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    At least you still have five left.
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    Stop teasing, @Plubby can only get so erect.
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    Coming in the autumn on Steam, this looks more enjoyable than every WWE2k game thus far.
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    Tyrogue/Haunter fusion.
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    He managed to criticize people who judge players based on their personality and do just that all within one post.
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    My high school baseball coach died last week and I, and a few of my former teammates went and had dinner after the viewing. We got talking about how he was tough, but fair, and how he found funny ways to motivate us when he saw us starting to slack. I had completely forgot about this story, but my buddy Adam told it at the dinner: We were in the state tournament my junior year and we were playing a conference opponent that had beaten us 14-1 and 10-0 earlier in the season. Our coach comes in and posts a lineup that doesn't look anything like our regular lineup. I was usually the #4 or #5 hitter but I was now hitting lead-off (which was adorable, because I was never fast even in my much lighter days) and a guy that actually ended up getting drafted was hitting 7th. Nobody said anything, we figured he'd give us an explanation before we headed out to the field. So we're all sitting around, waiting before the game starts and he steps out of his office and says, "Gentlemen...you may have noticed a few changes on the line-up card. We may not be the best hitting team..." and then he just walked out of the locker room and went to the field without finishing the sentence. We ended up losing that game 8-7, but we hit the cover off the ball at least.
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    ...good luck finding a team that will pay you that much
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    I, too, would like $40 million a year.
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    Only 2 more years to go to beat Plubby's Kellen Moore run 😂
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    Match highlights of the Newcastle game.
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    It's ok, watch us lose to Newcastle now. Obligatory:
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    The best sporting event I've witnessed in person was the cycling in the velodrome at the London Olympics. Team GB's Joanna Rowsell, Dani King and Laura Trott won the gold medal in the Women's Team Pursuit, breaking the world record in both the semi-finals and the final. The atmosphere was absolutely fantastic. What really capped things off, though, was when they started playing Hey Jude on the speaker system after the race. The crowd was singing along, but then the big screen camera spotted Paul McCartney in the crowd. He stood up and started singing along himself, with Stella McCartney looking embarrassed next to him. It really was a once-in-a-lifetime experience.
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    Had a season ticket at Tottenham for years now. So I've been lucky enough to be regularly let down and disappointed on a regular basis.
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    Teams are uploaded so you can set your rosters. would you guys like me to add one more bench spot so everyone can pick up an extra defense, given that college has two bye weeks?
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    Sorry about the coach though. If it makes you feel better it hurt my fingers.
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    Antoine Griezmann takes charge of Arsenal on Football Manager - and sells Alexandre Lacazette to Huddersfield https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/49335941
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    You'd have to check out a college game to get close to that type of atmosphere.
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    From Steelers QB to XFL Legend! It's a reverse Tommy Maddox
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    Cloudy ends things where he started them, in Arkansas, with the Razorbacks Defense
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    Finished the final trial in the 3rd Phoenix Wright game (the 'Bridge to Turnabout' case) yesterday, having only played it once before at least 8 years ago. I had a dim memory of who the murderer was, but no recollection of how/why/what happened to get there. Fucking hell that's a ride and a half. In fact, the whole of the Trials and Tribulations game is crafted really well. The obvious exception being... With that said, it would all have been a whole lot smoother if... Putting the storyline aside though, I found the actual trial/evidence work a lot more frustrating than in the prior two games. There were several occasions where I had to resort to near-random attempts at objections just to figure out "oh, so you wanted THAT specific interpretation of THAT specific contradiction, not the half-dozen others that I could equally have picked on at this point."
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    It's very good. I miss the expansion packs but those are apparently coming out soon. If you're cool with just having the base game then it does what the base game does perfectly well.
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    Big news for the TimeSplitter fans on here ( @Kaney I think?)
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    TO balled out in the Super Bowl with a broken leg. One game, I might not take anyone over him.
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    After the Rice/Moss/TO group I'd put Fitzgerald near the top of the list. He's consistently produced despite having a million QBs throwing to him.
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    He's hurt more by having a shorter career than playing in Detroit really.
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    I didn't realize they had thawed Walt Disney out already!
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    I'd be okay with Jason Garrett getting a lifetime contract.
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    Add Timothy Thatcher to MLW as a midcard face. Set his gimmick on all contracts to No Gimmick Needed. Remove Ace Romero from MLW. Remove Dan Moloney from WWE, he was pretty much just an extra on NXT UK & crapped on doing jobs there on twitter so I doubt he gets used again. Change Bray Wyatt's second finisher to Mandible Claw (Submission) Change Darby Allin's finishers to Coffin Drop (Top Rope) & Last Supper (Ground) Change Marq Quen's finishers to 450 Splash (Top Rope) & Shooting Star Press (Top Rope) Change Jake Atlas' finishers to LGB-DDT (Corner) for both slots Change Anthony Henry's finishers to Diving Double Stomp (Top Rope) & Ankle Lock (Submission) Change Arturo Ruas' finishers to Kneebar (Submission) & Spinning Heel Kick (Impact) Change Austin Theory's first finisher to Ataxia (Impact) Change Harlem Bravado's first finisher to Straight Cash Homie (Impact) Change Josh Brigg's second finisher to M-6 (Impact) Change Leon Ruff's first finisher to Ruff Ride (Impact) Birth info stuff Just as a thought, maybe figuring out a number for people in NXT wages wise that is the default for people in NXT would be something to look at. Wages as a whole probably need an overhaul with the way money is being thrown around now that AEW is around & WWE is giving people more to keep them away from there. Guys like Ricochet are making $15000 in game right now & that seems like a number that hasn't been changed in a while, nevermind accounting that he signed with WWE & is already on the main roster.
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    Into the Spider-Verse is really fucking good.
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    I'd probably let everyone pick at least one character to go totally hog wild with. I did well enough in the Awakening game having a super garbage version of Brady and y'all made me scratch and claw to make Gregor viable so it's possible.
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    Shitty grappler! Shitty grappler!
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    I mean, maybe? The big problem is that you have limited time to train so it becomes a question of "should Lorenz be a good mage or a shitty grappler" and we both know which one everyone is gonna pick. Maybe picking the house, which units I recruit/use, people can vote to force me to use somebody, I dunno. I'm not as comfortable with this game as I was Awakening but I'll probably get to that "I can win if you just do stupid shit who cares" point eventually.
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    $500k is still a hell of a lot more than I make now, so I hereby volunteer to QB the Cowboys for league minimum.
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    In my young lion phase, we’ll say.
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    You don’t suck. Just paying your dues.
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    Speaking of weird lesbian covens I'm probably gonna marry Raphael as it turns out because I just. Look I like Raphael a lot okay gosh
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    y'all gotta start paying hc for all the work y'all're getting him to do geez louise since he's not a wr i feel safe saying i'll take cam newton, qb, carolina @Maxx
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    Feel honored to have been watching live to see the first turnover of a HOF career.
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    The whole Messi/Ronaldo, who's the best nonsense? It's over.
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    Pre-season football isn't real football anyway.
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    Manchester United have agreed a €10m (£9.4m) deal to sign highly-rated French teenager Hannibal Mejbri from Monaco, subject to Fifa clearance. The 16-year-old midfielder was also thought to be on the radars of Leicester City and Tottenham – but United have announced they have “reached an agreement” with Monaco. The Ligue 1 club will reportedly receive €5m up front, with the rest in potential add-ons. United have also signed forward Dillon Hoogewerf from Ajax, midfielder Mateo Mejia from Real Zaragoza and goalkeeper Johan Guadagno from Swedish club Brommapojkarna, while centre-back Bjorn Hardley is awaiting clearance to complete a move from NAC Breda.
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