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    That's what the world cup is lacking, some dick dressed in a morph suit doing laps of the pitch.
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    This is the greatest thing I've ever seen. https://www.mlb.com/cut4/jushin-liger-threw-a-first-pitch-in-japan-and-wrestled-a-mascot/c-281130538
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    Nah, fuck them. They're a load of sensitive, elitist wankers who think their opinion is holier than thou and have a superior moral code to everybody else. It's a disgrace that TO had to wait three years because they didn't like his attitude. Especially when you consider that Marvin Harrison, who for all intents and purposes is a violent criminal and inferior WR, was selected before them. Not going to the ceremony is the perfect response and it's clearly ruffled their feathers so he's been completely vindicated. The fact that they wanted to remove him because he doesn't want to attend perfectly shows how their full of shit and have no integrity.
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    http://www.baltimoresun.com/sports/orioles/blog/bs-sp-orioles-bleier-20180613-story.html Oh great, another O's trade chip goes down. At this point we'll be selling low on everyone as we careen to the worst season since the '62 Mets. Also, a bar in the city is giving everyone free shots when Chris Davis gets a hit.
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    This is the only Jurassic World i need.
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    And an old pyramidfielders in the middle.
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    Team instructions Remove: Hit early crosses
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    This is 100% the kind of match where Uruguay are gonna get a highly undeserving last minute goal.
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    Alex Iwobi popped up with a late, late goal to keep me in the PL on GD. Alex Iwobi doesn't play for us, but Arsenal beat Wolves 2-1 and he is now an Orient legend to me.
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    I think you'll enjoy the tournament a lot more if you forget the politics and just watch the football.
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    I think the opposition made them look better than they were, though I see second place as more of a toss up between them and Egypt than I did before the game.
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    Vincent Kompany has arrived in Russia.
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    Nothing says modern day Russian culture than an English bloke singing twenty year old pop ballads.
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    A Grealish / Alli midfield sounds spectacularly cuntish.
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    Might as well chuck your money down your nearest drain.
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    BRB guys, I'm off on an impromptu and totally unrelated 5 week trip to Russia.

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