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  1. What up bitch

  2. I like your boobs.

  3. Hindsight is a wonderful thing, especially after they looked awful after 10 minutes But yeah I'll admit I was wrong, but I guess my prediction of a Scottish team getting humbled DID come true. Rangers when away never show up till the second half...even in Scotland. It is something that needs addressed before it costs us any more points, and Celtic losing away is a given. The bookies won't take bets on Celtic away soon.
  4. http://news.sky.com/skynews/Home/Showbiz-N...ccording_To_TMZ
  5. Shut the fuck up! Until last night Rangers didn't have one arrest against our name in this years Euro travels. I was in Manchester last night and the bullshit could have easily been avoided. The fan zones could not cope with the amount of support that showed and there were just as many people trying to get in as were actually in the place. Riot police forming baselines and trying to force the fans away from the "fan zone" didnt really help. There were two big screens, One for adverts and one to show the game. The one to show the game broke yet the adverts kept on coming. And the car that got smashed up could have easily been avoided. The road near the fanzone should have been closed considering the amount of people on it, police and fans. The road remained open and the driver of the car forced his way through the crowd and knocked down and hospitalised a Rangers fan. Manchester were underprepared and the police were aggresive as fuck, what did they expect in return? On another note, RIP Tommy Burns.
  6. We don't play soccer in Scotland. We play football, bitch. Call it whatever you want, in the end it´s still not playing, more like surviving. ;-) We survived to knock you nazi cunts out....Love you.
  7. This game is a buggy peice of shit. Second season in the SPL and it hasn't reset the fixtures. So I have cup and European games only.
  8. As per yesterdays forum post, we have decided to make a beta version of the 8.01 patch available for people to try. For those who don't know what a "beta" is, it's a test version that we would normally use internally to test the fixes that have been made. We have decided to release this to you due to people having issues with the workaround for the closing down bug, and a couple of other long term issues that people have discovered, as well as a few compatibility issues that a few users have experienced on their machines and the Securom copy protection that is being used on the game. We will be releasing a final version of the patch in a couple of weeks, once we're happy with it and have gone through a full test cycle internally. The final version will also include data changes. There will be many different versions of the "beta" patch available for the different variations of the game. As these become available, the game name will be in bold lettering. Football Manager 2008 PC boxed - http://download.sega.com/u/fm2008_patch/fm...1_betapatch.exe Football Manager 2008 Mac boxed - coming soon (hopefully this week) WWSM 2008 PC boxed - coming soon (likely early next week) WWSM 2008 Mac boxed - coming soon (likely early next week) WWSM 2008 Digital Download - coming soon (likely early next week) Futbol Manager 2008 Digital Download - coming soon (likely early next week) The reason for them being available at different times is that the different versions all need different installers, which take quite a bit of time to build, and also need to be tested (the installer) before we can make them live. We appreciate your patience during this time, and they will all go live as soon as we can get them done. Hastily written, *then edited by Matt - see me after class, Mr Jacobson* legal blurb - please note that, as this is a "beta" version of the patch, it is a test version and therefore not the final version. We haven't finished testing it yet, so use it at your own risk, but we expect it to be ok. Whilst we believe we've fixed the issues, We'd like to hear, of course, if you encounter further problems, so we can try and rectify them.
  9. I will join this tonight, if we get enough interest I will set up a thread and we could document the leauge properly on here.
  10. I'm not into the "old rally thing," but I did meet the guy, An approachable down to earth family guy. I'm not one to grieve over someone I met and spoke to for the best part of a minute but where are all the shitty remarks and jokes when it is a wrestler chocking on his own vomit or dying of a heart attack due to drugs misuse?
  11. Who said it was alright? I think that lot are pricks too, no matter what nationality.
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