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    NFL 2019

    So, uh, Jermaine Kearse's season, and probably even career, is over. He just about snapped his leg in half 5 games into the Lions game.
  2. It's fucking Shark Week, guys. 

    1. Ms. Canadian Destroyer

      Ms. Canadian Destroyer

      Please don't have sex with the sharks. 

    2. Forky


      I think they have a law against that now just because of El Tib.

    3. TheBartholomewExperience
  3. Meanwhile, Puig is in the middle of a brawl in Pittsburgh. Somebody should tell him he got traded
  4. I guess the timing on the Juice Bruce deal couldn't have been better for Philly.
  5. Biggio just got called up, so that'll be fun to watch. Today the Mets signed Ervin Santana and Matt Kemp. I'll take it.
  6. Hehe maybe a little bit. But boy, Vladdy Jr is a stud. Can't wait to see how his career pans out.
  7. Mets are 2-0 since Yoenis Cespedes sacrificed his ankle for our sins. I'm wondering who else we can sacrifice.
  8. Being a Mets fan is hard. If they lose today, it won't be DeGrom's fault. This is exhausting. Edit: nevermind, we won. But still.
  9. Urias placed on leave after arrest MLB's decision on Dodgers P Julio Urias is effectively immediately and could be extended past the seven-day limit I got that from the ESPN app
  10. Me rn, except this time its late o'fucking clock because the Mets are on the West Coast.
  11. It sounds like the DA has reopened the case against Tyreek Hill. Which is good, he deserves to go to jail.
  12. Phillies trying to act like the bad guys last night when they were trying to avoid being swept is laughable to me. Imagine being more mad about your batter who was *almost* hit than the team who's batters you hit three times.
  13. I'd grab Keuchel and also Gio, if Gio opts out of his Yankee deal
  14. https://nypost.com/2019/04/19/jacob-degrom-going-for-elbow-mri-in-mets-potential-catastrophe/ Oh fuck
  15. Swamp Thing teaser. It's not much, but it's at least a decent look at what he'll look like.
  16. I mean, the Mets had been on the road since the end of Spring Training. The Mets took a bus from St Lucie to Sarasota to end Spring Training, and then had to fly to Syracuse for that dumb public workout at the Carrier Dome, then flew to DC, did the road series in Miami, and got back to Queens at 3 am before having to be at Citi at 10am. And they're 5-2 so far. It's been a slog, but they've done well so far. I'm not disappointed with them rn.
  17. Yeah I would have been pissed too. That's a pretty ridiculous turnaround.
  18. 🤦‍♂️ I think I'd expect disciplinary action, but somehow I wouldn't be surprised if there wasn't
  19. Umpire in the Astros/Rangers game was on a power trip https://streamable.com/9pylv
  20. Mets have always had my favorite broadcast team (I'm not biased or anything ). This had me cracking up pretty good. 😍
  21. Man, Nats/Phils was interesting mostly to see how the DC crowd reacted to Bryce Harper in pinstripes. Boy it did not disappoint. Between getting soaked in boos in his first at bat, and flipping the shit out of the bat on that Homer, I got all the entertainment I needed. Somebody get me the spinrate on that bat flip. For the next 13 years, the Nats and Phils are just gonna have this tense ass rivalry where neither of them wins shit but they always fight over Harper. It'll be hilarious from an outside perspective.
  22. The AAF broke faster than a table at a Bills tailgate.
  23. I was hoping JBJ would still be available lol. I think I'll go with Adam Jones. I we're going to do another round, I'll also take Kike Hernandez.
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