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    The Witness is a phenomenal game that will send you into a downward spiral. It's one of my favourite games ever. @Josh to the World As far as other fun games to play with someone who's barely picked up a controller... Jackbox Party Pack! Granted, you'll likely need more than just your girlfriend to get the most out of them, but they're insanely fun party games, anytime we have people over we end up throwing on a Jackbox or two and they're always hilarious. Overcooked 2! I'd recommend jumping straight into the second one as it tends to be a little more forgiving, but it's super fun. In our house we've renamed it 'Divorce Simulator 2018' because it starts fun and always ends up in a row! But hey, it's worth it just to test how strong your relationship really is. That's You! It's like Jackbox, but it can be played with just two people and it has a little more pomp and circumstance to it. You'll also find yourself drawing a bunch of penises because that's never not funny. Worms Battleground! Because if you don't like Worms, you truly are history's greatest monster. Hitman! Okay, granted this is a strange one to suggest but it's probably the most fun game to watch someone else play. It will also cause arguments as she inevitably yells out things you should have done after you've had the opportunity to do them. Until Dawn! Especially if you're a fan of dumb slasher flicks. It's basically an interactive story with no fail state, so if you're shit at video games it doesn't matter! Me and Snowball played it a few Christmases ago with my taking control of the boys and passing her the controller whenever the girls were active. It was a blast, and one of my fondest gaming memories of this generation. Journey! Pass your lady the controller, sit in stunned silence for 90 minutes and then have a little cry. Surgeon Simulator! I have never laughed as much as the first time I played multiplayer on this. You control one hand each and then try desperately to perform a heart transplant. You will bond over the masses of corpses left behind. Life is Strange! Another gameplay light, story focused game that has a really fun mechanic where you can rewind time in order to try desperately not to fuck up over and over again. Also points because the story is queer as fuck and has a bunch of Twin Peaks references. The Talos Principle! Another first person puzzler akin to The Witness only this one also has a dope story about AI and playing god. Cities Skylines! Become city planners together and then realize you have to stop playing because now all you talk about is waste management and planning permission legislation in your fake city. Gone Home! It's my favourite walking simulator ever made. It's better than most movies I've watched. I cried for like 20 minutes! Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes! This has recently added a non-VR mode and it's incredibly stressful. One of you has a bomb, the other has the instructions. The instructions aren't very helpful. The bomb will blow up. You will go to bed not friends.
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    I've realised that most of my list boils down to "yo this is dope, me and Snowball played it and then we had a fight about it!". Fuck, I love that girl.
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    How un4-2nate for @Lineker
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    I'm at the fairy godmother episode of Legends of Tomorrow. This show is so stupid, I love it.
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    i'm not going to subscribe to more than two services. I don't care enough about what I watch, as long as I have new things to discover. I'm certainly not going to be drawn to some network for fuckin Friends, which you can pick up in its entirety on DVD for about £15 on ebay
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    Because we've basically, overall, been the shittest of the teams that have always been in it?
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    Well, you should be beating relegation threatened sides like Man Utd at home to be fair.
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    A Tottenham supporter has been arrested for throwing a banana skin at Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang after he scored the first goal. Ban the prick for life, and give him a jail sentence along with some community service and/or education on how to be a human being.
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    I’d rather NFL investigators interview him.
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    It's not a bug, in an effort to ease fixture congestion, the Gibraltan FA decided that all league games are played as fatal four ways with a goal on each side.
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    Luka Modric has won the Ballon d'Or.
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    So, DoctorBenjy uploaded the first episode of his new series for FM19 today: Ignore the naff intro - this custom North American database sounds bloody fantastic and I may buy well the game in a month's time, when he makes it available for download.
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    There's a midweek round of games starting tomorrow so there is a deadline tomorrow too - make sure you aren't stung by it @Liam Mk2 @hugobomb @Moses Julep @DavidMarrio @Baddar @Gazz @9 to 5 @MDK @MexicoJack. And I know I didn't do that update in the end last week, my bad. I actually got the highest score this week and won again, somehow. I'll try and do an update after the midweek round!
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    Alright, it is that time of the month again. Here is the latest update of EWR. Next month I'm looking to remove Championship Wrestling or at least HEAVILY edit it for January. If anyone has input, I'm all ears. GCW has been added. For the January update I'm looking to re-organize the titles and events in the game by promotions. https://www.mediafire.com/file/9rpvehup1zwye0t/December_2018.zip/file
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    The TellTale Borderlands game is brilliant.
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    The Steelers managed to be offsides on three straight FG attempts to end the game.
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    Only 17,000 more and he'll be the all-time rushing leader.
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    That was literally the most Everton thing ever. Cheers for the 3 points! Didn't deserve it. I suppose it is nearly Christmas after all.
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    I have a feeling Kosovo will surprise a few people

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