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    "WWE stars react to the server at Applebee's refusing to take their coupon even though it's only been expired for three days"
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    Please stop posting that hair whip clip. Every time I see it I'm compelled to click Play and then I hurt myself laughing.
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    That looks so fucking stupid.
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    Paul Dano has been cast as The Riddler after Jonah Hill dropped out of negotiations.
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    If the Yankees win it all, I will follow you around and remind you of it after every single one of your posts, in every single thread on EWB.
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    As a Mets fan, you probably don't remember, but it's Best-of-7 in the playoffs, so there's still a long way to go. 😛
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    The bigger significance behind the Umbrella's and the HK protests is that they've been used as riot shields to protect against the rampant use of teargas, to prevent getting dinked in the head by them. Also, to not be caught by the cameras which are pretty much everywhere.
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    Hope you have 55 minutes to waste watching for the saddest punt ever and learning about the Surrender Index!
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    That's not cool.
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    Dano is a very good actor. Great call. And I'll echo the "anyone is a step up from not being friggin' Jonah Hill".
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    They look like they are from the Sims 2
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    Hooray it’s not the Eagles!
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    An American's what? Also, at least you tried @Rey Cloudy. We should be flattered you consider England synonymous with the word "Champions" .
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    Now we know how to make a truly serious parody.
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    That’s not how the WWE fan base works...
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    I got a Breaking Bad recap video, yeah.
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    Am I the only one watching Succession? I binged both seasons in three days, and thankfully the S2 finale is this Sunday so I timed that perfectly. I mean, nobody is likable on this show, even the dipshit cousin (though he has his moments, especially with the son-in-law, Tom). It's basically Game of Thrones set in 2019 with a family that's in the same vein as the Murdoch family, with the head of the family (Brian Cox) being a Roger Ailes type. I'm thinking I'm going to binge the Righteous Gemstones next week, since the season finale is this week (right?). Then Watchmen starts up next week, and I'm insanely excited for that.
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    And give up a lot of home runs whilst doing so!
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    Explaining Scribblenauts to family: "It's a puzzle-solving game where I type things out and they appear to solve people's problems. See, this guy's homeless, so I'm giving him... a medical degree." "Does he have medical training?" "I don't know. But now he has a degree." "Well nothing can possibly go wrong with that."
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    I've been watching Euphoria all week, up to the season finale now, and my main take away is that Zendaya isn't that great, Hunter Schafer is amazing, and the best thing Judd Apatow ever did was give the world Maude Apatow. Oh, and that Jacob Elordi can play an asshole really, really well.
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    Sims 2 looks better. Probably plays better too. Hell of a game.
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    https://twitter.com/Eagles/status/1183874347615821827 Lmao torched
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    Even one of the YouTubers flown out to try out the game early is giving an honest take instead of just blindly sucking up.
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    That's what he's saying he meant, but what he really means is that the timing of the tweet impacted NBA teams who lost revenue from cancelled games and China blocking games on TV. LeBron then said that he, his team and the league just went through a "difficult week". Because of course the struggles of millionaires, multi-million dollar organizations and a sports league trumps the actual battle for basic human rights that the people of Hong Kong are suffering through. LeBron's not the only one, Steve Kerr and Pop have both been very outspoken about a ton of issues, but when it comes to this, their support of the NBA's toothless response is a huge red flag. No matter what, these millionaires do not care about actual human suffering if it affects their bottom line. Gotta' make sure someone keeps making his Nike shoes for cheap.
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    He really looks like a PES non face-scanned player. Rusty Dhodes.
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    Nats are just wrecking the Cards.
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    In something that may be pertinent to our collective interests, I watched Monster Brawl today. AKA a bunch of monsters wrestle each other. https://amplesalty.tumblr.com/post/188351536490/day-14-monster-brawl-2011
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    Some WWE 2K20 is being released today (and in the upcoming days), since 2K flew some Youtubers out to try and record some stuff.
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    Of course of all the 2000-2010 Nickelodeon live action shows it's Zoey 101, the one I didn't really care for, that might be getting revived. It's a crime that Ned's Declassified never got a continuation.
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    South Carolina’s kicker has to feel like the biggest loser.
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    That was my view as well. I was an enjoyable experience, but I wouldn't put it down as something that's vital to the Breaking Bad viewing experience. While I'm happy it exists, I wouldn't have been bothered at all if it didn't.
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    Did he mock Harry's magic chin or something?
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    I've always wanted to play as $500 Shirt The Rock.
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    All I know is in the theater I saw it in, I was one of like 8 people in it. That song hit, and I audibly went "Oh geez, why this song?"
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    Spiders are not bugs. Ruki in "fails to create a proper pun" Shocker.
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    Heck yeah it is! I think between Gold + a gamepass for about 14 months is cost me $70... in that time I've played both Wolfenstein games, gonna play the heck out of Outer Worlds, currently playing through Vampyr, and a bunch of other games (Pony Island, SUPERHOT, My Time At Portia, DeadCells)... it's already well worth the investment. PLus it has things like Dishonored 2, the Tomb Raider games, Prey, and more. It's just 100% worth it. I really hope that Outer Worlds is play anywhere. Because being able to go from console to my computer is just rad.
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    Untitled Goose Game had a different name during production, or at least it had a different name, and it was Some Like it Honk. Which I think is a much better name.
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    I have! 18 times, no less.
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    1.Bruce's trauma is based around violent death, the last thing he wants to be apart of. It's the same reason for avoiding guns. 2.Killing makes him no better than the killers he hunts in his mind. 3.Bruce is deeply afraid that if he crosses the line once then he'll never be able to stop killing the bad Guys.
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