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  1. http://bleacherreport.com/post/nfl/af8a853f-444e-4113-a98d-c9a90626319d This would have been a flag in the NFL 😂
  2. I don't want a universal DH and I think the three batter rule is stupid.
  3. Would love if I could get these images on KyKy! Thanks.
  4. Knicks got bamboozled. Is there any traction to AD going to the Lakers? The Pelicans are definitely going to send him away soon somewhere.
  5. Couple of requests. If I could please have the following on KyKy
  6. So, are they out on Realmuto? Is Martin still good enough to be their starting catcher? I haven't seen him play in a while
  7. That's kind of an odd signing. Would have expected that.
  8. Lowrie at 3B would be nice. He's not the free agent signing I would have expected, but I think he'll fit in well. I'd be super okay with McNeil playing everywhere. I think Broxton is a good pickup, because Lagares hasn't been able to stay healthy and I don't think he'd be reliable enough as injury. The Mets have been injury-plagued the past few years as it is.
  9. Yeah, Bauer came across like a complete loser in that situation. Not a good look.
  10. Proceed with caution. It is hard to watch.
  11. I'd have to agree. He didn't get a lot of at bats this season, but he played a full season in 2017 and had 20 homers. He definitely strikes out too much, so it he can work on that plate discipline, then hos productivity would increase massively. I'm excited to see him in a Mets uniform.
  12. Damn that injury was brutal. You know it was bad when they won't even show the replay.
  13. I thinkit would be interesting to see the Raiders play at AT&T Park
  14. That's big. And I wonder if that opens up enough room for LA to try and take Harper
  15. Daniel Murphy is signing with the Rockies. I think he'll hit very well out there.
  16. The Angels signed Matt Harvey, and I think they overpaid. 1 year, $11 million
  17. The Astros are going after Nelson Cruz. That offense is going to be dangerous.
  18. I really liked Into the Spiderverse. It was a lot of fun.
  19. Michael Brantley is signing with the Astros
  20. Wilson Ramos to the Mets, pending physical
  21. Familia would be a good setup man for Diaz.
  22. Joe Kelly to the Dodgers on a 3-year deal
  23. Charlie Morton to Tampa Bay. 2 years $30 mill

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