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    Then the recruitment process needs evaluating also. The whole structure of the football side of the club needs looking at because it's clearly not working, on any level, from top to bottom, both on and off the pitch. They're not recruiting players with any vision of what they need or how they want to play football. They've spent years massively overpaying for average players who they are eventually going to have to take massive losses on, which suggests the scouting is not right at the very basic of levels. They're not coaching the players to the appropriate level either because no one is improving, a number of players could be argued are worse than when they signed. There is still no particular vision or philosophy to their tactics or play. The manager, who is woefully out of his depth (another recruitment foul up), evidently doesn't have the respect or the backing of the players, it shows in their efforts. They need a manager who has a philosophy and a style of play, and they need a Director of Football who also has the same philosophy and style. They need to make it a long-term plan and they need to recruit players to fit that system now and then they need to scout players who will fit that same system in four years time. Look at Liverpool, everyone knows Klopp's style and they've recruited players to fit his vision. Had to google who their DoF was because he's too busy working on players Liverpool will try and sign in 2022, rather than getting on TV and chasing official noodle partners. Look at the recruitment of the first team, signings from Hull, Charlton, Newcastle, Southampton etc. Gini Wijnaldum was a ghost when Newcastle played away from home, now he's a vital part of the World champions midfield. He's nowhere near to player of Pogba but I can guarantee you Klopp wouldn't swap them, because Gini does his role in the system, something Pogba wouldn't, which would undermine the whole team's performance levels. They recognised traits in Andy Robertson that would fit the system, signed him from Hull at 23 for £8m and coached him to world class status inside a year. Probably the best left-back in the world. Bargain of the century. This is what can be done when there is an attention to detail and the whole club buys into an idea.
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    Been a while since I done one of these, over 500 pics, mostly my backlog since the last post, does include all the WWE updates from December/January. Download: TEWPICUPDATE25
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    You load sixteen tons, and whaddya get? Another day older and deeper in debt.
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    FYI, I'm also a massive bellend. This isn't replacing anything racist or whatever, I just thought you all should know.
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    This was a tremendously good one. It both answered “Where’s the conflict if they’re going to the Good Place?” and reminded us what this series has been about all along. And that was perfect casting of a guest star. Of course, now I’m back to “Where’s the conflict?” or “What’s left to say?”, but I’m continually surprised by Schur and the whole crew and I’m excited to watch and cry next week.
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    It was fun watching and hearing the comparisons to other games, and your big personality and humour as always shines through. Proud of you for following through with this Ollie, I know how long you've wanted to do this and it was dope to see.
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    In the sense that I walked out the door halfway through the meeting where they were sacking me...yes and no.
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    You should have spenny moor. I'm sorry.
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    I had some older 49ers gear but needed some new stuff so I got a Buckner jersey and a Kittle luchadore shirt this season. I have definitely been tempted to get a NFC Championship shirt but might hold off and grab one with a Super Bowl one too. Also, been busy so I haven't had a chance to post but y'all I CAN'T BELIEVE THE 49ERS ARE GOING TO THE SUPER BOWL!!!
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    Mustafi and Luiz continue to be utter bombscares. Martinelli continues to be amazing. Arsenal continue to draw.
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    never mind all that nonsense;
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    It is truly a dark day when the Chiefs finally hoist the Lamar Hunt Trophy.
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    A Titans-49ers Super Bowl would just be bananas. Literally nobody would have predicted that heading into the season. That said, Chiefs-Packers is the NFL's dream. The NFL's 100th season ending with the first-ever Super Bowl matchup, two huge name QBs who funny enough have been in commercials together all year.
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    Not that I can take a great deal of credit, since I loaned him in purely on the basis of my DoF's recommendation (such are the NLTL rules and my scouts were too slow), but after having multiple reporters asking questions that amounting to "Are you really going to play Morgan Roberts? We think he's shit"...it's pretty glorious to give him his first start as a "fuck you" and get rewarded with a perfect hat-trick.
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    What I think should be done, after reading various reports: 1. Lifetime ban for Cora for being involved in both the Astros and Red Sox situations. 2. All coaches and players still active that were on the teams (Astros 2017, Red Sox 2018) fined every single dime they made for postseason play those years + $10,000. The extra 10 grand from each fine goes to a charity of the Dodgers' choice. 3. Postseason ban for the upcoming season. Any player currently on the Astros or Red Sox that was not on the team during the season in question for each can ask for and has to be granted either an unconditional release or a one-year contract extension. Any player that was on one of those teams and still is cannot be traded or released. (Or alternatively they cannot be traded, but if are released are suspended for a season) 4. All awards given to those teams, including Gold Gloves, Silver Sluggers, and especially Altuve's and Springer's MVPs stripped. Regardless of what does or doesn't happen, I'm betting a higher than normal amount of players that were on those teams end up facing chin music or getting intentionally hit with pitches this upcoming season. And I have absolutely no problem with that. I also have a feeling any players on those teams who are future Hall of Famers can kiss getting in on the first ballot goodbye.
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    The actual video released showed current minor leaguers names so I’m thinking it’s the actual players.
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    Sure thing, next stream will be tomorrow at 4pm GMT if all goes to plan. I'll be playing more Control, because it's a pretty easy game to play and talk through at the same time and it's super pretty too.
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    That's the most important bit. Do it as long as you enjoy it. You're in a good position and probably won't have too many times where you're slogging your way through for hours with no one watching, so keep playing games you enjoy, find a schedule that works for you so people know when you're likely to be online, and have fun with it. You could have a good thing going here. Also I'll be resuming my own streaming career in a couple of hours with Bad North so come watch it at twitch.tv/evilasmodean. #cheapplug
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    Not at all. None of those have been played yet so it's absolutely fine.
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    I loved the first episode. I'm excited to see where the series goes from here. Might end up watching the first episode again tonight.
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    If the finale doesn't end happily, I'll just pretend this week's episode was the finale.
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    Pretty sure he's a MotoGP rider.
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    Demon Clowney sounds like someone doing a combo of Kane and Doink's gimmicks.....
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    so you're looking for someone to slide into your DMs?
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    To expand on this: setting aside the actual content of the film, the way it was shot left me absolutely dumbfounded. Like, 2 minutes in I thought "this is quite a long continuous shot"...and then it got ridiculous. I know that computer editing will have been used to transition between takes (playing 'spot the cut' is fun in a nerdy way), but so far as it is presented, there is ONE cut in the whole film (and that's when a guy blacks out). ONE.
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    Is Little Richard the first entry on this list who is still alive? Maybe!
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    I know you were mad about getting relatively punked out on the show Varys, but cool down a bit he could've done you better.
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    Demon Clowney - is he from AAA or CMLL?
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    FA Cup 4th Round Matches; Section 1 (3) Hull vs. Chelsea (Sat 5.30pm) Man City vs. Fulham (Sun 1pm) Shrewsbury vs. Liverpool (Sun 5pm) Section 2 (3) Northampton vs. Derby (Fri 8pm) Newcastle vs. Oxford (Sat 3pm) Tranmere vs. Man Utd (Sun 3pm) Section 3 (3) Brentford vs. Leicester (Sat 12.45pm) Southampton vs. Tottenham (Sat 3pm) Bournemouth vs. Arsenal (Mon 8pm) Section 4 (4) Coventry vs. Birmingham (Sat 3pm) Portsmouth vs. Barnsley (Sat 3pm) Millwall vs. Sheffield United (Sat 3pm) West Ham vs. West Brom (Sat 3pm) Section 5 (3) Burnley vs. Norwich (Sat 3pm) QPR vs. Sheffield Wednesday (Fri 8pm) Reading vs. Cardiff (Sat 3pm) ------- Remember everyone (but especially @Moses Julep), ONE from each section.
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    it's fucking preposterous.
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    Netflix released "What Did Jack Do?", a 17 min short movie by David Lynch, staring David Lynch and a monkey. It is exactly what you think it would be and it is wonderful.
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    I like Ryan and Graham, but they could get rid of Yas and I wouldn't even care. Other than Demons of the Punjab, she hasn't shown much of a personality. And three companions is one too many. If it was a Paternoster Gang type situation, it would be different.
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    That's kind of my point, they are so superfluous to requirements, and this episode really showed that off. When Jodie is allowed to shine she really does it well. I think they need to go back to the one companion formula when introducing someone, and allow the chemistry to develop before tinkering.
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    I think Dan and Kate are the only ones I actually like at all. I liked Sian for a while but she's doing my nut in at the moment
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    This is as good an excuse as any to finally get around to watching Princess Kaguya. By which I mean I will rewatch Porco Rosso roughly twelve more times.
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    So did the Broncos, boom roasted
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    Not exactly happy the Titans lost, but I'm beyond ecstatic that the Packers did. Fuck the Packers, and fuck Aaron Rodgers. Don't care who wins the Super Bowl but it should be a really good game. (I also know from that performance, that if it was Titans-Packers, Green Bay would have been seriously hosed.)
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    This game is why I was rooting for Seattle last week.
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    I enjoyed the Titans run
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    Alisson the sprint king.
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    Cheating remains 100% worth it for players since the reward of more money outweighs the risk of maybe getting caught and getting a slap on the wrist.
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    I like a lot of the weird Gen 1 art better tbh.
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    I need that Chainsaw Bear t-shirt.
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    Wants to get his degree, wants another national championship, probably loves playing for Dabo and the school. Good on him for deciding that's more important than money
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    I've been saying that for years.....it won't
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    Sabol getting in posthumously is bittersweet. He deserves to be in, but he also deserved to be in when he was alive and could have known about his induction. That man could have done a voiceover of a traffic jam and you’d be pumped to run through a brick wall.
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    The problem is I don't know any realistic way the NFL can change its system at this point. You can't force teams to hire minority head coaches. But the owners are going to continue to have their biases. If you want a fair process, they need to be taken out of the decision. But again, that's never going to happen. And Goodell works for the owners so he'll never push for it. The biggest change I could see is maybe an independent party is required to sit in on head coaching interviews or hold their own round of interviews with candidates for each job, and they'd make their own recommendation to ownership. If nothing else it would get another voice in the room. If you have someone like Eric Bieniemy being recommended for every job and getting none of them, it'll at least force the owners to publicly justify their decisions and be held to account.
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