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  1. Alves v. Fitch has always been planned as the co-main event for this event. They did not promote it that way at first as they were still making sure Alves was cleared to fight post-surgery. Once he was cleared and the bout was signed it immediately took its place as the co-main event as planned. As for the quoted text: Because Alves is still the #3 welterweight behind GSP and Fitch, thus when #2 and #3 fight the winner deserves a shot at #1. It goes back to how I explained Rich Franklin getting his second fight against Anderson: Just because he was handled, doesn't mean he's not the #1 contender. It just means there is a dominant champion. Koscheck is #4 right now, Hardy wasn't a #1 contender, etc. Those were promotional match-ups to avoid having GSP vs. Fitch or Alves has they recently happened and GSP dominated. But now, with this fight it forces their hand in to making the winner fight GSP. With the addition of Shields one could argue that he deserves the shot, but this will be his first fight at 170 in some time, it's just unfortunate that he'll have to wait until after Fitch/Alves vs. GSP to get his shot (if he even manages to win both of his fights). The winner of Fitch vs. Alves deserves their shot and it's one totally based on merit. dos Santos has very good BJJ, but it's not world class. Roy Nelson is a LEGIT grappler. dos Santos is without question the favorite heading in to this fight, but it shouldn't be that big of a gap to be quite honest. dos Santos has never been pushed, so we still don't know about his cardio. We could fight out against Roy. All in all I look for Black House to have a very good night. Ed Soares has been in very good spirits and is a great guy to speak with, excellent guy. He'll be celebrating with his team tomorrow night after a Cigano title shot earned and Anderson's destruction of Chael Sonnen.
  2. Just a couple random notes: Finney's management thought she had a broken orbital bone and broken ribs, turns out she is just bruised and has a black eye. Fedor seems kind of happy, well not happy but you understand, that he lost. Maybe felt a relief of pressure ala Matt Hughes to BJ Penn. Werdum is a hilarious man. Scott Coker was not pleased with a media member asking a question to Fedor about him possibly attending UFC 116, the answer was no of course. But Coker stopped himself from going off of the reporter. Babalu is funny. Werdum is apprently king of Xbox in his camp. Interesting pitch from media that Coker actually seemed to think about, although not likely to do, have Cyborg's headline a show on their anniversary since both are winning. He at least chuckled at the notion. Cyborg really wanted to leave and go party. The Brazilians were happy people, they were fist pumping one another at the table. Coker seemed perturbed that someone asked everyone who would win the World Cup, Coker jumped in and said, "not the US" Loudest pop of the night was Thomson's third round finish to an exciting fight, followed by Fedor. And Meltzer is good peeps.
  3. Had to send a message to Heel Turn. Otherwise, email accbiggz@gmail.com or Twitter. Bye.

  4. Tito Ortiz would be my pick. No matter what happens with Forrest, barring injury. Maybe Shogun, while Machida is out. Tito only if he wins, or the winner of Thiago/Rashad. They want Randy in a position to fight Machida and/or Shogun. If it's Tito then the winner of that gets the title shot, if Forrest wins then it'll be the winner of Rashad/Thiago vs. Randy who gets the next shot.
  5. There was a lot of action in the clinch.
  6. People who thought that was boring.... Jesus. Stop watching MMA then, go to a bar and wait for a throwdown to happen. Pathetic.
  7. 29-28 Couture in a fan-dabi-dozi fight.
  8. 19-19. And don't know what you guys are watching, I'm on the edge of my seat. Very good technical fight.
  9. And Alves has better takedown defense than Hardy. You said he has to work on TD defense, which I agree with, but saying he stopped Swick's.... totally different style of takedowns against a compeltely different style of fighter.
  10. That's completely wrong. The takedowns Swick tried are nothing like St. Pierre's. Dan will need to stay on his feet and try to land a haymaker.
  11. It's called Champion Domination. Your top contenders: Jon Fitch, GSP demolished him Josh Koscheck, GSP demolished him Thiago Alves, GSP demolished him It was down to Swick, Kampmann, and Condit. Kampmann d. Condit, then lost to Daley. And now Swick lost to Hardy, who by virtue of his win over Marcus put him in this position. If GSP didn't make everyone else look silly we'd likely have seen a rematch of some sort.
  12. 30-28, and congrats to Dan Hardy who earns a shot at Georges St. Pierre - Good Luck.
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