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  1. Pretty ironic that considering Nani has been an expert at diving and rolling about in important games all season. No?
  2. Yes, well done indeed. They put us out. At least we won 4-1 yesterday it definitely helps.
  3. Fahey, Ridgewell, Davies and Gardner. All Villa rejects.
  4. Anyone else feel like topping themselves when Alan Shearer starts speaking? What a boring twat.
  5. Stephen Carr might have to accept this as his greatest ever achievement in an empty stadium.
  6. It is nice to know they have other songs other than SOTV.
  7. Lol, got the camera ready for when that baldy wanker Carr cries at the final whistle.
  8. So Crawley Town have been paid the greatest compliment a manager can get get as Fergie has put three in midfield? I can't see Ancelloti lasting long at Chelski.
  9. It could be worse though. When Villa were in the Europa League I had to put up with Colin Murray.
  10. I agree. The ITV commentators are awful. I thought the FA Cup coverage was bad. This guy sounds like he's having an orgasm constantly.
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