.jpg
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    Oh, I have another one that may be a little unpopular, but fast travel in open world games. I understand the convenience and how it may alleviate the more boring part of such games, but I realised recently that in the last few years I've become far too reliant on it and have actively had to make a conscious effort to avoid using it. Part of this realisation was that some of my favourite gaming memories come from getting lost in a world or the chance encounters you have along the way. I'm having much more fun just exploring and getting sidetracked with a vague destination in mind. Feels far less robotic than just going from Point A to Point B, and I'm finding a lot more value in games as a consequence.
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    The Blues and Raptors win titles on consecutive nights. 2019 is wild.
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    Unplayable broken pieces of shit being released because the devs can just patch it later.
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    They could have stood up there for 6 hours giving me the finger and telling me what a stupid asshole I am but it still would have been worth it just for Game Pass Ultimate
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    https://i.imgur.com/qDn0mqP.png https://i.imgur.com/yp2cJbF.png
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    Yeah, like downloading the fucking thing, took ten fucking hours. “Hey I’ll buy this because i want something new, should be done in 15 minutes”.
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    Well there’s your problem
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    LeBron James for all his basketball talent and being one of the best ever has truly become a pestilence for every franchise he is in. The Cavs sold the house to get LeBron title teams, and now without LeBron they are nowhere to be found anymore. Now the same is happening to the Lakers as they go out of their way to get their star power in the hopes that they can appease LeBron and get him a team that will get him into the playoffs. But a title team in the west? In no way they can get that together, even if they now get Kawhi Leonard via Free Agency the depth of this Lakers team has gone from bad to worse. Lonzo for all his issues is a future starting PG, and now the only guy they have is a blasé Rajon Rondo who is a coin flip whether or not he wants to show up in any given game. Ingram had a great season cut short by a bad injury, but he'll be back and given his progress he is a loss to the Lakers because he was one of the few hands providing some flexibility to a team that had zero flexibility. Now the Lakers have a LeBron and a Davis, but they've given up their entire future to get that. Four first round picks is insane, including this year's fourth overall pick! Whilst the Pels lose a superstar, they have gained one in Zion Williamson and the Lakers just given them another huge pick in the same draft. A weak draft some say, but fourth pick in a weak draft is still a huge pick. And they stay young, they get Lonzo who I feel might be better off in a place that isn't Los Angeles. Josh Hart has potential to be more, and Ingram could come back and continue his impressive growth. I honestly got to give this to the Pels because they'll have some significant depth and still have trade value in their roster if they need to move a few pieces around. (or example, they have Lonzo AND Elfrid Payton)
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    I really enjoyed the match yesterday. It was good to see us grind out a result because I was sort of expecting us to dominate and score a few goals, but I loved the way Argentina were really mucking about in the game, proper dirty football. And their keeper had a blinder, hopefully someone in Europe will sign her even though she is 35, she deserved it for that performance.
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    Jimmy Butler has declined his player option and will enter free agency.
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    Do you know how many times I did that and my horse still tripped over a deer or some other type of animal? Maybe I just had a stupid horse...
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    For me I'd be okay with Fast Travel going away as long as getting from Point A to B is interesting. For me I have fun swinging my way through Spiderman but I find it sometimes tedious in RDR or GTA.
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    What exactly is it? I got it on PS+ but haven't got round to it yet, it asked whether I wanted to play or create when I clicked it, and I was too confused to know...
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    I hope sometimes they're late because they couldn't find the house of the last guy they delivered pizza too. Or better, accidentally gave him the ball.
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    Can your under 11's complete the pentagon?
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    Oh yeah, it's all conjecture and it won't play out exactly that way, but the trends will be there. Plus, my U11s could have beaten that Man Utd team.
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    Jeremy Lin: NBA Champion.
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    Somewhere in San Antonio, a single tear runs down the cheek of Demar DeRozan.
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    Why does he say it like it's a super hidden message? They're doing it for the city they play in and their fallen teammate.
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    The idea of a yearly development cycle for sports games needs to go away. Instead, they should keep a small team working on patches for the current game, and a larger team working on the next iteration... so, for example... NHL 20 gets released. 20% of the development team continues working on fixes, additions, upgrades, etc for NHL 20 to make it worth the purchase well after September. 80% of the development team begins work on the next iteration in the series, but instead of just outright saying that NHL 21 is on the way next September, they should work on fixing the things in the previous game that needed fixing, and then set a few additions they want for the next game as well as tweaks to the currently existing framework. If they can get it done in time for a September release for NHL 21, awesome... but if not, keep that 20% from earlier working on updating NHL 20 and push the next iteration to NHL 22 in order to make sure that the game is actually ready to go and works properly. They could even do a DLC release at the beginning of a new season when there isn't a new game coming, and use that to give us the ability to continue downloading updated rosters, new jerseys, masks and equipment, etc. It's not like they'd even really be losing money. The vast majority of people that I know who play sports games pick them up when they go half price or less. Myself, as a devoted NHL guy... I waited to get NHL 18 until it was dirt cheap, and then didn't upgrade to NHL 19 until Microsoft gave it away for free. I feel like people would be far more happy to pay the full price for the game every year on launch if it was actually worthwhile... but the only reason to pick up NHL specifically on release is if you're REALLY into HUT or EASHL.
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    Seriously, we're talking decent used-car money here.
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    Eh. DLC when done right is just a modernized take on the expansion pack formula, which has existed for a long ass time. At least DLC is rarely sold retail these days, so the days of getting an expansion disc for a game you don't have for your birthday are long gone.
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    In defense of Paradox, their DLC plan is still preferable to the alternative of "Buy a whole new game with a few more features every year". Also, they're not the biggest offenders in this method of DLC. Not even close. Don't believe me? Look up the DLC for Train Simulator games.
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    This is not so much to do with the games themselves, but the industry. Development studios need to cut down on the "crunch" mentality that's been leading to 100+ hour working weeks for its employees. Red Dead Redemption 2, for example, is a fantastic game, but not so much that I wouldn't have been happy for it to be released several months later so that dozens of people didn't have to almost kill themselves to get it finished on time.
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    It feels weird posting in this thread. Here's to attempting to not finish bottom!
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    Pre order bonuses that affect in game content are infuriating. I know why it's done, but I don't want to buy a game at a later date and have content that's completely unattainable. Also, day one dlc has no right to exist ever. There is good DLC out there, but they tend to be rare. I love Paradox titles, but they are all money sinks and unreasonably expensive after a certain point. And most DLC lock away features that the ai will have available, making it a slog to play a paradox title without having the entire package. Which can number into the hundreds of bucks if you have to get into this nowadays.
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    Daniel Sturridge, 20 goals.
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    One thing the NHL undeniably gets right is handing the trophy directly to the players. Nobody wants to see a greedy ass owner be the first one to get his hands on the trophy. Hand it to the people that actually won it.
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    I have been playing a Pittsburgh Pirates franchise where I did a fantasy draft. Had a miserable first season and unloaded a bunch of my expiring contracts for younger, MLB-ready guys. Was doing well in my second-year but needed some pitching. Got Jameson Taillon in a trade during year 1 that was proposed by the other team. Can't remember who I gave up but he was a similar overall guy but Taillon had more control. Traded for Carlos Carrasco at the deadline. We took the Central. Swept the Nationals, beat the Padres in 5 games and then won the World Series against Tampa in 5 games. I think I will probably sign with another team when the GM contract is up after Year 3 but hoping to go back-to-back. Zobrist had been my 2nd basemen but I traded him away after I was able to get Jurickson Profar. Had Gregory Polanco in right field but traded him for some prospects (in his last year before free agency) and signed Michael Brantley for a cheap 1 year deal with an option. My team probably isn't as good as last year but I can make some trades at the deadline with my prospects if need be.
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    It's season two, just after the All-Star Break with my Chicago White Sox. I had 6 all-stars - Gerrit Cole was AL starter, while Juan Minaya and Alex Colome were both in the bullpen. Daniel Palka was the starting RF (he made it as DH, but the game was at Dodgers Stadium), while Wellington Castillo and Marcel Ozuna were also on the team. After the break, my team has a 10 game lead on the division and leads the majors in wins. My only real weakness, in my mind, was the rotation. I had Cole, Reynaldo Lopen, and Carlos Rodon all pitching well, but Danny Salazar was struggling and Michael Kopech was just not ready. So I've added Robbie Ray from the Diamondbacks to really strengthen that group, sending them Yolmer Sanchez and an A level pitching prospect in return. Earlier, I had signed Ben Zobrist to a one-year deal, so Sanchez had been playing in Triple A for me. I've played a fair chunk of the games in season 2, but even when I sim this team just rakes. We aren't a big home run team, but we lead the majors in batting average and on-base percentage by a huge margin. With a strong pitching staff, I'm pretty confident that this team is set up to make a run in the postseason.
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    https://streamable.com/p93kr Jalen Rose spitting fire at the media and the fans, and I fully agree with the sentiments (which I did earlier before I found this video). With the Media and the Fans wanting their pound of flesh in seeing KD dress up when he wasn't healthy with all the false narratives and demands that KD prove himself when he had no reason to in a sensible world. And now the inevitable happened, everyone suddenly acts like they care when a day before they were questioning his heart, soul, and legacy. "Everybody brings flowers to your funeral, but nobody brings you soup when you're sick."
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    30 minutes away.
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    KD has reportedly torn his achilles. The Knicks remain utterly cursed.
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    I mean, the first one was called "Dicks", so it's a step up.
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    They honestly need to get the crowd under control, as weird as it sounds. It was funny when it was just that one lady a couple years ago, but this is actively detracting from the presentation and feels bush-league.
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