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  1. I wish Mr. Met would flip more people off. Let's go full heel, Mr. Met.
  2. Seeing Metallica live was awesome. It was the best show I've ever been to.
  3. Damn, I really did not see that coming. I loved Chris Cornell, having grown up listening to Soundgarden and loving Audioslave. That's so sad to hear.
  4. On Sunday, I'll be seeing Metallica play at MetLife Stadium. Volbeat and Avenged Sevenfold are also playing with them. I'm so pumped.
  5. Sorry lads, I was at word. I'd like to select Yasmany Tomas. @9 to 5
  6. I'll be rooting from Puerto Rico tonight. Good luck to both teams!
  7. Steven Matz. I believe the next turn is @9 to 5
  8. Hello yes I would like to take SP Michael Fulmer. @HC you're up for real now.
  9. I was so ready to pick Degrom too lol I wanna go with Aroldis Chapman. @HC