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  1. I haven't seen his name pop up, so correct me if I'm wrong. I'd like Marcus Stroman. @Gabriel
  2. Nomar Mazara, OF @Gabriel
  3. Looking for a catcher, so I'll take Yadi Molina if he's still available. @Lowerdeck
  4. whoops. Is Mark Melancon available?
  5. P Raisel Iglesias @Gabriel
  6. Probably a gamble because he's still a free agent. Yasiel Puig. @Lowerdeck
  7. https://www.cnn.com/2020/03/15/us/nba-detroit-pistons-coronavirus-spt-trnd/index.html A Pistons player has tested positive, but the team has not publicly identified him
  8. Masahiro Tanaka @Gabriel
  9. It it would really be the most Mets thing ever if they managed to get coronavirus, too
  10. I'd like to take 2B Gavin Lux @Lowerdeck, the floor is yours.
  11. But I mean is this not careless?
  12. https://www.si.com/college/2020/03/12/fred-hoiberg-illness-big-ten-tournament Nebraska's coach left the game partway through after appearing to be visibly ill on the bench. It would be worthy to note that coach Hoiberg had previously needed a surgery to correct an enlarged aortic root.
  13. On ESPN, they briefly touched upon the impact of this. So, when you consider the 34ish players that Rudy came in contact with, plus media, coaches, ballboys, stadium employes, fans, etc, and all the people they've come in contact with, the number of people who could have been exposed to the virus would balloon exponentially. Time will tell what will come of this, and I think suspending the season is one of the safest moves they could have made.
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