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  1. Glad it's getting changed. Hopefully the name change goes over well.
  2. Fuck Josh Hawley. You think Thabo Sefolosha or Sterling Brown would ever be caught putting a blue lives matter patch on their jerseys? I highly doubt it. And Hawley is playing victim on Twitter, stirring more drama than there needs to be.
  3. ....did I just discover a new favorite sport?
  4. https://losangeles.cbslocal.com/2020/07/08/naya-rivera-missing-lake-piru-4-year-old-son-safe/amp/ Naya Rivera has been presumed dead after her 4 year old son was found alone in a boat after they had gone swimming in a lake. Sad news. RIP Naya
  5. I've seen some decent suggestions for a new team name for Washington Football. Someone on Twitter had tweeted graphics for a name change to Red Tails. I'll edit that in if I can find it. Pat McAffee's idea of DCFC (DC Football Club) is also not bad. Alternatively, since their home stadium is technically in Maryland, they could rebrand completely and make the new name based off of something to that end.
  6. I was actually hoping to have a legitimate discussion about the topic, but obviously he didn't have it in him. It would have been would have been interesting, at the least, to hear a "pro-slur" argument that didn't amount to "fuck those commies." My bad lol
  7. Well, obviously that means you're pretty blind, then.
  8. If you don't care, why are we having this conversation? This is unnecessary. 🙄
  9. The poll also didn't prove that you're right, because the poll is largely skewed by under-representing Native Americans who live on reservations and is also wholly outdated. Furthermore, they only contacted people using landlines, and who the hell uses a landline anymore? You're leaving out a whole lot of answers by only reaching out this way. If you want a great source for an answer, how about the National Congress of American Indians? They despise the name. I'm not trying to be rude, but I would honestly suggest looking outside of your echochamber, because you're in the wrong about this one. https://ipclinic.org/2014/02/11/11-reasons-to-ignore-the-10-year-old-annenberg-survey-about-the-washington-football-teams-offensive-name/
  10. 10 years, $450 million. Richest deal in sports history. Goddamn bro.
  11. In your data, you have a worker named "Jon Quasto" and a worker named "Jonny Loquasto." They are both the same person; Jon Quasto was his name under the NXT banner.
  12. I think they're planning on rebranding the game before it comes out. Also @Mr. Meacon Moneybags I saw you mention Super Mega Baseball 3. I have it for my switch. It's really good. I'd recommend it.
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