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    God, I spend so much time in my own little corner(s) of EWB that I sometimes forget that the rest of the internet is like this.
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    Is villain really that hard to spell?
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    None of these mods compare to the TEW 2020 ones we sell in the donators.
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    this is actually a family messageboard, my children browse here all the time. please edit your post and try not to use that word in future. Also what's up with all these new accounts getting in straight away? When I create double accounts to like my posts they all get put on review for weeks : /
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    The Washington Warhawk8492s.
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    What would you expect from a Danger Zonetm?
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    Cam to the Pats is official and someone made this!
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    You're all a bunch of liberal commies
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    It gets funnier every time you say it, too.
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    There's not many people who can claim to be a bona fide legend in both England and Ireland.
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    The date is hard coded; in my opinion having the game set 20/40/60 years back is the best we'll ever get without SI getting involved in the process. I can confirm that the 2020 Euros is being hosted by Belgium and the Netherlands, as well as the 2022 World Cup by Japan and South Korea. However, Gianfranco Zola can't be assigned the number 25 at Chelsea on account of it being retired in his own honour
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    "No long term plans" "Wants to win a trophy"
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    There's a difference between having a differing opinion (lord knows we've had our share of those on EWB over the last couple months) and maybe not covering yourself in glory stating it and not even trying to engage meaningfully, I think. Given that Warhawk was warned a first time for something very similar four years ago, just with politics instead of sports, I think we know where he lands.
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    Sorry. Was watching Halloween Havoc '96! This Piper kid is going to go far. Anyway, @GoGo Yubari has beaten me to the punch.
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    Shame Warhawk won’t be around to celebrate with us
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    To make sure the players don't share drinks bottles.
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    I'd assume so. Everyone who can work a camera surely winds up over in Montevideo.
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    Yeah cause you’re human garbage. Thanks for making their inevitable name change even more enjoyable for me though!
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    People who have presumably joined up purely to have this argument. Nobody really cares. Practice social distancing.
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    Me too, because I just make minor edits to improve Genadi's mods without giving credit or asking for permission. And then I sell them for money.
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    Lucas Ocampos with the game of the season, scoring the winning goal, then becoming goalie when Sevilla keeper Valchik got injured. He then saved the last second shot by Eibar’s keeper to secure the win in the 100th minute of the game. What a game. La Liga is so much fun.
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    The disrespect Dak gets is unreal at this point.
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    As a mod here, I would like to echo - fuck Genadi.
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    Well that was eventful... So a quick update as to where I am there's not 1587 workers in the game, of which about a quarter of them have been completed (attributes, skills, popularity etc). The base details of the WWF, NWATNA and CHIKARA have also been completed. I need to get more referees and announcers added, especially for areas such as Japan and Mexico however the workers are the priority at the minute. Title histories are the other major piece of work at the minute, because of the time involved and the number of other workers which I'm finding. I've also started to look at arenas which were used by bigger companies. I suspect the initial launch will have limited venues but a higher number of locations so make this part a bit more useable. All tag teams and worker relationships I currently have mapped out are added to the game, however the ones I've mapped are probably around 50% of what I will have by the launch.
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    Went back-to-back with the Blue Jays. Most of the core returned, except for Travis Shaw who left in free agency. That set the stage for Rowdy to either make it or for Vlad to move to 1st. Rowdy ended up having a monster year, especially in the first half. Biggio also really broke out. We had Trent Thornton in the rotation to start the season, but I traded for Jack Flaherty (in his last year before free agency) and traded Thornton to Cleveland. Our roster for most of the season was: DH - Teoscar Hernandez C - Danny Jansen/Reese McGuire (platoon) 1B - Rowdy Tellez 2B - Cavan Biggio SS - Bo Bichette LF - Lourdes Gurriel Jr. CF - Victor Reyes RF - Brandon Nimmo Bench - Greg Allen, Mitch Walding, Nathan Aldridge (2020 draft pick), Miguel Rojas Greg Allen and Mitch Walding played pivotal roles down the stretch when Gurriel got injured as they subbed in at left or third, depending on the platoon. Vlad or Teo would either DH then. Rotation - Jameson Taillon, Jack Flaherty, Hyu-Jin Ryu, Ryan Borucki, Nate Pearson Bullpen - Jose Leclerc, John Brebbia, Ryan Pressley (traded for in the Thornton trade), Dan Winkler (picked up on waivers from Cubs as he was having a dreadful season), Tim Mayza, AJ Minter and Joe Ross We swept the Red Sox, who beat the Rays in the Wild Card game. Next, we paired up against the Astros. We took Games 1, 3 & 4 before finishing it off in Game 6. A World Series re-match was set up as we played the Braves once again. The Braves roster is quite stacked. Ozzie Albies, Ronald Acuna Jr., Freddie Freeman, Francisco Lindor, Adalberto Mondesi, Marcel Ozuna and Eduardo Escobar fill out their line-up and they ahd a deep bench with Swanson, Duvall, Posey and Flores. Mike Soroka and Folty make up a nice 1-2 punch and they round out their rotation nicely with Fried, NEwcomb and Daniel Norris. The Braves took the first two games as Flaherty and Ryu were both beat up pretty bad. Taillon had a good Game 3 and the offence came to life in Game 4 (scored 11 runs). The Braves took Game 5 after scoring 5 runs in the 6th after both Winkler and Mayza struggled. However, Flaherty threw 8 shutout innings before Leclerc saved the game in Game 6 to set up a Game 7. While Taillon gave up 3 runs in the first, we battled back and tied it up in the 2nd inning. Taiilon settled and made it through six before Brebbia, Pressley and Leclerc finished the game. In the 4th, Vlad hit a solo shot. In the 5th inning, a struggling Rowdy came up big with a 2-run homer. Teoscar hit his 1st homer of the post-season in the 8th inning to put us by 4 runs. The Jays win their 4th World Series Championship in front of their home fans. Somehow, Greg Allen was named World Series MVP with Brandon Nimmo being named Post Season MVP.
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    #GhostMachineLogic He got that GML.
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    Turns out this one actually had a happy good reason behind it, and one that should always happen given some recent shockers.
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    The absolute cheek of it when you have a player who's contract is expiring and you get a transfer bid of £0 but with you paying some of their wages
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    It was a typo 3 years ago dick bag. It won't let me fix it. But if that's what you wanna hang onto then fine
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    my grandpa had an snes while he was getting chemo and would call me and my brother to come over to beat levels for him.
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    Thursdays and Sundays 3 PM EST from here on out for league 2020 will be events. July 9th Newton's Cradle July 12th Long Jump July 16th 5M Hurdles July 19th Block Pushing
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    Oh no it fucking isn’t. NBA was nearly done, have a team that wouldn’t having even made the playoffs if they took the top 16 teams, be undermanned does not somehow denigrate the whole thing. In no universe were the Wizards going to get hot and win the whole thing. The actual contenders are all going to be there, and they all played nearly their entire season. Pretty sure no other NBA champions had to risk getting a potentially deadly disease en route to a title, and yet people still want to disrespect the eventual champions, it’s ridiculous. There’s at least a sound argument to be made for baseball, given that they aren’t playing nearly half their games, and star players may not be going at all. Still though, who the fuck cares? This is the hand whoever the champions end up being were dealt. They had no real control over it. But for some reason everyone has a fucking hard on for throwing an asterisk on things. Cooooool hope it makes you feel like you accomplished something.
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    This has been quite a paige turner.
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    If you a tough guy on the web, I feel bad for ya son. I got 99-problems But TEW 2020 Mod-making ain’t one.
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    I ended up pretty good, aside from having been subscribed to Channel Awesome at one point!
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    But that's boring, I much prefer wonky tit Mourinho
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    They were also huge on the arts, to the effect where they would settle arguments by composing insulting poetry to each other, like a rap battle.
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    Ollie is the best and I choose to believe the theory he posted no matter how many holes Hellraiser tries to punch through it
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    I way preferred the second half.
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    It's a nice kit, just like the simplicity of it more than anything. Plus I like the little arms coming of the A in the sponsor. Fitting tribute to Pickford
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