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    I know Joelinton's underperformed for his price tag, but this feels harsh.
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    Tell Miles I said his match engine is shite.
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    Noodles retired at 35, the first 300 game winner in USBL history. 320-177 with a career 2.75 era, 10 pitcher of the year awards, 4 league MVPs and two World Series titles. Hats off to Noodles
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    Update: We put on the Avengers for the kids. They loved it. My daughter (7) was lovely and kept saying Thor had the Force when he would bring his hammer to himself.
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    Thanks for clarifying.
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    I'm always shit at these because FM creates false memories of players playing for clubs they've never played for.
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    Surprised to see Carlton Cole in there but fair play.
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    I can see how it could burn you out with how long and slow it is but I still think its one of the best games I've ever played. For sheer immersion and getting drawn into a character, nothing comes close.
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    First match I tried playing froze during entrances, so off to a strong start
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    Hitman 2 gift from humble for whoever wants it https://www.humblebundle.com/gift?key=4tGVuquwrwNxh3Gn
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    It might take you a while to catch up with Eastenders tbh.
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    Several sources are reporting that Nintendo is planning to release remasters of several old Mario games this year. Venturebeat claims that this will include Super Mario 64, Super Mario Sunshine, Super Mario Galaxy, Super Mario Galaxy 2 and Super Mario 3D World, which will have new levels added. I'd be well up for all of that.
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    This is odd to me - I'm currently running away with the Championship as Brentford playing with an AM and a lone striker.
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    There isn't enough money on this Earth.
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    It’s been said multiple times on here by guys that don’t have an athletic bone in their body, though!
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    This is the coronavirus in sport thread; golf isn't a sport.
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    I think we can all agree though that Mike Ashley, Delia Smith and Daniel Levy are all cunts though.
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    217. ‘Happening Ten Years Time Ago’, The Yardbirds (1966) Apparently the only Yardbirds single that had both Jimmy Page and Jeff Beck playing guitar, so it is unsurprising that the guitar work in this is great. The use of reverb helps to create a trippy, psychedelic feel that compliments lyrics that may or may not be about reincarnation. This was a commercial dog compared to a previous run of five top ten singles in the UK, but I guess this was more about what it represented than sales. Sonically, there is a lot more going on in the background as sirens and car engines help to create a whirling dervish of a tune. 218. ‘Tomorrow Never Knows’, The Beatles (1966) This is as mind-altering for me now as it was for an audience of Beatles fans in the 60s, I can only imagine. I’ve never heard this before, not being someone who has delved significantly into their back catalogue, so to hear something SOOO trippy from them was a surprise. I’ve used the word a few times with other songs but this does feel somewhat timeless – some of the psycadelic twinges perhaps date it, yet I could imagine it being played as a remix at a dance club tomorrow (well, when the pandemic is less of an issue…). The experimentation in terms of music puts them worlds away from where they were mere years ago. 219. ‘The End’, The Doors (1967) The first song to even come close to pushing Nina Simone’s ‘Sinnerman’ for the longest thus far. An epic, coming in at eleven minutes plus, it is ambitious from beginning to end, though perhaps too clearly a sign that the drugs don’t always work. This started as a three minute pop song, but before the album was recorded, had blown up to its run time after various live performances had seen it spiral out of control. Like a long book that has passed into the literary canon, you feel like you should at least applaud the deed whether you genuinely think the song is good or not. It is fine. That’s about the sum total of my thoughts on it, but to commit to this song in such a fashion, or be drugged up enough to conceive of it, deserves some plaudits.
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    Eddie Howe has taken a "significant" voluntary pay cut - the first PL manager to do so. Also, one for @Jimmy
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    Good on them for recognizing the current situation of what's going on in the world. Who else is excited for the release? I know I am.
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    I found a Newcastle tycoon takeover save to fuck about with during the free trial. Some Chinese lad pumped £226m into the club so I sacked all the staff and replaced them, sold £75m worth of players that wanted to leave or were dead wood, and then spunked £319m on a new team, so my first eleven looks like GK: Angus Gunn DR: David Calabria DL: Alex Grimaldo DC: Merih Demiral DC: Unai Nunez MC: Rodrigo Bencantur MC: Donny van de Beek AMR: David Neres AMC: Jack Grealish AML: ASM ST: Eduoard And I've got Justin Kluivert and Piotr Zielinski on the bench. Going OK so far... Real Madrid decided to celebrate Benzema's testimonial by not selecting him and going 3-0 down in the opening eight minutes.
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    My kids literally only care when people are being hit in the movies. So long as there is hitting in the movies we are good.
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    214. ‘Dirty Water’, The Standells (1966) A simple garage rock song that has lived on in its use with the Boston Red Sox (up until 2010 at least). The writer was mugged on a bridge in Boston; there is dirty water and pollution in Boston – that’s about it really. I’m actually struggling with regards to what I can say about it. It’s a decent enough song that is on the list seemingly for its cultural significance to one city in particular. 215. ‘I Feel Free’, Cream (1966) A rock supergroup’s second single that needed to deliver after a poor first one, this is a fun burst of pop rock. Jack Bruce’s voice in particular is a real pleasure to listen to and this song gives him ample opportunity to showcase his pipes. The percussion and strings add a feeling of pace that compliments the positive message of the lyrics. I’ve only ever heard once song by Cream – that might need to change. 216. ‘You Just Keep Me Hangin’ On’, The Supremes (1966) This is an odd one. I feel that I’ve listened to so many variations of this without hearing the original that I’m surprised by how lacking in oomph the vocals have. Naturally, they can definitely song, but I expected a bit more punch. Naturally, the vocals are well sung, but yeah – just something slightly lacking until the second half of the song at least. The book talks about how this was the route in to a slightly harder edged, psychedelic soul influenced by rock, something heard with the Morse code-esque guitar and furthered (apparently) with the late 60s work by The Temptations.
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    211. ‘Season of the Witch’, Donovan (1966) This is a fair step away from the songs I might have expected from the band/man who did ‘Mellow Yellow’. A slightly psychedelic take on the poppier end of rock, yet menacing from beginning to end, this is an excellent song that I’ve never heard of whatsoever. Another example of a song that utilises the build from the verse to the chorus effectively as the volume (and I believe the speed, or perhaps that’s just an auditory hallucination) increases into the pretty simplistic vocal refrain, before settling back down again for the next stage. This sounds timeless and could be positioned in other decades with ease. 212. ‘Friday On My Mind’, The Easybeats (1966) Influenced by: The Swingle Singers Influence on: The Sound of the Suburbs • The Members (1979) Covered by: The Shadows (1967) • David Bowie (1973) • London (1977) • Peter Frampton (1998) • Richard Thompson (2003) • Ben Lee (2008) This is dubbed ‘power pop’ and you can hear why that is the case. It has more in keeping with some of the early 60s output and is two minutes of hooky melodies that celebrate living for the weekend. The guitars set the tone with a sense of urgency that is furthered by the vocals – they almost feel like they are trying to outrun the rest of the song. This was one of the only songs to have any success in the UK for the band as issues with contracts and drugs left them foundering. An interesting sidenote – the guitarist George Young’s siblings, Angus and Malcolm, went on to more fame as part of AC/DC. 213. ‘I’m A Believer’, The Monkees (1966) Influenced by: Cherry Cherry • Neil Diamond (1966) Influence on: Sugar Sugar • The Archies (1969) Covered by: The Ventures (1967) • The Four Tops (1967) • Wanda Jackson (1968) • Robert Wyatt (1974) • Tin Huey (1979) • The Frank and Walters (1992) • Sugar Beats (1997) • The Patron Saints (2008) For those who are a fan of Neil Diamond’s output in the 60s and 70s, you can immediately tell that this was penned by him. The Monkees were a very successful attempt to cash in on Beatlemania and the excitement of (primarily) teenage girl music fans. This is sweetly saccharine pop, but is hard to not enjoy or sing along to. A bit like some of Diamond’s other successful tunes, then.
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    We started a Bad Movies group today and watched Doom. Don’t know when we’re watching any bad movies.
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    Completed Resident Evil 2 with Leon last night and going to start the B Side tomorrow. Really enjoyed the game, and it definitely does the original justice and more
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    Games suffer more than benefit from the evolution of online play. Sports games in particular have seen a huge dip in improvements as online play evolves. Game developing has become more about how much money, beyond the initial purchase price, you can get the suckers to drop on your game... which means that resources are allocated to those modes specifically, and improvements to any offline modes typically are things that come up during the work on the online modes. It's also made it increasingly more difficult to find good couch co-op games over the years, as developers focused more on the online interactions than in-person interactions. I don't hate online gaming. It isn't usually for me, and it's rare that I play anything online, but I do understand the appeal for others. Sometimes it sounds like I hate online gaming though, because I really just hate anything that's designed to vacuum up money from a customer base that typically shouldn't be dropping $20-$100 a month on online mode content. When I was running an EB Games store, I would regularly see people come in and spend their money on GTA Shark Cards, or network gift cards so that they could buy that shit, knowing full well that it would leave them with barely any money for food or their rent. It can be an addiction, and the industry really is just taking advantage of those people. I once had a guy buy $200 worth of PSN gift cards just for NHL's Ultimate Team mode, at the same time he bought the game at full price... and then about an hour later when I went to grab lunch at the grocery store in our mall, I saw him buying a bag of potatoes, using small change... and he laughed and told me that's all he could afford for the next two weeks. While I personally believe that everyone is responsible for their actions regardless of circumstances that led to it, I do still empathize with people when I know they're being wronged or taken advantage of... and the online gaming business really is just a predator that feeds on those people.
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    While I was looking into this too, I looked at Torres. His ratio was 0.64 at Liverpool (would have been 4th on this list) and dropped to 0.18 at Chelsea lol. 0.40 overall. Sligthly better than Darren Bent but worse than Drogba and Sandra Redknapp . He was only 26 when he signed for Chelsea as well. Madness.
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    And was more interested in how good looking their nanny would be rather than her child raising skills. He was a complete creep and con man.
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    It's a show about a bunch of absolute egotistical, greedy, primadonna assholes who exploited animals over and over again while pretending to call themselves "animal lovers". I've seen a lot of sympathy for both sides of this, for both Carol & Joe. Honestly, they're both pieces of shit. The sanest people seem to definitely be the workers at Joe's zoo, Saff in particular, but it could have just been the way the doc was framed out. They did seem to be the ones that cared the most about the animals as well as their fellow human beings. At the same time, they almost definitely were involved in Joe's bullshit war against Carol as well.
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    Yup, it's my favourite game of all time to be honest. It's so vast that there are different ways to play it, different approaches you can take so I can see why some people don't enjoy it, but it just was the perfect blend of story, character and gameplay for me. I love it so much.
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    Everything you just said is wrong. Just riding around, hunting and fishing is one of the best parts of the game.
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    223. ‘Chelsea Girls’, Nico (1967) It feels weird to me having a Nico song come up immediately after the things I (and perhaps many others) know her best for – her collaboration work with the Velvet Underground. Telling the tale of Hotel Chelsea, a place that used to play host to a number of drugged up inhabitants, it stands out primarily because Nico herself isn’t a great singer by any stretch of the imagination. Sparse flute and strings add a little bit of interest to the song overall, yet Nico herself hated it (they were added without her permission). More on the list perhaps as a snapshot of a time than due to its quality as a song. 224. ‘For What It’s Worth’, The Buffalo Springfield (1967) One of those songs that I’ve heard before, but could never have told you who it was. Written by Stephen Stills as a journalistic take on a riot that the singer witnessed, one that wasn’t afraid to take a pot shot or two at the police themselves for their role. A simple song, but a powerful one – not a lot more I can add to that. 225. The Look of Love’, Dusty Springfield (1967) Sashaying its way out of the speakers and into your ears, ‘The Look of Love’ is sensuous from beginning to end. Written by Burt Bacharach and sung by Springfield, this was a meeting of two perfectionists for the only song they recorded. The swell to the chorus and the relative simplicity of the piano arrangement both work in the song’s favour, with Springfield’s vocals an absolute (and seemingly effortless) delight. By far the best thing to come out of the original Casino Royale, surely?
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    If you want more British TV shows, watch Taskmaster and Would I Lie to You.
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    Revenues don't equal profits Sam Cunningham you misleading Sol Campbell
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    Yea, the writers say they felt his story came to an end Fan theory is he was one of the more expensive cast members so he got sacrificed to the god of low budgets
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    You know what's way nicer than tarantulas? Sturgeons!
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    How could we all completely forget about Jeff Lowe? Dude must be at least 60 and he's walking around. wearing a bandana under a snapback and dressed like he's a white rapper from 2003.
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    If you have Shudder, do yourself a favor and watch Daniel Isn't Real. We watched it last night, and it's another one of those movies that deals with mental health in a way that I can kind of relate to. The acting was solid, the visuals were pretty cool, and the ideas were terrifying to me as someone with schizophrenia. Not as much of a horror movie as some people might like, in the traditional sense, but very very good.
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    Noodles won another pitcher of the year award, brings his count up to 9 at age 30
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    Forgot how bad ass Up is. That movie is so good.
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    To be fair, all his videos are super interesting.
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