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  1. El Tiburon

    Workout Music

    https://open.spotify.com/playlist/32b9BcK9yV1ry5gNz6LyJi?si=8e7kFZnGSdyxjQxibckT_w I make new playlists all the time, but this is my current one
  2. Saw Joker tonight. I thought it was good. It was extremely tense in parts and, overall, I thought it was directed well.
  3. Wow, I watched the UCLA game highlights at work. Holy shit, what a game. I can't imagine throwing 9 touchdowns and still losing.
  4. If Felipe Vazquez gets convicted (and he should) it is very likely that he could be deported
  5. El Tiburon

    NFL 2019

    Almost hard to believe the Dolphins have been outscored 102-10 so far this season. And it's only going to get worse.
  6. El Tiburon

    NFL 2019

    Unrelated to anything: football tickets are way too expensive. I was going to try to get tickets for Cowboys vs Patriots bc my favorite team is the Cowboys and the Pats are my brother's favorite. But nosebleeds are $400. Never fucking mind.
  7. But then the Astros got to wear Apollo 11 hats this year and no one batted an eye. It really sucks that every year the Mets get banned from doing this.
  8. I honestly don't know how many times I can watch Mickey Callaway bring in Edwin Diaz just for him to blow the save. It's infuriating
  9. That's so sad that he passed. What a horrific crash.
  10. El Tiburon

    NFL 2019

    I feel really bad for Andrew Luck, and I'm glad that he has decided to retire, for his own sake. He's the only one who could have made that call. Certain people might not like it, but it's the best decision he could have mad for his own life, with being recently married, wanting to travel, start a family, and whatnot. I don't think he could have made it through another season, in retrospect, and he most likely would have been miserable the whole time. Glad to see him get out on his own accord. At the same time, Jacoby Brissett is in a really good position. This is a quarterback who is still young, has gotten to sit under the wing of both Tom Brady and Andrew Luck, and has the starter's job buttoned up for him. I feel like this could be a sink or swim season for him. And apparently, he doesn't have an agent, so if he's doing well, he'll have tons of agents calling his name. It would be nice to see him do well.
  11. El Tiburon

    NFL 2019

    So, uh, Jermaine Kearse's season, and probably even career, is over. He just about snapped his leg in half 5 games into the Lions game.
  12. It's fucking Shark Week, guys. 

    1. Ms. Canadian Destroyer

      Ms. Canadian Destroyer

      Please don't have sex with the sharks. 

    2. Forky


      I think they have a law against that now just because of El Tib.

    3. TheFutureKeithExperience
  13. Meanwhile, Puig is in the middle of a brawl in Pittsburgh. Somebody should tell him he got traded
  14. I guess the timing on the Juice Bruce deal couldn't have been better for Philly.
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