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    The trailer was fine but it's pretty much "What if Stranger Things but it's actually Ghostbusters," isn't it? Starring the lead kid from Stranger Things, who dressed up as a Ghostbuster on that show.
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    If there's a four way tie and all four suck like these four, maybe they should forfeit their automatic playoff spot to a team that deserves it.
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    Kellen Moore will get the Cowboys head coach job and Plubby will get a job as his personal footstool or something.
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    yeah wow bit.ly link that seems legit huh
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    I did double check this and it all was right the rosters and belts were off. I think part of the problem was in November I didn't do it and someone else did it. I had the new brands in my data but to get the NWA in my game without running two simulationious EWR's I had to copy it and assume the rosters and belts were up to date. I hope that I can keep up with it going forward. I also fixed the NWA. As I said, I didn't add the NWA in the game... I'm not trying to pass the buck, there is blame for me not double-checking it initially, but it was by accident... (If you check the titles, none of the issues were with titles won in December...) Anywho, here is the fixed Data. https://www.mediafire.com/file/b3rgdi51zp16l4b/December_DATA.zip/file
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    I only have the full update this month. Here we go... https://www.mediafire.com/file/yz9k0wmrttkffpf/December.zip/file
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    16 - Week 15 Picks @Adam 35pts - Rotherham (v Rochdale, Home, League 1) @Gorka 35pts - Bristol Rovers (v Southend, Home, League 1) @Moses Julep 34pts - Tottenham (v Burnley, Home, Premier League) @Yorkshiresbadass 31pts - Cardiff (v Barnsley, Home, Championship) ------------------------------ Permutations; Nobody can win the game outright today. Adam and Gorka will guarantee themselves at least a play-off with wins in their last two picks, and neither Moses nor Yorkshiresbadass can influence it. Moses can win outright if he wins his two games and both Adam and Gorka fail to win either of their two. Yorkshiresbadass is the real outsider now. He needs all three of those above him to drop points. A win for either Adam or Gorka today will end his chances for another season. If the pair of them only manage a draw, he'll still be in with a chance going in to Week 16, whatever happens in Moses' game, providing his own pick brings home 3pts. Best of luck to all four of you. 👏
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    A 3DS should cover Diamond/Pearl, Black/White, Black 2/White 2, X and Y and Sun/Moon. Everything between Ruby/Sapphire and Sword/Shield basically. EDIT: Forgot X and Y, i.e. the best ones
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    If you are familiar with fantasy and you want crazy high-fantasy battles, then W:TW is arguably the best modern (Post Shogun 2) Total War game out there. There's lore, but only in the sense that it will add to your experience if you're into the lore rather than detract from the experience if you don't know the lore. There's also lots of different races and subfactions of those races, so you can do everything from crazy mountain dwarves who want to retake their homeland to pirate vampire elves. The hero system that debuted in the TW games with Warhammer: TW1 also made the series a lot better, and it turns the game into an epic high fantasy bloodfest where smart usage of hero units can turn battles around, complete with oversized kill counts. But they're also not unstoppable to the point where they're win buttons, they add a 'believable' high-fantasy kind of element where a Warrior king will properly mince ill-prepared units. So tl;dr - If you are into Total War - If you like your strategy to be High Fantasy - And you want crazy pitched battles including heroes squaring off in epic battles. Then Warhammer Total War is definitely a game to pick up. If you want the above without fantasy but still crazy hero battles, go with Three Kingdoms.
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    just discovered Derry Girls. it's very good.
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    Really looking forward to the finale of Silicon Valley. I absolutely love the cast, and while RussFest was an outstanding episode, it feels like the right time to call this show. It's been treading water for a little bit - and even if it feels like there's plenty more story to tell in some way - it feels like they haven't quite figured out how to do it. So, very much looking forward to seeing it all wrapped up while it's still got a lot going for it.
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    They dropped an insane stat on First Take. The Ravens have something north of 140 RUSHING first downs this season. That's like 12 a game. 12 first downs a game on the ground. The NFL average is 5.6, and the next closest team is Indianapolis at 8. The Baltimore Ravens are a meat grinder, and I, for one, am all for it.
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    I mean, I'm sure that there's some better example of how Roy Hodgson is old that isn't so much of a ridiculous lie.
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    I hope everyone sat through the credits.
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    Well that was a pretty terrible call on the Pats no TD, but those were two terrible phantom tripping calls when they played the Cowboys so fuck em
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    1. This Is Us 2. Mindhunter 3. The Mandalorian 4. Stumptown 5. Stranger Things 6. Russian Doll 7. Castle Rock 8. Jack Ryan 9. The Boys 10. Good Omens 11. The Good Doctor 12. Orange Is The New Black 13. All Or Nothing: Carolina Panthers 14. Man In The High Castle 15. Manifest Best New Character: Annie Wilkes - Castle Rock
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    Oof. This Saints/49ers game has been excellent.
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    Ugh, I'm so ready for WandaVision damnit.
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    Alex Gracia is from Texas, not the UK https://www.cagematch.net/?id=2&nr=21307&gimmick=Alex+Gracia https://www.wrestlingdata.com/index.php?befehl=bsuche&aufgabe=suche&wname=Alex+Gracia Also change her finishers to Cutter and Diving Body Scissors
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    The Rangers have done a sort of neat thing with their new park's dimensions by honouring some of their best players.
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    At Half Time in Week 15... Rotherham trail 1-0 in @Adam's game. Bristol Rovers are 2-0 down in @Gorka's game. Spurs are 3-0 up, meaning @Moses Julep will be on top of the table come 4.50pm if things stay as they are. Cardiff are drawing 1-1 with Barnsley. @Yorkshiresbadass is out of contention as it stands.
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    You guys okay for me to get my points from the Everton game?
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    The team are just terrified of what Dunc will do to them if they don't win. I like it.
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    I'm never one to point to the "they haven't beaten anyone!" crap, because in college football, you play who you play. But they were only really tested twice this year, once was a close win against a 7-5 Washington, and another was a loss to an 8-4 USC. They're a talented bunch, but I don't think I ever considered them one of the best teams in the country after watching them play the last few weeks. Still, 11-2 is nothing to be ashamed of. Could still maybe get a NY6 bowl out of the deal depending on how the committee rates this loss. Trevor Lawrence may be the #1 pick in 2021. But Kayvon Thibodeaux may be the #1 pick in 2022.
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    It's Possible The NFC East Ends In A 4-Way Tie
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    Lovie Smith has turned Illinois into a bowl team, you fool.
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    Okay, I get what you're saying, but Jethro Tull did the best heavy metal album in 1989. They even won a Grammy for it. 🙄 I mean, this sounds pretty heavy metal to me 😕
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    If you had your way the forward pass would be illegal again
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    I don’t even want to make the consolation bracket. I just want my awful squad sent to the glue factory already
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    I'll be interested to see how long I last this year. Want to say last year it ended in a mall. I always tempt fate by hanging out in a Plug.dj room where folks play Christmas music but generally speaking that particular song never gets picked.
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    Got to be Ben Stokes really.
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    This fucking show, man. Done so well. Also, oh my god, that trial was incredible.
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    It's a good thing he didn't and Tennessee has been able to thrive the past decade.
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    Big thanks man. (by the way the title says 2018 not 19)
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    I only managed to catch the last three frames, but I'm very happy with the result. Trump annoys me a little, but I'm mainly pleased because having him dominate would be boring. Ronnie losing would be great too, but I think he's got to be favourite based on recent form now that Trump's gone. Full credit to Bond too. For a 54-year-old who's been out of the top 16 for 20 years to beat the World Champion and World Number 1 in the second biggest tournament of the season is some achievement.
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    Nigel Bond just knocked Trump out of the UK Championships. 6-3, won the last five frames
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    Angela has had it rough, but, hey...
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    I think I'm gonna buy tickets to go see Bikini Kill. They're coming here in May. Also want to go see Dweezil Zappa in March.
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    Jack Ryan is very good
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