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    Cerci in this episode is all like
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    If you want to challenge at the very top level, you can't be selling 25/30 goal a season players, doesn't matter who you are.
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    Careful, Lineker can only get so erect
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    Oh my arsehole we are through. Jesus bloody Christ. Absolute Spursiest way to progress!!! Always
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    Playing Indigo Prophecy, interesting to see a game that was made by a younger, humbler David "Subtlety" Cage... Jesus fucking Christ....
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    Chris Davis is 2 for 4 on the day with 4 RBIs. Since the hitless streak ended he's been arguably the best player in baseball.
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    I hope Lando somehow revives the robot from Solo that gave it's brain to the Falcon and they finally fuck.
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    Be that as it may, I don't understand how players can be so sensitive about celebrations in 2019. Instead of throwing a ball at a player who took you deep, you should throw a celebration right back at him after you strike him out next time.
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    Ajax vs Spurs in the semite-final
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    Don’t want your dumb team here either
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    That's why it's so important that the Holocaust must continue to be taught in schools. Otherwise you end up with Wayne Hennessey and Kirkland.
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    I really need to make an MDickie diary one day. I fired up a new career as Luke Harper and after my first match, Paul Bearer and Kane sell me steroids, followed instantly by Road Dogg asking me to make him his mentor (so Harper comes out in Road Dogg's attire and uses his moves), I beat Mankind in a first blood match that world champion John Cena is using to pick his next challenger, beat Cena for the World title in week 3 and then Stephanie instantly changes me into a Dan Severn clone. That was THREE SHOWS in that game.
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    Selling him would be the most ridiculous thing. He is the beating heart of the team. He's Tottenham through and through. It's amazing having a player come through the academy be this good. If anything, this season, he feels like he's turning into a more complete player, he's getting more assists, he drops deeper to dictate play and turn playmaker (like he does for England). And he's one of those players that lifts the team around him when he's in it. I'd very prefer if we didn't rush him back from injury so often. I wish he wouldn't be thrown straight back into the first team when he comes back (like we did with him against Burnley). But he's a great professional, great role model and one of our own. If we sold him, other players would want out. We'd also probably blow all the cash on some shit players.
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    Seriously, I really don’t want them to undo anything from The Last Jedi. And I pretty much want Kylo to go completely unredeemed and get wrecked by Rey, The First of Her Name. And let’s get an Ewok/Porg team-up going.
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    I don't think that's the case at all. Five league games before he got injured, he had five goals and two assists and Spurs scored fifteen goals. In the six league games since he's come back, he's scored three. They just had two horror away shows (an at the time inform Burnley and a resurgent Southampton) and then games against Arsenal at home and Chelsea and Liverpool away. They'll probably kick on now without him because they've got six games left against five teams that are allergic to defending.
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    That’s some heartwarming NFL news, my friend.
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    And teamkill me twice in a row more importantly But back on topic, Assasain’s Creed would be dope if it was just stories based in historical points in time. All the time warping, animus bollocks kills the immersion of it for me.
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    Stupid post. We are probably the least favourites but we have a small chance - as do all the teams remaining.
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    This is basically @Lineker when he gets to work today.
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    The rule for me is, drama trumps all. So it can be 90 minutes of dirge but then if something incredible happens at the end, it's into that upper echelon. Hence I agree on that Cardiff/Newcastle game. This was clearly just batshit from minute one til the end. Tremendous stuff.
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    Honestly, I don't know what I prefer. Really amazing games of football because of skill and ability or really terrible games of football because both teams are comically shit.
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    BT Sport will probably post highlights on their YouTube channel soon.
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    Been playing through Arkham Asylum this weekend. Got about half way through. Damn I forgot how tight this game is. I could never really get into City or Knight because they just both felt too big and loose and far less interesting but Asylum deserves its place as one of the best superhero games of all time. Fuck I miss linear narrative games.
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    ...well, I see I didn't miss anything by skipping Solo...
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    turns out all the Porgs were Skywalkers
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    I've got a pitch - What If we just made agent carter s3 instead?
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    I've played and generally enjoyed most of them over time but there's always been problems. Things like far too many collectables, repetitive side quests (not an AC problem but gaming one that) and extra things to do which makes burn out a problem with the games. The animus, precursors and all of the modern day stuff is the worst misstep to me. Not only does it over complicate things (I think the assassins/templars never ending war should be enough myself...) but the "run around a location for 10 minutes to read an email or two then go back to the fun story" bits just drag. It's been there since the beginning so I would love to know why they felt the games needed that framing device.
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    The new Chemical Brothers album is fucking amazing.
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    So, the first details about the PS5 have been revealed by Mark Cerny in an inverview with Wired. It'll have an SSD, will support ray tracing and, perhaps more importantly, will be backwards compatible with PS4 games and the current PSVR headsets.
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    So Chris Davis is just showing off now right?
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    I was talking about this last night on my stream with a couple viewers (That's right, I had 2 viewers at once...and 3 altogether..thanks Cloudy 😛) and I'm excited for 8.2. I haven't been as disappointed as some people have but for someone who doesn't raid, I do feel like I've got nothing left to do in BFA. I mean there are still mounts to get and pets to get but those are repeatable things that I just have to do a shitload of dungeons. It's not anything new but after watching Taliesen and Evital talk about this last night, I'm very excited for the end game type stuff of BFA.
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    The lucha episode of Legends of Tomorrow is about a wolf-man going into business for himself and never jobbing because he doesn't understand the concept. That show remains very good.
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