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    Remember old CAW's where you had to look up a formula for them online and it was just a long list of numbers and shit
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    I played 2k17 for the first time in a while yesterday. Within five minutes of booting up Universe Mode, Xavier Woods was laid out by an invisible man.
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    Maybe they could do lootboxes for increased framerate.
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    You left out one of the more heartwarming parts.
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    Meanwhile, Sandy Alderson is hard at work putting the finishing touches on the Mets' PowerPoint presentation for Ohtani.
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    No way. This is a great move for us, dude.
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    You've had a good run Kirkland but I'm afraid you need to leave now.
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    I couldn't get over how great the CAWs look nowadays. My wife's cousin showed me an Adam Cole and Cody Rhodes that looked so good I thought they were included in the game. I know they have facial scanning and stuff but the last time I tried to do that I couldn't figure out how to get the default face off of the guy so he ended up having two faces, which was creepy as hell.
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    I like watching NFL level players play NFL level football, but god damn I fucking hate the NFL so much.
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    I could've bought Yoda as a fighter (he is a Jedi Knight after all) but I'd have much preferred a slow more considered dueler than a spinny CGI Kermit.
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    Death, taxes, and the Patriots losing in Miami.
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    God bless them though, it's the year of our lord 2017 and they're still finding a way to make us buy Street Fighter II again.
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    I adore Medievil, but would have preferred a whole new game in the same spirit as the original than an HD remake. Making it HD will look pretty, but a lot of PS1 HD remakes don't do anything to fix the (relatively) janky controls and camerawork that was rife at the time due to developers still getting to grips with how you make a fully 3D game.
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    I love these Giant uniforms and especially their helmets. It’s what they wore while I was growing up and I always thought they looked so much better than their crappy ny ones.
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    Who remembers MediEvil? It's being remastered for the PS4.
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    I love it. He's like Tommy Wiseau except talented.
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    In the champioship, getting beat every week, nothing's really changed this season, just as entertaining as last year just less people. It's called the Premier League now btw, think it was called Premiership last time Newcastle won a derby game though.
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    My wife spilled that she got me a Switch for Christmas
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    I've successfully kicked out of several pins! I'm still getting pinned, a lot, but there's hope!
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    Seriously, going back to some games is just awful now. "Tank" controls in particular are just horrific.
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    Broken Matt Harvey is an obsolete mule who needs to be deleted from the plane of existence known as MLB.
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    So we're rewatching the good ones leading up to Last Jedi and we just did Empire last night. Wow and damn, there is a huge difference between Yoda in Empire and Yoda in the prequels. I like to think he was driven crazy by years in isolation. This is the best Yoda.
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    The Switch has now sold ten million units, just nine months after its release. The Wii U, by comparison, sold 13.56 million units in five years.
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    But yea, for real I'm gonna have faith in Foles. He never really played terrible for us before we traded him away, and you can't blame him for doing terrible for the Rams, where Jeff Fisher probably gave him up as a sacrifice to The God of 7-9.
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    Know what I think goes under-appreciated in FFIX? The pacing. Story, journey, boss fight. It's a simple formula but it works every damned time. I also think more games need to get rid of "open world" and go back to individual screens. It gives you a sense of progress.
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    I think it's disgusting they are allowed to release a game in that state. I'd be after my money back instantly. Has testing games before release just been completely abandoned now?
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    Wonderful! We hit the jackpot @GhostMachine! Bro hug!
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    Being able to download CAWs is literally the best thing the game has added in recent years.
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    So Psych: The Movie aired this week...was it good?
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    So is Premiership football.
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    Ubisoft delayed The Crew 2, Far Cry 5 and another unnamed game that they have in production after seeing what doing so for Assassin's Creed Origins did for the end product of the game, and announced that they want to give the game creators more time to match their vision fully. What world are we living in?
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    I always felt like the Ice Cavern in FFIX should have had more to it. It's so brief, and you don't get to explore it after it melts. I don't know why, but it's always appealed to me as a location.
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    This seems to be something that big multiplatform games are guilty of on the Switch. NBA 2k18 and LA Noire also had massive file sizes. There's clearly a difference in optimisation between games that have been developed first and foremost for the Switch and those that were ported from other systems.
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    Because laggy 6 man matches are one thing, how about laggy entrances?!
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    Everything that came before the ending in that episode: LoT went from being a really good and fun show for me to just.... I actively hate it now.
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