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    I really think it would. Plenty of floating fans with "second" teams who won't make as much effort to go to watch their local team because they can sit at home after a busy week and watch Chelsea v Watford instead. The concept of the blackout is not out of date at all. It protects football below the top league where attendance revenue matters a lot more. If the move towards more streaming keeps going, football will look a lot more like that awful Croatia v England game from last week before long.
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    Someone on Reddit put together a sheet of recommended creators for the PS4 version, found here.
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    Either that or they just ignored you.
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    Started F is for Family today and have been quite impressed with the couple of episodes I have seen so far.
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    See Goats; The Mountain
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    Man Utd could fill the ground for free for every game and give everyone a fiver as they went through the turnstiles and still make profit through tv money.
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    That and the fact that English football tickets are quite frankly, pretty absurd. This is one of the reasons why many stadiums are devoid of atmosphere due to a lot of day-trippers and tourists catching a game. Then again, maybe that is predominantly Arsenal as that is what I see when I go. The away ticket price cap was a move in the right direction, they need to apply it to home tickets as well though. The same can be said for EFL tickets, they aren't cheap either and surely by dropping the prices by £5-10 or so, they can make up the shortfall by getting more people in the stadium, more people to buy programmes, more people to buy club merchandise, more people to buy refreshments in the ground. Ticket prices in my opinion are the biggest factor in attendances at lower levels of football. If I recall, it costs £14 to get into my local side Eastbourne Boro, which is a lot for a mid-table National League South side. If it was £10 it would suddenly sound more appealing to be honest.
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    Not crap at all, it's one of the best shows on TV
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    I like it. I'm also more and more sold on the outfit, the big coat and short trousers make every move look exaggerated and a tad comical in just the right way. Plus Bradley Walsh is selling his age very well with the wheezing after every run.
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    It is so fucking amazing!
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    Here's what's going to keep you up at night; was this you, fulfilling your destiny as an Irish terrorist, or was this you, fulfilling your destiny as an Islamic terrorist?
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    Houston vs. Milwaukee will be great because they're both great teams who are a ton of fun to watch and the Brewers have secretly been one of baseball's best fanbases for years.
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    The Mountain Goats were the answer to a question in The Times quiz a few weeks ago, and I got the answer right and looked really smart at work.
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    Negligible in my opinion, certainly compared to the ease of watching on TV. Many who now go to watch the likes of FC United instead would not suddenly stop going if Man Utd dropped their ticket prices because they've fostered that community and built it into something. Same goes across the country for many clubs who picked up fans because their big league neighbours started charging more. You'd like to hope, anyway, that the number of people who solely go to lower league games because the prices at PL games are too high, and don't then develop a loyalty to the smaller club, is a very small amount overall.
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    No I did not stay up to watch a game that started at 9 in the east and went 13 innings. Baseball *really* needs to stop doing this.
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    Yes, I am obsessed with following this story. It looks like Sky have it, they have a Twitter page set up: 170 live games means almost every night of the season, so even more coverage than BT had. Hopefully it's all true and not someone just being a dick. EDIT: 76ERS/CELTICS AND WARRIORS/ROCKETS ARE SCHEDULED FOR 1AM ON WEDNESDAY ON MAIN EVENT AND ARENA! And thus my three months of worrying finishes with a happy ending.
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    hmmmmmm I don't know the legal in's and out's, but where do I put a quid on Disney's streaming service debuting a Daughters of the Dragon series.
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