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    First of all he's been doing it for years. Secondly, he's an American citizen and he's welcome to peacefully protest whatever the fuck he wants. Try having a little bit of awareness to what's happening in society lately. I'll take a black athlete sitting for the anthem over a bunch of dipshits carrying torches and running people over. Really shitty time to bring out stupid hot takes like that.
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    Till you put it on someone who isn't the same size as Brock and it floats six inches off their waist.
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    The new Falcons stadium has a Chik-Fil-A in it. Like all Chik-Fil-A's, it will be closed on Sundays.
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    Could play Chal---oh. Bah.
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    I will nosh off a tramp if Chelsea win the league this season.
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    He's been scouting Spurs' new 11 year old academy sensation, Kyle Walker-Peters-Peters.
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    He'd make a cracking signing for Barca
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    I'll be sending anyone who spoils the episode to the Wall
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    You know there's no way this doesn't come off as racist, right?
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    Don't blame him, he retired years ago!
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    Hi there. I was given permission by your global mod Kaney to post here. I'm Cordero with Finger Gun Games. We just launched a new Kickstarter for a video game called Suplex Saga. It's a mixture of wrestling and rpg. I figured this board would like to hear about the project considering its topic at hand. Being a longtime wrestling fan myself, it's a pleasure to be here. The reason we are making this game is because throughout all the wrestling games I've played, they were just action games in the end. Career modes try to give that immersion of backstage drama and stories between wrestlers, but they never took it any further than they need to. No Mercy on N64 and the Smackdown games on PS1 & PS2 did a nice job with giving those reimagined scenarios of car-hitting and ambushes from behind. It was decent, but you never went beyond the arena life. We decided to take the angle of the kayfabe/ reality lives of wrestlers and turn it into a game. The action is no longer restricted in the ring, but in the world itself. If someone has a conflict with someone else about them stealing their girl or offending them by talking trash about their green leotard, they duke it out where they are. At the same time, you get into the behind-the-scene lives of wrestlers, seeing how their real life affects their wrestling life. It makes for an interesting new world, which helps with the rpg adventure angle we are throwing onto the genre. We plan to release this game for Steam, with stretch goals slated for the PS4 and Nintendo Switch. If you guys have any questions and concern, please feel free to discuss it here. For more info on the project, you can check out the Kickstarter link: Suplex Saga Kickstarter
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    Hulk Hogan. And Boogeyman.
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    It is indeed. Can I just say, since this whole episode leak is out there, if anyone posts anything about it please indicate as such before the spoilers as discussion of Episode 5 from this week is already in spoilers, so I'm clicking on those tags as I've seen this week's episode, but watching grainy leaks isn't my thing so I'd like to avoid seeing anything I shouldn't until next Monday.
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    I'm just up to the finale now, mostly because I didn't realise Defenders was out so soon. I don't see why it's hated so much. There's too much nonsense with Joy and Ward, and for a legendary immortal weapon he really is too whiny, but it's still pretty enjoyable. I don't know anything about the character though but it's nowhere near as bad as I anticipated.
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    @Maxx Jaylon Smith will be making his debut against the Colts this week.
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    As an extension to this, I also have two Chelsea players in my squad. Cahill and Fabregas.
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    I hear van Dijk has asked to be able to stay at Southampton.
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    I threw this together kind of based of the wm33 cards. Just to see if this is what you're after. Nothing special. If this is up to par, I'll try do the rest tomorrow as I am about to crash out. Any changes you'd like, just let me know and I'll see what I can do. EDIT* Also quickly, who is Mr. Edward King?
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    Great. Now I'm gonna crave a Chickie's and Pete's cheesesteak until I go back into the city.
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    Gerald McCoy attempted to figure out the limits of the new celebration rule on the latest episode of Hard Knocks
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    I inserted a reroutable sniffer modem transverse package UI injection into Arsenic's mainframe SQL dongle tracker, so I could steal the credit card details of everyone who plays EWR.
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    I was going to wait until the four game sweep to express my gratitude, but yeah, thank you.
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    It gets marked as a virus because it edits files. There's nothing wrong with it.
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    I love those beautiful, dumb games with all my heart. One of the only series where I buy new installments on day one. Getting to the moment where whoever the villain in each case is just breaks down and loses their shit never gets old for me.
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    You'll never win the Prem with that attitude.
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    Mo Farah wants to be known as Mohamed Farah from now on, which is right up there in the "never going to happen" stakes.
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    Jesus respawned for your sins.
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    In my 30 year game in FM 2012 I had a half Irish/half Italian regen at AC Milan who had the same birthday as me but also the same county AND homtown as me which the game couldn't possibly have known. I was about 8 hours balls deep into a marathon session at 2am when I noticed and it was my trigger to go to bed.
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    Arsenal vs Leicester: Lets get this season off to a flyer. Watford vs Liverpool: Hold my beer.
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    I am getting laid this season all being well then!
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    As an American, I enjoyed watching his versions of Price is Right on YouTube. Damn good stuff. RIP, Bruce Forsyth
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    I downloaded CM 01/02 recently and can't wait until I get the time to get back addicted to it.
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    Tiger Woods Mask needed a rival. So I made Jyushin Striker Messi.
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    Phoenix Wright is supposed to be slightly stupid, isn't it?
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    Coutinho is going nowhere. Barcelona have signed... Paulinho.
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    I haven't down one for the "Battle of the Stars" match. I'm still trying to find some workable helms/moore pics to use. I even made a referee postman reigns and "Exam" isn't in the battle royal pic because I don't know who it is. Anything you want changed or altered, feel free to ask http://www.mediafire.com/file/d6e8ld1sq6cs863/tkasto.zip
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    I'm just gonna leave this here. Tiger Woods Mask
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    That's an exaggeration. He was almost exactly level with the ball with loads of bodies around and the ball went backwards to add to the confusion. It was a very tight one. I'd be more concerned with the schoolboy level of defending set pieces.
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    And I make three. What wonderful company.