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    They should consider letting the parrot choose the pick too. Maybe then Tampa Bay won’t draft a kicker in the third round.
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    Tottenham fans celebrating Wenger leaving is a weird one. You've finished above them once in recent years and he's won several cups during his downslide compared to Tottenham's grand total of fuck all. If it was a few years of Tottenham being better than fair enough. I just don't get it.
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    And his Paddy Power licence in 2015.
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    Zak DeOssie: first ever long snapper in the HOF! 2007 also featured one of my favorite "fans angry over draft pick" reactions.
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    Yeah you better run Kingery!
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    That's like saying you owe a little loyalty to a company that gave you a chance at where you work, which is balls because companies (and teams) are always going to look out for themselves ahead of their employees (players). Therefore, players should always do the same. A team is just a company all by itself, it just has the added spectacle of sport attached to it. If they're wanting to leave the team, that probably means that in some way they're not happy.
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    The Wolves didn't get swept! Take THAT #1 seeds!
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    If you get him in the 5th round, you should be very happy. Before Josh got hurt, he was one of the best running backs in the nation. I can't remember the exact number, but he had something like 7 or 8 runs of more than 70 yards. He was on pace before his injury to run for like 2000 yards. He's big. He's 6'2/6'3" 220 pound running back that can shoot up through the line with his size, but he's also fast and agile and looks like a gazelle when he breaks the outside. His size and our scheme turned him into a much better than average pass blocker and pass catcher, which suits your offensive scheme. Basically if you took Theo Riddick, but turned him into a really good, big running back, you get Josh Adams. A guy that can run and catch for you. A Lex Luger. The Total Package. And that's coming from someone who tries to talk down Notre Dame players to not seem like such a homer.
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    As requested by @wildvinex & @Celtinigma Post-Superstar-Shakeup Spilt Data has been added to the opening post. It is the last section where the previous Split Datas have been linked. Just as previous, 5 playable "brands" have been added ranging from Small (Performance Center/Live Events) to Global (RAW/Smackdown Live). The data is, presumably, correct for a start date of 19th April 2018. A good spot to start heading into the Greatest Royal Rumble. I've added my GFX pack in case people use it. It has the brand split logos, user logos and banners and updated to @mkpunk April Data Any issues just let me know. Has not been fully tested but the game opened so that's a good start.
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    Mark Hughes has had his say.
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    It is not as difficult.
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    Forte and Hester are signing one day contracts so they can retire as Bears
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    Dukla recorded their first win of the calendar year with me and my friends attending.
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    @Celtinigma @wildvinex Here's what I'll do... I'll waiti until the post-Superstar Shake Up data has been released then I'll do the Split data so there isn't much mucking around for when you start. It has been a while and I don't think I've done a split on any of the current iterations of Data packs.
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    "Hey Colin, still planning on kneeling?" "Yep" 2 weeks later "So Colin, about the kneeling." "Still doin' it." 2 weeks later "Hey Col-" "Not gonna stop"
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    US Girls and Soccer Mommy albums are both super great. And finally listened to the Charli XCX album which is like the best kind of pop goodness & ugh I love it. Also this. Saw em a couple of months ago. Banger after banger.
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    This is the flimsiest Hughesing since Hughes.
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    If getting rid of Jack Rodwell was that easy, he'd already be gone. In years to come there'll be a plaque outside the stadium showing people the marks his fingernails left as he was finally dragged out.
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    Watching a legal horror-thriller movie tonight. I have no idea if that genre has ever previously been done. The synopsis for this one is amazing: Oh fuck yeah.
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    I can't wait for him to leave.
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    I wish they'd just do 2 bye weeks for each team and make the season 18 weeks long. It'd mean nobody would play on Thursdays unless they came off a bye too which would increase player safety. Season is so short and rushes by already!
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    I've added my PS2 to my N64 in my retro gaming zone (aka the little telly in my conservatory). Burnout 3 and SSX3 hold up ridiculously well, pushing back my need to buy a PS4 even further than ever...
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    Thanks. I'm now going to have to go and watch Mike Bassett England Manager.
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    We'd still have got beaten, but it would have been nice to have a competent referee last night, though given that seems to be something in short supply in the Premier League like never before. Lewis Cook though, lads. He's a fine prospect. All this talk of who to take to the World Cup yet he and Shelvey probably won't go, yet are two English midfielders of the right age playing week in, week out at relatively successful clubs. Is that not what it's supposed to be all about? Still, I bet Livermore goes, a player who I find strange, because he's never really been any good, at least not to International standard, yet gets games. Baffling. Talking of baffling, can't believe its 2018 and people still doubt how good Jordan Henderson is. I mean, these people obviously don't get football and are idiots, but still. The guy is so good, but suffers from the social media thing where one mistake gets jumped upon and it outweighs all the good.
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    If only we'd be warned of this during the referendum!
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    Sol Campbell must be having kittens somewhere.
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    After playing EWR for nearly 15 years, I finally decided to bite the bullet and make a proper scenario for public consumption. And here it is - 1987! A fascinating year. WWF's popularity is about to explode. The territorries are still kicking about, and still trying to mount a serious challenge against Vince. The Four Horsemen kick all kinds of ass. Dave Meltzer still writes the Observer on a shitty typewriter. EVERYONE IS ON THE GAS... Mind you, I wasn't even born in 1987, so it took a LONG, LONG time to make this. I spent many hours researching the period and did my best to make the scenario as accurate as possible. Also, I did the whole thing FROM SCRATCH. It contains: - 10 promotions (WWF, Mid-Atlantic (JCP), AWA, Mid-South (UWF), WCCW, Memphis (CWA), Florida (CWF), Central States, Portland (PNW) and Stampede). - 503 workers. - 175 staff. (Mix between real and fake people, with most of the agents, trainers and writers to be generated by the game itself. Absolutely no fake owners whatsoever.) - Era-appropriate pictures for ALL workers and 99% of real staff. - A new UNKNOWN picture for the regens, and a female variant for it (Unknown_F.jpg). - New pictures for Pinky and The Brain. - Logos and banners for all promotions in the game. - New banners for all in-game websites (which, as the internet didn't exist back then, are now replaced by magazines and newsletters). Notes: - BACKUP EVERYTHING IN YOUR EWR FOLDER, BEFORE EXTRACTING!!! YOU DON'T WANT TO OVERWRITE YOUR PRECIOUS DATA AND PICS, DO YOU?! - Set your PC's date to December, 1986. - There are some workers in this scenario (about 10 or so), like Steve Austin and Kevin Nash, for example, that hadn't made their debut until 1988 or even 1989. I decided to include them, because honestly, could you even imagine wrestling, if they didn't exist? Also, I wanted a minimum of 500 real workers, so the game wouldn't have to generate regens at the start. - I tried making all worker stats as accurate, as I could. However, there are some workers, which I never even had watched. So, their stats are based on educated guesses and general reputation. - Sponsors give much less money. That is, because I want to you to avoid the potential 150 million ceiling, which you inevitably hit after a few financially successful years. I would also strongly advise you to drastically lower your ticket prices, if you're playing on lower difficulties. You should also regularly give money to charity. - All owners have the proper wrong alignments, so the owner alignment bug actually fixes them, instead of fucking them up even further, when a new game is started. - The thing that always brings my piss to a boil is generic television stations having generic names. For realism's sake I gave them names more similar to what a real TV channel would have. Here they are (and what they mean): KGTN - ("K" Generic Television Network) - A local U.S. TV channel based west of the Mississippi River, WGTN - ("W" Generic Television Network) - A local U.S. TV channel based east of the Mississippi River, XGTN - ("X" Generic Television Network) - A local Mexican TV channel, CGTN - ("C" Generic Television Netrork) - A local Canadian TV channel, CND - ("Cindy") - Syndication, obviously. Everything in the graphics pack is made by me, with the exception of the background. I don't know who made it, but I've been using it for about 8 years or so, and it's the best. In the end, I beg you, PLEASE TRY IT, it would mean the world to me! Download Here - http://www.filedropper.com/1987_1 Any feedback is welcomed and encouraged!
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    It's not going to be much good if the driver has to float in the air above the car like that for the whole race.
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    That would be the ultimate Tom Brady move; wait for the Pats to trade their QB of the future and then retire right before the draft.
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    Why would anybody want to go back and rewatch a draft?
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    NFL Network is airing a marathon of past drafts back-to-back this Saturday, from 2011-2017. 2013 was so shit that it's been left out of the schedule completely
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    How is it corruption? It was the correct call to award a penalty in this instance. It has improved the game, a player cheated and has been punished for something he would have otherwise gotten away with. https://www.clippituser.tv/c/zbzwag
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    It happened again. Blowout game, final AB looking for a HR to complete the cycle. Another gapper into the outfield. Easy triple but this time I blatantly ran through the stop sign (the third baseman practically had the ball yet I kept running past). And yet I scored!!!! And they rule it a triple and a throwing error because the throw to the bag was slightly off-line. I was waiting by the official scorer's car when that game was over.