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    consider this: when Arsène Wenger formally took charge of the Gunners on 1 October 1996, Östersund were still 30 days away from formation. Though to be fair, since then, both clubs have lifted exactly the same number of European trophies, so it’s not a total mismatch. @Kaney
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    Don't give a damn. That paperwork ain't getting him into Arstotzka.
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    TEEN OLYMPIAN OVERSLEPT, LOST COAT, SAID FUCK ON TV, AND WON U.S.'S FIRST GOLD OF 2018 Can't be bothered to change the capital letters tbh.
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    Don't think you could really say anything bad about Cech to begin with but this is just so great, given the circumstances.
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    I enjoyed Lineker saying "let's hope it doesn't escalate past chanting" literally as an 8 foot chunk of advertising hoarding hits a policeman.
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    The best comment I saw about it was on twitter where someone suggested the banned substance was Pledge.
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    I read that as "Jesus is Janet Hubert" and thought blimey, that's a turn-up for the books.
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    Don't come around here no more
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    How are Arsenal doing in The Champio... oh wait.
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    That would explain why the Lions never play in the Hall of Fame.
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    I watched Who Framed Roger Rabbit? last night, for the first time in many, many years. Just had a sudden urge to watch it out of nowhere. As a kid, I was never really into Disney, but was a big-time Looney Tunes fans, and just generally a nerd for animation - I used to watch Tony Robinson's Toon Show, which was all about the history and context of classic cartoons, which I found fascinating, so the main thing that blew my mind over Who Framed Roger Rabbit? was that they managed to get Bugs Bunny and Mickey Mouse sharing screen time. That was just the biggest, coolest thing to me at the time - and it's still impressive now. Watching it now, aside from that element, and the nods to classic cartoons all over the place, the main thing that struck me is just how well it holds up. It's not just how well the cartoon characters interact with real people (which has never been bettered, in my opinion), but how they interact with the real scenery and props around them - the physical effects are extraordinary. It's also just a beautiful film; even in the scenes with no cartoon characters, the world they inhabit is so brilliantly constructed, and the whole film has such a strong visual identity. Bob Hoskins and Christopher Lloyd are both fantastic in it too, of course.
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    Janet Hubert's Viv had the fire and dynamism you'd expect from a character who'd been a campaigner for civil rights and became a prominent university lecturer. Daphne Reid's Viv was more of a typical eye-rolling, long-suffering wife/mother who occasionally made a sarcastic quip. I wouldn't blame her entirely for that as that's what the writers gave her, but she still doesn't live up to her predecessor.
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    @Gazz and @Bigal, da fuq is wrong with you two? The only good thing about Viv 2: Electric Boogalou was when they made jokes about her not being the original Viv.
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    It was a tough game for them but credit to Spurs for earning a replay at Wembley
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    Probably said his hair looked shit
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    Laura Kate Dale, who leaked a handful of details for the Switch launch about a year ago, is claiming that Activision and Vicarious Visions are working on a Crash Bandicoot-esque remastering of the first three Spyro games. She has suggested that there could be some content included that was originally cut from the PS1 versions.
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    I should note it’s not a “this or that” type of thing. I won’t be doing the EWR update from scratch with the general consensus of people wanting to have promotions outside the realm of North America included. Anyone is welcome to take up that project though.
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    Imagine if he decided to ignore the doctor's advice and carried on playing. He'd always be holding the side of his head in pain and falling over because he'd be concussed and generally just be a bit shit at football. You've just imagined Granit Xhaka.
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    They should only count duels when they have been preceded by one player slapping another with a glove.
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    Watching fresh Prince on Netflix, i had no idea they did a clip show eight episodes in. They're essentially just recapping the three hours of my life.
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    I'm hoping for a win at home and then a replay in the next round too, preferably against Sheffield Wednesday as our mighty anti-giant killing cup run continues,
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    Those plucky underdogs Tottenham getting a vital replay against the footballing powerhouse of Rochdale
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    I reckon Guardiola will have serious Football Manager fury tonight. Also, woeful shooting accuracy from City.
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    Viv 1 insulted Will Smith. You do no insult Will Smith. Unless it's mocking his son, that kid is a nonsense.
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    I personally think it's my favourite of the series.
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    May as well just make this the official thread for all versions of MLB The Show. I skipped 17 not because I didn't think it would be good, but because it didn't feel like there was a massive amount different from 17 to 16. There didn't need to be, since the game is stellar as is - but I've kinda gotten past the point of buying a new game just for a roster updates. Having said that, if there was a game worth buying just for a fresh coat of paint - it's this one. I'm kinda sick of playing as created versions of Amed Rosario, Don Smith, Brandon Nimmo, TJ Rivera, Seth Lugo, and Robert Gsellman. Oh yeah and seeing a fake version of Aaron Judge running around and not doing anything while the real player is one of the best in baseball. But beyond all of that, it seems like they've got a lot of new stuff in the pipelines this year. Those asterisks on the schedule are things they're waiting until the stream to reveal, and the number of asterisks correlates to how many letters are in the thing they're hiding, as the February 15th one ended up being a really awesome new feature: Batting Stance Creator As a franchise guy, I'm looking forward to seeing who joins the booth next week and the March 13th blog. That being said, seeing "training points are a thing of the past" in RTTS makes me smile......I always got burned out on that mode quickly because of the training points. This could be a game-changer in the mode for me.
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    Black Panther was phenomenal. It is easily my favorite Super Hero movie. What I loved most about it was that it was so character driven, as opposed to "Boom, Bang, Visual Effects, Exploding Buildings" style that Avengers is famous for (which, Avengers for all the love it gets can stand to cut a good 45 minutes worth of exploding buildings and it'll make it much more interesting in my opinion). I loved how they blended comic book lore and super hero movies, with historical black problems and modern xenophobia. And the costume designer surely needs to be shortlisted for the academy award, because how seamlessly she managed to blend traditional African styles with this created Science Fiction high-tech style is a thing of beauty. I can't say enough about how great of a movie this is and can only hope the next Marvel films continue the course. I'll echo sentiments about Shuri and Okoye. Great characters all around, and terrific performances from the cast as a whole.
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    Aye, because no one wants to go through life owing money to some turf.
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    VAR takes the excitement out of a goal. I hate it.
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    Highlights: The first 60 minutes Lowlights: The final 30 when we Spurs it
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    Allegedly, four drunk players stole a taxi.
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    I love that Uncharted 2 calls Drake out on that. He's all like "I can't kill another man" and then the bad guy is like "are you freaking kidding me? You've mercilessly slaughtered a literal army of people to get to me."
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    They're given an electric shock and pushed aside just before hit hits them
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    The whole "I'm not killing anyone" excuse runs thin by this game anyway. He's running down thugs at full speed in a car.
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    That is a shame, would have been interesting compared to the fix and patch up databases based on how they thought the game engine worked.
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    Lamela played well, whatever the Koreans on the Facebook group are saying. My laptop battery died about a minute before Eriksen's equaliser. So seeing it on my phone's BBC text was exciting, but gutted I didn't see it. Would've gone a bit mental.
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    Oh dear. I mean I want Spurs to win but seeing Dele Alli cry isn't a bad alternative.
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    anything with steamed hams in
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    I'll go into spoiler territory but part of the Impact roster is by my own moves. I don't want a Lucha Underground situation where the champions are a spoiler to those who may just watch the show and not click spoilers. Impact has this to an extent. I can say that I have removed EC3 due to his WWE contract, but he is the only removed wrestler due to the contract.